Watch Shopping at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s? (Watch Giveaway)

look a little rough I don't help me I'm

a customer

might very hype

what's up guys Teddy Baldassare here and

in this video we're gonna do something a

little bit different so we're gonna be

doing is going to four different retail

locations mainstream retail locations to

find the best deals for watches but I'm

gonna do is buy one watch at each of the

stops that we're gonna make throughout

the day and then come back here we'll do

a deeper dive review of each of the

watches each one of the watches that I

purchase are going to be given away on

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so guys let's go

so let's go see what Walmart has to

offer look a little rough

we'll see good value for money oh here

we go Casio world time not back on seas

are pretty good deals these aren't that

I gotta find somebody to help us out

that actually might be more of a

challenging fun ahead watch I need to be

served there's this there's some watches

in there I want to look at hey guys

thank you me right there cool guys we're

cold I actually had some Thanks

there we go here's our more of our

budget Casio f91 W blue 30 bucks 30

bucks for that Bell come on you can buy

all these for 10 bucks so that's pretty

plate I knew they would have me so

watches it just can't can't justify this

price point meet our guys

so our next stop is Target so let's go

see what they have in there

okay I still had time X let me offer

some a little more subtle you know low

profile $42 $39 for a week endure $39

that's not too bad we gots to be shot in

Waterbury or weekender the expedition's

not bad either

I just think classic styling you know

$34 that is not bad for this watch we

didn't have high expectations

no not surprised at all by what we're

saying here ooh

all right guys we have our last stop of

the day here we're at Macy's and I

expect very similar to what we saw

Kohl's I think with Polly avocados will

have psychos of some sort but I'm

intrigued there could be some good deals

here but let's go in see what how to

offer every no idea we can we have to go

upstairs we have to go hey I might have

to go talk to an associate here doesn't

help bolo this here Nancy the price got

some automatics hmm

they called it Lovato called it got some

seika's actually I got some that you can

decent signals here so get some turtles

here that seems a diver they're bad men

I don't know the price I can't see the

price is over 25% off look at 25% off

let's see let's see if they're right

see we can do get some prospects here

and either nice watches I really are I

just don't know if they're gonna be good

deal for money yeah we're not really any

much customer service eco-drive that pad

I kinda like that yeah knocking the ball

is here

hi guys we've been standing here for

about 15 minutes and nobody's come and

help us out yet it's kind of like a sim

Sega's will see to give a couple of

minutes there might be some hope guys

that thing I see associated over there

help me I'm a customer

okay which one out of this one yeah my

very height so let's go back now to the

studio it's like a deeper dive at all

these watches and seeing who came out of

the top but guys before we jump into

looking each one of these watches if you

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Bell icon I want to do more of these

types of videos so this is a great

indicator for me if you guys want to see

that in the future alright guys we're

back in the studio so let's take a

closer look at each one of our watch

purchases our first purchase was the one

that we made at Walmart and we purchased

the Casio duro so the Casio Durrell I

will say this it looks better in person

than photos and for the price point that

we were able to find this watch for

including tax $58 this really is an

awesome watch for the money you can't

find these watches on other online

retailers between 40 to 50 dollars but

ain't what are you gonna do

kay sighs here is 44 millimeters powered

by a quartz movement water resistance up

to 200 meters as well and I'd say that

this watch is a great fine but not

necessarily a great deal considering you

can find it for other places for cheaper

but Walmart though if you are looking

for seiji shocks Cassio's I think

Walmart is actually pretty suitable

place to look

so that's Walmart let's move on to

Target so when we went to Target there

was a lot of fashion watches but also a

ton of time ex watches and the Timex

that I decided to go ahead and purchase

was the Timex easy reader this watch

we're able to get for a $35 price point

considering on Timex is website you need

to pay $50 I don't think we came out

with a bad deal here this watch has

great legibility hence the name but you

definitely would want to put this on a

better looking strap here on top of that

I don't necessarily love the time

setting with the actual crown it is very

hard to get your fingers around this

thing as well as it is very slow to

actually change the time but this watch

comes in with a 35 millimeter case

powered by a quartz movement and has

water resistance of 30 meters okay guys

now for our third stop we had coals so

for coals we decided to go with another

Casio it was the Casio mw2 47 BV this

watch came in price point at Kohl's at

$26 this is certainly overpaying of

and I think that was really the story

here for Coles in general the thing that

really epitomizes it was finding the

Casio f91 W on sale there for $30 where

you can find that watch sure a little

bit different than the variant that we

showed at the beginning so you could get

one of these watches for $10 online and

that was really the problem with Cole is

when I was going through their great

selection of watches just a little bit

too expensive this watch comes with the

case size of 42 millimeters powered by a

quartz movement and has water resistance

of 50 meters and then our last place

that we stopped Macy's we picked up the

Seiko SRP c-93

so we were able to get this watch for a

pretty solid price point of three

hundred and thirty dollars the retail

price was five hundred and twenty-five

dollars but I know that's very inflated

most of these watches are gonna be fine

around $400 you can find it for around

that price on psychos USA's website so I

think we got a pretty good deal here

honestly case size it's 44 millimeters

and this is a very large watch when

wearing this is very large on my wrist I

could never really pull this off it's

powered by an automatic Seiko for r35

movement and yes it is an automatic wash

despite with the associate behind the

counter at Macy's was telling me that

all Seiko watches were solar I bit my

tongue I didn't want to put him on blast

there as I was buying my Seiko watch but

pretty funny water resistance of 200

meters and it also meets ISO diving

standards as well and I think the one

thing that needs to be said about this

watch is the beautiful blue gradient

dial it absolutely stood out when I was

looking through the display cases and

really was the reason why I wanted to

really take a look at what is the price

of this thing I wanna see if I could get

this thing at a good deal so my verdict

here I think if I had to rank my overall

experience for all these places looking

at Walmart was not really impressed with

the selection of watches unless you're

going there for a Casio g-shock or some

other Casio on top of that the actual

customer service was pretty non-existent

and then when we finally did get

somebody to come over they took five

minutes to actually open up the case

actually get the lodge so it was a bit

of a struggle target just had very

limited selection I think they have more

fashion oriented pieces they actually do

have good clothes at Target so I think

they kind of go hand in hand it's more

style over function and then Kohl's like

I've mentioned earlier just way too


for what you're getting they have a

great watches there they have Bulova

citizens psychos very similar selection

actually a larger selection than what

you would find at Macy's but the

points were just really steep and that's

kind of why I decided to go with the

Casio here and then Macy's finally when

we were finally able to get help after

15 minutes I was pretty impressed with

the deal that we were able to get as

well as the amount of selection that

they had available coming out with that

Seiko SRP c-93 for $330 I think is a

pretty good deal you might be able to

find one online for a little bit cheaper

but considering that I can go right down

the street

pick one of these up for a very

competitive price I think that was the

deal of the day and I think I have to

give the nod to Macy's for having the

best deal on our journey here today so

I'm gonna be giving away all these

watches probably three of the four in

the upcoming week I might wait on the

Seiko a little bit because I'd like to

do a deeper review of that watch

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these watches what do you think is the

best deal for the money I think the

Seiko comes out on top love to see

comments down below and then what other

stores do you think maybe if we did in

part two of this series where you'd want

us to go I like the idea of maybe going

to thrift shops and like garage sales

and trying to do this that would be a

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