Crankshaft Position Sensor Location

this is a video by rich pin today we're

going to show you where the crankshaft

position sensor is located it's in back

of the engine it's behind the starter if

you got your car up in the air and get

underneath and went to the back of the

motor and looked up this is what you

would see you would see the starter

and then if you looked behind the

starter the crankshaft position sensor

is tucked away it's very hard to see

it has two wires on it usually a purple

and yellow wire

and here it comes into view now with the

blue connector on it

and the sensor itself is secured with

110 millimeter head bolt

if you were to replace the sensor you

can do it without removing the bee

starter it's a little hotter that way

but you can do do it

if you do take the starter out to

replace that sensor the trickiest part

about that removal is the top starter


some people have known to when replacing

that starter to put a intake manifold

stud in the place of that top bolt to

make it easier to replace the starter

and that's all there is to the location

of the crankshaft position sensor