Buying and Unboxing a Macy's Returns Pallet to Sell on eBay & Amazon!



hey what's going on guys Dan Kahl here

from liquidation pros org today I'm

actually going to be heading over to

Macy's I got hooked my trailer up still

I got 11 a.m. appointment at their main

one of their main distribution centers

in Maryland so that's about 15 minutes

away from my house I haven't ever bought

any liquidation goods from them since I

started my business but back when I was

a kid we used to go over there they used

to have like open box scratch and dent

deals where you could walk in to like an

open warehouse where stuff was priced

and you could actually buy beds and

mirrors or whatever and it might have

like slight flaws from being in the

store or what-have-you like your typical

scratch and dent type stuff they don't

do that any longer but now they do so

liquidation by the pallet so I'm curious

to see how well I make out this was a

pallet of 4800 dollars worth of home

goods I did have a manifest for it it

looked like mainly like pots and pans a

lot of air diffusers like for essential

oils which are pretty popular right now

so stuff it was 4800 value I end up

paying 900 so I paid a little bit more I

would have liked to have got it closer

to 600 but I honestly decided to pay a

little bit more because I wanted to get

over there check it out see how easy it

is to access the warehouse and load up

into a small utility trailer and not

have to worry about paying for shipping

and all that so it would have been $400

shipping to my house for one pallet

which is kind of high but the company

I'm dealing with they automatically

arrange the shipping so you don't really

have a say in that you could go through

the route of assigning your own shipper

but it's kind of pains easier to just go

through they who they assigned for you

but anyway I do also want apologize it's

been a while since I put any content out

I've been really busy with Christmas

sales are starting to pick up it's about

the middle of December now and I want to

try to go get another pallet and get it

listed as quickly as possible so debt

today I'm going to take you guys along

you can you know see the warehouse

hopefully I'll try to take some video

of you know loading it up if I can

depend on how that situation is and then

later on I'll definitely do some

unboxing so you can see what's inside of

it and you know if this is something

that you're already doing maybe you'll

learn some tips or if it's something

you're thinking about getting into

liquidation this could be a good video

for you to watch for that reason

and then lastly make sure you subscribe

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when I post I'm gonna try at least once

