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in the mid 2000s dubai was set to be

home to theme parks from universal


marvel dreamworks and so many more but

arguably the most immersive

spectacularly themed park wasn't from

any of these companies

and would come from a brand known for

slapping a roller coaster on a car park

and calling it a day six flags dubai

land would have been a 5 million

square foot theme park containing over

35 rides including a b

m dive coaster some wiggles themed

children's attractions

and even the world's tallest longest and


hyper coaster for review time i'm luke

and this is a look at six flags dubai


the spectacular six flags park that was

never built

dubai lamb was the brainchild of tatweer

a luxury real estate company

owned by the massive investment company

dubai holding

dubai lamb was said to be the world's

largest entertainment and leisure


ever and would have dwarfed walt disney


the 64 billion dollar development would

have included

45 mega projects including theme parks

and resorts

and a further 200 sub projects

but if you're interested in more

information on dubai land what it would

have contained and

why it was ultimately a colossal failure

be sure to check out our previous video

on the topic

one of the most ambitious and incredible

looking parks in the dubai land project

wasn't a disney or even a universal one

but the six flags dubai land

kingdom of thrills in march of 2008

dubai holdings inc and six flags

announced a partnership

that would allow tatweer the exclusive

usage rights

of the six flags brand in the united

arab emirates

the groundbreaking of six flags dubai

land was set to take place in 2009

and the park was announced as the

largest six flags park

outside of the united states and the

first six flags parked to be built by


since saint louis in 1971.

