Campus Profile - The College of William and Mary

hello this is kathleen of American

College strategies and I'd like to

welcome you to the campus of the College

of William and Mary I visited here on a

really wet and rainy day and it was

pretty quiet most of the students were

studying for final exams but the rain

the wet and the quietness still didn't

take away from the beauty that

surrounded me on this campus William and

Mary actually is the second oldest

university in the USA it was founded in

1693 and it would have been the first

university except the founding was

interrupted by a rising from the Indian

nation and the magnificence on this

campus is palpable with buildings dating

back to the early 1700s and late 1600s

William and Mary is a public university

and considered what is known as the

public Ivies a public ivy is a school or

university that gives a student in Ivy

League education and a fraction of the


so William and Mary is one of those

prestigious public Ivies that said it's

not that easy to get into William and


it is a public university and about 33%

of the applicants are accepted 85% of

the students accepted have a 3.75 GPA or

higher their SAT scores run between 1890

and 2190 that's their average and the

average AC T is between 29 and 33 so you

need to be a very strong student if

you're looking to go to William and Mary

they only have about just under 6300

undergrads and about 2100 graduates

so it's a really great size of a campus

it's not too small of 1,500 and it's not

really big like a 10,000 or a 30,000

nice size 6300 student body campus with

31% of the students of color and 45% of

their students actually studying abroad

which is the number one public

university with students studying abroad

while a public university and based in

Williamsburg Virginia William and Mary

has a few other small campus sites one

in Washington DC and one in Glouster

Point which has their marine science

campus and they are a couple of words

that a lot of people use to describe

William and Mary and its makeup not only

its campus but what kind of curriculum

and education they give and those words

are diversity community service and it's

the number one school sending the most

students into the Peace Corps

sustainability and research so those are

four key components that really make up

what William and Mary ends know as they

walked around the campus I mean these

old buildings very ivy-covered just a

beautiful feel the students I saw we're

walking through woods and over bridges

and over ponds and they're all even with

studying looked liked having a grand

time so with that long history there's

some things that I think you need to

know when you're looking at schools and

looking at William and Mary the first

honor code in the United States was

developed at William and Mary Phi Beta

Kappa the academic Greek organization

was founded there in 1776 three United

States presidents have graduated from

there Thomas Jefferson John Tyler and

James Monroe and you could count George

Washington while he didn't graduate from

there he did get his surveyor

certificate from William and Mary it's

ranked as the number one best

undergraduate teaching in a public

university it's number three American

top college for a State College

number five best college for

out-of-state students there's a couple

of programs that are really renowned

their marketing their sustainability

accounting business international

relations and there's a really great

program when I was on campus I was

speaking to admissions and we had a

great one-on-one talk and I had

mentioned to her that I had toured some

schools in England and Scotland and I

had visited st. Andrews and she talked

to me about this great joint degree

program that the College of William and

Mary has with st. Andrews in Scotland so

this joint degree program is year spent

two years at each of the universities -

at William and Mary - its st. Andrews

you get one degree but with an honours

and international honours and you

actually get to spend two years at each

school they also have the same thing st.

Andrew students come over to William and

Mary as well so it's kind of an exchange

you could certainly if you don't want to

do that program you can certainly do a

shorter semester at st. Andrews or other

schools or year at st. Andrews that this

is actually a joint degree program and

it really kind of joins the best of the

William and Mary and st. Andrews

education the William and Mary's liberal

arts education with it's rooted in the

Arts and Sciences and the really

in-depth education that you get it's st.

Andrews so I wanted to talk about the

liberal arts education and the William

and Mary course catalog has a great

definition of it and I'm going to quote

this a liberal arts education although

it has no single fixed definition is

more than a haphazard accumulation of

courses it's essential purpose is to

liberate and broaden the mind to produce

men and women with vision and

perspective as well as specific

practical skills and knowledge now

that's a great definition of a liberal

arts education so don't let anybody tell

you that you only have to look in the

sciences in math

liberal arts education is prepare you

for the world along with the William and

Mary deep roots and history they have

incredible traditions that all students

take part of the beginning convocation

where students march in through the red

portico the Wren building is the oldest

building on campus and it was designed

by Sir Christopher Wren and after they

marched through at the beginning of

freshman year they have a picnic and

live music the Yule Log every year with

the president of the college dresses as

Santa Claus and reads a story one year

he read the Grinch that stole Christmas

this is done every year with a big Yule

Log burning at the end of the academic

year every year there is a king and

queen ball it's done in the sunken

garden where everybody goes into the

garden is a giant party food and live

music and the night before graduation

once again the students march through

the rain portico for a candle lighting

ceremony passing the light from graduate

to graduate symbolizing the William Mary

logo which is one tribe one family

really want you to look at William and

Mary they have some great programs that

you can look at for overnight visits and

from meeting students on campus and

being interviewed on campus take a look

at it public university a public ivy and

an fabulous location you've got to see