Arrowhead Stadium Tour Kansas City Chiefs

breem huh you're watching the fantasy

sports what's up guys this is your host

Gil greicy and today I'm in Kansas City

I'm outside at Arrowhead Stadium home of

the Kansas City Chiefs I'm gonna take a

stadium tour I'm gonna give a shout out

to the Kansas City Chiefs who gave me a

private tour I'm excited for this man

I'm also gonna provide the link below so

if you guys ever want to come out here

do a tour so you guys can check this out

so let's do it this is Mike he's my tour

guide how's it going Mike it's going

pretty good huh everybody today so what

are we gonna see today whatever well

actually I'm gonna take you around this

stadium and some of the highlights you

get to see is the locker room the actual

sidelines of the fields you'll be out

there I'll take you to some spots that

most fans get don't get to see such as

the entrance to the hunt family suite

some of the upper scale Suites long way

to the top of the stadium up to the

penthouse suite as well cool so let's do





dr. Tsao

I'm here in the locker room it's awesome

I'm gonna put my bags down

i'ma pick a locker my let the players

know you know what I'm gonna be I'm

gonna be a chief for today so all of you

guys enjoy this

alright guys someone be a chief for

today you know Thank You Kansas City for

drafting me let's do this I got you know

got my helmet got the football so let's

go chiefs thank yous look guys we're

here in the Kansas City Chiefs locker

room the original locker room since 1973

they've been cleaned up and polished but

man look check this out this is what

Annie Reed puts up on the board so the

players can be prepared you know for

what time they gotta be ready certain

things the less this is these are the

type of experiences I love to show you

guys what we guys enjoy this we're gonna

go on less Stadium next let's do it


we're here at the 50-yard line tunnel

I'm about to make my big break so let's

do it

let's go cheese

that's the tunnel now we're going to

stay here let's do it



you are two and a half stories below

ground right now and that is one of the

reasons Arrowhead is the loudest outdoor

venue in the world simply because the

way the stadium is designed the sounds

got nowhere to go but movement it

bounces around this stadium till it hits

the atmosphere thanks to our great fans

with their loud roar hosting

quarterbacks literally hate coming to

Kansas City because it is so loud so we

get a lot of timeouts will get a lot

delay of games and we get a lot of

helmet holding because they can't hear

the place being called in we're gonna

yell cheese at the count of three to see

how loud the stadium gets alright so

here we go one two three Cheers

Wow that it was just us two that echoed

all over the stadium as is insane and

that's just two of us right 76,000

people can fit in the stadium this built

the little ground level I just yelled

safe Chiefs I could only imagine just

being here and having a few drinks just

being rowdy Jennifer you see me just be

an opposing player

it's Picenum is crazy man it does have

the rights to be the loudest Stadium in

the world

so this is one of our renovated Suites

here got a total of 126 Suites around

the stadium and we've actually got two

types of sweets we've got what we call

red sweets and gold sweets the only

difference between them they all got

high-definition TVs in them they've all

got a wet bar we've all got a buffet

area set up but only these gold suites

have got a fireplace in the background

over here and they've got a private rest

room behind that how could you not watch

the game without a fireplace going on

this is pretty cool oh so he can't see

out there that's cool that's cool this

guy's this is a press conference after

game you know anime suspense conference

up here i'ma do one the Chiefs have

asked me to do a press conference you

know they just drafted me some have to

do it I want to thank everybody that

showed up as you can see all my fans

it's just Mike thank you Mike I like to

thank the Kansas City Chiefs for taking

a shot at me

you know being the last election pick I

want to thank no I don't want to thank

all the other teams I'm coming after you

guys for not selecting me not believing


Kansas City let's go do this I got you

so we're here when nine stories high

here at the press box look at this view

it's amazing check this out Mike just

told me so you got visiting to IDI

visiting press and you got the local

press no one can jump up in scores

call the quiet zone if I were here I'd

kind of struggle just any play just

gonna kind of get to me excited so you

know I'm looking forward to you know

hopefully covering a game here for the

cheese but man I've enjoyed it so far

it's been a humbling experience I want

to give a shout out to tansy cheese Mike

and everybody that made this possible if

you want to check out the stadium like I

said I provided the link below and like

always be sure to LIKE and subscribe to

this channel and I'll catch you guys

next time peace