a month we're normally getting loads two

or three times a month but a lot of

times I have help I'm here with me and

it's kind of you know processing the

stuff in my house isn't ideal for a

video but everyone so long it's the

smaller loads like today one pallet

shouldn't be a big deal should be other

video tape for you guys to kind of check

it out and let's see how much money I'm

gonna make today thanks for out thanks

for watching and stay tuned so this is

the distribution center in Maryland and

it's one of their main hubs as you can

see there's the entrance there I just

pulled over on the shoulder here kind of

give you an idea place looks humongous

but I'm gonna go up and see if I can get

checked in and figure out where my

pickups at all right here we go inside

looking for door 44 there's like freakin

like over a hundred loading docks here



so it must be around the back this is

pretty pretty crazy how big this place


take you guys along with me on this this

pickup hopefully everything goes good I

just have a little utility trailer I

told him I went to hand load it and they

said that was fine so here we go here's

44 that's 45 this place is massive once

again this is the Macy's Logistics

Center I'm picking up a palette it's

basically store storage shelf pools but

they call it store conditions so it's

new new stuff but you know when items to

the store for a while people pick up

people can open them they look how to

get dinged up a little bit so it may not

be all brand new so I'm gonna probably

be someone's probably mostly new other

open box which is fine for eBay I paid

around 9 huh

saved a lot because I'm doing a local

pickup this place is like 15 minutes my

house and then it said it was like 40 46

or 48 hundred dollars worth of items so

if I can get this do it all process in a

day I would expect profit around $1000

otherwise it's really not worth me going

through all this trouble and the work

and the time but any time I can make a

thousand bucks would jump all over it so

here we go let me see if I can get

pulled in number 44 load it up see if we

can get somebody up in the door

all right I got backed in here's what

the trailer looks like I'm about three

to three feet below the loading height

actually my brows are almost lined up

with it right on the corner they got me

and once again picking up a pallet of

store overstock one of the main things I

was going after was these diffusers

which are pretty hot right now around

the holidays that people put the oil my

wife uses them put the drops with the


and it's all natural way to freshen up

your house bathroom would have you but

just was able to spin it in here in one

shot which I'm pretty proud of I just

bought this trailer last year getting

pretty good use out of it got it from a

buddy of mine at work for 300 bucks so

it's a five five four and a half wide by

nine long but it's pretty heavy-duty

it's a custom made and he said the frame

was originally from a pop-up trailer

like a travel trailer so been working

out for me pretty good in it's got the

spare tire there good solid heavy duty

custom made aluminum so I thought I got

a good deal on that but let me knock on

the door and see what happens here











alright pull up and put the gate on but

I'd say that was a pretty easy took me

about what it's only three minutes

recording so less than five minutes to

load that alright guys

heading back out of this place so

basically I'm going to show you from

this point heading out is about half of

the size of this warehouse this is all

the warehouse here and it's about the

middle the back middle I was just on the

other side picking up my lot so all the

Bay's we see from here on out there's an

equal amount on the other side building

which is absolutely nuts I had no idea

that this place was that's this big back

when I was middle school high school

they used to open this up to the public

and do like a scratch and dent sale

called the Macy's outlet center they

stopped doing that a while back but I

know that we at least bought a little I

got my mom bought a lamp and like a bad

bed frame but check this out these are

all bays and there's they're packed so

tight in here they have these little

trucks two guys that's running around

full-time and jockey move them around

pretty wild but just to give you an idea

what this place looks like

did have to bring my receipt with the

bill of lading to for the check-in the

guy at the front I've called it in I'm

not sure if I'm supposed to stop on the

way out but at least give him a wave let

him know out of here but we're coming up

to the end now to the front of the


but it started at 50 and I was 121 so

that's like 70 a little over 70 on each

side and plus the ones on the back

so this Duty idea of how many days this

has pretty well guys so hopefully I made

out all right

I got about 15 minutes ride home and

then I'm going to video opening this

stuff off I'll get it down in my

basement where I work on it my little

office area for the business and there's

coming up here is the gate give this guy

a wave and see if we're good to go


do now let's start unboxing this stuff

and typically there's two ways of doing

it one is you can just go through and

sort everything and match like items and

then go and create listings for those

items that are similar the other way you

could do it is you could just go and as

you go process an item you go one step

you go through the whole process

inspecting it figuring out what it's

worth getting ready you're listing it on

eBay or at least prepping it using like

a ready to list she's like I have for my

lister so she can photograph it and

let's let's do an eBay but for the

purpose of this video I'm gonna do a

little bit of both I'm gonna look some

stuff up to get some comps and then I'm

also going to just quickly sort some

stuff she can kind of see what we got so

let's go ahead and get started

