Last Tuesday Morning Haul!! 😱 Is your local store closing?


hi guys welcome back to the channel

today i am going to be going over one of

the very last

haul videos for tuesday morning that i

will probably ever be doing

as the two stores nearest me are closing

and they're each about 20 something

miles away so i'm really

really bummed but since kobit forced

their store closures

uh for an extended period of time

they're doing chapter 11 bankruptcy

which they initiated on may 27th and now

they're doing an

operational reorganization and expect to

close about 230 stores

so they're in the first phase right now

and they're closing 132 stores

of their 687. you can find all this

information on

i went to the store 20 miles from me

and was able to get some really great


at 40 off because they are closing

i'm a girl who loves a discount but i'm

really sad they're closing

but anyways let's get on with the haul

and i'll show you some of the great

things that i got

uh we'll start with tim holtz products

because those are some of my favorites

to spot out and i have to give a shout

out to my husband who actually was there

helping me find these items so

yay for him um these ones are some tim

holtz fringe

the price was 199 and then 40 off and

you'll notice this black swoosh through

all the prices they did that so that you

can't return anything

that you've purchased on their

liquidation sale

so the second and last tim holtz item i

was able to find were some of these muse


i think they're pretty cool 3.99 again


off so that was a great buy i did find

these really pretty napkins

this one's called berry patch i'm

excited to see what i can do with these

with some mixed media projects

maybe share some with some friends and

happy mail

these ones are fuchsia and i was really

excited to see these ones because

there's a hummingbird

um 269 with 40 percent off is a great


and they have all these beautiful

fuchsia flowers so those were the two

napkins that i got this time and i'm

super excited to see

what i can do with those uh we got some

clear stamps

these ones are all heart by crepe paper

really cute stamps

2.99 40 off

this one of course i'm a coffee girl had

to get some kind of a coffee stamp this

one's from spellbinders

and it says i believe in fill in the

blank a coffee

b donuts c chocolate or d u

so this is pretty cute and fun uh should

be great in a lot of projects

this one is also by spellbinders i was

excited to see these ones because it has

the thinlits dies to go with it

4.99 at 40 percent off

and then it has these great stamps of

course two of them have the die cuts

uh the lips and the the light bulbs so

these will be fun to play with

i got some chamel rub ons these are the

sparkle city

um collection and i love this collection

because it has all this great coffee

it's got a lot of

some city stuff so some of the traveling

projects that we're working on

these will be great for that i think i

also got some of the papers for their

uh for that same collection but we'll

get to those here shortly

um this is a sticker pack i got before

when i went to

tuesday morning in my last haul uh amy


and um they're really great i've already

used a few of them so when i saw them

there for 1.99

and then 40 off i had to just get

another one i love all the glitter

there's a lot of little glittery accent

pieces really fun

so these ones are carpe diem um sticker

tablets and i really

like these they have a lot of great ones

they were 2.99 and then 40 percent off

and they come with 12 sticker sheets and

521 stickers

this one's called oh happy day and i

thought this one was perfect because it

has the coffees

has the llamas that my daughter likes um

so a lot of great fun ones in here

all of these coffee stickers super

excited for those

and just some really great sayings and

ones that will be fun to do

in a lot of the projects that we're

working on some planner stickers

i love some of these sayings too um it's

coffee o'clock of course that one

appeals to me

some llamas

all right so there's that one got

another one here

this one is um

another sticker tab it has 1138 stickers

with 12 sticker sheets and it's the

calendar theme

so this one is more for planning but it

still has some really great things you

could use in scrapbooks as well

um a lot of stuff for like the whole

year through

back to school barbecue some flip-flops

ah there's the dreaded pumpkin spice

latte sorry guys i'm not a fan

i have an allergy but they do have

donuts so they kind of have made up for


i love these little clips too can make

it look like you've got some binder

clips on your projects

ah they've redeemed themselves there's

some other regular cups

sweet all right let's keep going here

one more of those this one is called


and it has uh 12 sticker sheets 501

stickers so these ones are a little bit


stickers so you get a few less

but they have some really great floral

patterns here i love the polka dots

fun items for planners and i love these

word things up here

and there's those binder clips i really

liked again

let's turn it this way so it's right

side up here

again some really cool things

some little banner strips

and then i bought one of these crepe

paper sticker books they're 6.99 but

then 40 percent off made it

even i've got some really great things

in here too

i loved all these leaves these will be

fun to use

um again they have a couple of sheets of

just different

