The Floor is Lava



Dude what the hell man

Be careful be careful!


What the hell is this Man

The floor is lava

Really? Let's go!

Alright, Just pass me my phone?

Where is it? On the dresser!

Calm Down

Bret! Oh what up son.

Oh my god. Bret!

I can't climb that

Alright Guys, help me out i can't Get across. there is no time.

Come on Brett. You're Leaving me? If you came to Zumba more often you wouldn't be such dead weight

Dead weight? I literally saved your life! You'd be sleeping in lava if It wasn't for me!

Dude I'd rather be sleeping in lava than spending time with you. Move out?

Why don't you just move out?

Move out?!

- Woah! - This is my place, you move out! Come on back here!


Guys. Guys!

Listen I get it... We're all scared

Okay, and the only way we're gonna get through this

Is as friends together

What do you say?



Come on guys...

Hip-Hip. Hooray.

Roommates through and through!

- That's right Guys! - Roommates!

Hip hip

*sounds of failure*

*Screams of the death*



Carl! We need to get to the attic!

- Let me hand yeah? - I got you bro.

Thank you son...

You got it man...

All right okay. your next. give your hand.

okay i'm gonna swing up. i got you

I'm not gonna make it! I got you!

Carl I'm Sorry! I'm sorry for being a bad roommate. Lets do this later.

You're amazing Man an incredible roommate even if you never clean The bathroom oh?


It's Been Nice Knowing you. I hope you find a better roommate.

Its three in the morning and i have to be up a seven!


Just Like Living with a Bunch of Kids

Good night Brett. Good night Casey.

Night Casey