Auburn vs #14 Northwestern Highlights | 2021 Citrus Highlights| College Football Highlights

confidence and leadership to the office

i'll take it to porter

can move a little bit nice delivery on

the move

for a first down to his tight end john

receiver in motion they'll hand it to

that receiver 14 around the right side

riley lee down

ramsey has a little time and throws to

an open target that's a northwestern

first down and riley's

breaks one tackle couldn't quite break a

second but a nice conversion

play fake for ramsey on second down he's

going deep

and caught his drive for a northwestern


a guy who's emerged as a big-time


he's starting to tail back for offer

today empty the backfield and throw in

behind the end so that was not

a great second pass attempt for bone

hits it's fourth gear

ramsey on fourth down we'll throw across

the middle nice delivery that's his


inside the 30 riley lee's first down

north can't

get into that right now great zero with

that catch now we'll come down the


who's got it inside the 10 and he's spun

down at around the six it's going to be

first and goal where they are bringing

the tight end in motion

ramsey on the move with a block ring

with the catch

and he reaches for the pylon touchdown


he's going to be a high nfl draft pick

in fact



a tackle short but still a big enough

game where i would think

auburn is going to go for it fourth and

five just a four-man rush

this going backwards


across his body and complete there is a

penalty flag thrown

that one back toward the line of

scrimmage and maybe a penalty against


personal foul illegal blind side block

number 65 offense

penalty is declined ball goes over to


they got porter who's going to try to

push it straight ahead and he will get

the first down

in their own territory up to three yards

ramsay's going to pitch it to porter


incomplete john rayne the tight end came

on a slant like a wide receiver

and just could not haul it in so auburn

get and

i'm sure kevin if he's not back at

auburn when attached by seth williams

into northwestern territory first down

that he was the candidate and all the

things that went

on during the search it was a convoluted



pressured up straight up the middle

somehow got rid of the ball

and that running back who caught it


made one man miss but not the rest of

the northwestern defense so that play

losers try to put auburn on the board

good snap and hold and that kick

is right on the roof beautifully moving

and there's that leg for anders

crosstalk to gain the kid after him

while he was still in tennessee

ramsey steps up and throws across that

one is

caught but a good open field tackle now

a couple yards short of the clear on the

field 392 career tackles

it's the most in the fbs he's a leader

in the locker room

tucked away from a big defense and

they've eliminated the chunk

stove came in motion but they faked a

more standard handoff

and led the first down and just talent

get the passive game-working system we

know what he could do

with his life with his athleticism

eastern today

all right thank you matt nick's throws

and wide open along the sidelines

shedrick jackson

catch ducks out of bounds first

i i didn't think so it's again over the


i think he had to make the contact

didn't have to reach out he wasn't in a

bad spot

with the ball so it's a little third

i think he got there he turned it up

field and you surprised

medical reasons

and i agree with this decision here kick

a field though

you're making a one western's defense

forces the field goal try

with 21 seconds on the clock carlson

just a little chip shot for him right

down the middle

all games and turn it into a long drive

take another small big hit at the end by


gallagher fisher browns sanders

now wide open right sideline there's a

big play in the pass game

still going right catching the elijah


touchdown the action from the fans who

are here

in orlando it's third and four and to

give him credit he made something out of

that play

here comes the awkward pass rush ranchi

got rid of it and got it complete to his

tight end

northwestern has been a long time since

they got points on the board ramsey

this time has forever and he's going to

throw it out to reign if you haven't

allowed a little

will be driven out of bounds but into

auburn territory big game

through the year tall game long a motion

ramsey this is not ramsey that's lees

who can



ramsey will throw middle and it is


he's asked his quarterbacks to let him

know right after this game maybe not

immediately after that pass complete

and the open field tackle the fight for

the first down

very close in off speed and hands

as a receiver they think it's a quarter


ramsey now a moving penalty flag thrown

probably a holes away

personal foul illegal hands to the face


number three getting a lot of playing

time because tyrone truesdale is

out this game no questions

right in the middle of your screen

against uh 66


ramsey step up and he's gonna run with a

lot of green in front he's gonna get the

first down and more

inside the ten ramsey touchdown


tackles in that nebraska play fake

dicks is going to throw and that was an

excellent catch along the sideline with

a second to put his hands out so the

defensive back would not know

there you go under center there you go


he didn't have far to go but he may not

have gotten there




can get it they're a quarter away from

doing so

porter with the handoff breaking tackles

camp warner cuts it back

inside and lowers the boom at the end


lee even back out there i don't know

a few days ago straight ahead and run

northwestern's going to try to

exert their power



recovered by the defense first down the

request and

the impact it has in vogue where you see

the hit

at the end of his auburn career



to be excited about i think going into

next year both exactly

williams who hung on to the stuff we

need to clean up with both

throwing the ball maybe some technique

stuff but he's got the right stuff



second goal straight ahead run that is


williams who plows his way into the end

zone for a conversion tackle

but eli stove just nowhere to go well

defended by the wildcats