Saved by the Bell Cast: Where Are They Now?

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welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be

counting down our picks for the Saved by

the Bell cast where are they now

for this list we'll be looking at

various actors and actresses from Saved

by the Bell and seeing what they've been

up to since the sitcom ended in 1993

number 7 Dennis Haskins we all know Zack

Lisa Kelly Jesse Slater screech since

you're the principal

give me one students name besides those

people there was crush there was there

was bruiser there were all these jocks

acanthus you don't even know these do

you playing principal Richard Belding

was Dennis Haskins an actor from

Chattanooga Tennessee

Haskins was credited for all 86 episodes

of the show and subsequently reprised

his role for Saved by the Bell the new

class the spin-off that ran from 1993 to

2000 oh and you can have this back

because we won't be needing it well why

don't you just return a few other things

you borrowed since we've been here

like what like my alarm clock my nail

clippers and my Arkell toe warmers

Hoskins has remained busy in film and TV

and has been credited in dozens of roles

throughout the years in 2017 he starred

in one-off episodes of I'm dying up here

and keys and in 2019 he starred opposite

Tom Sizemore in the action thriller

abstruse man's gotta stand up for that

man can't stand up for himself

and that was the cows closest I know

that's why you've been locked up here

for nine months according to IMDB he has

two projects in the works as of 2020 the

comedy-drama a Bennet song holiday and a

romantic movie called a teen number six

lark Voorhies you are supposed to toast

white birds you want toasted buns go sit

on a microwave for he's was one of the

breakout stars of Saved by the Bell

having been nominated for three straight

young artists awards for her work as

Lisa turtle but over time she

disappeared from the spotlight causing

fans to wonder what happened to lark

Voorhies unfortunately the roles have

been scanned for Voorhees in the 2010s

and her last credited role was in 2012

when she appeared as Hannah and closer

to God Jessica's journey however she has

also written three self-published books

throughout that decade reciprocity track

of the cheshire and a true light it has

been suggested that four he struggles

from bipolar disorder and she told dr.

oz in February 2020 that she felt

slighted and hurt after being excluded

from the Saved by the Bell reboot show

she also claims that her quote/unquote

puzzling disorder may have played a

factor with that in mind I am truly

thankful for having had the chance to

work on a show that has been so

successful number five Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond will forever be known as

screech from Saved by the Bell

screech hit it


he continued in that role throughout the

new class before finally leaving the

franchise behind in 2000 it's just how

do you come off of such a phenomenal you

know phenom role of this screech

character and then break out of that

mold and do something different I had

auditioned in every single time they'd

say we loved it but we saw too much

screech in it in 2013 he appeared as a

housemate on series 12 of Celebrity Big

Brother and was evicted on day 16

unfortunately Diamond has gotten himself

into some trouble in the latter half of

the decades in 2015 he was sentenced to

four months in prison for concealing a

weapon and allegedly stabbing a man in a

bar the previous year there were no

bells to save him today

Dustin diamonds actions at a Port

Washington bar last Christmas have now

cost him his freedom

however he broke the terms of his

probation and was subsequently thrown

back in jail in 2016 his last credited

role was in 2017 when he appeared as

himself in an episode of your pretty

face is going to hell okay listen don't

freak out you're in Hell what yeah why a

lot of reasons that I think that you

know Sam is a huge fan though and he

wants you to reprise your most popular

role is lovable goofball squeak you are

aware that it's screech though right

listen to me all right it's squeak the

singing things at it squeak number four

elizabeth berkley hey Jessie you can't

sing tonight Berkeley is most famous for

her role as Jessie although she is

infamous for playing Nomi Malone in



that's enough thank you ladies in 1995

she earned two Razzie Awards for her

work in the film worst new star and

worst actress since then Berkeley has

appeared in many television shows and

made-for-tv movies it's not your name

anymore is it it's a ratio game between

2008 and 2009 she had a 9 episode stint

on CSI Miami and in 2013 she competed on

season 17 of Dancing with the Stars yes

I need them Val I need them to drive she

was paired with Val Chmerkovskiy and

placed 6 her last credited role before

the Saved by the Bell reboot was that of

Becky cavatappi in an episode of new

girl but we're happy to say she'll be

reprising her iconic role of Jesse in

the 2020 reboot because I quit I hope

you have a minor career setback learn

from it relocate and ultimately have a

very nice life Becky number 3 Mario

Lopez Lopez was discovered by a talent

agent when he was just 10 years old and

six years later he was starring as AC

Slater on Saved by the Bell

I've been in 14 schools in the last

three years hey I've got hall passes in

five languages I don't like him already

in the early 2000s he began venturing

into hosting and hosted shows like pet

star MTV's top pop group and America's

Best Dance Crew for the back to 80

see these two crews blueprint crew

insult RA received the fewest votes from

America now they must perform

back-to-back in 2008 he began hosting

extra and remained in the position until

2019 when he left a joint Access


however he hasn't left acting behind and

in 2020 his new show the expanding

universe of Ashley Garcia aired on


hi I'm Ashley Garcia I am the youngest

person ever to earn a PhD I just got a

job at JPL in California where I'm going

to make robots for NASA

Lopez co-created the show with Seth

Kurland but also executive producers and

stars as Nico gonna burn for three weeks

just like his co-star elizabeth berkley

lopez will be coming back to Bayside

this time as a teacher though just take

a look at him has any time passed since

the original series number two Tiffani

Thiessen Zach I don't know how to thank

you for tonight we're together that's

enough Thiessen had a great run

throughout the 90s and became something

of a teen idol starring as Kelly

Kapowski and Saved by the Bell

and Valerie Malone in Beverly Hills

90210 she appeared in 136 episodes of

the ladder and her role ran from 1994 to

1998 right Valerie hey Brandon how you

doing good good I'd like you to meet

some friends of mine this is Kelly

Taylor hi the 2000s were a bit slower

but things picked back up in 2009 when

she landed the role of Elizabeth Burke

on white collar beginning in 2015 she

executive produced and hosted her own

cooking show called dinner at Tiffany's

which aired on The Cooking Channel until

2017 but as a mom and with my hectic

work schedule it's sometimes hard to

stay connected with the people that I

meet so I like to throw intimate dinner

parties at my house the following year

she began starring as Lori on the

Netflix sitcom Alexa and Katie the show

began airing its third season on

December 30th 2019 I learned

when life gets stressful you are

infuriating like oh we have to remember

to lean away from the fear and lean into

the people we love and don't worry

Kelly's coming back for the reboot too

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notifications number one mark-paul

Gosselaar gossler has retained steady

work since his time as Zack Morris came

to an end in 1994 it's Saturday morning

and we're in school depressing isn't it

we're here to take this test called the

SAT well I'd rather be at the beach

working on my ta n between 2001 and 2005

he played detective John Clark jr. on

NYPD Blue and between 2011 and 2014 he

portrayed the titular bash on TNT's

Franklin & bash with the planner Flagg

now let me know this is not how we do it

at Franklin bath and his work does not

seem to be slowing down in 2019 he start

as Brad wall gassed in the Fox vampire

thriller the passage and that same year

he began appearing as Paul on the ABC

sitcom Nick's dish

the prequel spin-off of blackish what

are you doing you new with me I can't

resist kick in a white man when he's

down he's also married with their second

child a daughter named Lachlan born in

2015 now the 2020 reboot couldn't

possibly be complete without old Zach

and even though he's busy gossler is set

to make an appearance

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