The Closest Kmart to Headquarters

pretty much everyone knows Kmart is in

deep trouble the stores are chronically

outdated and are often empty with

customers in this video I want to take a

look at what they've done at the store

closest to their headquarters to stop

the bleeding the Kmart closes to

headquarters is 24 minutes away which is

not really that close the closest one

before last year closed back in July of

2017 and the closest one before that

closed in 2014 it just it's kind of

surprising do you think the corporate

employees would be shopping at the

closest one because a lot of corporate

employees live out near the headquarters

and they don't even have a Kmart very

strange and if you take a look at the

whole amount of Kmart in Chicagoland in

2014 compared to now there is a massive

reduction in stores this has been a

common occurrence nationally

kamo is getting really sick and tired of

the negative press they've been

receiving for years that's so that's why

they announced a new store concept in

2016 they promised it featured a whole

lot of awesome the new awesome store

featured many new amenities and they

promised it would make shopping fun

again they did this whole big grand

opening celebration featuring Scottie

Pippen and they finally you know got

some decent press coverage from this and

this would you really want to take a

look at this remodeled store which also

happens to be the closest one to

headquarters about a year and a half

after the grand opening from the outside

there's pretty much no indication that

the store even was

model they didn't even bother to update

the logo right as you walk into the

store you are greeted by a fresh which

is their produce section and they also

give out the promise if it's not fresh

it's free right here is the pharmacy

this was also uh Kmart's first-ever tele

pharmacy which is what they actually

don't have a pharmacist on-site right

here is shopper Ozzy Kmart's new program

where they promise they'll go to another

store if they don't have the product you

want it's also guaranteed to change your

life according to that side also right

up in the front is came our dollar

Palooza section which is essentially a

ripoff of targets one dollar area and

over here they were even comparing

prices to Amazon which is a pretty bold

move also finally right in front of the

checkout is the customer service desk

which they rebranded they're happy to

help Center by far the biggest part of

the remodel is just the signage upgrades

signs look a lot nicer than you know


kind of typical ugly Kmart signs yes so

far I've updated about 14 stores with

this new look in my opinion this new

look is really just copying target from

the early 2000s it's just kind of too

little too late there actually were a

decent amount of people in this store it

was not as busy as like a Walmart or

Target but I would not label it as a

dead zone I just avoided trying to get

them on the video because they just came

here to shop not to be featured on my


so this Kmart happens to be the closest

came out to my house and I don't think

I'm really gonna come back here just to

make the trip for Kmart it didn't really

provide anything special everything here

was just ok it wasn't amazing or awesome

as they like to call it the really the

only places that Kmart does well in are

the places where they don't have to

compete with Walmart Target Meijer

Shopko or anybody like that they just

like this store there's no Walmart or

Target in the immediate area it's kind

of a place you have to go to because

there's no other option if you peek

through the door that is in the layaway

counter you can see the frigerators that

they had in the old food section before

they did the remodel


to the left is the toy section which

they need to put a huge emphasis on with

the recent downfall of Toys R Us


as a cost-cutting measure Kmart does not

staff their jewelry department you have

to hit a button to call for service if

you ever want to look at something here

the shoe department by far was the

busiest section of the store right here

is the outdated tax section comprising

of TVs and other fun technology from the

nineties and right next door to that is

the book section and in the book section

somebody made a horrendous mistake that

mistake was using comic freaking sands

for the books ladies seriously


as we wrap up the store torah portion of

this video i want to point out one thing

no one has ever talked about recently

Adam Lambert CEO of Sears and Kmart gave

a rare rare interview to Vanity Fair and

this is what he said about modeling

stores and investing in their website I

could have put in a lot of capital in a

Kmart or Sears store and it could look

like Bloomingdale's or could look like

Saks I won't be getting their customers

though and I won't be getting their

brands I could have a website that is

better than brewing tales now let's

compare the Bloomingdale's and Kmart

websites side-by-side and Kmart website

does look pretty good here however I

would still buy from the Bloomingdale's

website only because the Kmart website

isn't secure according to three major

web browsers and it's the same for Sears

even Banton Toys R Us in Claire's his

websites are secure and all three are

bankrupt and/or liquidating this is

unacceptable for any company as large as

Sears Holdings

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