If I Lived in Starbucks! | CloeCouture

(Cloe) Yo! It's Clo with the flow! We're here with: If I Lived In Starbucks

You guys have requested this video for so long. For some reason you guys really really want to see me living in Starbucks.

In honor of this video

I'm going to chug this latte in 10 seconds, and the challenge for you guys is to give it a like, turn on my

notifications, press subscribe if you're not already, and comment below your favorite Starbucks drink. Go!

Alarm beeps

Okay now i'm all hyped up on caffeine, and yeah! Here. We. Go.

I need my coffee.

*Yawn* Hi! Um, can I get a minty iced warm caramel?

Mix it, make it dry, flip it upside down, hold the cheese, and...

(Cashier) We don't have those.

(Cloe) Um, an extra pump of vanilla.

(Cashier) You got it, Cloe!

*Knock Knock*

(Woman Worker) Grande Captain Crunch soy frappuchino for Morgan. (Cloe) Morgan! Morgan.

(Cloe) Hey, I'm Cloe! So nice to meet you! (Morgan) My name is Morgan? (Cloe) Oh, I have a friend named Morgan!

What are you doing here, like just, hanging out?

(Morgan) Yeah... thanks...

(Cloe) See ya around!

(Woman Worker) Grande S'mores frappuchino extra whip for Roland.

(Cloe) Roland! Roland.

Hi, that's a really cool drink. Are you like getting it for anything special like a birthday or just, for fun?

(Roland) Yeah... okay...

(Cloe) Have fun!

That's a great drink!

Postmates! Anyone! Postmates?

(Girl #1) I really want a frappuchino but that's, like, too many calories.

(Girl #2) Maybe try super green like it's not just green, but it's super. (Cloe) I've heard really great things about the super green.

The green juice is gonna be the best choice, ladies.

Um, am I, with you guys? Together? No?

(Random Guy) Hey, are you sitting here? (Cloe) Yeah!

(Random Guy) So, I've never been on a blind date before. (Cloe) Yeah! Me either.

(Random Guy) So, do you live around here? (Cloe) Yeah, super close! Closer than you think.

(Cashier #2) Hi, how's it going? (Cloe) I'm good!

So, can I get the pink drink, the purple drink... why not? Let's get the green drink, too!

(Cashier #2) And, will that be it for you? (Cloe) Yes. Thank you!

(Cashier #2) You're welcome! Have a great day.

(Cloe) Woah! So. Much. Coffee!


So, that was it for this video!

I hope you guys enjoyed. If you want to see the behind the scenes of this video,

I posted a few vlogs. In one of them, I accidentally stole a bunch of pink drink, purple drink, and green drinks.

Yeah, it was bad. That vlog will be linked below. Check out my entire vlog channel.

I have a big surprise for you for October so make sure you're subscribed, make sure you're ready because it's gonna be a lot of

spooky fun. I'm literally jittering right now because of all the coffee I've had throughout this video, and I will see you guys next time.

I was thinking about dying my hair like a mint green type of color like I thought that would work like the whole aesthetic that I'm trying to go for.

You would look really good with like blue. It look so good with the whole aesthetic, you know?

Yeah... alright. Okay.


I know, right? It's like super. Green. Not blue! I mean, yeah. Wait, green?

Are we making a YouTube video?

She looks cuter than a speckled pup under a red wagon!