Where's an ER or Urgent Care close to me? At home or at work.

- [Announcer] When you're in need of immediate medical care,

the last thing you want is to travel far

for the care you need.

But accidents can happen anywhere,

even where you live, work, and play.

Let's say you're out with the family and some friends

for a fun day at the park.

Although you never plan for those unexpected bumps

and bruises, they do happen.

So, it's good to know that HCA Midwest Health

provides urgent care when and where you need it most.

Urgent care can be a great option for sicknesses

or injuries that don't require a trip to the ER

that happen outside normal business hours

or when you can't get an appointment

with your primary care doctor.

But what about more serious incidents?

Whether you're on a construction site

or walking into work for a day at the office,

anything can happen.

That is why HCA Midwest Health has also developed

community based emergency rooms.

These emergency rooms are located away

from hospital campuses and are specifically designed

to get people connected to the right care

as quickly as possible.

Just like the ERs in our hospitals,

community based emergency rooms are open 24/7

with the same high quality care

and the fastest wait times in the Kansas City area.

That way in the event of an emergency,

you won't have to go very far

to get the quality treatment you need.

When you or your loved ones need care,

HCA Midwest Health is here to get you treated

so that you can get well sooner no matter the extent

of your illness or injury.

With over 150 locations throughout the Kansas City region,

we're in your neighborhood ready to take care of your needs.

Visit us at to find an ER

or urgent care near you.

(upbeat cheerful music)