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so today guys I'm about to run a couple

of my very real quick and today I'm

going to be doing a comp like I would

have gone to the auction today so I'm

gonna go to two locations and refill it

up you know it's a couple of drinks that

is missing from last time so I'm gonna

go you know pull all the drinks in there

and everything and getting and sit for

the auction today and I want to show you

guys more details on how to buy cheap

cars and all that type of stuff how to

get your cars cheap you know places that

you can buy or cars and all that type of

stuff so I will be for you guys to stay

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let's get it man there's gonna be a

couple of drinks I just need a look like

on my phone and all that stuff but when

I'm gonna go check out some couple of

cause men that I want to buy to for

Thursday you know cocoapod is one of

them in a little bit

because you can buy a car cheap I don't

really try the mile below let me show

you guys around it so we're right here

man right now you know wasn't about coal

pot is is more of a savage cogs on coal

tar then you know Manhattan Manhattan

probably having a lot of planes with

cause over it and so forth

average cause you know it means it

depends on what you're doing it depends

on how you doing running a dealership

man you know whatever suits you

we do whatever suits you man but I

believe the car supposed to be okay now

looks ass in a Hyundai right there look

at the hunted I'm gonna be checking out

it's a hell damaged car looking into the

body look nice man look like this

nothing to fix on this it's a very good

car the hell damage car man I don't feel

like going on there man but let me see


okay the car the car battery is good I

love this car right now there's nothing

to fake there's only the windows so yeah

now this looked like a car that I'll buy

this messed up Vanitas there's nothing

that can change that

that's like hundred dollars to change

your feet

500 a the hearts the cookie $20 you know

because they're just the back windows

always have defrost but uh let's look at

the inside man you know this the inside

kind of matters to man let's look at

inside so this is the inside guys it's

uh it's not bad

there's a lot of glasses behind you okay

the cost thaws the cost thoughts so look

like it's gonna change both windows man

cuz both windows is messed up but it's a

very good car right now just adjust

glasses around all around the places man

love you love you love you love it let

me see the a/c walks man they see the

a/c was radio yeah okay radio walks in

everything the break no engine check

like just the tide gauges and stuff let

me check the engine real quick let me go

ahead and check the engine real quick

man you know got a got a double check of

it it has a the tire tread is not bad

this is a but I mean this is a good spot

man I can tell by looking at it you know

you haven't been in any accident you

haven't been in on it damage and all

that type of slope so it's a very good

car man I love you man the tire tread is

not bad man you know people really look

at that time for stuck gonna check that

all your this is transmission all you

got transmission oil in it guys see

citizens this is oil the oil in the car

is not bad at all good sounds good

people loved by Hyundai this car you're

gonna turn around and flip this cry fire

if I get this crown a very good price I

come around on five I'm gonna flip this

car for six seven thousand dollars Mandy

how many miles does this car have let me

double check him this car has eighty six

thousand miles

so the miles on this car is very very

good man that's eighty six thousand

miles on it I mean it's a very beautiful

car guys there's nothing wrong with it

no I love you sit at 86,000 little

double-check everything else in the car

before we leave this pocket laughs

another cotton I want to check out no

yeah AC AC let me see AC is walking yeah

AC is blowing so we're gonna check the

windows all the windows rose down you

want to know how much you're gonna be

spending on the car that's what double

check for this window room down I'm

gonna double check

okay okay okay the windshield pain is

working so everything on this car is

perfectly fine the hail damage car clean

side o Monday I'm gonna double check

that the next all you change is eighty

seven eight nine thousand miles is not

bad there's a very lovely car no very

beautiful it just need to change those

windows and I love the crime and the

cries amazing man a prize amazing let me

let me move it forward a little bit and

see how it drives away for these guys to

disappear from here man you know they

move it forward a little bit let's see

how he walks really really good man ac

is amazing

this guy's beautiful disguise amazing

it's fantastic man I love this comment

and people who's gonna buy these car

fast you know people love one day the

dog handles him walking and all that

type of stuff

this girl who is working in other types

of stuff but it's quite a good comment

radio walks man let's double check Radio


check it off this calm anybody go to the

next car and let's get him in this guy's

a very good car I'm driving everything

if I get this called a good price I'm

gonna fly I'm not gonna have a spell

like a great car man I love this car

let's move to the next car man but this

is the next time that I'm looking at

right now this Nissan Altima is a I

think I checked it it's gonna be a clean

title man so did the thinners wrong with

this car - is now damaged man how

damaged is the problem on this car -

it's a very beautiful comment you know

we got a little damage right here man

that's nothing you know I don't know I

can't but let me tell you to my mechanic

and see if we can fix that little thing

right there but uh you know got a little

let me see okay yeah the car the cause

of the batteries on on this car okay

okay we see in has a screaming at the


whoo okay this cause I'm awful okay guys

okay guys uh this kind of like a good

comment I'm not gonna lie man I kind of

like it cuz he has a little muffler but

I don't think people really care

I bought that type of stuff you know

somebody I want to buy this car probably

like you know people that go to college

but I want to show up and all that type

of stuff you gotta put that in

