You Won't Believe What Tractor Supply Is Doing To Customers! Try This Out!


well what's going on everybody welcome

back to Hidden Heights Farm vlog we are

running into a little bit of a problem

here see this big guy right here

sleeping taking his little afternoon nap

on this cool concrete patio well him and

Daisy are about to run out of food and I

say about turnout of food they're not

quite about turnout of food they got

about a week left we're trying our

hardest to stay isolated here at our

house and not go out and get supplies

and get food and get all this and that

but I want to stay prepared I don't want

to wait till anything gets any worse

I've got to get some food for our dogs

and a couple other things that I was

looking for I actually found that

chapter supply online and as I was

browsing through looking at some of the

items I needed I noticed on just about

everything I looked at had curbside

pickup as an option so I'm gonna utilize

that today I'm fixing to leave here in

just a minute and I wanted to try to

take the camera with me take you guys

with me to see how this goes I've never

actually used the curbside pickup for

much one thing we're gonna get is a

couple bags of dog food and I did notice

that the dog food was like seven dollars

more than just a couple weeks ago when I

bought some dog food so you're talking

about seven dollars more a bag and

talking to some other people and I think

the reason the time the price is I think

it's because a lot of these factories

and a lot of these manufacturing places

are kind of shut down right now I think

it's hard to get some of these supplies

if you're the big-box stores I don't

know so anyways I ordered two bags of

50-pound dog food I ordered a couple of

the protein tubs that we leave out here

for the goats they had them in stock

supposedly so I'm going to go ahead and

get on where they got them and then I

ordered two of the big watering tanks

like I have over here for our goats

because here pretty soon we're going to

have our buck pin and that way I can

kind of just leave a water and each one

of our pans and ain't got to worry about

moving them back and forth in case I

need to put the goats in a smaller pin

for the day or whatever

don't have to go through the hassle of

moving are there waters around so I'm

gonna get loaded up I'm gonna head to

our local tractor supply and see how

this curbside service goes whenever I

get there I'm supposed to call them and

let them know them there and supposedly

they come out and load you up and you're

gone so you don't really have any human

interaction because I already paid for

these items online so uh let's go see

what it's about all right guys so we're

here at chapter supply I'm in the

parking lot I'm going to give them a

call and see how this curbside pickup


yes ma'am my name is Kevin Pritchett and

I had a curbside pickup I was need to

pick up yes ma'am okay thank you okay

I'm in a black Dodge don't think she got


all right so now we wait how are you

doing good Kevin

yes ma'am okay okay

yeah comes in handy when you're whole

seeds and all that good stuff I'll put

in those stock tanks first make it just

put my pocket well we can tell this dogs

in there too

well that was pretty easy and uh I gotta

give kudos to tractor supply in times

like this when people need to be

isolated and singing to yourself and

staying at home and all that you still

have animals and things come up you know

emergencies you want to get medicine

feed whatever they are helping people

out by doing the curbside pickup the

only thing I touched I didn't touch

anybody or shake hands or anything like

that have to touch any doors but she did

hand me the paper and I quickly just got

hand sanitizer cleaned off so I think

that is the very minimal that you can

stay away from getting any type of risk

from this what's going on anyway so uh

thumbs up to tractor supply that was

very easy I did my shopping at home on

the laptop found what I needed put it in

the car paid for it and came here they

had it ready on a pallet and uh they

even helped me load it up so don't get

any better than that that's very quick

service so if more stores would do that

I know there are several stores doing

that but if more storage would do that

and I think this would kind of help get

under control a little bit so people

didn't have to get out and about but

anyways hi and my I'm thankful tractor

supply came in came through for me on

this that's a big help and it actually

saved me a lot of time so uh thank you

very much tractor supply I'm gonna get

this stuff home and cuz supposed to

running I got dog food luckily I got a

bed cover on this truck but I'm gonna

get it home and get it put up and we'll

go check on the baby turkeys go check on

all the goats see how the gardens doing

I don't think I've updated you guys on

the garden since we've got all the malts

and everything else done so uh yeah

thumbs up to tractor supply will see

y'all in a bit okay so I made it home

with the goods you might say I just want

to show you guys this real quick look at

go over there in that tub little white

goat can you see her little girl well

you know Daisy huh well you know so they

know it's feeding time but I gotta get

these tubs out I'm gonna put one out

real quick for him before I feed them

and you guys can see all this clover all

this green stuff coming on now they're

keeping their bellies full so I have to

feed them very much longer

been selling some of the Bucks I think I

think we got all of our full Keigo Bucks

sold now and we're keeping ill I think

he's the one in the bucket over there

the one I was talking about he's a

little buck we're gonna keep here on the

farm we still got some half Spanish half

Kiko black Bucks we got two or three of

them haven't sold them yet

well you know girl you know one you

ready for your dinner girl all right so

we made it home didn't rain everything's

still good these tubs I really like

these tubs but the last time I went into

