[FULL GUIDE] Jailbreak CARGO PLANE ROBBERY, ROADSTER, SKYDIVING | Roblox Jailbreak New Winter Update

what's up guys in this video we're gonna

be going over the entire new robot

Joburg winner update the brand new Tesla

runs through thee brand new cargo plane

robbery and skydiving so be sure to

watch it till the end and let's hop into

this let's go flick on sudoko brand new

roblox career my name's Creek and guys

look at this look at that jailbreak has

updated we've got the biggest jailbreak

update we've had in a very long time the

cargo robbery take a look at that oh my

gosh dude that looks good the 2019

winner update is here cargo plane

robbery skydiving an ice age the

Roadster like oh my gosh there's so much

stuff let's hop into this I'm gonna go

over everything there is to know about

this up they give you guys some tips and

tricks so be sure to watch until the end

and let's get into this here we go guys

so the first thing you notice as we load

up the game is the winter map there is a

brand-new winter map in the game the old

map is gone an ice age has hit jailbreak

and everything has been winter fine it's

ice it's snow the fries aren't frozen

everything's cold I hope you brought

your jacket take a look at this oh my

gosh dude it's it's all frozen it's just

it's it's all frozen it's all ice and

blue and I like it I think it looks

pretty good what do you guys think let

me know down in the comment section

below I think all this looks really

really good just probably my favorite

map so far no actually real quick I do

want to show you guys a cool little

trick you can do with these icebergs in

the in the lake right here so what you

want to do is you want to grab a volt

Bank alright let me go ahead and spawn

two one in here and this is actually a

really cool thing you can do if you

drive at the yeah you can do that if you

drive it the icebergs you can literally

fly up in the air with the Volt bye all

you got to do is fly at them and you can

literally fly in the air add some rocket

fuel to it you can land on some

buildings if you want to guys it's it's

crazy look at that oh my gosh dude

that's that's insane but you guys are

here for the robbery guys you guys want

to know how the new robbery works how do

you rob it how does it function how do I

get all the money in the new robbery and

I'm gonna show you guys how to do that

right now so there's two things you need

to know about the new robbery the police

side and the criminal side because the

police do matter you are gonna need to

you know have some police here for this

to work so real quick while I'm heading

on over here to the airport I want to

remind you guys that if you guys are not


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video and subscribe and let me know down

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out some roblox so yeah go ahead

