✅ How To Find Security Code Amex American Express 🔴


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we are talking about American

Express or MX cards and more

specifically I'm going to show you how

to find a security code to your Amex

card so first off guys this is gonna be

a really quick video not really a lot to

talk about here so why would you want

the security code well that's pretty

easy possibly you're using your American

Express credit card to buy something

online or possibly over the phone as an

added security feature most credit cards

and debit cards these days ask for an

additional piece of information aside

from the card number expiration date

billing zip code and then there's a

fourth thing called a security code so

the American Express security code is a

little different than Visa and

MasterCard because American Express puts

their security code on the front and

it's four digits and that's different

than a Visa or MasterCard because for

example here is a visa I'm sorry

MasterCard right here and on the

MasterCard and Visa is the three digit

security code is on the back of the card

on the signature panel however on your

American Express card you want to look

on the front so you can see this is an

Amex right here on the front here's the

or the card numbers are right here and

then the four digit security code is

located right here so this one is zero

nine ninety six so it's kind of

interesting because the card number

expiration date and security code are

all on the front of the card I'm not too

sure why they set that up that way maybe

you do if so leave a comment below

but again usually gonna run into this

when you are buying something online or

possibly over the phone also another

thing you might want to know is

sometimes they call them CVV codes or

CBC codes I'm not sure exactly what

American Express is code is called

I just know that it is a four digit

security code located on the front of

your Amex card so hopefully you found

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next video thanks again for watching