Never Go to This Auto Parts Store

rev up your engines, today I'm gonna talk about autozone versus O'Reilly where

should you buy auto parts, everybody wants to save money buying auto parts

but they don't want to get something doesn't work or junk that falls apart

fast, now autozone started in the 1970s they originally called Auto Shack but

they were sued by RadioShack, well they're not even around

anymore so they changed the name to autozone, it's got a better ring to it

anyway, and they currently have over 6,000 stores, now O'Reilly was founded by

the O'Reilly family in 1957 and they now have about 5200 stores in 47 states of

the United States, now more so than autozone the O'Reilly company

assimilates other stores for example the Charlie's high/lo that was started in

Houston, their hundred and eighty something stores were bought by O'Reilly

and merged into the O'Reilly chain, where a lot of autozone stores they're just

stores that the company built and they built up a big infrastructure themselves

well since they're in direct competition there are very similar infrastructures

and they have very similar warranties, for example if you buy a gold

top-of-the-line Duralast better it comes with a three-year replacement free, same

thing at O'Reilly, but I do have to give autozone the edge in batteries because

they're always selling their own brand Duralast, of course they don't make them

there's only like three manufacturers of batteries left in the United States of

any size, but for my personal experience of buying batteries I mainly buy all my

customers batteries now at an autozone because I tried Oreilly's in the past and

since they were lower than everybody else including the autozone one, I bought

quite a few of them years ago but most of them bit me in the rear end almost

every single one I bought came back within a year or year and a half and these

are three year warranty batteries, now they were good on warranties they gave

me new free batteries but what an inconvenience for the customer they get

stranded somewhere with a bad battery when they only bought one about a year year

and a half before, and take both O'Reilly and autozone they have lifetime

warranties on quite a few things, but again if the quality isn't good you're

gonna be annoyed by a life warrantee on some things, for example few

years back I had a customer with a Nissan Maxima the alternator went bad so

I went to Oreilly and I bought an alternator, now it did have the lifetime

warranty but in the next six months that car went through five of their rebuilt

alternators, I had to keep swapping it out and

I'm an honest guy I swapped them out to free for the customer I didn't charge him

anything, but after the fifth one went bad, obviously they had a batch of bad

alternators wherever they were buying from, personally I've never had that same

experience with an autozone, every once in a while I get one that doesn't work

out of the box, but I never had one that I had to replace five times and then

finally give up, now both O'Reilly and autozones have to loaning services, they

check your batteries free things like that, it's just if one does it the

other is going to do it, because they're competing against each other, and they

both have rewards programs where for every dollar you spend, you get a certain

percentage credit on a little card and it builds up and you can spend it, so

there's really no difference between the two of them there, they call it rewards

program, basically they want you to keep coming back to that store thinking, oh

I'm saving money so I'll keep going to that store and build it up, but here's

what I'm gonna warn you about any discount auto parts store just because

it's a discount auto parts store, don't assume you're gonna get the best price

there of something you're buying, oil their brands are in bottles wherever

you buy it it doesn't matter, the same brand the same bottle you're getting the

same oil, so always check prices because I've seen these discount auto parts

store and for a quart of oil they might want six dollars and forty cents, I get

the same thing for three dollars in 10 cents at the Walmart down the street,

I now buy a lot of stuff online I got Amazon Prime shipping cost me nothing

and I find the best prices that I can and buy it there, and even there every

time I'm getting my supply I checked through to see who's got the best price,

those things are always changing, I had to put a starter on a 350 v8 Chevy

pickup truck it was bad and back in those days I did mobile mechanics, I went

out so the nearest place

was an O'Reilly store, so I take the starter off bring in and say give me a

new starter, they gave me a rebuilt starter I put it on it didn't work so I

went back to the store and said you sold me a bum starter so they got out

the jumper cables, and hooked it up to the starter on the table and it went

whoo and it was spinning they said, oh no look this thing works well that was the

counter man, I said look it's a bad start I said give me your manager, so the

manager comes out does the same test and says well look it works and I said I've

been a mechanic for a long time now it was only 30 years back then, not 51 but

still 30 years of experience is still a reasonable amount, use your noggin okay

you hooked up a battery to the starter sitting on a table here and it spins, so

it spins in the air there's no resistance it's just spinning in the air

well after about 20 minutes of arguing back and forth he finally gives me

another starter it worked, and the customer paid me I went away, but let me

tell you that's the last time I ever went to that particular store, and

experience can differ in different areas, I've met people that absolutely hate

Auto zones because they had a bad experience with people working there, it

can cut both ways, just in my own personal experience I had the worst ones

at O'Reilly Auto Parts stores, when I was young the auto parts stores were often

manned by ex mechanics that maybe they had their arm broken or they were

couldn't do it anymore they were just worn out, but they knew a lot about cars

and cars were simpler then, and they could give some great advice and stuff

on cars, but today let's face it with the lower wages that a lot of the people are

paid you're not gonna get ex mechanics working now I mean that just doesn't

happen anymore, so basically you want a store that's friendly and that has a

liberal or return policy if you got something didn't work you don't want it

find a place that will take it back and give you your money back, here's a story

that shows you how far sometimes they will go, I was at the Auto Zone down the

street years ago and a guy was coming in to return these car ramps where you drive

your car up on the ramp to change oil and stuff, well the manager refused to

give the guy any money because he did not have a receipt for that ramp guys

other stores the other managers were telling these guys are pulling a scam

there was some big store that has having a sale on these ramps for like 59.99 an

autozone sold them for $99 so it was obvious that some guys were going and

buying them at the cheap place and then trying to return them to Autozone

without a receipt and pocket the cash differential, well the manager was wise

for that and he didn't want to give their money back, but the customer was

insistent made him call the regional manager for autozone, and that guy said

give him his money, he gave the guy money for those ramps that probably they

didn't even buy them at an autozone store, bought them somewhere else, but the regional

manager wanted to make people happy so they do have a rather good return

policy at autozone in my experience, now one thing a lot of people wonder as well

where you gonna find quality parts, truthfully if you look at the majority

of parts these days sold in the United States they either come from China or

Mexico that's just the way that the economy has gone, you're gonna find this

is true at autozone and O'Reilly it really don't make all that much

difference there's little differences here and there, maybe once in a while

one has some American supplied thing and the other will have a Chinese

supply thing, but all in all they're pretty much selling the same type of

stuff other than the price that you're gonna pay, so of course always comparison

shop, I mean a lot of them of a price match if you say, hey look you're in an

autozone O'Reilly sells the same exact thing cheaper don't meet the price most

of the time, and vice versa as long as it's the same exact part, so really what

it comes down to is how are you treated at these stores, so now you know the truth

about autozone versus O'Reilly, so you can make a wise choice next time you're

buying car parts, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair

videos, remember to ring that Bell