How To Mirror Netflix to TV using iPhone (No Chromecast Needed) - 2019


hey what is going on everyone ever

wanted to watch Netflix without using

your remote control on your TV well it

could be hard because sometimes you're

using your remote control could means

that you your TV might lag or you have

to like search using a small control

which could be really hard if you're

typing a really big movie name or TV

series so in this video I'm gonna teach

you how you can watch your Netflix using

your iPhone and it's really easy oh but

you and all you have to do is just click

the movie and you will watch that movie

using your phone to your TV without

using anything no cable or anything and

it's free by the way so yeah anyways so

we start this to start this video you

have to download Netflix application

from the App Store it's really free you

don't just have to download the

application if you didn't know that

already I'm silly I know anyways once

you got on the application just make

sure you are logged into your Netflix

account and don't do anything else and

also you don't have to like get in the

settings and you don't do stuff like

that it's really it's really simple all

you have to do is fire up the

application it click something anyways

I'll show you exactly how to do it and

once you once you download the

application and you locked in just go to

your iPhone settings and make sure you

are using the newest iOS by the way in

my case I'm using iOS 12 so if you're

using like older iPhones it's like

iPhone 5 maybe iPhone 6 just make sure

you are on lettuce iOS update so in this

case I am not running a 12.2 so yeah I

missed it but it's really ok anyways so

yeah once once the application is

downloaded you have your latest iOS

version only running on your iPhone

that's what you have to do anything you

don't have to do anything literally all

you have to do is just fire up the

application it will ask you if you if

you like download if you download the

application recently will ask you to

login but in my case I have done that

already I'm not gonna login again so

yeah ok these are this is Netflix

running on my iPhone I kid I could watch

movies TV serials

anime on my

but that would be fun right it would be

really small screaming but though I say

yeah I mean not the not the smallest but

yeah it will be a small compared to your

TV now if you look at the bottom of the

of your Netflix application will show

you lose creamer I can at the bottom now

you won't be able to see it on your on

your iPhone but I will show you exactly

how did how to get the icon because once

you click that icon is probably gonna

select your TV if you have if you're

running a multiple TV to show you

multiple TVs or in this case I'm using

Samsung LED and yeah it's showing me I

will show you exactly how you are going

to get your TV in your Netflix Play

application yeah I'm sorry about that

anyways I'm really excited I'm Noah than

this before anyway okay on your on your

Samsung TV by the way you know you yeah

you don't have to have Samsung TV like

you don't need to have like only Samsung

TV it will work with any TV you have

like you Sony Samsung or any other TV so

yeah once you once you're in the Samsung

settings get your network settings and

just go to the general network settings

and just make sure your a TVs connect to

your Wi-Fi router also just make sure

that you have the same router or same

Wi-Fi connection running on your iPhone

because if you have like different

routers at home and like you're using

the iPhone on tomorrow it won't work and

won't show you the TV on your network so

as long as you have like the TV

connected to the same network it will

show you there is a TV also you don't

have to do anything if you're watching

TV just set it to TV if you're if you're

using HDMI cable you just set it to HDMI

cable just select the source that you

normally use on your TV alright so once

you almost the Wi-Fi is turned on your

TV will show you the streaming I con on

your Netflix application once you click

on your TV it will pop up Netflix on

your TV

like literally pop-up you don't have to

download the application because I had

no idea if I had the application on my

samsung TV so I'm pretty sure I don't

so just in case yeah okay so once the

application is fired up if you have not

logged in it will automatically lock you

lock you in by the way so yeah that's

pretty good okay once you logged in just

select any movie any movie you like to

like for example I'm gonna watch the

edge full frontier maybe yeah Ben

Affleck and really up the movie by the

way I've seen that before

anyways so yeah once just like the movie

will ask you what kind of movie do you

want what TV do you want to merge you so

in this case I select

- Samson so just once the TV's connected

- oh you got a deuce click play and

we'll automatically play the movie on

your movie on your TV might take few

seconds by the way depending on how fast

your internet connection is or if you're

running older iPhones like five or six

even even seven by the way so it will

take few seconds just be patient and

we'll automatically run the movie TV

series anime or anything you would like

to watch on your Netflix will pop that

to your TV you don't have to use your

remote control don't anything also a

bonus by the way if you want to post a

movie you can pause the movie using your

and iPhone sorry about that you can

pause the movie using our iPhone app you

don't have to use your remote control at

all also you can go back 30 seconds and

I'm not sure you know what else you can

do by the way you can also like if you

disconnect the ice we disconnect the app

it won't go away so yeah if you are

running low on battery or something just

play the movie and just DC and

disconnect your iPhone I will

automatically take you back take you

back to the menu screen so you can

charge well I want these it would

disconnect it yeah TV

so yeah that's it thank you so much for

watching guys I hope you liked the video

and if you have any questions please

leave in the comment section below also

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