struggling to make ends meet broke as a

joke that's probably because you either

spend too much money or it's really

expensive where you live or maybe you

just want to get away from that rat race

and soak in some real America today

we're gonna talk about the cheapest or

most affordable places you can live in

America these places are gonna be cheap

for a reason no one wants to live here

haha JK kinda how do you measure how

cheap a place is to live you ask you

look on the Internet that's how for this

data set we turn to the MIT living wage

calculator it can pretty much tell you

just how much it costs to live in each

state it measures things like health

care costs food costs the cost of child

care and of course how much housing

costs for instance in some states 300

grand will buy you this and in some

states 300 grand buys you this and we

can also tell you which states you don't

have to work your tail off to live in

comfortably unless you live in your

mom's basement then you're already used

to that

so put Groupon down for about eleven and

a half minutes you cheapskate as we

bring you America's cheapest states I

want a new state well it won't make me

broke well it won't have me up all night

stressed about my dose nervous wondering

how to survive the state that makes me

feel like I'm saving up for life wanna

save a life we begin our super duper

amazing tour of the cheapest states in

the nation in Indiana we don't talk

about this state enough it's actually

not too bad a place to live at least the

people are nice here here in Indiana the

living wage is about 52,000 a year that

means if you make this amount of money

each year as a household you can live

comfortable enough sure you'll have to

work until you're 70 and you probably

won't have a big old boat but at least

you won't be on welfare and the housing

costs in Indiana are about 9600 a year

that means your mortgage or rent

payments will be about eight hundred

bucks a month

not too shabby if you ask me in

comparison in our most expensive state

to live California you need to make

about sixty

a year to have a decent life and believe

you me that's nowhere near enough try

living in San Francisco on 68k a year

and you'll be renting a bedroom in the

Tenderloin district with the window that

looks out on a sidewalk with poop on it

okay so we're pretty cheap and we're not

renting a car to get to our next date

luckily we don't have to go far at all

so we'll just hitch a ride with this guy

lucky for us it's summer so we're not

gonna freeze our asses off here in Ohio

housing costs are these seventh lowest

in America where for about seven hundred

and eighty seven dollars a month you can

own this fine home in Dayton okay so

Ohio kind of stinks overall which is

part of the reason it's so cheap to live

there in comparison our most expensive

state in which to own or rent is Hawaii

where you need about 22,000 a year or

about 1,800 a month just for a roof over

your head a real big difference what

does the average American family need to

live comfortably these days about twenty

eight fifty an hour or fifty-five

thousand a year that's for the whole

house what's the average American

housing cost each month about eleven

thousand three hundred year or nine

hundred and fifty a month of course

again this is Ohio where you probably

won't really enjoy things ask somebody

from Ohio harsh we're gonna have to

hitchhike to our next date because well

we're cheap but buckle up because we're

heading to South Carolina where

hopefully it's warmer here in the

Palmetto State that cost of living is

really inexpensive cheap childcare and

food make things doable however South

Carolina is the sixteenth cheapest when

it comes to housing costs in fact

housing costs here are the highest for

any other state on this list part of

that is because the awesome coastline

skews the numbers South Carolina has

perhaps the best coastline in the nation

but the rest of the state not so

stimulating in South Carolina the

average home sells for about two hundred

and fifty thousand dollars not too


now if you lived in say Egypt it's only

twenty seven thousand dollars for a

house or in Antarctica where a house is

free did you know in Hong Kong you spend

half your money on housing are you

sorriest mappy get out of here with that

household costs by country wow mappy

you're right you spend 49% your income

on a place to live in Hong Kong it's

also really expensive to live in China

and Taiwan - would you ever live in Asia


yes goes there pretty I bet you'd be a

real Robert Redford over there our next

cheapest place to live isn't too far

away so we'll keep this hitchhike thing

going who's this lady as we take a spin

in Kentucky I have a feeling we're gonna

be in the South for a lot of this trip

here in Kentucky housing costs are

actually the third lowest in the entire

nation behind Arkansas and West Virginia

here it's relatively more expensive for

food than other states on this list and

for some reason child care costs in

Kentucky are a little more expensive at

about five hundred and twenty three

dollars a month but hold that bone in

Alaska child care costs are about ten

thousand two hundred year or eight

hundred and fifty a month is it hard

finding babysitters in Alaska or

something what the hell life is slow in

Kentucky so if you want cheap and a

whole lot of rolling hills and this is

your place you can probably get a

trailer and get a job down at Ramsey's

and bust out three kids and still not be

on welfare that actually sounds like a

good life

of course the dating scene down in

Kentucky might be challenging no scene

it boring there you go so we saved a

little money and we're gonna take a

plane to our next state okay that and

the bottle of Kentucky al 11 year old

straight rye whiskey batch number one

that we bought was our entire paycheck

maybe that's why we're broke here in

Alabama the living wage is about fifty

thousand dollars or about twenty-five

