Speedway becoming 7-Eleven

so we're learning a little bit more

about the changes coming to speedway gas


you probably remember we told you

yesterday here on good morning indiana

about the owners of 7-eleven buying that


working for you our john matarese has

more on the changes you're going to see

so you don't waste your money one of the

most popular gas station chains in

indianapolis will soon be no more

7-eleven is buying speedway stores in

the coming months you'll see

a lot of changes speedway has grown to

become one of the country's top gas

stations and convenience stores in

recent years

especially since gobbling up hess

stations on the east coast

but now speedway itself is being gobbled

up its owner marathon petroleum has

agreed to sell the chain to the owner of


creating a gas station giant all 4

000 speedway stations will soon become


that means slurpees will soon replace

speedy freezes

food critics say they're essentially the

same thing and your speedy rewards card

will become a

seven rewards card one thing that won't


the gas it will still be the same

marathon gasoline

as for prices 7-eleven will become one

of the biggest

gas station chains in indiana so it may

be the first to raise

and lower prices each week as always

don't waste your money

i'm john batteries good morning indiana

all right john thank you so much for

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