Sims FreePlay Community Center

hello sim friends and I have an original

build for you today I wanted to build a

Youth Center and that is what I did here



and in this billet we have a basement

but there isn't anything there or so and

then as you enter in through these front

doors you come into the objective area

and then that leads into the eating area

and so I just have the dining tables and

some food and chairs and and the doors

and the windows and the tables are from

nvidia tokyo house as you go through

these stories you come into like a

little area to just sit and lounge so I

use the knee of Tokyo items there and

and then in this hallway is the stairway

that leads upstairs and then read than

here as a bathroom and then here is

another bathroom and then here is the

backyard and it has a skate ramp and a

bounce house swing and a basketball

court and then as you go up the stairs

you come into like a gaming room arcade

room and then in this room it's like a

little dance room and then in this room

is another gaming area and there's

bathroom again well here is the layout


here is the grid