dollars an hour if both people on the

house work then you only really need

minimum wage jobs to live a decent life

in the heart of Dixie and if it wasn't

for the higher than average taxes here

or the above average health care costs

Alabama would be in the top five for

sure I wonder what the average Alabama

person spends on their housing let's

find out

hey I hear it's really cheap down there

in Alabama is that true what 20 bucks

that's it Wow where are you taking her


hey I'm doing a video how much is rent

in Alabama oh my god where do you live

I'm sorry

damn people are so private these days

what the hell I want to be in America

but it costs a lot in America everyone's

broken America I want to save in America

so we spent all our money on that stupid

flight to Alabama now we're gonna have

to ride the rails all the way up to our

next date South Dakota in South Dakota a

family can get by pretty comfortably on

about 4,200 a month and income housing

and food will cost you about 1,300 a

month total not too bad at all but the

real kicker here is there's no income

taxes in South Dakota that means South

Dakota has the lowest taxes in America

sure beats New York where people spend

about a thousand bucks a month and taxes

alone yeah of course it is South Dakota

but with all your savings here you can

go out and buy up all the bi rocks and

pheasants and walleye and cheese llyich

you want what is this stuff this is what

South Dakotans eat okay so we're

starving after leaving South Dakota

because they need some really weird spin

up there our next stop takes us to the

wonderfully cheap and always backwards

except Nashville state of Tennessee

taxes really low food costs really low

housing costs are slightly higher than

most of the other places on this list at

about eight hundred and ten dollars a

month but that's still really low for

most people watching this video wishing

their mortgage payments were eight

hundred and ten dollars a month however

it must be mentioned that Tennessee

overall perhaps surprisingly is the

sixth most dangerous state in the nation

especially Memphis which is like hell in


America so if you moved to Tennessee to

start a better life and downsize just

don't pick Memphis we might not ever

hear from you again a totally like if I

lived in Memphis and some punk mess with

me I'd sent him to jail so they never

got out I bet you would super gay cop I

bet you would

moving on we just got word that will be

heading to West Virginia

our third cheapest state in America we

met a hillbilly named barb who offered

to take us to West Virginia as long as

we promise to try her famous squirrel


as you might expect it's actually really

cheap to live in West Virginia that's

why so many people live in West Virginia

you can get by just fine on 49 995 a

year but drive around this state and

you'll see a lot of people getting by on

far less than that as such there is no

real motivation to keep up with the

Joneses here there's no Joneses since

it's so cheap here think of all the

beauty products you can afford West

Virginia woman you have that problem too

we all get that not-so-fresh feeling

sometimes so what do we do I use

Massengale now too fresh ideas from

massingill but for some reason child

care costs in West Virginia are in the

top 5 is that because there's hardly

anyone around to watch the kids or are

the kids brats okay so it's starting to

get late in the day so it's time we

check out our second cheapest state in

which live Arkansas don't everyone jump

up at once okay so it's Arkansas but

what do you expect you get what you pay

for here which isn't a lot either way an

Arkansas or yen can make about 48 K air

and spends only about seven hundred and

eight dollars a month on rent or

mortgages that's probably half of what

you spend mister and that's also the

lowest housing cost in America of course

most homes are in disarray okay not the

whole states trailer parks as a bonus

here in Arkansas you will subsist mostly

on armadillo lizard and roadkill which

is free of charge however the reason

it's the second cheapest place to live

is people here earn the second lowest

salaries so if you want to move here to

move and

up in the world you better make another

plan drumroll please our cheapest state

in America is Mississippi here in the

Magnolia state the cost to rent or buy a

house is about seven hundred ninety five

dollars a month that's really low it

also costs far cheaper here for food

child care health care and every other

care you can name and of note

Mississippi has by far the cheapest

child care costs of any other state by

about a hundred and fifty dollars a

month you can get all daddy warbucks

around here if you bring in anything

over 50k this lady obviously didn't

appreciate the cheap cost of living here

she went and done stole a damn mail

truck I'll tell you what's not cheap

these Mississippi tamales I found online

$59 there better be like 59 tamales in

there and are they even gonna get here

the mail trucks are all done getting

stolen now some people might say it's

Mississippi why would I want to live

there there's a reason it's so cheap

well watch this and you'll see why



if that didn't convince you you should

move to Mississippi and I don't know

what will all right so that's it our

cheapest states in America if you're

curious here are the most expensive

states where you can live if you live in

one of these expensive states and you're

thinking about moving away and starting

over maybe somewhere cheap and where

your ex-wife can't find you well we gave

you a good list to start looking into

remember there's nothing wrong with

living a cheap life and being content

with the way things are if your car runs

and you have your heat on and you can go

out every now and then then you have it

better than like 70% of the rest of the

world the end don't forget to subscribe

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