Is the updated 2021 Chevrolet Equinox a GOOD compact SUV to BUY?

guys what's up it's Joe ready from Radio

eyes I'm here at the 2020 Chicago Auto

Show walking around the Chevrolet booth

and look what we found this is a lightly

refreshed 2021 Chevrolet Equinox let's

talk a little bit about Chevrolet and

the equinox so the equinox is really

that competitor to go up against the

Toyota rav4 the Mazda cx-5 and the Honda

CRV those would be the main competitors

what Chevy has decided to do since they

put all their eggs into the Tahoe and

Suburban baskets for 2021 is they

decided to do a little sprinkling of

some change for the equinox what they're

hoping is is that people who have been

away from the brand for a little while

that may bring them over or maybe people

are just bored with their current

Equinox would like a little bit of an

upgrade and a change so let's go ahead

dive into this 2021 Chevrolet Equinox

and really see what's different right

off the bat you'll notice front fascia

has been upgraded so when we look at the

headlight design you have projector-beam

LED headlight design you have your

daytime running lamps up here we drop

down you'll have some exterior lighting

and then this is a song for me this fake

vent flat black kind of looks at a place

I wish they would have just painted it

kept this blue see this beautiful blue

paint all that blue I had that even

there so that is a Zonk the chrome is a

nice touch especially the way it flows

from the exterior lighting into the

lower section flat black is gonna take a

good beating so that's a plus you can

see from the front end they kind of took

what they had and brought it a little

bit closer to 21st century look and

style so you have your horizontal chrome

bars if you notice they all come to a

nice peak with the Chevrolet bowtie and

kind of flow back that's a that's a nice

little touch there you have a forward

facing camera too flat black horizontal

slots really does clean up the look and

in a way it kind of makes it look like

the Blazer in in one instant now what's

interesting is underneath the hood no

big changes you're still looking at that

2 litre inline-four turbocharged engine

it now has a 9 speed automatic

transmission that was taken from the

Blazer as well so let's go ahead pop up

onto this hood

nice little rise to the center area

there then you're gonna see that you

have these peak fenders and a body line

that actually coasts right to the ape

tellers gives it a nice overall flow

because I'm telling you to stand out in

this crowd of these compact SUVs is

tough now as we come around the bend

what you're gonna notice is is first of

all look at how they brought the Equinox

name into this lighting and another

thing that's fascinating is how far it

comes into the fender the fender

actually rises up so the hood is here

fender is actually this portion now as

we drop down you do have an updated

wheel entire package on this this is a

19-inch wheel machined aluminum that

metallic dark gray finish with the

Chevrolet that iconic bowtie there gives

it a nice clean look like I said a

little bit more 21st century maybe just

a little bit not so bland and its

appearance now as we go down the side

you have color match mirror caps slim

and trim on the LED lighting flat black

and then you have silver trim across

just the bottom Equinox badge right in

the middle of the door flat black on the

bottom this is going to help take a

better beating of course you're gonna

need to have those roof rails you can

get your cross bars to make this more

versatile if you're gonna go camping or

kayaking or whatnot we keep working our

way back a little bit of gloss black I

do like the chrome that they kind of

integrated into the door handles that

rear quarter window with the extension

of the trim and then that final quarter

window has a very nice shape to it now

when we get to the back just like the

front there are some updates with the

LED tail light section you can see that

this one and if you love badges if you

love letters they have almost every

letter of the alphabet here this Equinox

2-liter turbo I think that is just a

little too much to have on one side I

think that would be just fine when you

agree so we are gonna Zonk that they

decide to stick every every letter this

is an all wheel drive premiere so that

one's gonna be one of your top trims you

do have functional exhausts that is

redesigned for 2021 and what's nice is

is that they brought the chrome trim

from the front also across the back

portion as well but when we go ahead


inside this equinox and see what changes

are in store for us alright guys before

we get inside we they allowed us to pop

the hood underneath the hood like I said

is that carry over 2 liter turbocharged

engine now if you're seeing some extra

wires and stuff that's so that the car

could be powered up while it's sitting

here at the Auto Show but that is that 2

litre inline-four turbocharged engine

252 horsepower 260 pound feet of torque

and it's all gonna be routed through a 9

speed automatic transmission and of

course getting to the ground through the

all-wheel-drive system now I think it's

very smart of Chevrolet not to change

the engine setup in this thing because

this is just a refresh but now if you're

ready let's go ahead check out the

interior see what's different all right

guys we're inside the 2021 refreshed

equinox like I said this is that premier

trim how do we know cuz all those

letters on the back of the vehicle what

has changed inside let's go to the door

panels now I do like the style that they

got going on with that tan and the rest

