Sherwin Williams - A Day in the Life

my name is Emma Shaw I'm the store

manager in Kansas City Missouri at the

Westport store I've worked for Sherwin

Williams for four and a half years my

first introduction to the company was at

a career fair and I used Sherwin

Williams as a practice interview just to

get some experience with talking to

professionals about what I was going to

do when I graduated they offered me an

internship on the spot and then right

afterwards I called my dad and told him

I was gonna sell paint for the summer I

really had no idea what I was getting

myself into and then when I graduated

school I interviewed with Sean Williams

again for the MPP position and I

interviewed with other companies as well

but surely ins was the one that I stuck

with because already knew about him I

knew about the company made a good

impression so I decided to stay with

them the manager training program is a

great program because what it does is it

takes two full fresh out of college and

it puts them into a store so that they

can learn the business of Sherwin


this is my assistant Darrin he went

through the MTP program as well and two

weeks ago was assigned to my store as

the assistant manager

so Darrin what I'm going to go through

is just show you some key points I was

presented to me back when I started with

the company is we're going to teach you

how to run your own business and you're

pretty much doing that obviously we're

given the training and support and

trying to give some guidance when we

think things might need them certainly

people that are creative outside the box

thinkers want to do some things that

challenge themselves can be successful

and do whatever they want it's not just

a job where I sit at a desk all day and

I go through paperwork and that's all I

do we definitely get a little bit dirty

I try to stay clean but we get a little

bit of paint on us once in a while I get

involved in as many sherwin-williams

events as I can because I was always

volunteer for everything I have

organized golf tournament for us

I was organizer for the Home Show this

last fall I'm doing this

Momus Leadership Conference in Dallas I

mean we do everything here don't worry I

didn't know anything about paint before

I started working for Sherwin Williams

but we have lots of tools to help you in

learning more about our products and how


this is our color selection this is

really important for our business

because this is where all of our

customers come and look for that perfect

color for their house or whatever

project that they're working on this

just got done shaking so we're going to

do is we're going to take it out the

same flip for the customer and then

we'll hand it over to them

so should our

this is our back room this is where we

keep all of our extra paint and paint

accessories and each week we have a

truck that comes in from our

distribution center we unload it with a

forklift and we bring it into our back

room where we then check it into our

inventory with our hand scanner and then

we all put it away together we went to

the grocery store and got some snacks

for the painters we're gonna head out to

the job site and see what's going on and

we have a sales rep Pete who's gonna

meet us out there and just kind of walk

through the house and see what they've

been doing he's ready hey treats for you

guys you know we're thinking about

putting tile on this area here

so fast and glad I got you all my pseudo

every time you come over you always make

suggestions that always help out

regarding you know paint colors like

this paint color to match the granite

countertops and it was a good suggestion

to help so so we've been out of

customers today it's one of my favorite

parts of the job because I get to get

out of the store see their job sites

talk to them for a little bit

but now I think we're going to head back

to the store and see what's going on


the stores in Kansas City we work

together in order to service our

customers and that was one of the things

that I had no idea about and the number

of stores in Kansas City just blew my

mind because I would have never thought

that there were that many this store is

doing great so far I'm really excited

about it and hopefully if we keep going

on pace I will make that president's

trip that is talked about by every

manager the thing that surprised me the

most was probably the size and just the

size of the company and the

opportunities and then it was the

friendships that we built

I just bought a house in the middle of

July and I've been rehabbing it so

that's been a lot of work and

sherwin-williams has definitely been a

huge help with it and it's something

that I've been doing where I've just

kind of been learning as I go

cuz I've taken on a lot of projects with

it and painting is probably the easiest

project I did pretty good don't you


and then when I'm not working on my

house I'm involved in as many sports as

I can be involved in play Stan

volleyball and flag football

we Bowl in the wintertime

one of the things I like most about

Sherwin Williams is our dedication to

the community one of the things my store

has done is donate the paint for this

mural behind me in an effort to

revitalize this area of the city can you

believe how big it is to be successful

with Sherwin Williams you definitely

have to have good time management skills

and then you have to be an outgoing

person you're going to deal with

customers on a daily basis you just have

to have some motivation to get stuff

done it's definitely interesting being a

woman in this company because there's so

many places you can go in the company

and just the opportunities and you're

just unbelievable a good day for us is

when we have deliveries and you have

customers in there every day and we're

just shipping out lots of paint and I

don't even have time to do paperwork

because we're helping so many customers

and telling the same day we've seen a

day in my life has a shore and Williams

store manager we've shown you that it's

a great company to work for we have

great people who have great career

opportunities it's a challenging

environment but it's a lot of fun so if

this sounds like something you can do

then check us out