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play fake for ramsey on second down

he's going deep and caught in stride for

a northwestern touchdown

a guy who's emerged as a big time

playmaker rahman

jakiyo bowman with the touchdown on

northwestern's opening drive 35 yards

to a guy who has turned into a playmaker

for the wildcats vermont jackie o'bowman

northwestern touchdown

ramsey in northwestern offense back on

the field first and ten and ramsey will

throw down the sideline nice adjustment

leaping up to make the catch

so far so good for the pass game for the


up front with them this offensive line

is really thwarting

that defensive front yeah i believe that

kevin kovet

test this year crazy they had some

contact tracing stuff they had

a game wiped out when minnesota had

covered problems and then there's our

man with another catch for

the northwestern first down watch this

little tap dance

as he gets this ball in his hands and he

knows he's near the sideline watch this

thing here get him down one two

nicely done ramsey

on fourth down will throw across the

middle nice delivery that's a conversion

inside the 30 riley lease first down


and riley riley lees does a nice job of

just getting behind the linebackers and

in front of the safeties

to pick up the first down really well


they got the coverage they knew they

could beat they weren't worried about

the man coverage found the zone inside

a little beat up by this northwestern

offensive line

well they are missing some guys up front

they're not as deep as they usually are

rain the tight end in motion ramsey on

the move with a block reign with the


and he reaches for the pylon touchdown


who just slipped out got to the edge

ramsey finds him and you see coming over

late to the play again trying to get

smoke monday from the inside


second at five and nick's nice delivery

on the move for a big game the best play

of the day for auburn out to midfield

hicks just shuffling around in the


pass complete and the turn up field a


short but still a big enough game where

i would think auburn's going to go for

it on fourth day i would think

so chloe hudson comes up with that cat

gonna try to put

auburn on the board good snap and hold

and that kick is

right on through beautifully booted man

there's that leg for anders carlson

i i bet his brother is proud

third down nick's throws that one is


and it's still fighting i think he got

there he turned it up field and used

some power now the spot

was real close they're going to stop the

clock i'm sure to try to determine

whether that's a first down

effort by stove one of the playmakers we

talked about here today

runs off the coverage and then does a

great job of making sure that cameron


can't get his arms around him and keep

him from the first down little yacht

yards after contact there

so northwestern's defense forces the

field goal try

with 21 seconds on the clock carlson

just a little chip shot for him right

down the middle he wanted to show

his real talent on the field in orlando

a late linebacker blitz a delayed blitz


owen papo the offensive line develop its

blocking and then you come

flying through into the gap and papo did


with a great big block on uh

you see there's a big hole over there on

big cat well just on the defensive side

of the ball

pace gallagher fisher brown spivak

sanders now wide open down the right

sideline there's a big play in the pass


still going what a catch and run for

elijah canyon touchdown auburn

a defense that rarely has a fundamental

mistake had one here

as you see completely all by himself

kenyon northwestern was controlling the

line of scrimmage that has changed a

little bit

northwestern has been a long time since

they got points on the board ramsey

this time has forever he's going to

throw it out to rain again with a lot of

room in front to midfield and more

rain will be driven out of bounds but

into auburn territory big gain

through the air of 21 yards lost as he

came out he chipped

on big cat brian little block and he was

ignored by

papo the linebacker burst in 20.

leading rusher for this auburn team

whistle one out there the shivers who

shows off his speed there's a big gain

on the screen play outside the 40 close

to a first down not quite that's 18



second and eight ramsey play fake ramsey

will throw

middle and it is caught what a catch by

the tight end reign

in traffic with good coverage there he

snatched it away for a northwestern



here down see on the right side


rain coming out

ramsey will step up and he's going to

run with a lot of green

in front he's gonna get the first down

and more inside the tent ramsey

touchdown northwestern


there's man coverage everywhere you see

it and when that happens

there's nobody with eyes on the

quarterback he gets out of the pass rush


and into the end zone man coverage ran


14 tackles in that nebraska game

play fake nicks is going to throw and

that was an excellent catch along the

sideline with coverage

for the tight end john samuel schenker

are you kidding me i mean he did that

like a wide receiver very last second

to put his hands out so the defensive

back would not know if he and

northwestern can get it

they're a quarter away from doing so

porter with the handoff breaking tackles

cam porter cuts it back inside

and lowers the boom at the end of the



watch cam porter at the end of this run

exclamation point

bam second ago snap it right to porter

porter bounces it touchdown that was the

cam porter drive for northwestern he

just walked in

and with some help as you pointed out

from the big guys up front

for you and they're up

use number 24. sandberg that play was

blown up from the start

and the ball is on the turf northwestern

northwestern says they have it we have

had no signal yet

but i think they have it and

the impact it has in bowl games here you

see the

the hit from the edge the big play

coming right off the edge

to make that play while shivers tried to

handle the ball

jordan butler came in and met him and

knocked the ball out

young and old jordan butler a true

freshman then he got blake gallagher and

ernest brown the seniors who were there

to help with the tackle and the fumble

recovery for the senior

third and seventh for peyton ramsey

we've got jesse brown

in the game next year now ramsey throws

toward the corner

caught touchdown northwestern and riley


gets to finish off his northwestern

career with a smile it's been a tough

day for him with his back

locking up but the touchdown catch

it's all northwestern now season for the


riley lees from peyton ramsey

northwestern touchdown wildcats up big

trevor lawrence might win this thing

back on the field


really good young running back some

talented young offensive lineman some

depth now on the defensive line even

with graduation

a lot for northwestern to be excited

about i think going into next year bon

dix that one in stride

to williams who hung on to the football

took a hit at the end of the play to

convert the first down

all right there's some stuff we need to

clean up with bo throwing the ball maybe

some technique stuff but

he's got the right stuff to lead this

program another completion

to williams about him yesterday

trying to get away he does buying some

more time throws across the field and

it's caught

nice play bone knicks to jackson for an

auburn first down

second goal straight ahead run that is

dj williams who

plows his way into the end zone for a



well you want your quarterback to be

your leader you want him to be tough

and that toughness final five seconds

tick off the clock and a career

for all time for mike hangwitz bring it



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