when it turns the boots in February of


it was a television first a sitcom about

an african-american family in an

inner-city housing project as the rules

toward asthma track Laura Devon's John

Armas was her hard-working husband James

and John and Dubois played their feast

in neighbor Willona woods over time

stories shifted focus to their kids

lovable goofball JJ responsible Felmy

and Michael socially conscious youngest

Walker's brought Lee comic JJ emerged as

the show's breakout character and he

began to receive more screen time a

Mosin role cut back committed to the

mission of depicting positive role

models after clashes with producer

Norman Lear Alice was written out row

left and the first ever african-american

family sitcom had lost its parents and

yet we will show endured and the

storytelling remained resonant now more

than 40 years later how the changed

viewers can see what made good times one

of the most groundbreaking sitcoms of

its era so you ever see it on the pile

couch and enjoy this dynamite facts

about the Evans family as they all got

her start on the stage Ruth was born in

Florida the 10th of 18 children born to

Bahamian parents she moved to New York

CC and worked in the garment industry

before beginning her performing career

with African dance troupe show logo loba

as though was one of the founding

members of the Negron summer company

along with Rosalynn cash Frances Foster

and her sister Rosanna Carter who were

all future good times guest stars

John Armas was just eight years older

than Jamie Walker when good times began

Jimmy Walker was 26 and almost playing

his father was only 34 raw was 53 New

Jersey NASA farmers was a pro football

player who transitioned to acting

landing the recurring role of weatherman

Goldie Hawn Mary Tyler Moore in 1970

Walker was a comedian with only a

handful of TV appearances when he was

cast as JJ I came on to be funny Walker

told PBS is pioneers of television

fallen dimers were actors so they were

thinking we are acting I came out as a

stand-up it was a spin-off office enough

places on the family introduced Maude

Findlay we are after the opinionated

cousin of Edith bunker Jean Stapleton in

December of 1971 less than a year later

Maude had her own show certain they're

fluent suburbs of New York City and

beginning with episode three she also

had a made of Norah Devon's prose often

given modes sharpest punchlines and Lia

and the writers gradually expanded her


a firefighter husband was introduced

towards the end of the first season

played by amis but originally named

Henry midway through season two Florida

and Henry was pan off into their own

series making good times a rarity the

spin-off of a spinoff


good times bro continuity with mod in

Florida's goodbye airdate February the

feast 1974 Henry Evans gets a promotion

and Florida quits her job with a family

family to be a stay-at-home mom when

good times premiere three days later the

Evans family now lived in Chicago

Henry's his name was known James and he

no longer had a job Norman Lear was not

the creator Ian developed and produced

good times but the series was created by

two african-american writers Mike Evans

and Erik Monti Evans played Lionel

Jefferson on all in the family and when

he expressed a desire to write they

offered him the good times pilot Evans

collaborated with Monty a college friend

who had grown up in the crime-ridden

cabrini-green Housing project in Chicago

the Evans family leaves there to how the

name is never mentioned John Armas was

fired with all the attention being paid

to good times as then John began to feel

a personal responsibility for the series

Lea wrote in his 2014 book even these I

get to experience this led to frequent

clashes particularly about JJ and his

antics at the end of the third season

John Armas was so glum and dispirited

that it seemed impossible to go on

Leigha road so we decided to write him

out of the show I must accept some

responsibility for the split telling

Jack in 2008 I wasn't the most

diplomatic guy in those days as a rule

quit five months after James death which

took place off screen Florida girls on

her first date with shop owner Carla

Dixon Moses gun cruises for money grunts

humble company colleague Paul proposes

to Florida at the end of the season end

when season five begins the now married

couple is honeymooning in Arizona

Florida now eventually decided to stay

there as Carl is treated for cancer

in reality grow toast step away from the

series Janet Dubois became the star in

God Janet Jackson as a daughter with a

Jeannette DePalma promoted to lead Lea

gave Willona a powerful storyline early

in season 5 JJ meets

penny Janet Jackson the daughter of an

abusive mother sheep fields in a

four-part story arc who Laura takes

penny in and begins the process of

adopting her with the help social worker

mrs. tops alice ghostley

good times was Janet Jackson's first

acting job at age 11 after season on the

CBS variety series The Jacksons Dubois

would recreate the character of Alana on

the way Anna bras in 1997 reuniting with

Bernadette's tennis a Surma and Ronnie

Brown as building Superbook man she and

Janet Jackson reunited in 1986 and

develop late for mom in the music video

for control Ron returned for the final

season after sitting out season 5 row

returned for the final season as Florida

helps Thelma prepare for her marriage to

food would play Keith than powers a

series concludes with good times for

everyone as JJ gets a new job

Thurman Ann says she's pregnant Keith

recovers from the injury that threatened

his career and the Evans family finally

moves out of the project along with

Willona and penny


the times lived again on blackish in

2016 ABC's blackish pay tribute to the

Evans family in the popular sitcom

second season with dread Johnson Anthony

Anderson falling asleep during the good

times marathon and dreaming that he and

the rest of the cast and members of the

Evans family black-ish even built an

applicator of the good times apartment

and depicted supporting characters like

penny Keith and Bookman the producers

believed that trough Carter would be the

show's breakout star the next actor to

be hired after Rowan Dharma's was

12-year old Ralph Carter who was cast as

the youngest son Michael Michael was

nicknamed the Milton matured by James

because of his outspoken views on

anything to do with politics or civil

rights producers believed that Carter

would be the breakout character of the

show not only because he was killed and

looked younger than his age but also

because it would be humorous yet

poignant that a child would be espousing

such Sheila's viewpoints Tata was

appearing on Broadway in the musical

revival times producer and Lea brought

out the remainder of his contract to

enable him to appear on the series as

evidence in the ending credits of the

first season the show produced more than

one teen idol Walker was the breakout

star of the show but both Carter and

Bernadette's tΓΆnnies who played Thumb

Evans achieved bona fide a teen idol

status thanks to their explosion good

times and were in steady competition

with the Jackson brothers and Diana Ross

in the Hollywood gossip columns

Carter launched a successful singing

career during his spare time when

Stannis became a poster favorite and

regular magazine Telugu

Walker recruited a few soon-to-be famous

faces Walker didn't forget his friends

once his television career took off

in fact he hired several of them who

were still struggling comedians to write

material for his stand-up act 2 of those

pals were Jay Elena and David Letterman

Walker finagled a smorgasbord on good

times for Leno during season 3 years

later after good times had been canceled

and lotterman was the star of late night

Walker could steal foam Letterman at any

time and get a spot on his show and

that's all for now

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