Filipino Shopping Malls are INSANE | Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines


hey everybody welcome to the Philippines

yes we are in a brand-new country about

to film a brand new travel series and

guys we always read your comments one of

the most popular places that you guys

recommend we need to go check out is the

Philippines so we've come so yesterday

we flew into the Philippines


all righty guys is like 6:30 in the

morning first flightiness in Philippines

all right seven our lair of the done

light number two

chocolate we visited an International

Airport we arrived at Manila

we've heard that the Philippines has

some of the largest malls in the world

and just down the road from our hotel is

the 11th largest mall in the world

called the Mall of Asia there's over 600

shops here over 200 restaurants to eat

at and we just knew it's down the roads

we had to go check it out because I

think this is gonna be the biggest

shoppings and we've ever been in so it

seems like the shopping complex is like

made up of all these buildings and in

between them are these little outdoor

alleyways we just need for our favorite

spot and there is so much food like

everywhere you look this is another food

better so we're looking online and we

found that this mall on average a day

gets over 200,000 people visiting it

I refuse to go to my local shopping

center Christmastime

this place is just so many visitors


Wow so you just come down to a

restaurant rock in the water with

seafood island and he they says

something that's very Filipino they call

it a brutal fight and that Thursday

during the military title that during

the whole what they would do with the

Filipinos is the military with the host

sit down and eat that one we tied and a

big banana leaves all the food and an

old old shack kind of like showing their

camaraderie and then working together

and at this restaurant they serve

Wow so here we've got garlic rice garlic

bankers belly roots with sautéed mussels

skin on our tanuki grilled tuna finger

Steve crab and salad egg manga Gambas

Blaine mixed seafood binnacle and crispy

do lovers literally when you realize

you've probably ordered too much purple

people because I didn't do these I 3 1 4

2 but we needed to try they need to do a

poodle Switzer this is so cool it's like

such a interactive meal ok I wish we had

something like this in Australia

Wow a lot of seafood and then to this

here it's pretty much Filipino style

taste the same as Peru I don't know it's

different it's a safe fresh start

that is a good one to start something

we've been really excited to try is the

bangus belly it's like a Filipino

specialty fish

that's a good statement like fish yeah

that's father dude fish

so just found out that there's an arena

yeah and they currently claim disney on

ice she's trying to convince me to go

my gosh guys that was this so good that

was only five dollars and I was like a

full-on two-hour performance like they

were reacting out disney movies on the


is made us want to go ice skating now



in the front of the shopping center

there is this giant theme park and I

think we found a really good place for



we just missed the Sun it's just gone

beyond the horizon but still this isn't

what I was expecting to be true to see

our first sunset here are the


you know on somebody right now you know

that lemur it's like you say you find me

just to say that you're fine we are not

really fine you just can't get into it

because they would never understand this

is the best bit

this shows you guys just how big it is

you got the building one two three four

five be sure that building number six

because you can see all these cranes

here the arena is just over there and

there's a bunch of hotels around as well


you have to just throw it


decided we want to check out what the

prices alike here in Manila I'm going to

school that is basically like every

country we go to paint it I'm gonna

check the prices for you guys so they're

basically like Australian Rice's sir not

cheaper but still there's a lot of shops

to choose from

but milk tea with toe usually it's like

the heist team of mutated semen wounded

a milky one so the third time is end of

the day and emotion the scene is never

had a meal team

you know license royalty how do I know

there's a little snack

bubble tea it's so much better over

season in Australia alrighty guys we've

left them all and come back to our room

to freshen up the way interesting we're

saying at the Kimberly hotel manila

pretty good location there's another

mall down the road from this place but

we're actually about to go down and meet

the rest of our group when our friends

visited the Philippines they kind of

biggest gripe was it's quite hard to get

around like actually transporting around

to all these beautiful places so that's

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we're actually jumping on one of the

intrepid tours so you're like one of our

favorite to our companies we absolutely

love intrepid and that's how we trace

them we're currently on the Philippine

adventure to us we're about to meet

everyone downstairs

yes I'll quickly do a little room

tonight you'll see what we've been

staying so yeah this is it pretty much a

bed and a holder for our bags yeah

honestly it gets the job done but we're

just gonna go downstairs meet everyone

and then we're gonna go up for dinner

Friday we've just met everyone and now

one of the chief needs I'll have to

explain him later who in a rush but this

is what were jumping into Filipinas men

people could fit in one side


my first EP


we had again more seafood we were

obsessed with the seafood here in the

Philippines we tried this stuffed squid

with ginger and garlic and lemongrass

and it was so good guys you need to try

the seafood here and also we finally got

to drive in this thing called a jeepney

and we've noticed them all over Manila

and we really wanted to drive in one

they remind me of like a limo TalkTalk

that's what I keep calling them but

they're actually war vehicles left by

the Americans during the war and then

they kind of converted them into this

style of bus but anyway that is the end

of the vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it

and if you guys liked seeing a little

bit of the food then you should

definitely stay tuned for the next video

because we're gonna be trying a lot of

different food here in Manila so if

you're new here it's a usually you say

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and we'll see you guys in the next video

ah we are basically dedicating today to

go find as much delicious food as

possible there are literally little


you need to try it you have to try this

group is right here