I happy bay up so I can check some of

the price comparisons look at sold

listings it looks like they use just

random boxes they have sealed on both

sides looks like these are are going

here I have a manifest manifest is a

list of all the items that are included

in the shipment so I'm going to have 12

of those and Macy's retail was 1999 it

looks like I'm gonna get somewhere

closer to 13 to 15 and I for this whole

lot I paid around 20 percent of the

retail value so an item like that I

would have paid around 5 about four

bucks for I was able to do the local

pickup something after we're buying

shipping fees so I still can make a few

bucks the other thing I'll reference

sometimes we're going through this stuff

is a local sale that's just strictly

either me selling it at a yard sale or

flea market I'll do that flea markets

couple times a year the other thing

would be like a Facebook marketplace I

haven't really got into offer up or let

go yet but those are other options I

just have done well and marketplace I

just haven't had the time to learn that

on the platform

alright this is one of the main reasons

I bought this lot is for these HoMedics

alia oil diffusers so it has a Macy's

tag on it it says it's a store stock

this means it was on this on this you

know stockroom endo in the actual store

I will have to go through each of these

and double-check them but this doesn't

appear to be open now these are a little

bit more valuable and there's a couple

of different versions of this actually

is about I want to say like eight to ten

different versions and diversions they

range in between retail $60 to some of

them go for retail around a hundred or

seventy nine ninety nine but that's what

it looks like there and you see it has a

little Macy's receipt they put on there

it gives them the item number and what

to do with it star shower light pretty

crazy two years ago one just sold for

thirty says it's trending at 17

how are you

around the $20 I see what what a C's

considers out of retail and how many of

them I have sorry I'm just looking it up

here so I don't see if one here but I

could be overlooking it

joy Mangano fragrance sticks just a

generic box put the actual item these

bow wrap packet well I'll save that

bubble wrap some of these boxes all you

will be other reviews as well but

there's another one when the air

diffusers oil diffusers aroma diffuser

see what this is

so right now there are no souls of this

particular model for the UPC it's the

awakened so what we did type in

what I'm trying to find out is there's

here's the exact same one they took a

best offer of 40 bucks stay in the

retail entertain a server it's pretty

nice looks like it's all wrapped up of

these first pots and pan set this one

looks like it's bent as an open box

someone took it out and did it repackage

it the same way it came this is the

brand Bella I hope you go through and do

a count make sure everything's there and

kind of packages properly so 12 piece

stainless steel cooks it

and there are going to be six of these

at $50.00 is the estimated is the MSRP

which would be Macy's retail price only

you're going to get 20 to 40% less than

that online for neutral conditions huge

condition you'll get even less get rid

of that squeaky chair some aprons

different sayings on them patterns bunch

of those we'll leave them in this box

probably work much to be a local market

yard sale and then here's another item

I've sold a bunch of these before you

guys watch my lastly creation videos I

do a lot of health and beauty these go

for 20 to 30 bucks normally it's been

open not to look at and see if it's

actually just been open in the store

it's a return it may be a return that

one suit they consider that retail well

they're saying that's a $60 $60 set

there so we get 30 40 bucks for so stay

tuned if you want to see what's in that

big box it's pretty pretty happy it's


just a little hint at all set so I'll

throw that in with the aprons start a

boxing just kind of this needs to be

attacked another area diffuser aroma and

then broken plates like this it is oven

safe I think it's for actually making

pies has a pumpkin pie recipe right on

it it has a Macy's tag it was on

clearance originally 34 60% off for 1353

unfortunately while I'm in there is

broken or too

here happens we know pack stuff properly

should have all this individual that's a

so you always have some cheap stuff I

think that's the markers mark the

Stewart collection they're saying it's

something that stuff's ten ten to like

fifteen sixteen box this potholder $8.99

probably get dollar for it just stuff

like that you're definitely not going to

make much money one cupcake topper set

with the little holders they had it on

it was $19 on clearance for seven before

time we have a lot of cardboard to break

down and recycle

all right so two more this is one of the

main reasons I bought this lot like I

said they're $60 value they're selling

for around 40

I paid if you think of I pay 20% for the

lot 20% for the entire lot

technically I paid around $12 apiece but

with some of that other cheaper stuff

well when you filter all that in I

probably paid closer like maybe $15 a

piece because I'll get a good bit of my

money back on these but I won't get a

lot of money back on the cheaper stuff

those are all looking brand-new some

baking aprons open

home and it's triple shiatsu massage

cushion that's pretty cool it's really

beat a box I can't imagine this was

actually a store item X matter of fact

it was it - I think a customer goes

to shipping make one here so this is

probably return that that they said was

us a store stock pool which means it's

like sitting on the store room and

didn't fit in South Pacific box I'll

save here nice big box I can use for

something I'll tell you what they said

the value was based off of what we're

gonna get for

all right so five have sold in the last

