$100 Worth of Burger King • MUKBANG

I'm back home much adieu Rommel hello

I'm back home should we do

hello this is our let's DB cuz we're

eating delicious food we are having 100

dollars worth of Burger King today yes

I'm really excited

Wow how are you Wow it what time is it

awning that my phone doesn't matter it's

like 3 p.m. it has but no like 2 p.m.

it's been a wild morning

Wow wild morning and it's something that

I'm not gonna talk about here on camera

but it involves my family and it also

involves a friend of a friend and I wish

there are some things I keep private and

when comes to like my family or Orleans

family I eat it then everyone has

boundaries so you have to respect of

course but um so this is one of those

things right and I like you know when I

come to youtube I trying to like keep

that aside you know I don't love for you

know what that people being dragged in

and stuff on the internet it's just it's

the worst thing to do to somebody so I

try to keep all my drama about myself or

Orlan or other youtubers who are coming

at me as well you know back and forth or

whatever um I could tell you what

happened today I mean I really have

tears in my eyes right now just like

just oh my god it could be a movie it

like it could be a movie from the things

that are playing out from what he said

it she said it what they did and what

they did back my god oh my god oh my god

I just ah that would I mean listen

people love my story times I don't know

why I but they do they like to hear my

stories and they're fun to share you

know things I've gone through in life or

things I'm witness but some of the best

stories I have oh I can think of another

for instant actually uh

some of the best stories and I have the

craziest experiences I can't share with

you and that's really sad so today we

are gonna be answering your questions

from my Instagram that I didn't finish

yesterday in my pizza video so I still

have them saved and I'm gonna answer

excuse me I'm gonna answer as much as I

because I like you guys I love you all I

appreciate all your support this channel

I know it's such a train wreck and maybe

that's why half the people are here and

um like every video has thousands of

comments that's crazy you know it's it's

crazy I started this channel three

months ago and I have zero followers

zero so I clearly have this congregation

this this massive energy followed me

around for good and bad reasons and

everything in between there's a lot of

people who really enjoy me no matter

what's happening and there's people who

are here for the entertainment aspect

only there's people who just are foodies

they want to see me get better it's kind

of funny but it's true people like to

see someone get fat and eat things that

they don't want to eat themselves

because you know it's unhealthy or it's

bad or whatever and I'm willing to do it

because I don't care and and there's

also people here who just really can't

stand me but you know they're obsessed

or they're stalkers or they just can't

stop watching I mean I also have a lot

of people to like when I do my live

streams and my cameos and my other page

that I run for my 18 years when older

fellows and girls you know thousands and

thousands of people that really care

about me want to see me happy and we are

waiting for me at the other day so I

don't even know I've just I wish I could

tell you what happened today like oh my

god oh my god I just

but it's personal and I know and that's

one ballad made myself you know actually

I by two rules now I used to buy buy

just this rule like when it comes to

Orleans family don't ever talk about

anything the ups or the downs or

anything you know if it's it you know

and same with my family too that's just

that's just being a human you know you

never want to go after people's it's

like when you watch the Housewives fight

on Bravo they're always have their

fights and they say don't you ever bring

the children have you bringing the kids

they didn't sign up for the movie and

they didn't sign up to be on TV they

sign up for the script or the drama if

you bring the kids and that is that

there's just the most heinous thing so

um oh man it was just ah it could be a

movie my life could be movie I used to

say there's an

College - I've had such a theatrical

life very dramatic life and ups and

downs and colorful and passionate and

when it's bad it's bad you know like

tornadoes I get stuck in and the amount

of sadness and pain and go through I

mean I don't know why I'm the way I am I

don't know but I am this is me you know

this is my journey and it's like ah I

guess I provided enough content I'm

sharing my life but if I could only

share this hmm only sharing this moment

that I had today with my family it would

be cope so crazy

oh but yeah so now I buy it buy that but

that's why what I've always done but as

of recently has a recent event well not

really recent we're talking half a year

ago time is really passing by quickly

it's been happy here since I was in one

little issue right and I I really

checked myself I'm like I'm not gonna

I'm not gonna engage with other

youtubers in that type of way unless

they're come at me first or I'm gonna

pay myself which I did with spill which

I did with James Mariga you know I still

listen I will still bring the drama but

you know in terms of like I know it's

funny because people love my reaction

videos with the tea kettle and beat on

dramatic and theatrical or whatever but

it is what it is you know like I really

need a it's just not worth it you know

the other day like to me I you know I

really separate that like this is work

one two three I'm done I walk away and

I'm done here but for others oh my god

they feel like they feel bad about it so

I don't want to you know I don't want to

make anyone feel bad anymore no the only

people that make better make feel bad

will be Orlan so I baked a few to him I

actually just ranted behind on my

Instagram anyways we're not gonna talk

about that well maybe we will I'm sure

how these questions are gonna warlin

anyway so I'm sure okay but yeah we're

gonna do Burger King today and we're

gonna do $100 worth now this is gonna be

so much food I won't even know what to

do with it actually the last time I

collabed with Orlan it was almost a

hundred we ordered like 10

impossible burgers each impossible

whoppers like seven or eight dollars is

expensive that I had french fries and

onion rings I had a lot of food from the

possible whopper and I'm so excited to

do that video but we ended up fighting

so you all saw that um yeah about that

um so yeah this is where I'm at mentally

emotionally physically and I mean

besides all the theatrical drama I'm I

went today I went through today of my

family which and you know I'm not

involved I'm just kind of like they're

supporting all the sides and here

everyone out and you know I'm not even

I'm not even above but oh my god it's

just crazy what they went through my

friend went through my friends friend

but I'm not gonna say anything so I'm in

a good mood other than I mean I don't

know I've been retained by that

real-life drama over here like whoo I'm

really entertained I keep doing this

alight lately really push my Biggers

I've been watching a lot of James

Charles and he does this all the time

well my sorry James if you're watching

like he's gonna watch me but you know

some of the senses to him because I have

a lot of haters that work for me for

free and spread my name so this is for

you James that James maybe James troz he

does a lot I've been watching a lot I

love I don't know I love I liked his

videos I don't even like makeup it's

just um I think that's what it comes

down to on YouTube as well it's not even

so much what they're doing it's dim

their character like Miranda sings like

or or if they're being themselves

whether they're playing a character like

trailer-trash Tammy or they're being

themselves like Chelsea Lin you know am

ia character you don't know it doesn't

matter but um yeah like no you just feel

like you could connect you just feel you

don't even know and I get those types of

comments all the time like Nick stop

eating yourself to death just see a

salad and like gossip and well you'll

get the same amount of views I'm like I

know well maybe not I don't know I still

am really enjoying the food right now so

two more years

I'm 28 at 30 be stopped buck Boggs so

it's time to get that and I still can't

wait or

the Bud Light issue lockdown to be over

because I want to go to jollibee I want

to have some in and out I want to have

Carl's jr. I wanna have a burger again I

would have Korean town dumplings and

sushi and honest-to-goodness oh you guys

I really really wanted that we have to

wait for things but anyways yeah like I

said today I'm sorry for doing that Luke

James Joss I need to stop doing that

because I don't really like that for me

I like that for him but not for me I

feel like it's better you have nails oh

my gosh I don't know why I'm doing that

but I am so I'm gonna stop don't you

take my little stubby fingers I have a

lot of noodles and I can't wait to enjoy

for you they are all behind this camera

I showed you my wart not wardrobe my

pantry which is you know the second


it's the mukbang room okay so has the

table the lights the camera the sound

boards was shown

I still haven't put up see that's how

you know there's problems in this

apartment these sound boards have been

here for seven months ever since I moved

in in July or August

I think August November September

October November December January March

April May nine months why did it work oh

there's the change Charles snaps up

again so sorry

maybe I wore them right away so like

well no I did because they'll so echoey

so I'd say at least eight months these

panels have been here and that's how you

know there's problems because we haven't

hired anyone to put them up me and Orla

fight too much to put them up ourselves

so it is what it is

anyways I don't know what I'm talking

about oh yeah I do my travels I can't

wait to travel again and do some west

coast for food I can't believe I'm 28 I

really I mean I I still feel like i'm 18

it's very strange I don't know what's

happened to my brain over these past