phrases which i thought was really great

butterflies all kinds of tropical things

some banners which are pretty cool

butterflies some great

summer themed stuff here messy bun and

coffee run that's pretty cool

like that one some letter stickers


cute little pineapple

so these should be pretty cool

all right so then um i picked out some

paper pads

this one actually is uh it's by chamel

but it's actually a journaling pad

um so it's the head in the clouds

collection so it's kind of like the

fairy tale lawn

kind of excited for this one because

it's got some great you can cut these

out and use them as journaling spots or

you can use the whole page

this one's really pretty for sunset

little journaling spots

this would be great in some mini albums

or even just to do

little journaling spots on a scrapbook


pretty fun papers

i love this one with all the cameras

there's some coffee or teacups

these list ones are really fun for

journaling sometimes i'll

cut them out and kind of stagger them

along across the scrapbook page that's

really fun to do

a little page out of like a old old

style notebook

and then here's this one this one is um

sparkle city which went with those rub

ons that i got

and sparkle city

and again it's a journaling notebook so

it's got

um lines and stuff on the papers so that

they're easy to journal on

this one would be really cool we

oftentimes take pictures of some of our

fun colorful

drinks and these have the little lines

in the drinks that you could

um do journaling on and i thought it'd

be kind of fun to maybe cut these out

with a die cut and then put pictures

behind the bubbles

or you could do it backwards you could

put some journaling up here

cut one of these out for either shaker


really fun bunch of tags to cut out

some city stuff some cotton candy


and i'm thinking about using this one on

one of my disney pages so this is pretty



this one's pretty cool i love the colors

all right and then lastly i got three

12 by 12 paper pads

let's put this stuff out of the way

so this one is the my mind's eye travel

paper pad

i took all these off

so they've got some pretty cute patterns

in here

it looks like you get two of each one

all the states this is really cool

there's a space needle how fun is that

looks like international travel all

kinds of fun stuff in here maps

planes so this will be fun

this one is the chameleon spark sparkle

city so i got this

the journaling pads and the rub-ons all

in the same coordinating uh what i

loved about this one though is that it

really is sparkly

uh they've added like some foil elements

like this one i don't know if it's


it's just so cool it says wonderful

and then a lot of the pages this is a

really cute page too i have to say

a lot of the pages have some oil accents

on them

it's like this one all foil and shimmery

more of these bigger cutouts

they have this iced coffee one stay cool

totally up my alley here

let's see they had a really neat camera

one that had a bunch of sparkles it

looks like you get two of everything so

that's really awesome oh yeah

this one so there's all the cameras and

then the lens is like this foil treated

paper which is just so cool

some background cityscapes

all kinds of fun stuff

this one's pretty cool if you're under

the lights

this one has a bunch of foil elements on

it as well

so that one's going to be really cool

this one is also a chameleon chipboard

stick at

stickers a head in the clouds that goes

with that other little journaling pad

that i got

i thought it might be kind of fun to use

with some of our disney stuff

um because it does have some cute little

fairy tale like images here so

these should be pretty cool

all right one last paper pack um

this one is making home sunny days these

were all 6.99

and then 40 off so a really great deal

it made them

a little over four dollars a piece

i really like this one in the sun one

there's um some foil elements on these

and these are just some looks like

they're stickers yeah they are so

that's really cool that they're already

uh have the adhesive on them and you can

just stick them out put them wherever

you would like

some letter stickers

again they're already adhesive back so

just peel them off and stick them where

you want

and of course these foil papers i'm a

huge fan of

some glitter paper which makes me even

happier and

they also did the white glitter i love


some really fun florals

swimming one

and these were i thought pretty great

too this paper here so you could cut

these out or use it as a background

whatever you'd like to do

and then it looks like some coordinating

colored cardstock at the back

all right you guys that's all i have for

this haul i'm so sad that it will be my

last haul for that store

i'm hoping to get to the other store

that is not too far from me

before they close but they don't have a

closing date as far as what they told me

yet they said that they will

reevaluate when they're actually closing

the doors when they know

based on what how much product that they

have left so

if you haven't checked out if your

tuesday morning is closing head to the


check it out or call your local store go

to your local store

um enjoy the bargains while they last so

until next time you guys stay tuned for

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continue making videos for you guys

have a good rest of your night and i'll

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