the store actually the last few times

they were sold out of these things in

there 30% protein made by Purina they

got the copper iodine selenium zinc and

all the vitamins vitamin E that's

important also for goats so I really

like this tub it is considered a cattle

tub it's it says a supplement feed for

beef cattle on pasture we don't have

cattle we have goats but it does

supplement them because it has all the

nutrition they need all the extra

vitamin supplements for them to be on

forage or hay or grain whatever it just

helps them out a ton help them stay

healthy so I'm gonna get this unloaded

and put one in there and see if they'll

go to town on it

these things are and there they go

daizy's groundout them because her her

little feed bucket right here and I set

it right in front of her feed bucket but

it on though food in it yet so I'll get

you guys some food here in just a minute

maybe I can get some slow-mo on this

thing alright let's go check out the

turkeys well I'm talking about I just

thought about I said slow-mo I've been

getting a lot of questions about what

kind of camera gear we use um so I'm

just going to go ahead and explain it

again we use a canon m 50 camera and

that's our main camera we use most of

time the zoom is not the best on that

camera but the external mic options and

all that's way better and the camera I'm

using right now which the quality is way

better in my opinion is a GoPro eight

black and it has the media mod on it

that's an extra cost I can't remember

how much it was exactly and then it has

an external mic as well so it helps out

a ton if you guys are getting into

vlogging videos and stuff like that if

you're outdoors like we are like every

video and you don't have an external mic

it's very poor sound quality especially

here in Oklahoma where you got really

high winds like almost every day so that

is a must if you're a vlogger you got to

have an external mic if you're outside

much if you're inside it probably don't

matter that much so anyways that's the

gear we use and I'll put a link down in

the description of the video I actually

have an Amazon store set up now Skeeter

I don't actually have a store I have a

storefront what they call storefront and

what that is is an Amazon affiliate

links anything that we recommend we buy

or we use we put a link in it and if you

guys are interested in anything for

example I'll have a category that is

just strictly for goat care a lot of the

stuff that we buy to maintain our health

the health on these goats pretty much

all that type of stuff is in a category

if you guys are interested in any of

that you can go there and kind of browse

around and yes if you click on it I

think we get a little bit of a

commission I don't know how much and

that's only if you buy something and I'm

really not sure how all that works but

we don't it's not anything that we're

selling so we got chicken stuff in there

we got this equipment that we vlog with

just that type of stuff we're still in

the process of setting that up so bear

with us on that so let's go let's go

check out these turkeys let's check out

Rachel's Americana Chicks first they

made it through the really cold

temperatures the other night I did put

this cardboard down so I tend to block

the wind

and then I block the front and I went

ahead and put those boards on the back

they're out of water and food these guys

are starting to eat a lot we see how big

they're getting and these are the ones

that's a little beard so they are very

huge and then we got our twelve and

check this out that is not Aquila is one

of the chickens we kept that was hatched

about five weeks ago I guess and she's

quite a bit bigger I'd say she's a hen

I'm not 100% sure yet but well aren't

laying right now I think I got too many

in here which is fine because it weren't

really doing anything with the eggs at

the moment but I'll probably separate

them here pretty soon so they can start

laying again

alright let's go check on these turkeys

you know guys I try to come out here and

talk to them every once in a while and

try to get them used to my voice that

way they'll be a little more friendly

hopefully and they know where their food

and water comes from anyways little guys

yawning I say little guy hopefully

they're all all-hands you don't need any

more Tom's but when you order twelve on

a straight run that's just part of it

you really never know what you're gonna

get but we do know they're purebred

black Spanish turkeys and that's what we

were after so I did order them from

ideal hatchery and that comes out of

Texas and I do the overnight shipping we

did lose one we ordered a dozen and one

died the very first day and that's kind

of to be expected not always but it

happens and I think they have a

reimbursement I haven't hit him up but I

think they'll reimburse me the money if

I was to tell him that one didn't make

it so um I got to show you another thing

that Rachel's been working on out front

and I'll talk about that here in just a

minute but first let's check out these

hydroponic plants some of them are doing

really good like this thing here you

guys can see this has grown a lot if

you've been following us that's the type

of lettuce some Swiss chard another type

of lettuce

another type of lettuce butter crunchy

lettuce and then one over there look at

us light this thing puts off the light

that is super bright not gonna mess with

it too much because everything's seems

to be liking it if you guys remember

when we planted these strawberries check

this out look at this strawberry there's

actually three of them four of them on

this little plan look I'll mess with two

too much and tons of blooms you guys can

see all them white flowers those are

little strawberries coming out of the

blooms everything is doing good the

hydroponic system is doing awesome and

here's some tomatoes and some peppers

and stuff that we still got a plant in

the garden and I think we're safe to do