couple years it's a it almost feels like

a dream I don't know this is just a

natural you know part of getting older

but this is just how I feel I did see a

lot of comments where I was talking

about all that like universe philosophy

don't worry everything is gonna be

doomed anyway like you live your life I

did see a lot of comments like this big

like Clara doesn't know what he's

talking about well I don't care

do I need to act like a I don't care you

guys I am stupid I know how to get used

for being stupid you don't need to tell

me that I'm stupid I know that I'm

stupid but you're here watching me

you're the stupid one

joke's on you like oh my god I'm so

stupid but you need to come and talk

about being me being with being stupid

who's the stupid one

Oh bad it's funny the whole social media

thing it's it's it's crazy you know it's

crazy how people become so fixated and

oh man it's just again I almost up

because yesterday in the first part of

my Q&A where else even the pizza

hopefully saw yesterday's video check it

out I got a lot of questions about

haters and of course I'm gonna get that

question all the time because half my

videos or thumbs downs right now so um

well I don't even know I don't even care

okay thumbs up thumbs down care there's

one for here engaging I went so yeah

it's crazy I don't know what how do I

make people like me and it's see right

now I'm trying to come off really cocky

and strong like you can't bring me down

I'm a bad dude like you know like don't

mess with me you help me in the end

anyway but deep down it really just

bothered me like I wish I could be more

like I was just watching this channel

the other day was her name up limes

something limes turn up go up and I'm

like I didn't know she was and I found

her yesterday and I was like the white

people who watch her like the titles are

like one word and it's just her you know

people just like her that essence that

energy and I feel like I do have that

type of followed and where people are

here for that but then there's also

happy other people who are not here for

that so you know they're here to hate on

me so I don't know I wish I could be

more like but then that's really in my

power huh but think I don't be fake

either I'd rather just be myself enough

you know if I'm a terrible person I'd

rather just be a terrible person because

I'm not gonna get to sit here and act

for 40 minutes so anyways thank you for

listening to my intro we were gonna go

get Burger King I'm gonna order a lot of

food I'm trying to hold back my yarn

saying like I like we're asleep

listening people are watching

I'm trying so hard not to

because I know if I go in young I know a

lot of people are watching this to like

settle down so maybe maybe it's a good

thing out from the audience let's go to

sleep together that's something I would

love to do in the future when I quit my

box like like peaceful stuff meditation

stuff very much like actually now I

still love the drama I'll probably

really be your action channel or podcast

do podcast I saw somewhere um someone

tweeted me though today saying I'm

looking for a good voice actor for a

documentary and I got tagged people who

are tweeting me is like Nick Otto has

the best reading voice I'm like oh I

could read that story into a microphone

to make people feel something when I

read these sentences does that sound

nice does it sound like at the air voice

I don't know comment down below I don't

know but I don't even know why I'm

saying this oh yeah podcast I would love

to do podcast I do get comments about my

voice if I'm not screaming or shrieking

but anyway

alright let's go to let's go to Burger

King bye 1 2 3

$100 worth this is the last my stimulus

check so yay oh and yes the dumpling

video um that was not a hundred dollars

worth of dumplings but the setup all the

baskets and chopsticks and little cups

of soy I ordered all of it

that was over a hundred dollars if you

go to the Duncans yourself that's how

Vika yeah the dumplings um I think it

was like twelve dollars twelve is two

two and a half so it's like $10 $12 ten

this isn't you know $35 a food but with

all the baskets I don't know why they're

so expensive

I love dumplings I can't wait to do more

videos like I said these ramen noodles

behind me they are just staring at me

and I want to eat them so bad I think

tomorrow I'm gonna come out with a

noodle video on my main channel I need

to get filming on them like I love spicy

ramen noodles that's just my home that's

my heart that's where I get millions of

views at what that's what everybody

loves my last noodle video just hit


in like three weeks

for me that's very good okay that's very

I mean that's very good for a lot of

people I mean that's very I don't know

so and all the comics like more noodles

morning I mean obviously there's hate

too but then again that video had like

80 or nine thousand comments man people

got something to say anyway let's eat a

Burger King together and be happy here

we go and answer your questions from my

Instagram one two three

damn oh my gosh it's time for a drama

queen to have a king's eats behind the

scenes of setting this up getting

everything out of the bags it is a lot

to deal with

there's just so much little hot and

steamy though and I got a family bundle

oh here's my other buffalo sauces I was

looking for I have so much food got my

french fries yes anyways there's so much

stuff I'm gonna have to insert it into

the thumbnail I don't even know we have

some onion rings we have some french

fries I have so many french fries you

know if you like french fries and they

gave me so many but I did order it so

that's what I get more french fries back

here and we have oh don't fall onion

rings and onion rings back there we have

spicy chicken nuggets over here which

I'm gonna have one right now mmm we got

regulars you're gonna spy here oh my god

anything mmm put the French fries back

here we got chicken fries we got so much

mmm mmm and I'm gonna be answering your

questions and I got my coin water bottle

use my discount link down below

mmm so cold you'd hope it'd be that's

gonna stay right there oh don't make

everything fall out Tower of Pisa that

would be really bad okay guys let's

begin the show I'm gonna start with this

whopper which is really cheesy looking

oh it's still hot hot it's TV

mm that's really cheating my knee ow

oh my god

and so juicy and drippy it's dripping

everywhere got some napkins of course in

communes this drive-through experience

was not the best they forgot my coke so

they're gonna be a little deficit today

I got family bundle or whatever it was

there's a coupon in the mail so I did

not spend exactly $100 because this is

$100 worth okay it's what it's worth I'm

gonna try this plain old double

cheeseburger came with a family bundle

but yeah they forgot my coke and Sheils

not nice about it she clearly did not

want to be at work today

hey this taste buds at McDonald's I just

gotta say in my opinion let's try it

anyway I do fast-food for a living mmm

this is all so much better I mean this

is simple cheese meat pickles ketchup I

have to get up just to shake these

things I kind of show you up close some

of this stuff oh it looks like it just

it just tastes better

now I'm gonna do spicy chicken sandwich

am i fat no as the chair goes plop mmm

it just has a little high off the show I

just has a buttery flavor I know I'm not

spitting it out mmm gerbil hamster

chicken fries come in to ranch and

mmm I'm gonna prepare again to the

chicken not yet you think I've wanted

enough chicken nuggets I feel like a

king a king of YouTube King lots of


what am i a king of comment down below

and make sure it's nice I better not see

no mean comments today mmm

I know I said I already like french

fries but they have great oh I'm telling

you people always ask for me to the

Donalds I don't know why I think Burger

King is tastier mmm so how are you today

I'm a little dipping sauce about here

yeah ranch BBQ talking about a little

tower back here mmm you get a lot $400

from this place a lot let's finish this

delicious whopper oh it's still hot I

mean look at that front room whopper

right in the front you can see the

cheese flying off they did a good job at

this one onion ring but the lady was not

happy to be there and that's okay I'm

the same way but I still go to work I

still come here on YouTube but I don't

feel like being here oh so delicious you

get over there I'm supposed to hide you

they hide their food and distract you

with acrobatics okay so I'm gonna

distract you well actually I'm very

hungry so we're learning really as much

as we can but it's time to answer your

questions now this this story right now

I've been getting over a hundred

thousand views per story for the last

two weeks this is what happens when

there's drama apparently it's like an

increase of 20,000 people I don't know

that's still not that much compared to

YouTube YouTube that's double or triple

or quadruple my main channel it's like

400k per video but for Instagram where

I'm not even an instagramer listen to me

that's going to have to be pretty you've

got to do something I don't even do

anything I don't know what to do except

complain anyways so we have tens of

thousands of comments

do you see yourself do you see yourself

here look at the screen there the screen


I might flash upon it people are gonna

zoom in to see if the comments are go

ahead zoom in make a reaction I don't

care look at all these comments tens and

tens of thousands of them they just keep

on going and going and go and see I'm

telling you when people are like reply

to my DM so look it's still going it's

still going people like Nick launcher

would ply them at my DMS

I'm like it's because I get like 300 a

day it's impossible I might I haven't

seen long it still goes and goes I'm

like okay but oh my god keeps going that

keeps going and goes and goes and goes

and goes and goes okay so all these

people who think I just have you know

5000 fake accounts to give me five

thousand thumbs ups you know there's

people here that like being okay they're

they're all here and hopefully they're

all give their shot alright now because

I can't shut off all 5,000 I don't even