of the door is black my only problem is

is that the door is as hard as a rock

so maybe in the redesign they'll go with

some softened materials you do have a

smallish pocket for a bottle of milk and

emergency Twinkie this one does have the

Bose upgraded sound system the wonderful

news is when you go from the door panel

to the dash

look at how they brought that tan

stitching to kind of mimic what's going

on with the door the perforated leather

style material this is hard as a rock as

well so you know where they cut corners

but how many people really touch that I

don't know I'll take a survey after I'm

done filming this but the silver trim

around the AC vents this upgraded

infotainment system that is an 8 inch

screen apple carplay android auto it's

got that nice easy-to-use swipe feature

you got your navigation you can get your

AC controls we drop down I do like the

way they brought the stitching your

start/stop button ventilated seats and

heated seats so they got you covered


a little bit of metallic gray but just

nothing big-time is definitely not gonna

show fingerprints look at this down here

we got connectivity we have wireless

cell phone charging USB see USB aux jack

and a 12 volt so they definitely got you

covered there

two cupholders this is gonna control

that 9 speed automatic transmission you

have your button to switch on the

all-wheel drive and then you also have a

little tiny bowtie here to remind you

that you're driving a Chevrolet electric

ebrake I do like the silver that's a

nice touch and then you have look at

this a nice little tray for your

skittles taste the rainbow as you're

going down the road armrest I don't know

what its gonna take for some of these

car companies to give us a little softer

armrest but I do like the stitching open

it up look at that you can literally

take and I'm not exaggerating a bag of

Lay's chips put them in there two USBs

so if you like warm chips you get like a

USB heater and keep your chips nice and


seats two-tone just like the door with

the stitch work they look good

perforated Center on the side you're

gonna have your seat controls for both

the passenger of course and the driver

and this one has this wonderful

panoramic sunroof which we have open to

bring in the fake lighting in here

because we're not outside or inside at

the McCormick Center but why don't you

get on over behind the business then

I'll show you behind the wheel of the

2021 equinox

all right guys business end now before

you get to the steering wheel

what's nice on the equinox premiere is

you do have to memory seat settings this

is obviously gonna be for controlling

that tailgate area and like I pointed

out earlier you have the Bose sound

system you could get the seat perfect to

your body and what's wonderful is plenty

of headroom even with the panoramic

sunroof I got plenty of headroom I feel

good just like a regular the well I

shouldn't say regular Equinox the

current 2020 Equinox steering wheel has

a nice thickness to it

you got the Chevrolet bow-tie these

buttons though they remind me of my old

game boy so up-down up-down left-right

left-right a Bab start will get you the

code heated steering wheel which is a

nice touch

and then instrumentation I wish they

would have done something with it it

does have an analog tach analog

speedometer coolant and fuel gauge and a

very small digital display in the center

but overall some very nice touches to

kind of bring it up a little bit more

why don't we go ahead check out the back

seat and see how your passengers are

gonna like this Equinox all right guys

back seat time we're sitting there

plenty of room even with the panoramic

sunroof so that is the one thing that

when it come

interior space there's a good amount you

do get to pockets put your Twizzlers too

kind of tight though so either a nail

file or a twizzler I would go twizzler

the heck with the nail file you have to

rear AC vents heated seats which is a

nice touch in here and you do have two

USBs and a home power source all the way

down there plenty of leg room plenty of

headroom I think over all your

passengers gonna like it seats are a

little firm though but I'm sure they'll

break in after some miles nice high

armrest with the cup holders in the

right spot where you want them to be

let's go ahead though I know a lot of

you like to haul things in these SUVs

let's check out the cargo area all right

guys time to check out what kind of junk

we could put in the cargo or trunk area

nice electric assist on the premier trim

Rises nicely look at this space this is

what makes this equinox so versatile is

you have a nice loading floor here and

then of course those seats are gonna do

the 60/40 split it's actually really

easy to get to I'm gonna come around

loys back here and show off the other

one it's kind of crazy how fast they

flip that leave that it's like just got

body slammed by a seat right there but

the great news is is that almost

perfectly flat we lift this up what do

we have look at that that is the

emergency Twinkie storage put them down

there Ding Dongs Ho Hos you can put the

whole collection in your equinox push

the button closes back down what could

we say about the equinox I think it was

definitely time for something to happen

whether it be a refresh or major change

it's nice to see the direction that

Chevrolet is going with the equinox just

makes us more excited for what that

redesign is gonna be about and we could

see it going up against the CRV cx-5 and

the Toyota rav4 but if it's small SUVs

like these you like to see on the

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