STORE TOUR: Macy's, Northbrook Court, Northbrook, IL (STORE CLOSING)


Macy's at the Northbrook Court

originally opened in 1995 as Marshall

Field's at a location that had

previously been a Sears and a JC Penney

Marshall Field's completely demolished

the old building and built this brand

new building in 1995 when the store

opened the Chicago Tribune wrote an

article about the store and the

president of Marshall Field said that

there were gleaming glass walled

elevators what seems like miles is

sparkling fine china and crystal and

more sales associates per square foot

than you'll find in any other field

store in 2006 Macy's bought Marshall

Fields and the store was converted to a

Macy's in 2006 then it the store then

was I'd say downgraded from its previous

upscale standing because before this was

named Marshall Fields was very upscale

the restaurant closed and several liked

amenities that were in the store were

thrown out basically in 2018 Macy's also

announced that they sold the property of

the store to the mall because the mall

wanted to continue wanted to redevelop

the property in 2019 Macy's then

announced that the store be closing to

prepare for an upcoming all

redevelopment they're basically adding

apartments out

to a retail outdoor restaurants here and

getting rid of the whole department

store building you want to make the mall

more of like a outdoor campus they mean

try to get people to stay all day and

come to work here it's a luck thing a

lot of malls are currently considering

now they would rather have a they'd

rather have a more active sector than

how these diagonals stores anchor them

this mall is doing fine by the way

that's pretty full it's a very upscale

mall and they want to make sure it stays

in business




one thing Marshall Field's touted about

the store when it first opened was how

open it is and how like the aisles are

why they actually sent in featured one

of the largest shopping aisles on the

North Shore here that it's really wide

and he noticed that kind of details

wouldn't have been in a Macy's or pretty

much any other department store what

department store likes wide open space

in their stores not really a lot that's

why I find this store so like it's

really beautiful this is I wish more

department stores looked like this I

don't know how well this store was doing

I think it was a middle-of-the-road

Macy's store but the issue was as the

mall and I wanted the property and made

she's like sure you can take it there's

a bunch of Macy's already in the area

and there are


this was filmed a few weeks into the

liquidation sale so the store still was

pretty much fully stocked and had a lot

of merchandise left but it was getting

to that point where everything was

starting to like fall apart with like

organization and everything like that


does anybody in the comment section have

an idea about what was behind those

black doors up ahead my guess is that it

would be a salon but I might be wrong


this black room is one of my favorite

details in this store I think they used

this to display like high-end

merchandise back in the day now Owen is

is a to fake trees a couch and some

weird statue things these seem like

something you'd find in like some weird

like garden you seem like some movie

they're really weird





okay this is the third floor which was

by far the datas floor in the store it

also is probably my favorite floor in

the entire star everything it is such a

cool look to it there was this was where

the kids and home apartment was and

there's just so many like unique details

to it like look at that chandelier

that's just awesome

they exist folding tables

doesn't that just scream 1990s





behind all those fixtures is where the

restaurant used to be that close around

the time Macy's bought the store

that clock is so awesome Lloyd Marshall

Field's that their stores is just so

amazing it's a shame we're losing the

store that this architectural beautiful

they were like using stock music in the

store that was really weird to hear

I know that that the work I own son

looks crazy but that's just for

temporary workers during the liquidation

sale they usually need extra people to

stack up these liquidation sales that's

why you'll often see now hiring sons at