know there's ten they're probably ten to

ten square meters now you have any

questions you have but just tell me the

views and I think you know the look at

it just keeps going okay this is gonna

go forever and ever and ever keep

looking keep looking I mean I can just

keep going on and on and on I'm actually

gonna go all the way it just keeps going

a guy to know I'm like I want to go all

the way to the bottom get it to the

bottom of this here we go here we go

here we go look at me I'm like showing

off I'm not showing up I'm trying to let

people know when they get mad at me it

excuse me and tag me on Twitter like you

don't respond to us you don't love us

I'm like ah what's more important making

a video for you to watch or respond to

everyone else's comments oh you're not

going to like that because then I would

have to spend hours and hours talking to

other people other than you here we're

all together excuse me I could be like

some channels that hire people to

respond for them actually I don't know

anyone that does that what

mm I don't even like french fries then I

still goin it's still going

look it's still going hey drama channels

have you zoomed in say I'm a irrelevant

I'm so irrelevant oh my God he's so

irrelevant his channels dying

no one cares looks like a lot of people

care whether that I'm so irrelevant

all these drama channels saying that I'm

a disaster my channel I'm cancelled and

listen uh-oh

you no one likes you you're irrelevant

did you did you did it okay let's see

you wake up to six-figure views on a

story about nothing

I mean having people say that no one

cares about it no one cares okay please

keep sending people my way I love it

I see it all the time capsule he's

irrelevant nobody cares about this

person no one actually cares people

don't even watch it okay well here

without shout-out to Jenny mortar why

are you such a drama queen cuz I am hmm

let's try this

these are the cheesy jalapeno bites oh

yes mmm definitely needs a dip though

Ranch is perfect and it's a dip though a

little dry um we got all your spatulas

how do you like my dress from that

what's your most and least favorite

thing about what you do for a living um

my favorite is probably be my own boss I

run the show I call the shots

I have to be the PR I have to be the

actor I have to be the lighter at the

director the producer the editor I have

to be everything it's a lot to UM it's a

lot to handle for a lot of people but

for me I love it

before all this I was a freelance

violinist and I was all my own you know

I don't think representing myself know

about myself that's the same type of

idea the least favorite would be having

to accept people disliking you no one

wants that let's be honest no one really

feels good about that even the ones who

put on a show like Annie million yes

haters spread my name out the other days

it's like ah even if it does help me in

the end it doesn't feel right you know

this is the twisted thing about social

media I'm very aware of it it sucks


before they say well Nikki could just be

nice let me tell you something there are

very very nice people in this world who

are on YouTube and they still have

haters who question their motives

Geoffrey start give a give a game of

girl to $30,000 everyone said you're

doing this for clout does Geoffrey start

need clout I don't think so

you're doing this for a tax write-off

and and someone still got paid like you

could be a wonderful person and you're

still gonna have that and that's just

very hard to like sit with you're gonna

get stuck I have some intense stalkers

you are all watching this video I see

you guys I know you I know what you're

up to

it's just weird so that's the worst part

about it

oh there's a good question this orleans

family watch your videos well we got a

cameo yeah book my own cameo if you want

me make a video for you

they're personal just for you click the

link down below okay

um hmm some of them do and some of them


are you real this comes from Ruby yes

people have seen me in real life and

they said they always say you're so much

taller than I thought I'm 5 11 and a

half excuse me

sometimes I just say six-foot because I

like to round up yeah let's the number

one thing I get every everyone I meet

there I was like oh my god you look so

tiny on camera I mean yeah you're fat

but he looks short and stout yeah cuz I

love all the food okay since this is in

front me I'm just gonna keep in the

nuggets and I'm not gonna work at all

this so that's bad we have to get these

Nuggets all the way I mean there's just

so much on my plate to type look at us

we're not you're waiting for that to

fall down aren't you you're waiting for

that to fall right

Oh No

yeah the French fries are good though

okay that's question this has been the

best quarantine ever well thank you

Fonda what restaurant has the best fried

chicken to you this comes from Brent

jollibee Filipino fried chicken

hands-down the best oh my knee hurts my

knees been inflamed from like a week now

I don't know if I've told you guys yeah

I can't keep that to myself that's

really embarrassing but yeah my right

knee every time I bend it it like oh it

really feels inflamed my guy it's not

too healthy I'm sure that's the reason I

don't care

these whoppers are very very good what

maybe they'll be good comes from hectic

ah no I really enjoyed meeting him while

I did it except for the last year that's

when I really don't feel good and you

know a lot of long-term vegans question

it by the head that's my most stop it's

a merry-go-round there's some people

that still hang on but it's just not

it's not common the odds are against you

you know and um was the question did I

like it I did like it

oh why what made me do it um probably

health reasons I just want to like feel

better and I did at first I really did I

loved the first two years if it felt

magical that's what they all say first

that's what they all say at first I was

actually thin with some of the other day

I used to do it this festival she's gone

she eats meat now and there's another

girl - who also quit and then there's oh

my god I don't see these people

I remember that it was a fight they all

disappear what was that guy's name drew

rice now listen there they're all just

it's just one by one by one my mother um


you know my guy should ever win an Oscar

for spectacular acting this comes from

1916 135 to 118 I'm not an actor I'm a

very bad actor when I'm acting you

should be able to tell an Oscar well

that makes it Oscar I've been seeing

comments lately like you need to grab me

for acting I'm like but grand news for

music I'm knocking I'm just in a he

asked cat purse excuse me oh it's too

late just a mood okay you get what you

get don't if I'm upset when you get I

never know what I've never known you to

say my video tomorrow this is not

scripted did you mention scripting out

500 videos a year listen I'm not that


I'm really not um I just hear what

however I feel I am I just be myself and

sometimes it's crazy would you ever be a

movie editor oh hello Angelina

um Movie Editor

no I don't have any training in that um

I used to make little clips and stuff

little short not even films I just I

like to play with sound and

visualization but just play I don't I

have no training or skill and who knows

if they even make money I don't know so

I guess no money no sonic PI DL mobile

there's so many questions uh hi I don't

know what's something we really miss

about the past of yourself

good question this comes from angelou

cash wheeler

brother good your name um do you know I

use cheese which I really miss about my

old self

well everyone changes its natural if

you're not changing you gotta you know I

look at yourself and say hey am i

growing or my standing still everyone

that's supposed to change sometimes

you'll be like me and you change for the

worst but in some ways I did improve

myself I know does it look like it um

over the years well being on YouTube am

I getting worse maybe I am but did you

have people over here thinking I deserve


I just don't under I just don't know if

you guys but to get back to your

question too much my name is bundle


I missed the ignorance is bliss okay

this cut off so I had to stand up so

while I'm here I'm gonna take a this I'm

gonna take this back to my seat um yeah

I miss the ignorance is bliss ignorance

is truly press now I don't know how far

back you mean but ten years ago how old

was I 18 man I did not have to think


I think about now oh and now I'm gonna

be 30 in a couple years since I call my

got my life is halfway over that's very

sad and scary to me so that's why I

missed most not having to worry too much

I guess when you're an adult you have

more responsibility and I know it

doesn't look like I'm very responsible

before my craziness but I am responsible

okay I am responsible I paid off my debt

I have payment plans I pin their credit

cards I file my taxes and go to the

dentist you know that in itself is a

headache um could you kids go vegan uh

why what's it to you how do you deal

with hate I don't any future collabs

this comes from char why char we um no

no future collabs planned and it's cuz

the whole Bud Light issue no one's

allowed to leave your house mmm

so better favorite position we're not

writing as I got exposed everybody video

with Orlan and then I don't do it he

doesn't do it either so neither of us

ride that was really nice back in the

day when I could actually do that and

receive that it only works at the person

on top is skinny the person on top is

chunky like you there's no movement

it's just rubbing and rubbing you go up

and you're still down you know he rates

the booty you go up and guess what

you're still down because there's more

to go up because you're so much bigger

so that was nice but that was a back of

the day I'm gonna have to get someone

skinny well um I really don't know how

to answer that

I just like to lay there I don't like to

do anything anymore do you ever miss

college and if you did what did you

study this comes from Lane hi welcome to

my channel I majored in music and I do

miss it I did not finish it I didn't

miss it a little bit then I realized how

