Crank Shaft Position Sensor (Common Location)

I just want to show this is the

crankshaft pulley and believe it or not

guys a lot of people that watch my

videos are not subscribers they just

watch a video for whatever reason

they're looking for something location

of the crankshaft position sensor in

some instances it's near where the

transmission is on the back but in most

cases on these Japanese vehicles and

even the you know front-wheel drive cars

with the four soldiers and six owners

it's going to be near your crank shaft

whether it's in the front of the vehicle

or on the side of the vehicle towards

the dry passenger side or driver side in

the case of like a Honda different

Honda's it's just a 10 millimeter not

right bolt

pop it loose take it out get a

screwdriver pry it in there try it by

hand pop it out run the sensor up to

wherever it goes to the connection

disconnect it put a little bit of

lubrication to reinstall it that's where

you're gonna have the position there's

the passenger side the fly will most

locations that's where it is I know a

lot of people ask the job of the

crankshaft position sensor really is for

the location of the crank relative to

the location of the camshaft position

sensor in order to get the the spark

correct it's really for spark the it

sends a signal to the computer the

computer uses that in order to create

the spark needed for the combustion

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