Can you see the cat answer [Solution]


Earth's life under lockdown continues

worldwide more and more people are

looking to the Internet to keep


amidst the latest in a long line of

Internet crazies in the can you see the

cat challenge which is making its way

across Instagram Twitter and Facebook

this is everything you need to know

about the challenge including how to see

the cat the challenge comes from a

cartoon picture of a woman holding a

broom she is standing in front of brick

wall a door and a cotton with a mop

bucket beside her Instagram and Twitter

users have been posting the picture

asking the question can you see the cat

to find it rotate your phone to the

right so that woman's pointed elbow is

facing up now look at the a low wall

between the woman's head and the cotton

noticed how the cotton is not completely

straight the curve of the cotton and the

outline of the woman's face and solar

creates the outline of a cat

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