much more of a struggle with me I mean

look at me I'm still struggling every

day erry angry well the struggles let's

meet back there some people struggle

with overspending like me I have spent

so much over the years

of stuff you guys don't even know about

okay no it's just like tense like oh my

god because with YouTube I don't know if

I'm gonna pay next month they can cut me

off tomorrow I don't know you know if I

try to make commitments to things or you

know that's a car what if I want to

start investing like how do I do that

with a with the UM with feeling okay or

saying about that if I don't know what

the future holds

huh are you scared of catching the beep

hi Haley no I'm not I'm kind of fearless

with that actually before YouTube what

you think you would do this comes from

love Maddie playing the violin and make

a lot of money those things don't go to

and I know what's that even really

money-hungry ho think I actually don't

consider myself a money hungry person I

know you're like a NICU post yeah I know

but to me it's more of the principle

it's more of a commitment it's more of a

honoring a schedule like showing up you

know it's not so much like I need more

more more more money more money

I mean we all need money let's be real

okay yes I would like more money but I

still don't describe myself as money

hungry like I've just made bad choices

over the years in terms of my spending

but it's not that I'm money hungry I

don't know how to describe it

I've made a few mistakes but mmm twiddle

Dee oh did you see my twiddle Dee and

tweedle dum on my Twitter I posted that

I thought that's pretty funny because

someone said look at this this is

twiddle Dee and we don't know if they

had eating disorder so I'm like that's

kind of funny here so I posted on my

Twitter me and Orla and parently our

Twitter with who's fatter I don't know


when will you quit you to high water

clouds I don't know I fantasize about

doing it tomorrow and then I tell myself

I'll never ever do it what else am I

gonna do and once you're on top you're

always on top hate to say it and very

few people get canceled I mean I can't

think of anyone except for one person to

be truly canceled and that by people

commit compare me to him I just think

that's wrong because I make my mistakes

I've spoken out of line but I've never

been that type of wrong ever um but you

know Jake pause filming dead people if

it's forest people count over that

Tennant mojo scanning people with her

event thousands of people left stranded

people count over that you know people

get over so much James Charles heavy

even on Manny anyway because he gave

shade to Jennifer Starr I looked this

John D everybody got like half a million

views on a video yesterday people you

have you have to really do something

heinous and a lot of thing on you a lot

of things on YouTube are twisted or

exaggerated for entertainment purposes

and I have stressed this a lot when

people make videos about me it's they

get something out of it the more

shocking it is the more they also

benefit you have to keep that in mind so

you can't trust everything you see about

me if people are making videos I think a

lot people know that I mean now that now

that like my biggest thing what you know

has cooled off now I start to see more

more kind of saying oh yeah that's

really really exaggerated or like if you

really think about I was really no big

of a deal I really didn't make much

sense in certain aspects you know so

that's I feel like people are smart and

um yeah like um Gabby Hanna people said

she was cancelled she'd made a video

yesterday or two to two days ago

actually watched it sugar responding to

a different a bunch of different things

was it video have almost a million views

people don't just say goodbye

they're daca and anything they're more

interested to see what

because you made a mistake so it's very

very it's almost impossible it's almost

impossible yeah there's one person I'm

thinking of and he was really um I mean

it was criminal the type of stuff he was

doing you know and I've never done

anything illegal

ever and then criminal or creepy like

the guy I'm thinking of um so that makes

a little more sense and you know I've

managers that work for Google to

advisers I have an email I can contact

someone right now who's that hit YouTube

headquarters I talked to them every

month they keep up today they know what

I do they know what I do you know how I

do it you know and you know they keep me

in check to with like okay this is fine

or this you know this you know III just

YouTube can come in and be like okay

this guy is done we have to it has to be

really serious because there's such

thing as the freedom of speech and there

is such thing as freedom of expression

and not the other day you just like my

managers even know that just because the

videos main doesn't mean it's really it

could be half exaggerated because

they're gonna garner attention money

views YouTube benefits cuz it pushes it

out there cuz they get paid to so it's

like I don't know what I'm talking about

was it cool if I cancel was that the


I think you canceled your immerse

yourself more if you really change and I

feel like I've always been crazy

dramatic even when I was being like oh

you should be vegan again I was like I

was crying I was complaining I was doing

extreme diets like I've always been this

what people are they coming out he was

so nice and calm and innocent I'm like

the people who say that clearly weren't

around back then I only had and I only

had ten thousand hours of those ten

thousand maybe five thousand I've

actually watched the videos maybe three

thousand but they were you have a

hundred thousand people would be like

Nick was so sweet as a vegan it's like

but you didn't even Dobie you weren't

even there like hello so um I don't know

why I'm saying this

oh yeah oh yeah the whole castle thing

I've always been my I've always just

been myself its multi-dimensional you

get what you get it's not it's not all

the same I can I just can't

especially if I'm here every day there's

no way I can be here Vic hi hello today

we're gonna do this and I'm not please

please please don't think I'm dissing

people that do that but the people who

are show up who do show up with a smile

on their face usually don't post 50

videos a month let's be real okay that's

also where it's like well I'll cut out

of look now you know they come every

couple days and they're they make sure

they wash it and it's polished and they

think about their brand

I don't and ironically that's my brand

now to be messy or just to be myself or

to make mistakes sorry

oh I forget what the question was how

will I ever leave YouTube I do fantasize

about it

I do know the haters really good to me

even though I pretend they don't do but

they do and it just would feel nice to

kind of just like but this world does

run on money and I can always use my

platform for good um how do you stay

emotionally strong it's very admirable

Thank You diamo um I think I've had

enough practice I've been doing muck

bogs for four years now four years of

this chaos that's a lot of practice

that's a lot of living and learning I

really choose my battles

I choose what's worth engaging with

what's worth responding to I stay mostly

strong but I choose what I read I don't

I don't willingly I talk about this the

other day I don't willingly subject

myself to things so we're gonna be upset

I will interfere with me having to be

here again or edit or pay attention to

all my other jobs so you know I've

learned over the years what's map you

know pick and choose like James Mary I

respond to him but the 5,000 other

people that made videos about me I did

not respond to you

you pick your battles that's how I stay

strong emotionally because I'm not you

guys probably read more hate than I do

if I'm being honest if I'm actually

thinking clearly

you guys probably read more of it than I

do and I do read my comments under my

videos don't get me wrong but there's

people out there that will sit and watch

every myth video made about me or they

look a little search for cringe or fat

eating compilations or Nicko kado being

dramatic for five minutes straight or

vegan versus now you know they want to

see more of that stuff um let's see

what's your favorite zombie on noodle hi

grace it would be the original black

packet yeah followed by I really am in

love with the corn the corn has that's

just such strong flavor but it's so so

spicy I mean it is intense you feel like

why did I sign up for this as you're

eating it I'm gonna do a recipe on the

main channel everyone's asking for the

noodles more and I will be making it

with a stick of butter and some cheese

and yeah yummy unhealthy stuff I'm not

saying cheese is unhealthy in itself but

the amount you eat it yeah what's your

favorite all-time dish probably cheesy

ramen noodles oh that shoutout to feel

my shun that out too oh sure I lost your

thing have you ever been to a mental

hospital this comes from Derrick no no I

have not I have been in therapy

counseling guidance lots of different

types of stuff like that counsellors but

not never to a hospital yeah I think I

should be um let's see here is it hard

feeling the need to share so much your

life on YouTube I couldn't do it Tanisha

hartley hello um yeah a lot of people

couldn't do it that's for sure but is it

hard to feel the need I don't have to

that's the thing and I also don't feel

like I need to I just like to do it I

just like to just be

you know again some things when it comes

to like family like I said them against

video you keep private you make sure you

have a little self really a little pride

that not you know the whole brothers

need know everything but you get you get

to select that as a creator you know

some people are do as smart they don't

even have to tell you anything that you

don't even know anything about them um

so for me I don't feel the need to do it

I just do it I don't feel like I have to

because I know I'm YouTube you can be

very successful without sharing half of

anything about who you are you could

come on here as Miranda sings and do not

alive and everyone enjoys that

entertainment that distraction from

