Rare King Crab & Coconut Crab - Eating Delicious Seafood

here's a barracudas head from two days

ago Oh Oh big fish big fish

oh my

that's a monster that's a monster all

right these are dangerous fish at this

size oh my god what a fish so big then

look at that head I can't get the hook

out though

dude that's such a big head big cooler

head Oh super snowy now yeah that little

coconut crab little baby another one

hello why that is super crazy all right

you're fishing maybe the fish are on it


that's a big fish Wow Oh small fish

Juwanna cave it so tiny little trevally

about how a huge huge red baths I can't

believe this fish actually hit that lure

look at that huh the Louvre as big as a

fish look at that little fish I had a

big fish on and my hooks came out

coconut crab my just cooking it on the

far how cool are they just taste it some

man and yeah I'm not much of a

carburetor but this thing was next level

check out this this crab bra oh there's

a lot no no a bottom craft on the bottom

it's a really crazy looking crowd can I

hold it thanks no lava oh yeah yeah

speed this crazy looking bottom crab how

is it good eating good yeah

I've got everything here not this is a

red crab

from the photo in smaller eyes

you want to try you hit G dropper huh

yeah you try first you know I all I have

- oh yeah it's really hot this is as

fresh as crab you can get red crabs on

the bottom here for the have a nine no

bottom crab so just ate this bit


I'm a hazing it's really really good


that's awesome thank you wait I don't

finish now you have irony yeah yeah that

is like the best icing crab I've ever

had I think we just get mostly my I

don't know if we have these in strobe

but we have mug crabs but oh he's

fishing off they're off with a hand I

think you might be on

we have microglia yeah and the lagoon

you know I can have it now you have it

oh yeah thanks thank you

top border

oh you can say that oh my god Oh Barney

hooked 40 hooked betrayer body hooked on

the ledge or pal was ass really psycho

how is that trap man that's a big trail

such a beautiful fish oh I'm gonna get

the lure and then we'll getting back

coconut crabs right well are they

fighting what it sounds different uh

orange how do you hold it like this

they're really cool why do they do that

boy Oh bah bah bah bah

this one's really big that one's huge

crazy well there's got three coconut

crabs an orange one and two purple ones

and this one's really big pull your

finger down then boy have you have you

been bitten by one house I got you

before yeah I cook that no no you gotta

let them live let them go

really waiting out let them go too small

oh that's coconut crabs if you haven't

seen them right there this is ginormous

as very good frothing on that thing

well the first one ever

and it's huge really really crazy fish

I'm so stoked with that oh oh we got

release him so I got the little zippy 40

gram this is gonna be dangerous


oh oh oh oh I thought I had that one man

just got toasted by probably a bluefin

trevally I had him up and then went down


ha I don't know what to do

so yeah just got done by the reef edge

again it's really hard to fish unless

you can fish the on the on the edge of

it from the drop off but yeah she's got

smart other nice fish

we couldn't hate that fish again oh man

it's like just throwing away my fishing

here though every time you hook up it

just goes straight over and then go on I

don't know what to do right heavy