2018 Chevrolet Equinox - Review and Road Test


Batman knows it's hard living in the

shadows among compact SUVs a few names

tower above the rest but maybe it's time

for the Chevy Equinox is day in the Sun

without a doubt this Equinox is better

than the one that preceded it it's more

attractive more refined and amazingly

it's nearly four hundred pounds lighter

the benefits of that weight loss are

immediately evident in the equinox is

composed confident handling and a ride

that's a little bit firmer but still

quite comfortable and even though

feedback through the steering wheel is

virtually non-existent modern drivers

don't care about that so we'll move on

Chevy's engineers also did a great job

keeping noise outside that along with

using road manners makes the equinox a

superior choice for both long and short

commutes powering the Chevrolet Equinox

is an alter blow charge four-cylinder

lineup including a base 1.5 liter a 2

liter and a 1.6 liter diesel engine yes

a diesel we'll get back to that in a

second but first the gasoline engines

the base 1.5 liter isn't particularly

smooth but it does generate decent

thrusts and fuel economy this near the

top of the category buy a Honda CRV and

you'll match or exceed those figures but

nonetheless we're ap a fuel economy

estimates are concerned the equinox is a

strong player supporting that efficiency

is an engine start/stop system that's

inoffensive enough we've quietly made

peace with the lack of an off button

while a 6-speed automatic is standard

the Hardy or 2 liter engine uses a 9

speed automatic fuel economy drops by

several MPG versus the 1.5 liter but if

you want to leave the Elementary School

drop off line with real authority go

with the 2 liter lastly there's the

Equinox diesel an absolute unicorn among

compact SUVs in familiar diesel fashion

horsepower is low while torque is high

but the real news is fuel economy around

40 mpg on the highway that is

spectacular for the category whichever

engine you choose front wheel drive is

standard with all-wheel drive a nearly

$1,800 option as a sport utility vehicle

functionality matters in that regard the

equinox succeeds the center console does

massive this front bin is a convenient

place to stow your phone that's also

near optional USB ports or the optional

wireless phone charger your passengers

can make use of optional USB ports as

well or a 120 volt outlet and their

substantial head and leg room in all


the rear seats don't slide but they do

recline the floor is flat which is a

very nice thing for who's ever in the

middle position and look rear seat vents

you'd have to be some kind of monster

not to include those for the ones you

love I'm looking at your rav4 the seats

themselves are comfortable and

supportive though I will say for my

mildly athletic body there's a little

bit of pressure here in the shoulder

region and against my upper back here

thankfully the padding is soft enough

it's not a major issue this is weird

right if there's an overarching interior

issue its style premium materials appear

in critical locations soft paint covers

many of the hard plastics and is

perforated trim and stitching looks nice

but generally the aesthetic feels plain

versus let's say the Honda CRV and

compared to the admittedly smaller Mazda

cx-5 well you be the judge okay two

final complaints the metallic trim

around the gearshift reflects the Sun

into your eyes which is not good when

you're trying to see things and just

like in the Honda CRV your right knee

rests against this close proximity hard

plastic time to bust out the old mouse

pad again it's a floppy thank Cotter @

29.9 cubic feet space behind the rear

seats lands on the small side of the

category spectrum and a hatch opening a

slightly sloped versus the squared off

CRV and rav4 even so there's plenty of

space to work with supplemented by a

sizable underfloor storage area and

dropping the rear seats can be done from

the back of the vehicle with handy sear

releases that are sadly not included on

lower trims resulting low floor is quite

flat but darn close accessing the space

demands a higher lift over than the

previously mentioned rav4 and CRB but on

a brighter note the available power

hatch does include convenient height


compared to some of its competitors

visibility out of the equinox there's

actually quite good especially over your

right shoulder though the high - does

make a little bit hard to tell where the

nose of the car is to that end there is

a 360-degree camera system that I cannot

pull up ah there it is I have no excuse

not to park within the lines let's see

if I can do it did it it did do camera

you guide me I'm not even looking

outside of the car I don't think the

lawyers would like that right inside the


Kabam when not parking the standard 7

inch or optional 8 inch screen can be

used for infotainment thing which is not

a word though some members of the KGB

editorial team think the interface looks

dated it's hard to argue with the

system's usability via icons

snappy response times pain free

Bluetooth connectivity and standard

apple carplay and android auto make

MyLink infotainment a pleasure to use

with a few caveats the screen is

susceptible to fingerprint smudges and

at certain angles of the Sun it'll wash

out on a semi related note every time

you start the car it alerts you that the

Wi-Fi is active with an annoying chime

keep things cheap for about 24 and a

half thousand dollars including

destination charges you'll get a

Chevrolet Equinox with six airbags an

electronic parking brake 4G LTE Wi-Fi

though you'll need a subscription to

exploit it a backup camera and one of

our favourite features push-button

vehicle lock and engine start

functionality do you have even fancier

tastes and explore higher Equinox trims

to enjoy HID headlights heated outboard

rear seats leather upholstery front seat

memory dual zone climate control

embedded navigation and a panoramic

sunroof buy the most expensive premier

trim you can also add advanced safety

and convenience technology starting with

Lane keep assist which unlike some of

Chevrolet's previous efforts keeps the

equinox immense Lane with real finesse

there's also a blind spot warning rear

cross-traffic alerts and a phobic

collision alert system that uses head-up

lighting flashes and super effective

seed vibrations to alert the

strangely adaptive cruise control an

increasingly common feature among the

equinoxes competition is not available

it's also worth mentioning that while

mid-tier terms are well priced the MSRP

for a loaded Equinox premier trim tops

$37,000 a hefty sum among compact SUVs

speaking of compact SUVs the segment is

overflowing with choices like the

inviting and utterly functional Honda

CRV the extremely popular Nissan Rogue

the rav4 which is a Toyota and the

gorgeous and refined yet somehow still

sporty Mazda cx-5 and that's just the

tip of the SUV iceberg with there's many

options the question isn't really which

one is best but rather which is best for

you I mean some SUVs are better than

others but even in the jam-packed fields

these Chevy Equinox is one of the best

choices you can make