60 days on eBay just by looking at the

UPC if you type in if you type in a long

form of exactly what it is you'll feel

fine more so it's not everyone puts the

UPC so one sold for 100 one sold for 50

plus shipping one sold for ninety five

looks like the sulfur between sixty and

a hundred dollars and the manifest says

that was either 150 or 200 I have two of

them two different models so this is the

sixth in the manifest says this is

valued at $150 and Macy's I'm proud of

you to get 60 to 80 just put the boxes

up beat up I might have to take it out

and test it let me just confirm you guys

looks pretty cool this is something you

just sit down on here

you're applying chair or your couch

there it is

surprisingly enough it looks new so I

guess the box has got some beat up for

me to ship to the customer and return

here's an actual return label okay so

there was two of them the two that I got

my listing

we're both returns they returned it

because they said item no longer wanted

or needed X I can show you this

information here so I'm not sure you can

see that but part of 50 bucks for this

one reason item no longer need to wanted

there's another one somewhere for 200 in

a separate package so these were


the customer paid $350 $370 after tax

for both of these items so that's

actually pretty good if it is a good

like new condition inside pretty cool

item this is two pots and pan sets so

these are actually still in the

protective box and then within this box

this is the actual the box that they're

sold in so there's the UPC you check and

see if that UPC has any I haven't looked

up these Bella

all right now give you one minute here

that's just because that's not actually

you can see that this is an RMA or a

return label this isn't a return I don't

know it's just something to clean there

I would have to look so 30 plus shipping

35 plus shipping so if I can get 30

bucks apiece for these and someone's

gonna pay the shipping that's not too

bad I said these will value that they

were valued at 50 so I'll be I'll get

most of the money back in some right

there they're valued at 50 10 percent

would be 5 20 percent which is I pay

even be 10 bucks so I paid 10 bucks of

stuff for those and they're going for 30

plus shipping

there's a whole nother set there this

another good box I can use the ship

larger items I'd see we're about halfway

through it already so come on a finger

so so expecting a lot more than air

diffusers we have open box

all right um box is not included looks

like it has some stuff needs to be

cleaned off there try to look at the

date because faithful in this tag

everything it looks pretty pretty old

there's no water in it I'll have to test

this but these are this is a steamer

I've sold these before they go for 20 to

30 bucks depending on the model

this looks brand-new this is a foot spa

this is pretty nice

pretty nice condition box I would I

would feel safe could I get this label

off with the heat gun putting this on

eBay is new once I confirm a lot of

times you pull these back you can tell

if it's ever been open because it's not

creased there yet so let's see one sold

for 40 they not used well same brand new

for 325 but I would go off of that more

likely like a good knife Kershaw what I

use it's a great brand this one here has

like the spring loaded really nice super

sharp and then I also use the Gerber

this little mini knife for peeling

labels this thing is great also really

sharp it's really thin blade it's not

super strong it's not for like cutting

through anything heavy-duty but since

it's so fine it really scrapes two

labels up without damaging the box so

always good to have good knives with you

pirates bacon dish this would be good

for this time of year around the

holidays surprisingly these things can

fetch decent money normally five to ten

bucks apiece right now there's no no

souls based on the UPC but I'll have to

type it I'm not going to spend the time

looking it up right now I'll put that

with these other dishes and all right

here we go

another diffuser now they're saying this

model was a hundred and thirty nine

dollars sixty percent off four fifty

five so this one has a damage that you

would add so these are the foils that

you would put into the diffuser my wife

actually uses this stuff Hughes is the

young living version of it if anybody's

interested in getting in the oils I'll

put the link for that too in the

description but we use it for all kinds

so I've actually add it to my water

lemon or orange it's really good these

here I'll bundle these up and saw money


well what do you guys think so far if

you wanna put your comments down down

below be curious what you guys think uh

seems like a good lot to you I don't

expect this to be a huge moneymaker I

was hoping for nine hundred dollar

investment that does want money stretch

it's all said and done the profit $9.00

it's 48 heart our retail I would need to

get at least three thousand in sales to

make that back up here comes a what must

be a brand new massager so kind of sore

that other one keep getting whacked and

headed it's not wrapped in a plastic bag

but that may be how this model came on

that door it would still be new other

open box so this is the other one that

was in that that return paper and one

was a hundred fifty retail this one was

two hundred retail let's see what it's

saying online all right one sold 407

$189.99 for used one one hundred

Wow they're all they're all over

Facebook typically I'm I'm more towards

to higher price ranges because I've been

a long time top rated seller

I have 99.9% you know positive feedback

and eBay tends to recommend me and the

best match

so safe that I'm will get at least a

hundred bucks for this once I permit

everything's there maybe up to 150

that's pretty good deal to that one I

paid 40 bucks for that not counting my

loss and the items are worth 20% of all

right couple more users this was a