people's miserable lives they need to

come here for a nice little laugh or

something and you don't need to know

anything about her so it's the way that

I do it and I don't feel the need I just

like to do it for most things what I

share with you here and in my videos is

things that I would share with anyone if

I feel like keeping things myself like

something that went down by family today

you know that's I'm entitled to some

some level of humanity have you chosen a

coffin yet girl this comes from product

no I have not and actually I don't want

to be buried I want to be cremated we

have enough things going in the earth in

the landfill it's just this house is so

expensive and throw my ashes in the

river no throw out my ashes or what I

want my ashes throw I'm actually don't

know throw them down the toilet oh


what's the most money you've spent

moving across stints Oh thousands um oh

my gosh my knee there's something wrong

with my knee it it definitely pokes out

more on this side

there's something out with my knee it's

like my bone shifted like what

oh I do not want to see a doctor my knee

something is wrong with my knee and

betting it really hurts I don't know

what I did is I guys if I fell or

something I don't know um what's the

others are the question from Haley

what's the most money I've spent in a

month bombs

hi I'm back the most money I've spent in

a month long gosh I hate having to get

up to turn this on I need like a little

clicker um yeah those giant lobsters are

expensive I think that's the most I've

ever spent the giant lobsters the big

big big ones let's see here how is life

as a freelance musician I'm in

conservatory right now trips tips and


hi Dylan flutes I play the flute um well

well first of all congratulations I'm

going to the conservatory you're in for

a wild ride oh my god I look so short

here I'm not sure I swear

and no believe the things that's ham

five seven where are people given

measuring tapes when they meet me how do

people eat it like the people that say

I'm born in the US or the people say

that I'm worth five million dollars or

the people say that oh those things you

cannot rely on what you read on the air

that I'm telling you I'm telling you

it's just amazing how people this people

are like fruit flies like oh this

happened here

oh this said this we'll have to see what

it's about

oh she said that oh let's go see what

they say response uh she said this what

are you gonna say back boo but man I

googled this about you oh it's not

weirdest it's so I'm what was the

question I told you already forget I'm

so proud of how far you've come on each

of how did you off the hate hiset Sam

raised a zero one one zero one four um

thank you for being proud of me

yeah um I don't know why you're proud

girl I just I just say here be messy an

E and write my mouth I listen I never

tried never ever how much to myself up

to be like this great I have always said

that all I said I'm so replaceable I've

always been surprised as I've never seen

more muck buggers out there like there's

like six big ones six or seven the big

ones that's in America we're English

speaking in general well they're from

Canada or the UK or Australia or South

America well okay let's take all that


I only know month buggers from Canada

and America in terms of English - I know

english-speaking ones overseas oh yeah

dude tales from Australia but they kind

of quit so I just or at least I think

they're there maybe New Zealand anyway


was I gonna say oh you're proud of me

thanks I thank you I don't even got to

say that happy I don't like I might why

I don't know we're sticking through

while you're wondering how do you have

to hate I so I don't know clearly not

very helpful healthfully

why is such a whiny baby hi Jessica I

don't know I was drop too much as a kid

drop down the stairs

um let's see here why are you always so

man hi go home boy um I don't know I

actually feel like a very positive most

the time on my channel here's the thing

it's like this not only on YouTube but

in life the negative sticks out like a

sore thumb

hey I'm saying that interview of James

Marriott where I answered the questions

I just sat there and answer two

questions he asked me something I

answered I just sat there and was myself

and everyone's like wow this is so nice

to see the sign up Nick oh my god Nick

ahsoka Oh what it's like I do that at

90% my mom's anyway people what was the


oh yeah why I'm so mad yeah people that

even watch me regularly know that I'm

just here just [ __ ] shine like a normal

guy look as normal as you can but then

they remember the few little times where

it's dramatic and then that's what they

remember the most it's like when you

went to school you're gonna remember the

grades you failed before the ones that

you did what let you past the ones that

you did you might were subject you're

gonna remember that before the ten other

subjects where you pass with a CB or a

you're gonna remember that one that you

got a DNF on you know like you just you

just know that's just how people are

wired so you might think I'm always mad

but trust me I'm not and I have lots of

different moods and I'm not I'm not


okay so says are you clearly diagnosed

with mental illnesses how old are you

this comes from Kruk tiaki art or um I

just had my birthday I'm 28 I'm so funny

because I literally on my birthday I was

like wait am i actually 27 and I just

like skipped a whole year in my head cuz

do you ever like question your age like

wait a minute

let's count make sure I've seen like

people ask me my age and I might tell

them the wrong age that's happened to be

a few times I'm like oh my god yes I'm

26 and I'm like oh my god wait why seven

sorry oh that happened to me once where

I was having to do a very serious

question what was it the police or in

Neffs maybe those integration I think

going to Canada

I see Carly I don't know somewhere where

an authority asked me my age and I told

them the wrong age I didn't realize and

weird [ __ ] I'm answering other questions

chitchat chitchat paddywhack and I'm

like oh wait wait I'm actually 27 now I

look really suspicious I'm like wait a

bit okay I told I'm like sorry I

literally just forgot my nature I swear

I really mean I think now I was in

Canada maybe somewhere else I've

traveled over the all over the world

many times it could have been going to

Columbia I

remember but something in that type of

scenario scenario why is such a tiny

little beep

I'm actually not tiny a very big a

bigger than average the scrums comes

from Carter I'm bigger than average

thank you very much

I'm not an ant akanda but what are you

gonna do about Endor kind of anyway I'm

a bigger than average so sit down and

I'm not little and amaya beep yes I am

you want to know why

go ask God when you die um what happened

with you in Orland it's a long story

Kayla me and Orleans fights on camera

have been an inkling it should be like a

little window let's just use your

imagination if what you see on camera is

that imagine what happens off-camera you

know I mean like me and Orlan have been

going back and forth for years this is

no secret we've broken up five times

we've spent like three months apart from

each other multiple times and my visa

runs I went to Thailand for like five

four months without or four months but

we've been having issues a lot and I try

and make light of it and say oh well you

know like I stayed at my parents for

four more months while he came to

Florida you think it took four months to

find an apartment no yeah we needed the

break from each other so this is not

what's the question

oh yeah what's happening with you

alright yeah this is not just like oh I

flipped out the French from it from his

hand now he's mad at me no he doesn't

like how I treat him a lot of the time

and that he's just reacting now because

he can't afford it anymore or we

disagree on where we want to live or I'm

we've had we've had aspirations we've

had dreams about what we want to do and

now it's like oh my gosh I might have to

change everything now or I don't know I

don't know and it's like it's hard

because I try to make sacrifices for him

I try to do things for

but maybe not so much for me and you do

things out of love you know I mean like

half this furniture is his to the cars

and his name to this is it gets very

tangled when you're in a relationship

and then um it's not as simple as

flicking a french fry out of someone's

hand if that's what you think it is

we're all just acting you that's the tip

of the iceberg people you need to know

in real relationships that's back if

that's not what it's about you know oh

that's a really good question but I

don't want to answer that here what are

you gonna come to LA hi this comes from

baby lily I don't know it's James

Barrett as nice as he seems in his

videos I've never met him in real life

but we've talked on webcam and dm's and

stuff like that and yeah he's very nice

I love you you're my idol we're gonna

vote for November hi f Oh can't see your

name um I don't know I'm gonna come Tony

button anyway

have you seen the video where Trisha

talked about you and what do you think

hi Jeanette I don't know which video

John um no I guess I have it um I don't


is this a recent video gosh no I have to

go see I have no idea what she's doing

I'm assuming it wasn't good huh

I don't know she's still cleaning that

poop off her couch how has life been

bring you these past couple of days it's

been very bad there very chaotic that

she comes from pretty low-key oh man

this this James person asks a lot of

sexual questions oh he keeps asking oh

they might be from UK they said they

used the word of my team

that's a UK thing man they're asking

lots of that stuff oh my god everything

buddy James is bad okay why so

attention-seeking this comes from nerve

Scott I don't know why you give it to me

I don't know people called YouTube for

multiple different reasons because they

want to entertain because they want to

teach or educate because they want to

share they don't really want to be a

teacher they just want to share and they

don't care if you're entertaining they

just want to share some people want to I

guess the how-to stuff style that's

