3 Apps To Find The Cheapest Gas

the good news is summer is here and it's

time to travel but the bad news is gas

prices are higher than they've been in

the last four years five we've got three

gas price apps that will help you save

money as you go RVing this summer


they say that we really can't expect

much relief in those rising gas prices

that's supposed to continue pretty much

all summer long so now it's a good time

for us to share with you the three apps

that we use the most when we're

traveling to save money and fuel not

perfect but they really do help us

manage fuel costs Gas Buddy is our first

go-to app when looking for the lowest

prices it is easy to use and navigate

simply search by zip code city or state

the huge number of users contribute by

updating prices irregularly meaning the

app is almost always up to date one

unique feature of Gas Buddy is its so

called gas price heat map that shows gas

price per gallon across the US and


the app is free for iOS and Android gas

guru is another favorite I like its

simple interface with big buttons in

large font that are easy to read gas

prices and stations can be sorted by

various ways to buy company type of gas

types of payment accepted restrooms ATM

availability service stations and more a

favorite feature of gas guru is the

ability to get directions to a

particular station and that has helped

us a lot

the app is free for iOS and Android I

exit gas is a good fit for those

traveling the interstates it will help

you find stations near exits that you're

approaching including how far they are

from your current location I exit gas

lets you locate gas stations by name

available fuel type and that helps me

make sure that diesel is available at

the next exit it also provides a map of

each exit and that makes it easy to

navigate in an unknown area they charge

for that app though $0.99 for iOS only

ok short and sweet those are the three

that we use but if I could only have one

I would have guessed buddy yeah I agree

I think that's the most accurate and

most importantly it's the most

up-to-date it's sometimes updated almost


but a close second for me is that I exit

gasps I think that's a pretty handy one

on the interstates even though that one

is the only one of those three apps that

they charging money for hey we hope this

helps you enjoy your travels save a

little bit of money this summer please

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we're Mike and Jennifer one loan we want

to thank you for watching bye bye hi