2019 Chevy EQUINOX vs 2020 Chevy EQUINOX - 4 BIG DIFFERENCES - Here is what's new!

everybody's Ken Birdsall here from KB

cars today I'm at Spitzer Chevy and

Amherst and I'm gonna show you the new

2020 Equinox

there's some really important things to

know if you're in the market you're

thinking man should I just go on the

really good deals left on the 2019 or

should I stick around maybe wait for him

on the 2020s some really important

things that think you need to know and

I'm gonna cover all that here with you

today four main categories and make sure

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so the first category we're talking

about is the color changes a lot of

people were really kind of consumed with

that exterior look how does it look for

the neighbors the co-workers of family

members relatives stuff like that you

want to know hey what's this new color

that's gonna be out that maybe you like

the 2019 better maybe I like the 2020

better I'm gonna cover that so colors

going away is that storm blue that dark

blue that's gonna have a counterpart

replacement Sandy Ridge IV the green

color is going away kinetic blue which

is this one right here the brighter blue

orange burst and pepper dust those are

all ones that are going away is still

available on 2019 some of them are

pretty limited on production they cut it

earlier in the year so you might have a

hard time finding those if you're still

looking I just had that with a pepper

duster for a customer but new colors

there's this chocolate metallic so this

is actually like a dark brown it's like

the Havana Brown metallic you see on

some of the like the Silverados darker

than the Oakwood metallic you would see

on some of them but it's a really nice

got a metallic Fleck in the paint

you can catch that here little bit

harder with the Sun or with the with the

clouds today another new one is midnight

blue I think this is replacing the storm

blue actually walked past us the other

day thought it was black but when the

Sun hits a just right you can catch a

good blue hue to it might even be able

to pick it up in this video here a

little bit the other one is Cayenne


metallic that's gonna replace an orange

burst what a throw a picture in it at

the end of this video for you at the end

of the segment that is a really nice I

caught that on a truck that was coming

through we were not getting it here but

that way we can kind of get an eye for

it I think it's a better looking orange

it's actually a little bit more

tolerable and but that's the color

differences interior fabric there is one

change that jet black cinnamon interior

those are really really hard to find

anyway but that one is going away as


all right part two is gonna be new

standard safety features some of you

don't care about color say hey I just

want to know is this vehicle gonna keep

me and my family safe really really

important stuff here I'm gonna cover

this stuff inside because you're gonna

be able to see this from the driver's

seat these are all the really really

important things so you're gonna have

automatic emergency braking forward

collision alert this is what this follow

following distance indicator I'll show

up on your Driver Information Center you

can set the gap to how far you want it

to notify you it'll actually have a

notification it will flash up in the

screen or on your windshield when you're

too rapidly approaching a vehicle in

front of you so depending on you know

your traffic settings or your

bumper-to-bumper you don't want the far

setting with that a little bit closer

but that way it just kind of gives you

that extra safety heads-up like hey I

just looked over to the radio for a

split second and somebody cut me off and

slammed on their brakes good extra

feature that is standard every single

trim level habit whether you're an L

trim premier trim everywhere in between

fleet everybody gets that standard now

Lane keep assist with lane departure

warning you can turn it on and off

that's I wanna help it goes by a camera

back up here reads the lines in front of

you helps keep you inside the lines you

usually have to have a premiere to get

that now you can get it on a base out

you will get it you get on everything

forward automatic braking end until a

beam headlamps which is right here you

can turn them on and off and those are

the ones that automatically there's

basically automatic high beams so they

will turn on when you need them and turn

off when it's a little bit too or what

you get headlights coming at you tail

lights it'll sense those lights and turn

them off for you automatically and when

those lights pass they'll come right

back on so those are six active safety

features against standard on every trim

finally keep it up again with Ford with

Honda Toyota Nissan Kia all these guys I

have this

safety features a lot of people have

complained about that and it is here

Chevy is finally getting on board with

that so exciting exciting stuff again

that's only on the 2020 is that its

standard for every trim so keep that in

consideration as you're shopping

new for 2020 is a new midnight edition

package that will be again mosaic black

they're going to keep the red lined

edition I know they did that on the

Malibu where they got rid of the red

line edition a lot of people are not

happy about that but don't worry they

are keeping the red line that'll still

be available on the 2lt only but the

midnight edition you can get out of one

LT or 2lt it's going to have jet black

leather interior so typically if you go

on the 19's if you get anything other

than a premier you're gonna get this

interior the cloth fabric you go with

the LT the jet black interior that's the

standard one but this is an LT that

we're looking at here the blue one the

brown one is a premier a lot of standard

features still but you're gonna get on

that midnight edition you'll get the jet

black leather interior like this and

then LT I know on the 1918 if you want

to leather you how to get a premier now

you don't have to pay that extra you

don't have to do all that extra stuff to

get that so great news there you can get

you get a 19 inch gloss black wheels

front foglamps down below again the only

way to get that on the 19 if you want

fog lamps is on the premier trim now you

can get it on the LT you get with that

midnight addition you also get a

different grille and black bow ties up

front kind of like on this premiere here

yeah black bow tied instead of the usual

gold so that's a new midnight edition

package again you can get it on a 102 or

2lt so it doesn't matter which engine

something definitely to look for on the


fourth and final this kind of

miscellaneous category some build

changes between the 2019 and the 2020s I

want you to be aware of if you're

looking for that diesel you want that

diesel engine gotta get it now on the 20

19's before they're gone because it is

gone on the 2020s there is a new one FL

trim so we've seen the two FL last year

I Michigan I have a video coming up here

pretty shortly of a 2022 FL that's kind

of like a 2 LT 1 FL is from all that we

know is just like the LS maybe with like

an LS convenience package built into it

but that is a new trim you guys will see

more as that comes along again we

mentioned the 19 inch wheel option on

the midnight edition it'll be a black

one there are two other new wheel

options for the 2020s @r 19's they've

only given pictures of one so I'm gonna

include those at the end fog lamps so

this is a perfect example on the 2019

everybody complain day I have an LT but

I don't get fog lamps it looks like it

but that's just an insert no actual

light you have a turn signal down below

and above it's just a little fancy

insert but this is a premiere so we

would typically see the fog lamps there

remember this is an LT and it's got fog

lamps in it that is part of the

convenience package now on the 2020s so

if you want fog lamps if that's a big

thing and you don't want to pay for a

premiere you want it on the LT there you

go 2020 last thing was the passive entry

show you on the 2019 let's get it on all

four doors and on the 2020 it is only on

the front two doors so that's a big

change kind of mimicking and what they

did with the Malibu and what they did

with the cruise

and copying pretty much everybody else

in the industry so there you have it

it's a 2019 versus 2020 equinox of four

things you need to know I'm going to put

it in the description below all the

details on that so if you don't want to

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