still teaching and some people do it

like me because

it's therapeutic you know we're a weird

way some people do it because they're

really good at it and they're making a

lot of money look at h3h3 right now

whoo-wee whoo-wee oh I don't want excuse

me I don't know

otherwise and they're just doing that

for money I'm sure they love doing their

podcast and oh I'm talking about it all

these other people yes I'm sure that

listen I'm sure they love what they do

umm oh my god that sounds awful no I

actually can't tell you for certain that

I know any channel that is just justice

for money obviously money is a great

benefit that's what keeps you here you

know that's a reward obviously they need

money to survive so there's nothing

wrong with making money

so I guess I don't can't think of a

career that's only here for money

there's lots of other purposes

um so why my attention-seeking gosh I

can't ask these questions correctly

right now oh look I'm good to make so

free we're good no I enjoy it I've

always been a performer I've always

liked the spotlight I like to make

people feel something I like to be

artistic tell a story or make people

laugh or give people goosebumps from

playing the violin I la I love to make

people feel something it brings me joy

to know that people are feeling

something whether I'm relaying that

feeling through music through my words

through my dramatics my acting whatever

you know it feels good for me so why am

I that way again like the other person

who says why not ask God when you get


do you support fart farting yes I

actually have a fire this video uh let's

say hi to me hi home girl her name's

homegirl you can skip my question okay

all that says is you can squid my good

you ask no question though you can just

okay oh my wasting your time are you

just chillin with me there's so many

look I'm still scrolling up um when did

you start your channel um okay well

here's a little timeline for those of

you that are new I started my first

youtube video around 2014 or 2015

I made one video and I told you it was

actually happy video I should show you

reacting to my first video I have it I

deleted it people don't have it those

videos a compilation of me being skinny

and stuff those are not my first videos

I have them would you guys like to see

that comment down below oh yeah I don't

want to tell you what it was I want to

know if you want to see it I can react

my first video ever oh my gosh you

deserve better I know exactly what I


ah it's gonna be so funny okay but in

Austin okay well to answer your question

I can't answer this I made like one

video and then I never made one again

for like a year because I felt I have

like a sense of perfectionism and me

where I wanted everything to have the

best edits the best lay the best sound

the best tiles good views no thumbs down

digit I want to control everything

that's full and I think a lot of people

do that's a lot people why they can't do

YouTube they can't block out bad

opinions you know I know someone that

forged a judge judges signature cuz they

were getting a bad review removed from

google search and they forged a judge is

sick of judge the

signature to get that bad review removed

that's how much they can take one bad

review oh I think I dig it so I'm

telling you a lot of people couldn't do

what I do but yeah so I didn't make any

videos I uploaded one in around 2014 a

year goes by I joined Orleans already

existing channel and that channel is

currently Nick okano - we remove

whatever remove but which is private I

don't know how many videos 200-300

I don't know how many a couple hundred I

think that we made together as a couple

maybe not that many actually was it

because we weren't we had jobs we were

working I was a waiter then we worked at

Home Depot then we worked at a fruit

farms like we we were we were not

posting every day it was you know once a

week maybe they got more intense as time

went on but yeah so that was like

2015-2016 yeah and I mentioned I made my

own channel and I would make and then I

started doing like every other day every

every maybe every three or four days um

and I started growing like a following

based around vegan stuff boy and boy

relationship stuff travel I was

traveling I'm yet what's the question

how do I start YouTube yeah so that's

what I did and then it wasn't until 2016

that I decided to change my whole

channel to a month month only Channel

and that's where I am that's where I am

today I had no idea that it would do

well at the time there was two other MUC

botherers the most subscribers they had

was like 50,000 it was not to be popular

it wasn't a popular thing there were no

other men that did it I was the first

one in America you know

kind of just did it just to do it I

didn't I had no idea what would come of

it because there's no one else do you

know it's like not like being like oh

I'm gonna do makeup because there's all

these you know Kathlyn Catholic

kathleenlights about her named Kathleen

Kathryn okay I don't know make up you're

my gosh

I don't know their day um what's that

girl now the other one the one that

Nikki Nikki to Taurus tutorials to

Taurus you know there's you know if you

want to start YouTube channel you look

at the big ones you're like okay I'm

gonna put on makeup on my face and hope

I do because you see that it works you

see that there's an audience for it at

the time my mom was only in Asia and I

know if there would even be an American

audience for it I remember my first

mukbang actually didn't really well but

well for me back then was still like

10,000 viewers okay I made $4 woo you

know like was it was it to get rich it

wasn't to get famous

it wasn't um any of that really so I

just question was whatever enough to

baby no I read about to second readings

I've had a few over my life but there's

two that's Genda I told me I'm gonna end

up with a woman to have babies and huh

let me go oh my god um how much do you

weigh almost three hundred pounds we

could weigh myself today if you're


does the social media affect your real

life it seems so scary how does it

affect your emotions hi Travis Wayne um

a very small amount actually again over

time I really learned how to disconnect

what I do here and then what I do

off-camera I really have I mean yes a

lot of it is real like I'm bringing my

off-camera life to the camera but again

I feel like more of you are more

effective because you sit and watch all

the videos reacted to all the videos

talking about it you read all the bad

comments where I'm not really doing that

I'm really just I mean sometimes I do


never scary it's never scary I know that

people say things on the internet but

they would never do it in real life I

know that people feel this extra layer

of strength courage and protection to

sit there and say whatever behind troll

accounts or even their wheel counts they

know they would never say that sons face

I'm telling you I've been very

controversial for a million different

things I have never ever ever in my

entire life felt unsafe unwanted

threatened a type of stuff when I meet

someone in person and I've even had

people that's I just read a comment the

other day oh I met Nick at this event

no oh is it the grocery store she ran to

me at the grocery store and she was like

he just had this dark aura this dark

vibration I felt so uncomfortable and I

remember her I saw the Kamikaze oh my

god let me tell ya she hugged me we got

a photo together we were giggling and

laughing she was shaking she's like oh

my gosh I was like oh come here

oh my god thank you for saying hi like

it but people a few weeks goes by they

see that I'm in drama they see that I

supposedly made another person feel

upset so they're like oh yeah I met him

yeah he's bad people just jump on

bandwagons people lie I just to see it

with um when I was vegan people used to

compete to see how when they were

meeting four people would lie about how

long they were vegan for the bit I was

been viewing for five years well I've

been vegan for eight years well I've

been vegan for almost nine years and I

water fast it like people just like on

the Internet they become different

people they like like oh and it's like

that girl is so nice I remember we got a

photo we hugged each other oh so oh my

god literally it chills with her sister

too and they said that they followed me

and they were debating in their head

they come up to come up to me they're so

nervous I'm like oh my god and she's

like yeah dark energy I'm so

uncomfortable it's like that makes it

seem like I followed you around I said

oh do you watch me come over here I'm

coming over you with my car do you watch


hello like as if I act

way of public yeah I'm telling you so

I've never really I've never had a scary

experience ever because I know people

lie on the Internet

they act all intimidating or they say

things are just untrue because who's

gonna fact-check it it's the Internet

you know those gonna be like all right

let's get the security camera footage

from you know target from two years ago

to see if this girl was terrorized like

it's just it just so no it doesn't

really affect my emotions because I've

never had a bad encounter ever I've had

one time where I was called loser for

vlogging my pizza and little see outside

Little Caesars in Philadelphia and I

don't think it's cuz I tell myself it's

not because they knew me it was

nighttime I don't I don't think they

knew because it didn't say and they

didn't say my name did it mention mom is

just like Lulu's you know I just felt

like those kids being kids but I felt

like it was independent from the whole

YouTube thing so again realize that

people will say mean things when they're

gonna make videos about others or a

reaction or for money or for but their

name out there I mean just think any

time a big youtuber does something wrong

and everyone makes videos about cuz they

have to talk about it like as if it

affects their life like everyone has an

opinion and you got to know it because

they say so like think of every term

that gets into drama everyone's making

videos about it why

hmm did you buy gems to concrete table

no I don't know the joke with that this

comes from Bobby it's more than under