little bit the boxes dinged up but still

pretty nice open box item I'll have to

open that one off make sure it's all


bunch more of these cupcake

these are Martha Stewart Brand the

Martha Stewart and they're just little

Valentine's Day cupcake kids

all right good flea market or yard sale

item maybe get uh I don't know a buck or

two per set those I'll keep the bigger

ones we use them for unique kind of

larger items for instance if I sell one

of those massages already have boxes to

put it in now if I sell those you say

when I sell

this is kind of frustrating breakables

in here and it's just all all kind of

thrown in there there's dishes that are

just been banging into each other - I

can see the brain on this little mini

dish what's a little tray probably for

the dining table you know you have nuts

fruit or a lot of dried fruit or

something like that

just a little just flat actually make a

pretty decent Christmas get sick three

of them in there cool set but not packed

very well and then there's another room

another apron in there we got two four

six boxes left six more and then I'll

have the fun of going through and

prepping all this stuff for eBay for

anyone who doesn't run do that some

other videos to walk through that

process a little more detail this is

more just an unboxing butcher gets back

from Macy's liquidation

opened it haphazardly packs it back in

there I'll have to set that it's

interesting that they put that one item

in this huge box which makes you wonder

maybe it's just one item air mailers in

there okay these are these actually look

like they're some pretty decent now

these are going to be brilliant new

sealed so I would have to use the heat

gun very lightly warm this label up

$12.99 retail it's a pressure cooker or

replacement seal with all the buzz right

now the pressure cookers these are

actually some pretty good I did look

these up I believe on Amazon as well I

am authorized to sell on Amazon Amazon

seller so something like this I get

these labels off without damaging the

package these are all brand so here's

the Pope eBay results eight bucks

fourteen bucks nine bucks most all the

to tax for $17.99 well the original

retail is $12.99 on these which means I

paid about two dollars and fifty cents

so should be a easy

there I have a bunch on this box there's

nine of them right here says that there

should be 11 in the shipment okay nine

eleven so it's actually the right now

when I go back through as I start

process and I will double-check that

what was said was in there it was

actually included it's kind of a pain

open the casing like if they for

instance that they said there's two big

massaging chairs were in there but they

won't that would be worth it but like if

it's missing one of these cheap items

I'm not going to go through waste my

time to open a case against them but um

you can't do that if you you know if it

isn't boy was described let's just cool

it's like a little mini drone dot V are

folding drone with camera and it looks

like it's all sealed up still they had a

original 160 if you look right here 160

steady copper cell 440 so basically I

bought it in eighty percent off I think

you decorate a deal to bring is this

he says they've got the protocol

you see that on here either sorry guys

I'm looking to see if I could find this

item I'm curious with the with the co 40

they say $49.99 so that's really got

that priced wrong since even when he had

on clearance was thirty nine ninety six

either way it means I paid 10 bucks or

so that's not cool Christmas gift all

right so one sold for thirteen plus

shipping twenty five $29.99 $29.99

twenty plus shipping fifty so between

twenty to fifty bucks probably safe side

I'd say it's like thirty bucks

not bad since I paid ten for it's pretty

light to should be able to ship this

first-class all right and then we have

some more of these brand new massage

ones so what it looks like this my first

time dealing with Macy's actually what

the majority of this stuff is is

clearance items that didn't sell they

probably give it like you know week or

two weeks they mark it down they mark it

down again if it doesn't sell when it

hits like sixty or seventy five percent


they must pull it off the showroom floor

to me that means it's probably a little

bit slower selling items or or they

bought too much for that specific store

well you know these are some pretty well

we'll see what these these go for Amazon

so I'm not sure if this is uh it doesn't

look like the exact same it might be the

same thing

sorry guys hook this up

when I initially searched it it just

came up was like they didn't have the

brand it wasn't very good description so

decide if he is on Amazon but whoever

created the listing didn't do a very

good job I can either go in and request

update the listing or I can just saw him

on eBay for for five or ten bucks so

these are it's kind of like a good gift

item so I want this locally that's

another option especially have a bunch

of them I went to a few on eBay - yeah

let's go and then what I'll do is when

we're done sorting I'll give a quick all

right three more before we get some big


very poor packed in there right now

looks like a little Dustbuster spell

handheld but that has all these extra

attachments probably a local local item

they originally had it for 140 and

dropped it down to 41 96 gone for 44 on

Amazon and there's no souls on eBay just


so one thing I will say that I like is

it looks like super instance that one

says original retail is 139 then they

had 70% off for 41 96 but when I look

one my list here they have it at $69.99

so I paid percentages based off of what

they tell me their retail value is so at

some point their system clocked it in as

a $70 item maybe when I hit like that

50% off mark something like that for 40%

off the price was around $69.99

then as they further Lee reduced it

locally in the store they try to unload

