Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy Gold? - Is Cheapest The Best?

are you looking for where is the

cheapest place to buy gold and well you

can find lots of different places to buy

gold by searching online but tomorrow

who can you trust you know buying gold

is a big deal and you need to be sure

that the source that you're buying gold

from is legitimate and that the gold you

are buying is is legitimate and what

what they say you're you're buying so

I'm not sure that the best way to go

about buying goal is to go where the

cheapest gold is that you can find I I

started saving gold or investing in gold

a couple of years ago and friend of mine

put me onto a a gold bullion merchant in

Germany it's a company called Carabas

now it's um it's a company which

produces gold ingots and nine hundred

ninety-nine point nine percent pure

currency gold bullion in one gram ingots

embedded in little cow I've got an urge

to quickly show you so there it is

that's the gold in the center there and

let's flick it over and see how the

other side is it's um it's all very

legitimate and and it's all certified

gold it it cost nothing to join up with

karatbars is free to join up as a

customer and you can buy as much gold as

you like even buy in one gram ingots is

the smallest which makes it very

affordable for most people about sixty

one dollars to buy a gram

of gold with karat bars

which is guaranteed proof and it it can

be bought in larger weights as well

I can get two three and I think five

gram in gots also you you you can become

a karatbars business associate if you're

interested in developing karatbars as

part of your home business portfolio if

you want to start their own business

it's very very lucrative and it's

something that you can promote say

safely knowing that it's very legitimate

and it is a way of allowing people

without a lot of money to put away a

savings to to get involved with saving

gold which increases in value rather

than decrease in value like like your

paper money so where's the cheapest

place to buy gold well I find karatbars

is the place for me may not be exactly

the most cheap gold that you can buy but

it's definitely it's definitely

legitimate and that's a big that's so

that's the the safest sort of aspect for

me so if you're interested in and you

think you might be interested in looking

at what karatbars after it has to offer

it's free to join karatbars you don't

need to to join initially just click on

the link that you'll find close this

this video and take a closer look okay

it's totalitarian New Zealand signing

off and saying good luck with your

search looking for where is the cheapest

place to buy gold but remember it's not

always the cheapest that's the best

sometimes you need that assurance of

quality okay good luck bye