the table I keep seeing on the comment I

do mean cards

no he's not here to the high Orland he's

not here under the table hello bat gee

it feels here this whole time under the

table go ahead big your head here he


Shh they're gonna hear you um how have

you been these past few days and you

just are you still have even diet Sarah

honey someone needs to give Sarah the

scoop I tried to be vegan for four days

in a crashed and burned and I rose from

the ashes like a phoenix listen the

vegan I tried for four days couldn't do

it what are your interests be honest

this comes from miss magnet be on and

then she said lol was supposed to be

like sexual like Oh people ask me all

sad all shut like what are you into

I um I love music I love opera i watch

no take a back I'm not really to be this

opera fan I do like it sometimes I love

theater I love classical music I love

Broadway show tunes that's it excuse me

why are you so lonely Oh lovely hi Sarah

hutchinson Thanks I don't know

um how you've only never loved your

content Thank You Catherine Wow lots of

nice stuff today I'm holding up okay how

long does it take to your film and

videos come from cupcake to pen this

depends on what I'm doing to set this up

don't even get started how annoying it

was um it's a full day it's a full day

from getting the food clean the food

eaten the food digesting the food going

on the treadmill to burn off the food

rendering the files importing them

sitting and watching the whole thing

finalizing it putting it onto my hard

drive upload to the computer

making a thumbnail getting posted in

about it promoting my solution

it's a whole and top it's an entire day

what I say

oh that's interesting I've seen a few

comments like this do you think the way

you portray yourself on the Internet is

an alter ego influenced by being adopted

um hi I am C or I see up um no I mean

I've never thought of that I portray

myself in the Internet

I'm having like abandoned issues I mean

maybe I get very upset when people leave

me where people ghost me or people yeah

I hate the feeling of feeling unwanted

that's for sure and I don't even know is

about adoption I feel like just that's

who I felt in school my whole life I was

gay and in the arts I did Irish

tap-dancing I played the violin I was a

band geek I didn't fit in I was fat I

was ugly I had a part down the middle

II no hair um I was really I think it's

just I've never really had I've had

friends I have friends I'm gonna cry in

a minute oh my god um I don't know it

might be part of that my beat maybe it's

partly adoption I don't know who knows

why don't you just get a divorce and get

it over with um the honest answer is

it's so much easier said than done it's

so much easier when you invest your

money into stuff together when you

invest a future together whether it's

furniture a house a car kids education

investments property anything anything

anything pets which we used to have you

try to make it work or you tell yourself

it's worth it because it's so much

easier than having to separate a figure

out who gets what who gets what what

goes where it it's a nightmare

and if it's international that makes it

even harder ask anyone who's been

through a divorce most of them will tell

you it took a long time to actually do

it especially if there's kids and pets

also our business like he gets half of

what I get so it I remember that's what

Carly Steele and Carter Beauvais had a

hard time breaking up now I'm only

saying this because she said herself

okay but I was very respectful for that

whole thing um she had to give up half

an income and be okay with losing half

an income

it's not easy and it doesn't mean that

she's selfish or greedy or that I'm

selfish or that or in itself is you're

greedy it means that it's reality and I

don't have it that you love each other

there's something that makes you like

the person whether it's a past quality

of current quality parts of some days

type of thing would I ever be

pescetarian absolutely Alyssa I actually

think the best diet for humans is

plant-based with fish it may be like a

little a like a some meat here and there

yeah I do at least that's what works for

me I actually I never and that's one

thing I've learned I never want to tell

me how to eat we're saying this will

work everyone is so different man Darren

I mean living with someone

we're polar think polar opposite

reactions happen to us over eating the

same meal it's like crazy from allergies

to Anton says to you know thyroid or

hypoglycemia or just anything and it's

just so crazy how different people are

truly and it's just not necessary to eat

the same way it's just not it's what's

the it's not necessary would you ever go

on a reality TV show it's funny you ask

I absolutely would

I can't I'm not saying anything on the

shout outs Marissa um I should probably

get going this video is very very long

would you ever wear makeup this comes

from FEMA sucks

um if you do it for me I don't know how

to do makeup well looks so fat my

shoulder up I look really round do you

truly love or that this comes from crazy

box I do and that's what makes us go

back and forth like fire and water so

often for so many years because that

there's love there if I didn't really

like him where he didn't really like me

we would have done

and it doesn't long time ago okay well I

think I'm done here

have I ever wondered I my Bush truth tea

excuse me excuse you uh no that could be

interesting help me I'm really funny

I've never fathered it now I'm thinking

of it that could be kind of funny blonde

okay one last question

do you like french fries no I don't

comes from Anna all right you guys I'm

gonna get going this video isn't long

enough thank you for joining me today

thank you for watching me waste my food

and if you enjoyed the video please give

a thumbs up let's try to get these

thumbs up a little higher I don't even

like asking I rarely ever ask you guys

to do that but I hope you liked my

honest answer is I heard like spend time

with me hopefully I have to help you

past time it was an honor and a pleasure

this was delicious this was very good hi

everyone um I'm eating to survive right

now my toes are so cold my hands are


I feel frigid it's because I'm under

eating and I know you're all gonna laugh

at me but everything you see it here is

all I've eaten for the whole day and

it's already nighttime I figured I'd

come back and eat a little bit more

maybe answer some more questions you

know I wanna get my favorite sauces

which are these

I don't mind cold food so you can be

uncomfortable if you want I won't be

uncomfortable well we definitely most of

these only doesn't might reach you know

it's so far away but yes I'm oh let me

move this camera down I'm eating to

survive I know that's a very funny thing

for a fat person like me but in all

seriousness I am oh jeez Louise Jesus

Mary Joseph okay so let's begin

yay we're switching up the coolers gear

we got a different one over here this

one's empty and I don't feel like

filling it up it's too much work

come on saw breath I need to strap the

treadmill I need strap that trim oh I

stopped the treadmill we're getting back

on that treadmill okay declaration let's

dig in to my whopper the whopper are

amazing this like this has been here for

four hours amazing super cheesy saucy

moist Wow

Burger King does it right sometimes no

call french fries that would be a known

cold chicken nuggets that would be in a

no okay I'm gonna put these in the

airfryer I might as well enjoy it if I'm

eating it cuz they're not to force

myself to eat it and some things you

just can't quote pizza yeah mmm okay so

if that's the case let me take off these

sauces now flick it up again you guys

are not being funny I mean it's kind of

funny I'm kind of being funny but

actually out of breath but also my feet

are so cold I've been having cold feet

non-stop for a couple weeks now but I've

noticed it always goes away once I eat

always always

that's why was very fair like oh my god

said taya be nice oh my god because you

know your calculators can be like

clogged or shut down or damaged by their

sugar basically the sugars that can't go

into the cell start ruining that the

walls of the arteries and stuff that's

what how diabetes people go blind they

lose feet because there's not much

circulation but it's not cured by eating

you'll have cold feet all day or random

times four hours regardless of eating

mine oh basically what I eat it's the

weird thing and that's hi no I'm a

thousand miles on a rabid fire and yeah

you're like Nikki 300 pounds yes but

with my BMI five eleven and a half I'm a

man I'm used to that just to maintain my

weight it's three thousand seven hundred

calories just to stay the same if I eat

under that I'm in deficit deficit even

just google it the person who eats two

hundred calories of deficit just two

hundred a restriction will feel colder

than if they were eating enough to

maintain so weight loss does make you

cold and if all I had today was what you

saw in this video which is true even

though I did have some steamed broccoli

and some avocado you know 300 calories

more let's see what did I have a couple

of chicken nuggets one whopper two of

those cheese balls one chicken fry half

of my chicken sandwich

half of a baggie junior sandwich that's

probably about a thousand something


I've even i've eaten half the amount

half the amount so let me go heat this

up so I can enjoy it

Hey look at this all came out the fryer

we got some regular chicken nuggets

spicy chicken nuggets and french fries

alright let's enjoy don't mind the water

waves here comes the chip chill don't

mind the water we don't mind the

earthquake chair may catch my breath

because I'm fat and I don't know why a

new god o our God o music coming to you

boom yes

that's my brother jingle along the way

that's gonna be called giddy fat don't

know why okay we have my chicken iets oh

you're a saw

gosh I'm so far away from you I just

want to eat so I can sleep I don't wanna

lose too much weight again it sounds

really funny but the ouch

Oh sharp plastic on the edges wow this

is really hot


mmm okay well then come taste like a

came dressed fit straight out of the

