The Shake Shack Story

There are already

Super long lines

All around the block

Just to get in- it's only been open a week!

Shake Shack, which has great burgers

They got a Shake Shack out there

They don't care about the game!

They're there for the burger


at every Shack

when people line up

to come get a Shackburger, it blows us away

Shake Shack is an experience

that's all part of the community gathering

that Shake Shack brings together

"It's for the burger, but its not just for the burger- its for you guys."

When I first got into the restaurant business in 1985,

it was really to satisfy an entrepreneurial itch

After 10 years of operating just Union Square Cafe

my career would be one restaurant after the next

that was one of a kind- and then accidentally, Shake Shack happened.

Shake Shack was born as a hot dog cart

with the sole purpose of supporting an art project

in Madison Square Park in 2001.

This little hot dog cart would attract a line of 60 or 70 people

and in 2004, we finally said, let's turn this into a full kiosk

and let's add burgers and shakes

lo and behold, a hundred people would wait in line.

When we opened the second Shack, we realized this was something special.

I'm so excited about this!


Their own Shake Shack! Bam!

Okay, now you're talking.

It's pretty unusual for an international chain of restaurants

to have been born in New York City.

What's even more exceptional,

is for that chain to have been born from a fine dining restaurant company.

The core menu of Shake Shack is very simple

It's burgers, dogs, shakes, and fries

We were gonna be the community gathering place of your neighborhood

and bring back that old road-side burger stand feel.

The Shackburger, is our version of the classic cheeseburger.

The most classic, iconic hamburger dating back to the 1950s.

Because we really harness everything that's great about comfort food

and amplify it.

Ground fresh every night, and made with only the best beef

What's happened is that the world has said, "This is great!"

Fine and casual together is a pretty delicious mash-up.

And then I thought the really fun thing is how civilized it feels

to actually sit down with a beer, or a glass of wine, along with your cheeseburger.

Look at what happens at the pick-up line, where people are excitedly waiting for their buzzer to go off

for their food to be delivered to them.

People taking pictures of this stuff

and sending it to their friends

You have a cult-like following here at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is a beloved brand

We've been amazed every single day

how many people are proud to hold that Shack bag

Our fans tell the story through social media

Their tweets, their instagram posts

Everything that they do leads to this incredibly loyal fan base

around the world.

We can't go on holiday to New York and not go to Shake Shack!

Every time I'm back in New York, this is the spot to be at.

And I really like Shake Shack here.

She's got great taste!

Often, what we get is, "I love that picture, when are you bringing a Shake Shack to my hometown?"

Please bring Shake Shack to Tokyo!!

Our guests come to Shake Shack because they've heard the food is awesome

and then, they get this added bonus of the way that we make them feel.

One of the best flavors in this entire restaurant

is the warmth and hospitality that comes from our people.

The team just exudes passion, and they're excited, and they're having fun!

Our culture and hospitality is the single most important part of our success.

It's not called the food service industry, it's called the hospitality industry.

And it's about people

And you look around at this line and you see that reflected

in this brand.

It means taking care of each other first

And when we do that, our team will take care of our guests

our community, our suppliers, and that virtuous cycle will take care of our shareholders.

For a lot of years, we actually denied to ourselves that Shake Shack was a chain

and then we finally said,

"Wait a minute, whoever wrote the rule, that in a chain

each link has to be identical to the others."

Every Shack is unique, and its designed specifically for its location.

They're all of their place, not something that happened to their place.

Even at a young age, Shake Shack has gone global

We're open in London,

in the Middle East,

in Moscow,

and we see that our product, and the experience of Shake Shack,

is resonating with people around the world.

What's amazing when we open around the world

is how people already know about it

Somehow, this legend of Shake Shack, has traveled already.

And when people get it, they inherit it as their Shack

We can never forget what got us here

We need to make sure that every single Shake Shack that opens comes even closer

to the kernel of what the very first Shake Shack was about

If you begin with something as populist as burgers and fries and shakes

and just add that extra special seasoning called hospitality and love

some pretty special things happen.