over the years since the announcement

and cancellation

a large number of impressive pieces of

concept art have come out from the

incredible designers

who worked on them with the major

company behind them all being legacy


the company behind rides such as the

amazing adventures of spider-man and

terminator 2

3d among countless others this concept

art gives us a great look at the


5 million square foot park's impressive

entrance plaza and six

themed lands with the entire park being


in the traditional hub and spoke layout

as seen in most disney parks

the first attraction you would have

experienced as a guest though

would have actually taken place on your

way into the park

where the roller coaster road would have

provided some airtime moments on your


into the parking lot this partnered with

the tollbooth being under a

giant intamin wooden coaster would have

truly set the expectations for your day


after passing through an incredible

looking entrance building containing a

place to buy tickets

passed through security and entered

through the turnstiles

you would have been in the park's main

street area entitled treasure promenade

with all of the expected shops and

restaurants set amongst a network of


alleys and hidden garden courtyards

drawing you towards the end of the

street would have been the icon of the


an incredible looking kaleidoscope

ferris wheel

this icon would have provided an

incredible piece of kinetic artwork with

twirling fabric discs

enhanced at night through an led and

projection mapped lighting package

the park vi lands were designed not to

emulate specific

moments or places but rather to attempt

to capture and evoke a specific set of


thus the rather simplistic names of the

six lands

the first land you could have entered

when taking a left at the hub would have


celebrate a land designed to look like

an abandoned industrial revolution


which was overtaken and transformed by a

collective of artists

if those artists had a particular love

of brands such as coca-cola

johnny rockets and walgreens

some of six flags most popular brands of

rides would have been featured here

including a mack ride super splash

called tidal wave

and a giant frisbee called pandemonium

moving around from celebrate in a

clockwise direction you would have next


wonder designed to immerse guests in a

mystical asian village

featuring plenty of flowing water

manicured garden spaces

and relaxing places to unwind this land

would have also featured some new spins

of classic

six flags rides including a mack water

rides coaster called tatsu

and an impressive looking spinning

coaster called ninja gauntlet of


one completely original attraction in

the land would have been the

jauntily angled magic pagoda an

anti-gravity trick house

walk through experience next up guests

would have entered

imagine or as it looks like it should

have been called

tomorrowland dubai this land would have

featured an optimistic futurescape that

would have looked especially spectacular

at night

attractions within imagine would have

included an inverted coaster

a family dark ride a shooter in the vein

of justice league battle for metropolis

as well as z force an incredibly themed

verkoma mad house

the next land in the park was set to be

play mostly designed as the kiddie land

of the park featuring the highest

concentration of rides

in any single land all throughout would

have been some incredible kinetic

sculptures that would have come to life

in the dubai desert and winds with the

entrance of the land

bearing some striking resemblances to

rolly crump's tower of the four winds

at the entrance to it's a small world at

the 1964 world's fair

as well as some water splash pads and a


the land would have also featured a

selection of family-friendly

wiggles-themed rides including a crazy


samba tower and even a small theater for

kids to watch performances by henry the


wags the dog and captain feather sword

the next land discover would have

arguably featured

some of the most impressive attractions

and theming within the entire park

towering over the land would have been

colossal statues of gladiators and more

with the only thing towering over them

being the rides

discover would have contained two of the

park's biggest and best coasters

first would have been colossus an

intimate prefab wooden coaster

similar to el toro at six flags great


but the park's signature coaster would

have been the dubai giant

a b m hyper billed as the world's


longest and fastest hyper coaster

the final land of the park would have

been explore

themed to the golden age of travel

featuring wrought iron framework showing

off classic trains

hot air balloons and more the e-ticket

attraction of the land would have been

scream an eagle

a heavily themed b m dive coaster where

you would have strapped yourself

onto a biplane elsewhere in the land

would have been roaring rapids

a parachute tower as well as a flying

theater simply entitled in concept art

soar and simulator from looking at all

these pieces of concept art it's clear

to see that this park

would have been nothing like any other

six flags parked before

it featuring incredibly immersive theme

park levels of detail

that would have been hard to believe

were within a six flags park

and the reason for this incredible

detail was simple

once dubai land was set to be complete

six flags wasn't

just going to be a regional theme park

hours away from competition

but smack bang in the middle of the

world's biggest theme park destination

having to compete for visitorships with

the likes of universal studios

warner brothers marvel and more

sadly the 2009 groundbreaking date came

and went

and in the six flags 2010 annual report

released in march of 2011

the company announced that they had

terminated their agreement with tatweer

due to a lack of payment to fund the

park effectively cancelling the project

on the spot however six flags due by

land wasn't the only cancelled six flags


set to come to dubai on april the 10th

2014 six flags announced a brand new

completely separate partnership this

time with morass

leisure and entertainment to build the

six flags park to open

as the fourth park in the dubai parks

and resorts area

joining motiongate legoland and


the park originally set to open in 2017

would have used the simple name of six

flags to buy

this park did begin ground preparations

work on july the 3rd 2016

and would have been situated between the

lupita hotel

and riverland dubai the park was set to

be split across six

themed areas most named after existing

six flags properties

including magic mountain fiesta texas

great escape great adventure great


and thrill seeker plaza with the naming

conventions in the park

almost looking as lackluster and

visionless as the park itself

some of the more interesting attractions

within would have been an

rmc ground-up coaster looking similar to

goliath that six flags great america

a 4d coaster looking worryingly like a

zak spin

as well as a mac power splash water


the opening date of the park kept

getting pushed back from 2017 to 2018

to 2019 until ultimately on the 24th of


2019 the park was officially cancelled

by dxb

entertainments citing that the project


not in the best interests of the company

or its shareholders

and would dubai parks and resorts

struggling to even hit

3 million guests a year across its three


it's not a surprise the budget for a

fourth simply isn't there

unfortunately dubai as a whole hasn't

lived up to the grandiose

theme park destination it was

positioning itself to be

10 years ago and both of these six flags

parks no matter their difference in


care and attention have both ended up

exactly the same way

cancelled with pieces of concept art now

being our only look

at the parks that could have been rumors

have it that a number of the six flags

dubai rides are being retained to be

split across the other three

to buy parks and resorts properties to

try and revitalize them

however with the way the world is going

currently it might be lucky if i

ever get to visit a dubai theme park and

if i do

it definitely won't be a six flags one

from the home of

all things theme parks i'm luke for

review time

thanks for watching liking and