place let's see if I'm anywhere I mean I

have lots of questions so many questions

in my life

mm-hmm spicy chicken nugget


unless this person doing okay well 50%

off we'll have to watch that Loni not

eat love t da is this copyright music I

don't know I'm sure all the veterans

where do you live or then when you get

back together let me just eat to survive

and make a mess everywhere I hope you

all had a great Monday great start to

your week


happy Monday

hopefully it was a good one you might be

watching this in Asia on a Tuesday good


tried to say good morning every time I

start these shows so I usually parts the

[ __ ] is my evening right before right

before I go sleep

ideally I'd love to be sleeping as this

post's because here on YouTube you can

schedule stuff Migron if I go on a trip

even know even just in Hawaii when I

went with Orlan I scheduled five videos

boom boom boom boom boom so that I could

still you know enjoy myself but still

had stuff lined up you can schedule I

could schedule something to come out a

year from now literally you can the day

the time everything just make it share

all the ducks in a row the title the

tummy all the tags to do so I don't know

what I'm talking about I think I've

dementia mmm

the branch razor cut I feel so bad I

would move the closer no you do not

notice seen what's back there oh oh oh

I'm gonna bust my back in all these

chairs they're so sweet you lose the

swiftness started I think my weight

really added to something mmm just


god I hate doing all this by myself like

honestly I feel like I'm having to

exercise and eat at the same time it's

still too high whoa dude at least you

can see my food better barely this is

not okay it's actually really bad this

is so bad to put on the internet but

it's okay

I've actually talked to my manager I'm

like is it bad to be unhealthy like what

advertisers go out if I'm just unhealthy

like gas right now I don't like the

crime videos have you noticed this video

besides one driving this channel

no crying faces I'll do it on my other

chance where we don't get paid this what

I'm trying to keep nice you know I don't

want to ruin it again for the fourth

time in a row so I had one crying

thumbnail and I'm actually thinking

about switching it before I get caught

because they don't check every day

there's you know millions of youtubers

but quarterly yeah so every quarter it

was a stir I'm like what if I just gain

weight is that okay she goes yeah it'll

be illegal for them out to them for them

to pull out of you know deeming your

channel worthy of their ads because

you're unhealthy

so that's good yeah oh that's good

I'm allowed to be unhealthy in this

world yeah yeah we go



Here I am

Oh from far away that kind look like out



oh those whoppers

I feel like a big fluffy tell you better

not tell it'll be a teddy bear okay so I

really miss Ireland I don't know when

he's coming back


thinking of you my baby


imagine if I drink soda like actually

with all my mules I would have diabetes

I think that's pure sugar pure pure pure

no fiber sugar I'm not much vigor in

here but at least there's contents from

the bun of the week to the tomato to the

cucumber to the lettuce to the all the

French fries ah potatoes then I smashing

the vegetables before and after these

meals but imagine chef I didn't do that

I just drank soda I think so that is the

worst choices you can make in my opinion

and my uneducated unqualified

uncredentialed opinion that is you can

eat really bad food and drink a lot of

water and then you can calorie strict

the bad food but always drink soda with


I think the person drinking soda despite

the little slight calorie restriction

would be unhealthier than the person who

stepped in all the junk but never drink

anything sugary and only drink water no

milk oh no it's just water just water

just water weight that's my secret and a

lot of vegetables but I'm not even yeah

I just think if you compare those two

people one of them would be a slightly

better than the other I think that's me


it's not hard to do cuz I don't really

like so that I don't want to feel full

from drinking that's not fun

what that's not fun I'd rather max up

all my calories from Eden and on top of

it I'm prone to farting as you guys know

it's loose down there as some of you

also know you can follow my site

um 18 years or older legally able to

consent to it type of site um well yeah

huh you know I'm prone to air coming out

like a cave you can just feel the

gravitational pull Oh bats cave it is

down there I'm you know what what am I

trying to get with this My Mind's not

working today what was I trying to get

with this not drinking soda oh yeah

so to makes me burp so that gives me gas

I get enough of that okay you getting on

my favorite fella you know comment down


Mountain Dew the cherry blast one US

Canada Dry ginger ale missed twist 7up

Fanta Dr Pepper Coca Cola Pibb sprite

orange Fanta orange crush root beer and

W root beer sun-cryst mug root beer coke

Mountain Dew Pepsi great Ponte and the

IR did Canada Dry Deadeye there's a few

other ones on the list too then I even

say mine yet I'm just kind of reading um

I do doctor yeah dr. pepper diet dr.


oh all the diets well I can think I'll

give you a hint I don't care about I

don't mean diet whatever oh I think it's

all baloney no yeah you're saving

calories but look what else you're

adjusting it all matter it's just this

soda is never gonna be healthy it's like

chips okay well let's get the saltless

reduced-fat chips while you're still

eating chips oh I love that soda

oh yeah what no the one that used to

have AA with my parents what was a

cardboard serum is cherry Pepsi orange

cross cherry coke cherry dr. pepper

root beer about to do ginger ale Canada

Dry Mountain Dew vanilla coke squirt

haven't had a squirt in a while do

people refer to this I've never I don't

know that is there's uh there's so many


I'm just not I should do a soda taste

testing videos you're really narrow down

my favorite I do have a favorite like if

I had to pick one off the time my head I

have one and I want to know if you guys

know from watching me over the years or

even just the past couple months

who knows if I've said it and I talk and

I talk and I don't even know what I

think and if you no comment I'll shut

you up tomorrow - thank you

guess what my hands are no longer :

my feet are no longer cold my feet feel

hot down

it's a metabolism thing I'm like a bird

I'm Tanya when I'm ready to lose weight

you'll be so surprised and very jealous

they're gonna be a lie you later grades

also made in my future my heart says

okay well you've had enough winnings


you've that lump you stop now or you say

goodbye to your sloths

hmm should I see how much uses his club

and scored the chicken gets hard just



hmm I'm so excited to make some noodle

videos I've been talking about for a

long time so excited

what should my next mmm well ask out

follow my Twitter I'll do a poll there

which flavour have noodle showed you

next what people want to see anything

spicy sells but excuse me I want to try

the new too bulky instant ramen I've

never had that before

I've Austin oh very good excuse me I've

never had losses back there I really

want those corn noodles again even

though they made me cry remember on my

third channel I tried them two weeks ago

I was crying in Bali and screaming my

eyes off the corn noodles are so spicy I

kind of want to try them again with a

stick of butter and some cheese I feel

like it would be amazing flavor oh I'm

gonna have to learn how to use that


last bite

hope there's this ranch on here isn't

there yeah thanks for watching the after


I was very talkative in the first half

and I got really hungry so I did all his

talking not enough eating and one one

last bite of this cheeseburger was very


oh wow you're still here oh I'm gonna go

to sleep now I can actually all asleep

in a healthy manner there's a lot of

food left come on over and help me

finish it you guys but in the meantime

take care I try to save you

oh I try to save you one Oh there's

boxes foretelling the future

no ambulance goodbye thank you for your


I'm nice and sleepy my hands feel warm

my feet no longer feel cold um that's

amazing I was so cold even my legs were

cold I'm no longer cold it's amazing

what happens with metabolism will not

fry in honor of my fast metabolism which

I know it doesn't seem like it but I am

I think anyone my size I really excuse

me I really notice 250 pounds and above

you got to be packing in the food to be

keeping that weight in I mean I do buck

monks every day and I still can't reach

300 I've been doing it for four years

because scientifically you have to be

eating the threshold but thanks from

your metabolism your metabolic rate to

exceed your basal metabolism the amount

you need just to survive just to run

your Blaine brain just to think just to

move your arms bat your eyes blink go to

the bathroom you need a certain amount

of calories to just survive and that is

calculated by your height and your

weight in conjunction with your

metabolism and mine's like three

thousand seven hundred a day just stay

the same that's why it's been so hard

for me to gain weight because I really

don't eat more than three I mean I eat a

lot of food that's be real it's also

very junkie dude but I I'm not like Eric

the electric you know where I'm eating

ten thousand

every day well he hasn't every day but

you know in a city I can't I don't

really eat that much if you think about

I waste almost all life is everybody I

really know I'm not a good competitive

eater I'm not like Peggy neo that slurps

it all down I don't know what happens to

it what she's done is that well you know

I I'm not that way so I am more of a

talker and I enjoy variety but I really

don't eat an absurd amount I get a

natural stopping point that's also how I

know I'm really not that good at Asian I

kind of joke in that I am actually

there's no really doesn't joke about

people think I am and I'm not I know I'm


oh I'm just stupid huh and of course

half the people watching the story to

believe me so what's the point of

targeted yeah run in my mouth goodbye

thank you for your time it was real to

little from the king of