so so the hydroponic system is actually

working if we wanted we could come out

here tear some of these leaves off and

start eating them make a salad something

like that and that is the

point of this whole project to see if we

could kind of make our own or grow our

own self sustainable food and so far

it's working all right so you guys hear

all these goats been working on and give

you an update on the garden as well

since we're out here I think it's coming

along really nice even though we don't

have very many plants in the ground yet

so uh give me a minute and we'll walk

out here and show you what I see the

kids are on the trampoline playing they

got some Dawn dish soap and some water I

don't know what the heck they're doing

you guys taking a bath on the trampoline

or what yeah bunch of bubbles going on

know what I want to talk about is Rachel

puts these little flower beds together

yesterday and she used a bunch of these

native rocks that we got all over our

land here so they were free and we

planted a bunch of tiger lilies and some

irises so it looks really great we're

not done yet we might still mulch it we

might still add some stuff to it but

it's a start we wanted something to kind

of break up this entryway so there you

go got some creeping phlox that was

taken over our front flowerbed I should

put them in here but uh you guys can see

all these irises here and there's a

little story to that so uh you guys know

my great-grandpa just passed away and

the family decided to go ahead and sell

his old place off and before they did

that I went ahead and went up there and

I went through my grandma's old flower

bed and I pulled all these irises up me

and Rachel and the kids went up there we

pulled a bunch of these irises up they

were from many many years ago I don't

know where she got them but she started

on there and they kind of just spread

and took off so I thought it'd be cool

if I could get some and plant them here

in our place and hopefully they'll

spread and take off here as well I think

they're purple there was some starting

to bloom already and they look purple I

don't know for sure I can't remember and

we also got some of these tiger lilies

from there and I remember as a kid these

things were beautiful they were orange

in yellow

believe I can't wait to see what these

actually look at look like all right all

right guys we're walking out to the

garden and the first one talked about

this little birdhouse little bluebirds

have been building nest in there so

hopefully they're gonna lay some eggs in

there I haven't really seen any and the

other ones that I put up yet but I bet

they're oh they will come I haven't seen

any sparrows going in there

so an update on our raised bed gardens

built these extra bags here in the

corners with some great mixed soil that

will hopefully be great for the plants

need to go through here there's a little

bit of some weed seeds you can see here

we got carrots we got radishes a little

rash is growing really fast got lettuce

we got lettuce and Swiss chard over

there spinach I don't know why the

spinach seeds that we use were from last

year I don't know if they should take

off really good but I just kind of

wanted to give you a short little update

on the garden it is time to start

planting all these summertime plants

like tomatoes and squash and pepper

stuff like that I think we're out of the

frost and freeze danger hopefully and

then we can start putting some fresh

veggies back on the table

like last year and hopefully do a lot of

canning so all these goats are sitting

here staring at me I don't know if you

guys can see them or not this GoPro I

don't have it sumed in right now but

they're standing there looking at me

like a angry mob of people so I'm gonna

get off here and go feed them but

hopefully you guys will take advantage

of some of the stuffs I just shared with

you as far as ordering things just like

I ordered that tractor supply you can

start ordering stuff curbside pickup and

I know Dutch just put out a video a

couple days ago about Walmart and

that type of stuff so it kind of goes

hand-in-hand any store that you can do a

curbside pickup right now I highly

highly recommend it you have a wave

lesser chance of I guess catching

something doing it that way keep your

hand sanitizer with you wear a mask if

you have one and keep your safe distance

of six feet or whatever it was away from

people and just do your best I know you

can't just stay home all the time I know

everybody's gonna probably I'm gonna get

some bad comments for even going out and

doing this but I did my best I used the

curbside service minimal contact with

anybody I had to help the girl load the

stuff and that was the closest I got to

anybody the whole time and I think it's

a great thing right now especially if

you're older or elderly some people I

know don't have anyone to help them or

bring them stuff or bring them supplies

for their pets and that's that's really

sad and I know a lot of elderly people

have a hard time with that because

they're used to getting out and doing

their routine a lot of people's on

Social Security stuff like that they get

paid once a month when they get paid

they go out and do their chores pay

their bills buy their goods groceries

stuff for their animals and right now

they're not really able to do that so if

you guys know anyone elderly like a

neighbor or something and you don't know

if they have any one I encourage you

guys to hit them up just you know call

them text them if they text whatever and

say hey is there anything I can get you

there are safe ways to go about it so uh

I know you guys know all this but

anyways I just think it's a time for

this world where people need to go the

extra mile do an extra deed be nice to

everybody and we'll get wal get through

this just fine so anyways guys if you're

not subscribed to the channel please

please hit that subscribe button leave a

comment and we'll see you next time