Is Wales a Country?

this is wells this is wells nestled

between England and the Irish Sea this

mountainous area is home to 3.1 million

people a long long time ago 1284 to be


wells was conquered by the kingdom of

England under Edward the first most of

the territory became a royal estate

which was traditionally bestowed upon

the heir apparent of the English crown

ie the Prince of Wales through the laws

in Wells acts of 1535 and 1542 was

became fully incorporated into the

kingdom of England and I quote the

Dominion of wells shall be stand and

continue forever from henceforth

incorporated United an annex to and with

this his realm of England these acts

also made English the official language

in Wales fast-forward half a millennia

and we have people googling as well as a

country so much that it's the first

thing Google suggests although

nationalist sentiments in Wells are low

with only 10 to 17 percent of people in

wells supporting wash independence Wells

has gained some of its washed nests in

1993 in regain its language through the

Welsh language act which made Welsh

equal to English in wells officially

making Wells bilingual Greater Welsh

nurse was added to governance when the

National Assembly for Wells was created

in 1998 and given greater powers in 2006

and even more power in 2011 when it

received the power to make laws without

having to ask permission from the UK

Parliament so let's recap Wells was some

land and people in the southwest corner

of this island it was conquered by its

neighbor England became in a state for

the heir apparent the Prince of Wales

then being fully incorporated into

England fast forward a few centuries and

the idea that Wells is separate from

England gains popularity and so Wells

gets their language back and some home

governance so as well as a country yes

kind of footnote if someone asks you how

many countries there are in the United

Kingdom just say for England Scotland

Wales and Northern Ireland it's easier

than trying to explain the complex

relationship England has

Wells or even Scotland and Northern

Ireland for that matter ultimately the

country is the four regions come