Petra Jordan - What they don't show you! (2020)

what's up rogue nation my name is Cody

Buffington and I explore secrets all

around the world today we're at Petra


today we're heading down to Petra all

the way from Amman it is a three-hour

drive unfortunately we did not get the

jet bus now the jet bus is what we would

have taken early this morning if we had

the tickets unfortunately they were all

booked up

and this bus takes you from Amman all

the way down to Petra so we had to hire

our driver from yesterday now it's not

the cheapest option that's gonna cost us

probably a hundred US dollars just to

get down there but that's the only

option for us right now because we have

to be there tonight for Petra by night

three hours later we have made the town

of Wadi Musa where Petra is we've come

here to get our tickets for the night

when you get a night ticket you have to

have a day ticket as well so we've to

buy two day tickets and a night ticket

just to see this place we just bought a

two-day pass to Petra that is seventy

seven US dollars and then we bought a

pitcher by night ticket which is another

twenty three dollars so we spent exactly

one hundred dollars just to see Petra

tonight and tomorrow morning

all right Josh it's time we're about to

go into Petra at night it's like

Disneyland guys it is it's magic like I

can already see the path right now is

lit up by candles this is gonna be a

super magical experience and I'm so glad

that we're seeing it for the first time

at night hey Michael I'm excited all I

do is sprint to try and get the shot for

Kody guys this is it the moment we've

been waiting for so just finally made it

to Petra this is the first time you're

seeing it it's just in the distance now

it's being all lit up at night but it is

magical so we're gonna head on out and

this is the first time we're seeing



are you guys we've just finished up here

Petra by night it was a magical

beautiful ceremony they had going on

here they played all kinds of

instruments and then they talked for a

little bit it was just a quick 15 minute

little performance but now we get to

walk around take more pictures here but

I'm super excited to see what it's like

in the morning so this morning we have

come out to Petra and it is very quiet

and still here at 6 a.m. there are some

more tourists here unfortunately we

aren't the only ones here but it is

pretty quiet right now now this area was

originally found by the ancient nomadic

Arab civilization called the Nabataeans

and the Nabataeans chose this because of

his proximity to trade routes all around

the Middle East but they're also able to

harvest food collect rainwater here and

it was a great area to fend off their



then a Swiss Explorer heading to Egypt

heard about an amazing stone monument in

a neighboring area having learned Arabic

prior to this he went undercover dressed

as an Arab and hired a local guide to

take him to this place and that is when

in 1812 it was rediscovered by the

outside world

so we are now at the petra treasury now

you actually can't go in here it is

guarded it's gated off but there's

nothing in there it's essentially just a

giant kind of tomb and it does not look

like it does in Indiana Jones

unfortunately so you can't walk in there

but it's really cool to see the outside

so not only can you enjoy a picture but

you can also enjoy the gift shops tons

of food and bathrooms nice breakfast if

you walk a couple minutes up the hill

here you can get a great view they have

some tea and a bunch of carpets and just

a great lookout point over at the

Treasury here at Petra it's amazing

Petra obviously they have food they have

bathrooms but I didn't know they had a

cup of noodles so we have got some

noodles and we're getting some energy

because we will walk down to the

monastery it's a little bit of a walk

now probably gonna take us a couple

hours round-trip this day is taking a

lot more time than we thought but we're

super excited I'm I'm really happy to

walk around this place it's also the

perfect temperature right now it is


members were really good so imagine this

was a big trading route back in the day

now there's a bunch of traders here on

the side probably not

you know fridge magnets back in the day

they probably had spices and other kinds

of things essentials that you need it

wouldn't just be pottery magnets and

souvenirs but it's kind of cool because

this is how I imagined it would be as

you're walking around Petra and these

famous trade routes you define different

silks different clothing and different

things you need for everyday life so

these holes in the cliff right here are

actually the royal tombs of the Bedouin

people who lived here many many years

after the Nabataean people and so they

actually had kind of lesser more ugly

little holes over there and they really

decorated these over here because I

wanted a nice tune for when they died

we've come out to a much bigger tuna

this one's called the urn tomb so it

must have been for someone royal because

it's a lot bigger than all the other

tombs we've seen inside we can actually

go walk inside this one once you inside

the tomb you can see there's not a whole

lot left

I imagine years and years ago these

tombs are looted just like the ones in

Egypt probably way before the Swiss

Explorer even arrived


223 850 stares later we've made up to

the monastery this is one of the biggest

buildings here in Petra it was built in

the 2nd century they use it for

religious meetings everything like that

I don't know about you Michael

but that was the sweatiest hike we've

done I think so I don't think we were

expecting to be climbing I thought we

were just going straight to Petra you

know the the Treasury that was gonna be

it then we get here they give us a huge

mouth and then I go yeah there's tons of

stuff here Petra is like a big city and

is actually pretty far apart from

everything so it took to get from that

treasury all the way here to the

monastery probably like an hour hour and

a half hours maybe two hours of breaks

walk just getting here and so it's been

a much longer day than I thought but

it's interesting because ever you go

there's shops and like food and bathroom

and everything so you don't worry about

any of that you're gonna be stopping at

food and getting drinks along the way

and that is the video guys I hope you

enjoyed it Petra has been one of my

all-time favorite places to visit it has

been a lot of fun and definitely

recommend going early in the morning if

you want to get the least amount of

people in your photos but other than

that ignition until next time explore

the world



this is just rebar they were walking on

this is cute

the reality is a Petra when you're

trying to film there's a ten-year-old

kid in a Toyota truck making a ten point

turn in the middle of Petra keep that in

a trap