Brandy Melville items that AREN'T worth your money and which ones ARE

yeah hey guys welcome back to my channel


so today I'm doing a part for I think of

which brainy medical items I think are

worth it in which ones I don't think are

worth it when I made the first video of

this little series I did not expect it

to do so well but you guys have been

telling me that you've really been

liking them and you guys have been

leaving me a bunch of questions about

specific items so that you know if you

should buy them or not obviously these

are just my opinions you might like

something that I don't like or


and I can't answer all the questions

because obviously I can't answer a

question about something that I haven't

owned or tried on yet but if you ask me

a question on my last video it will most

likely be answered in this video okay so

I'm just gonna get right into it I have

all the questions screenshot it on my

laptop okay so the first thing I'm going

to be talking about because a lot of you

guys were asking about the different

hoodies like the Karla and stuff and

then I saw this comment which was

basically asking me to do a like

comparison of the differences and which

ones I think are better so the one I'm

wearing right now is the Karla hoodie

and I've realized I think the Karla

hoodie is just a little less oversized

than the Christie video so yeah I love

this one the material is like crazy good

if you want like just a good basic zip

up I would definitely recommend the

Karla one it's really good

I've also had it in this light gray I

just didn't love that it wasn't super

oversized because I like an oversized

zip up so I sold that one on depop I

always get these mixed up I don't know

why they named them Krystal and Christy

they start confusing and then the

Christie hoody is amazing I'm obsessed

with it they sell out super fast on the

website and I want it in so many

different colors but they're like crazy

expensive on deepa I haven't in the

white heaven sent one and it's amazing I

wear all the time so that's basically

just the Karla one but more oversized

and then the crystal hoodie is the

cropped version so I have it in these

two colors I really like it the material

is super good it's more like light

weight than the other ones but it's

still really soft and I love the fit of

them so I would definitely recommend if

you like a little bit of a baggy or

sweater to go for any of those ones

depending on how baggy you want them and

then if you want one that is like way

more fitted and like just fits to your

body better I would recommend the Arden

hoodie because that one has a lot of a

tighter fit and the quality is super

good too I've had that in the white and

black I sold them both on depop just

because I didn't wear the

enough because I prefer an oversized fit

I brandy Melville's jeans worth buy they

are a really good price for jeans that's

a really good question I can't speak a

lot about it because genuinely I can't

fit into most of Brandis jeans I can't

get them over my thighs because that's

just how my body's built I can't talk

about a lot of them but I do have this

pair and these ones do fit me and I

really really love them the quality is

good but then again it would be great if

they would actually make sizes as I've

said before brandy get on it we're tired

of it one size it does not fit all I

think it's the Christie honey the

oversized zip I'm pretty short so I

wanted to know if it would be worth it

if you're worried about being too short

for that one I would definitely say go

for the Karla one because it is not as

oversized but it's still like really

really good hey do you think the Amara

tops are worth it I love your videos

thank you

I'm actually wearing the Amara top right

now this is the leopard print one I've

had them in a few different colors

before it just depends on the type of

fit that you like the only thing that

bothers me about these is that I always

am nervous because it's such a low cut

so I get a bit like uncomfortable and

feel like I have to pull it up all the

time I've probably done it a lot already

in this video but I've seen the white

one I think and the light pink one tend

to be pretty see-through so just know

that if you're going for those colors

and I would say just wait for them to

come back on the brandy site I don't

know if they're on the brandy site right

now they are usually around $16 so I

wouldn't say pay like over 20 bucks on

Dee pop in my opinion sixteen dollars

it's like a really good price cuz the

material is really good and soft I loved

this video thank you also can you review

the anja top okay so I looked this one

up because I wasn't sure what that was

but I wanted to see if I had it before

and I guess there's two different ones

so I'm not sure exactly which one you're

talking about this one I've never had or

tried on so I can't speak on it but this

one I did have quite a long time ago the

material it doesn't really fit to your

body very well which I don't love

because the little sleeve things would

always like fall down and it just was

kind of thin I would say try a different

style maybe if you don't want to worry

about it being see-through or not

