ChromeCast: Missing Cast Button/ Icon? 5 Possible Steps----FIXED!

hey what's going on everybody so you

have a Google chromecast one or two and

you have an issue where you open up you

run your apps maybe a YouTube app or

Netflix app and it's missing that little

casting icon it doesn't matter if you

have a Android phone or an iPhone I'm

gonna give you five steps so that

casting icon can reappear all right so

let me just open up my YouTube app and

let me just sure you can see the I have

the casting icon casting button right

there let me turn it over right there so

you're basically missing that okay so

the first thing to do is to check if

you're on the same Wi-Fi so basically

whatever home you're in if it's your

home you have your phone and the

chromecast have to be on the same Wi-Fi

network make sure that they're both on

the same Wi-Fi network okay okay so

number two what you can do is you can

try to close your app so for instance if

you here wanted to use like YouTube go

ahead and close the YouTube app so if

you have an iPhone basically what you

can do is just double tap the home

button and then find the YouTube app

right here let me double tap again and

then simply what you can do is just

close it so I can just like slide it up

now it closed and now I can go ahead and

reopen it and hopefully the casting icon

is up there now another thing too is if

you have an Android phone it's going to

be a different way this is a Samsung

Galaxy s7 but if I wanted to actually

close the YouTube app I would have to

click on this menu button here pop on

that look for like YouTube here it is

right here and then close it and then I

can go ahead and reopen it okay now

number three and this is the one that I

had the most success with you what you

want to do is you want to go to you or

wireless modem or router unplug it wait

10 seconds plug it back in then go back

to your phone and it should be up and

running and if that doesn't work then

you want to try number four number four

is basically just what you want to do is

just reboot your Chrome your chromecast

so I'm not talking about a factory reset

I'm talking about just go to your

chromecast and just unplug the the USB

basically we give the power unplug that

wait 10 seconds then plug it back in and

then go to your phone hopefully it will

be backup okay now if it's if that

didn't work then we'll go to last step

and I had to do this a couple times to

at different friends house but you would

have to do a factory reset now how do

you do a factory reset in factory reset

it's it's it's really simple on the

chromecast - and I'm gonna put a link

below how to actually go through the

entire process of doing a factory reset

but you see this button right here you

have a button here on the chromecast -

and even the chromecast one you have

that same button that's right here

basically you have your chromecast

plugged in just you don't have to have

the HDMI part plugged in just make sure

it has power and press and hold the this

button down for about like 10 to 15

seconds and so automatic according to

have two recent reset everything and

then you're gonna have to find again

your network and put the password in but

I'll put a link below a step-by-step on

how to do a factory reset anyway that's

pretty much it you guys have questions

comment below and if this work for you

please give me which number work for you

sometimes there's a combination of the

two sometimes you have to like a reboot

your router and then you go and reboot

your chromecast and then your icons will

reappear on your phone it's pretty much

it thanks for watching guys bye