it but long story short you know the

retail value says 140 i paid 14 bucks or

some it's all there and it works

property of 20 or $30 item one locally

so it's not a big moneymaker but it all

adds up especially when you're buying

the ball and that's the thing it's like

if you were in the thrift store or you

know I'm clearing shopping or something

you probably wouldn't pick that up

because it's just not enough money there

but when you have this much stuff that

you can go and get within an hour and

make a few bucks five bucks 10 bucks

here 20 bucks there these these guys

here which I paid you know two bucks for

not even ya to pay 250 apiece

you know I'll make around $5 a piece for

each of these well that's that adds up

what do you have 10 it adds up pretty

quickly so not really gonna find like

that one big homerun

you just look at is a combination of the

entire lot how much can you make can you

double your money and how long I should

be able to process all of this stuff in

less than eight hours I'm normally right

around 8 hours of pallet sometimes

clothing takes a little longer than that

but I could have this process price

ready for my Lister my my helper my

Lister to start photographing and as I'm

going through stuff I demon

worth being deep selling online I'll go

ahead and price it rate that in there so

I can later on do my local or local sale

box FT label and everything brand-new

ones my board sent in there 30 bucks on

Amazon for how big and heavy it is

probably not worth sending in if it's

over 18 inches will be oversized and

then you can only fit so many of those

in a shipping box many things the wines

the wine the massage Mons the gaskets

and diffusers were going to be a couple

of the items I knew I was going to saw

online some of the other stuff was

questionable like the pots and pans but

a lot of it I knew I could at least make

a few bucks by selling it locally looks

like it's still packed up nicely those

that's what's cool about them if I do

like a Facebook marketplace on that I

listed as one you know for whatever

price 30 bucks and then is it somebody

comments you know I'll take it I'll go

ahead and meet up do my thing with that

one person but I still can keep the

listing active and say someone says next

I'll say okay where do you want to meet

up and I'll just keep going down the

line so with one listing you know I

could sell all six or seven of those no

problem what I haven't seen yet

basically with quiz närcon arabela

HoMedics martha stewart sharper image

with image which we saw so bad so I'm

not I'm not real sure

this comforter here fleece blanket by

Martha Stewart that might be worth some

glass rattling after checking this this

is a larger version now this one says

originally 220 60% off 487 and what

there's a larger version

right so 12:10 p.m. saying this must be

16 no I don't think there's gonna be 16

there so they're working the error on

that part but they're saying 1 $29.99

for this I'm gonna have to double-check

this is a larger model and I wonder if

they've got some of the smaller versions

mixed up with the larger model because

there's no way that there's 16 of those

in here so that's something we'll have

to research but there's a bunch also

pull them out and while I'm doing that

we can pull up any base soldier looks


I get the idea what what it's like if I

fall good a lot of similar items I can

create one listing and sell these you

know 50 that's 100 to our three three

hundred fifty bucks in right there and

then there's some other small stuff

here's a nice queen queen sheet set 500

thread count so placemats and measuring

cups that's it

let's go back and check do a full count

on these these diffusers seen 16 sorry

guys since I have twenty six and seven


look I got 17 so clearly an issue is

what I talked about so this would be

something I would have to open a case

for they did not include what they said

was listed so I actually got less value

than what I was expecting so part of

doing business with liquidation I have

to reach out open a case out that there

was an issue and then what will happen

is they'll take a look at the percentage

of paid and they'll cry it back for

those missing items if they don't have

them at the warehouse

it could have simply just been one box

they didn't get added to that pallet and

you know it just it happens sometimes

I've seen you know one missing item here

and there

most atomic I said earlier it's not

worth my time but for for what should be

16 of these you know missing nine of

those that's a pretty big problem I'll

double-check I know there's no more

boxes down here I'll go back up and just

double checked I'll leave any but I'm

99% sure I'll have any else anywhere

else so and you know stay tuned later on

I'll drop a video of how I did with this

lot I'll give you the results of what

happened with the missing items I'll

create a separate Ebates category like a

store category so I can track my sales

and I'll give you guys a more detailed

update over what I plan to make

obviously when numbers are gonna be a

little bit skewed because the biggest

one the biggest items dollar-wise is

missing a bunch so overall and be good

live as long as I can get refunded for

those missing items so hope you guys

enjoyed it standard liquidation pros

Gavin you are you if you want any more

information or you'd like to have some

more detailed information about how to

get macey stuff

plan on putting together a little PDF

style chichi slash ebook where you'll be

able to download that if you're

interested in that emailed an and

liquidation pros org and put in the

title I want the Macy's cheat sheet and

I'll respond to you and let you know

cool whatever and then once I get it all

together I'll I'll send out

last email to all those people who email

me since Dan at liquidation pros calm

and say I want to Macy's chichi alright

thanks guys hope you liked it subscribe