fitting very well okay please do the

athelia top and the crystal hoodie or

username so I talked about the athelia

top before but I will discuss it really

quickly it is definitely my favorite

cardigan from brandy I like

at the most out of any of the other

cardigans I like that it's Croft and the

quality is really really good compared

to the other cardigans from brandy that

one's just my favorite and the crystal

honey I just talk about what are your

thoughts on the Caroline top so I had

the Caroline top in black if you want to

layer it like under a crewneck or just a

sweater or something I think it looks

really good okay I've been waiting for

the Green Caroline top to be back in

stock well finally is I just want to

know your opinion on the worth factor

and how you would style it I'm not sure

exactly which one you're talking about I

know they have like a few different

types of greens and stuff but I love

layering those I think that's super cute

the quality is really good is the

ashlynn top worth it so I haven't had

these but I have seen it in stores and I

did try it on and the quality is really

really good I actually ordered two of

them in different colors as part of the

next giveaway so but they look really

cute Billy's sweater the Billy sweater

I've talked about before the colors are

really cute the quality is really good

it just depends on if you like a baggy

err fit of a cardigan I'm worried this

video is gonna be like seven hours long

can you do one about the belt tank

because I purchase one also I love you

so much I would be more the belt tanks

amazing I love it I have it in black and

I'm obsessed with it and I also have it

in this color which I'm selling on

mighty pop but yeah they're really cute

and I think you're gonna really like it

is the Robie dress see-through I have

this Robbie just and I love it it's so

cute and I love that the tie is around

the waist

some of Randy's dresses don't have the

tie is like up here which I don't love

but it is a tiny bit see-through I have

it in white so it's probably more

see-through than the other colors but if

you just were like little shorts under

it or something it looks fine don't know

if you had in your videos already but

what about the cara skirt yes I did in

either my first or my second one but I

will put the link in the description if

you want to go watch that one okay it's

the Malena sweater worth it love your

vids thank you I have had it in this

color and quality is really good it's

really thick and the fit is really good

too it's like really flattering and fits

to your body I've seen other colours

which I can't really tell if those ones

are like see-through or the same

material but we're gonna go for the gray

one or any of the ones that look similar

to that one it's definitely worth it

because the quality is like really

really good oh my god where did you get

the white collared shirt from I have

getting a lot of comments about that one

because I was wearing a little collared

shirt underneath

my crewneck it's not the Caroline top

but I don't know what it's called I will

try my best to find it for you guys but

I got it off deep hop so I don't know

the exact name but if I find it I will

put it right here let's go through these

ones are these worth it the rose sweat

pants I talked about this in one of the

other videos but um yes I do think

they're worth it if you're getting it

off the website I think it's a

reasonable price obviously you can guess

what pants for cheaper other places but

the quality is really good and the

colors are super cute I definitely

wouldn't say buy it on depop for over

retail because they have it on the

website right now I've seen them

literally go for like $100 on depop I

talked about those the Coco top yes I

would definitely say it's worth it I've

had that one in a few different colors

I've just sold them because I just

didn't wear them enough but it's really

flattering because the little string

things go around and you can just tie

them however like tight or loose you

want the Phoebe skirt I love the Phoebe

skirt I had it in this print and the

quality is good it's a tiny bit

see-through but they like fit of it and

everything is really really cute

the amaro dress I've tried on before and

I didn't love it because it's tight

right here so it doesn't look good on me

but that's obviously just depending on

the fit that you would like but this

dress I have had in a few colors as well

and I really like that one because the

fit is really cute I don't know if I

should keep going or if this is way too

long of a video I don't want to make

this video like insanely long because I

don't want it to be boring but if I

didn't get to your question I'm really

sorry leave it down below again and if

you want me to do another part I will so

yeah guys I hope this was helpful I'm

really glad that you guys like these

videos and that you guys say that they

help you know what to spend your money

on because obviously I don't want you

guys to waste your money on stuff that

isn't worth it because I've done that

plenty of times and it sucks so yeah

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