consideration manataj is almost bought

on this one you might be needing new

tires man it got rims on it so that's a

good thing about this car right now I

got rims on it you know people cares

about stuff like that so you don't have

to go buy rims

what else what else what I was looking

at is cry got as little damage man that

damage right if I'm gonna cost me about

$200 to fix that right there 2250

excavate you know I have this estimating

my head cuz I go to the mechanic a lot

you know the body shop a lot so I kind

of have an idea how much stuff costs man

you know so the engine is freaking

amazing man the engine is popular man

the engine sound nice really really nice

man I can do this engine is no problem

with it man I don't know how many

involves this house okay just have 95

thousand miles on it

not bad not bad 95 thousand miles this

guy can be selling for seven eight

thousand dollars so this that's not

that's not a bad car man you know it's

not about you I love it

so this let's finish up checking off

this car man let's really checking off

this car man less less none of this

how can we turn this up you know I don't

know how to okay now he's off man

so okay how's the blue to turn it over

very fantastic I never used this before

the know how this works

so let's where's the menu finish so

let's let's try the radio radio Radio

radio okay where's the radio where's the

radio okay tune is gonna be this is okay

let's say they seem to have fun at us

this station who cares

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qualify visit CH CP edu today i disguise

no bad man describes no bad I just have

a little a lot of body damage anything

has a lot of body damage you need we are

looking at something else okay


we're getting awfully loud man and the

muffler is loud I don't like that man I

passed that stage I don't care about

stuff like that no more okay doesn't

have a speaker I thought you had to

speak underneath it has the spare tire

you'd even check the spare tire on the

other car so we're gonna go this guy's a

very good car man

you're knocking kind of tell sometimes

you don't need to look too hard on the

car this is experience man you have a

spirits and his cars it's a very good

car man let me go double-check the other

one man and you see these waters right

here man hey these type of stuff okay

oh yeah has it has the back thing right

here okay how spare tires that's good

that's good that's good let me lock this

like I like this one day let me wrap up

the angel real quick that's that's very

important man sometimes when you rev up

the engine the engine lines can come on

and you can kind of tell it is a bad

call man I know that remember of of the

engine I hear the engine sounds

yeah sound really good okay guys that

sound good man this is it man this is

the end of me tracking the cars that I

want to buy some I'm interested right

now in two cars but Batman we have

interested in this car so I'm gonna go

hard on this car right here

and you got that in this sign over there

we have done this sign over there but

I'm gonna go hard on mainly on the

hunted man him back again man look at

this lumber getting beautiful I'm

beginning right here up man he's

up man you got you got you got

you got it got the great it's really a

messed-up car man he's messed up man you

know that's a lot of damage in it and

stuff kind of kind of like it man but I

mean if I have the money our bodies

can't do it I would buy and I would have

a kid because man he's a Lamborghini I

can fix this fix it by myself I

don't even want anybody to touch it man

you know its eyes are freaking big

besides probably costs what are you of

course that I cost more than a lot of

cars and I buy these cars probably gonna

go up a hundred thousand now now how do

you say hundred about 80 to $60,000 in

exotic cars will go right here man we

got the we got a nice mix this bench

right here man

you got a nice miss this got a

Tesla right here man I got the monster

quite fun oh that's not really exotic

car as a basic car man

but this it is Tesla right here is

really clean man you can buy this car

right here

you know Tesla's I know that it's fancy

but looked it up man you know to buy

brand new chest is like $40,000 CBI

$40,000 man but today squad can buy this

car the auction for like $30,000 $25,000

it depends on how crazy people like

going but it's not a bad comment but

this mess this bench right here go hard

as hell man I love this miss this bench

man he's a very clean and calm man I

Love You Man I don't know if I if I

wanna peek

I'm probably gonna pick the Tesla man

depends you know we're out in the

and now we got the big boys right there

may see the truck over there probably

gonna go up to like I'll probably say

like 3040 thousand this is freaking

expensive man you know it is expensive

you know I'm just speaking the truth

because I buy cause by the time I the

auction and every time trucks come

around it never sell this trucks cheap

man these trucks never so cheap you know

this is a very good part is a very

expensive car man but here let's forget

about the truck let's forget about this

miss this man let's let's look at this

baby right here man this is the car that

I want my picture right here this is my

future car right yep wi8 I mean I'm

gonna get that Pagani buddy and I'm

gonna start off with a BMW i8 I really

love this comment I don't know why but I

love the shape I love everything about

this car so I want to check out this BMW


but I don't know why they looked about

another place to look man oh man like

that I guess cuz this is fancy man it's

not it's not that expensive this cries

about $90,000 $80,000 you know brand new

one is probably nine hundred thousand

dollars yeah seven thousand seven eighty

thousand miles Anita not bad but uh no

sure you see this car right here it's

this way you get cheap cause man not a

function this way you get cheap exotic

cars all right it's gonna be my dream

car let's get it man yeah guys man I'm

done with the plug today man right now

buddy go home I'm completely done I'm

gonna go home and did this all these

videos I put it all together man

I'll finish out a couple of my family

routes right now just about

go home and get everything ready and

deep out make sure you guys stay tuned

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