subscribe but basically now that you're

a cop you want to come on over here and

you're gonna call in the cargo plane

just like that now you do have to wait a

little bit once the server does you know

open up for the first time I think it's

about five minutes and if you don't have

any cops on your server earning cops

that do phone it in here then if you

wait an extra five minutes so ten

minutes it'll spawn in on its own so

it's every five minutes if a cop

initiates it in every 10 minutes if a

cop does not initiate it also I just

realized this but the soccer ball has

actually become a giant snowball now

that's actually pretty funny alright so

I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna switch

teams to a prisoner I'm gonna get a few

people in here cuz like I said we are

gonna need to grab at that Keys card so

I'm gonna get a copy here so I can grab

the keycard from them oh snap a

jailbreak admin actually actually joined

my game right now that's a little bit

scary hopefully I don't get banned guys

that would be bad okay so while waiting

on the plane to spawn in here since we

can't really do anything let's take a

look at the brand new Tesla Roadster

2020 so you're gonna buy it right here

at the bank

Tesla spot it's six hundred thousand

dollars we're gonna win by that bad boy

and here it is know right off the bat

you're gonna notice that this thing is

fast I believe it is the fastest car in

the game we're gonna test that out here

at the end of this video but I believe

it is the fastest so stay tuned for that

I'm pretty sure it's the new fastest car

obviously you can customize it upgrade

the engine make it look however you want

just like you can on any other car it

does in fact work and obviously

upgrading the engine makes it even

faster and I'm pretty sure it has the

fastest acceleration of any car in the

game I'm pretty sure that's what a CMO

said and it does in fact seem to be that

way but you know we'll check that out

after we Rob this new plane now this new

cargo plane alright so this guy right

here he's a cup and he went ahead and

called in the cargo plane I'm gonna go

in pickpocket him here and grab a key

karma gal weapon we want a keycard

though there we go and no one's gonna

happen is the plane is actually going to

fly into the map you can actually see it

it's it's dark right now so it's gonna

be a little bit difficult but it does

fly in from this way right on over here

and actually does turn you're gonna see

it here in a sec if you have your volume

up all the way you'll definitely hear it

there it is right there there it is

right there it's a little dark you know

so it's low

a little hard to see at nighttime but

there it is right there it's gonna fly

right on into the map just like that and

we want to land right here at the

airport that's where it's gonna land

here it comes there it comes it's going

down going down there we go look at that

dude that looks so cool man

that looks so epic this guy asked if me

if you if he reminds if I read or if I

mind a few records he has no ideas

actually in the video right now so this

bad boy is gonna land and then the

bottom of it is actually going to lower

down just like that and then what you

want to do is run on in here and I'm

gonna turn off the music just for

copyright purposes but you know there is

cool music and then we're gonna be able

to rub this thing and I'm gonna show you

guys how it works well after about a

minute or so the door over there is

gonna open right on up and it's gonna

it's gonna take off the planes gonna

take off and if you're in a vehicle you

want to stay in the vehicle but don't be

in a vehicle while you're in here and

how it's gonna work is you're gonna pick

one of these little cargo crates to to

rob you're gonna pick one you can only

rob one even if you do the jetpack

glitch if you get to it'll delete the

first one so you can only get one and

you're gonna go ahead and hold you in

spec one which is gonna pick one up for

you now most of these give you $4,000

unless you have the the game pass then

it'll give you six thousand one of these

has a police keycard in it and then

another one has eight thousand or seven

thousand dollars and I think they nerfed

it a bit I think it's seven thousand or

about ten thousand if you have the

upgrade then you're gonna run over here

you're gonna open the door it's gonna

fling you out and oh my gosh threw it

look at that man you're going to skydive

right on out and you want to make sure

that you press the spacebar so that you

can actually you know open your

parachute otherwise you're gonna be

you're gonna have a bad time all right

so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna grab

the Tesla here this guy this guy is I

don't know if you can get in I think

it's only a two person vehicle yeah it

is it's a two person vehicle and then

what you're gonna do you're gonna

deliver the crate to the city criminal

base there's a little spot right on over

here that you can deliver it to go right

on in here there we go and then drive it

right on over here to the back and boom

there you go so we got six thousand

dollars that was the basic one right

there so you're gonna get about six

thousand minimum right from that which

is really nice now while we wait on the

plane to spawn again because there is a

five-minute time

let's go ahead and let's do a little

speed test to see how fast this thing

actually is here so I'm gonna go ahead

I'm gonna grab my timer let's find out

if it is the fastest car in the game

here we go

timer let's go ahead and stopwatch here

we go three two and one go there we go

and we're just gonna drive this right on

over here it's a little bit hard to

control because it is so fast at

accelerating and we're gonna go right on

over here to the bridge and when we hit

the bridge we're gonna hit stop and stop

there we go 14 seconds exactly

obviously the torpedo is the fastest car

in the game so let's test this out with

the torpedo guys do we have a new

fastest car let's go ahead let's grab

the torpedo and let's see what we got

all right I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna

spawn in the torpedo here here it is

there we go

upgrade it just like normal and just

salad says he'll Drive I'll let him

drive here in a second we're gonna go

ahead and do the speed test 14 seconds

is designed to beat three two one go

there we go all right all right all

right he if he's watching this video I

apologize please don't blame me because

he is a jailbreak guys men guys I just

left the job brake admin dude oh my gosh

isn't going to beat it

here we go three two and

and bow oh we have a new fastest vehicle

guys oh my gosh we have a new fastest

vehicle the Tesla Roadster 2020 is the

new fastest vehicle in the entire game

there it is there it is guys there it is


Wow we did it oh my gosh that's cool

that's cool now real quick I do want to

show off the chrome skin here obviously

the jawbreaker admin here is driving but

check this out guys that chrome skin

let's look at spicy looking crisp if you

get the chrome skin on the new test oh

my gosh okay also if you guys didn't

know the new Tesla can do this oh my

gosh yeah that's that's the thing that's

the thing you guys they know it's a new

feature it's it's a it's a new feature

that the Tesla can do all you got to do

is run into something and it may happen

there yeah press the like button

yes space rocket there you go guys oh

it's the new train the new Christmas

train are you doing Christmas tree I'm

just trying to get back to the airport

right now and you're blocking my path

alright so we're gonna go ahead and

we're gonna take this ramp back into the

airport yeah oh oh oh oh oh gosh we

don't want to get flung again that would

be bad

alright let's see if we can call in the

cargo plane here I'm pretty sure the

jelbreak admin can do it he seems like

yeah there it goes okay so you're gonna

be able to see the plane actually fly on

in here it's gonna look really cool

let's climb on top of these boxes here

it's gonna be coming in from directly

ahead guys gonna be coming in from

directly ahead there and like I said you

turned the volume up you can actually

hear the plane I'm not gonna do that for

the sake of this video but you could

turn it up in and see it's pretty good

or hear it at least it's pretty cool

here it comes there it is guys flying

across the map here it comes I la I love

how it flies across the map that's so

cool guys that is so epic here it comes

oh my gosh it's gonna turn around it's

gonna it's gonna go right on in here oh

my gosh another jailbreak admin just

joined I'm totally getting paid I'm

totally getting banned guys you guys

better like this video if this video

doesn't get 5,000 likes I'm getting bad

nothing my gosh alright here we go the

plane is landing now there is something

really cool you can do here let me

actually hop on here and get on top of

the plane so I can actually show you

guys hopefully I can do this in time

pretty sure I have enough time pretty

sure I have enough time here but if I

get on top of the plane alright there's

actually a spot up here that you can

open the hatch to get into it so if

you're if it takes off if it starts

flying you can actually use this hatch

to get on into the airplane so I'm gonna

let it take off here and I'll show you

guys how it works all right here we go

the plane is taking off we're gonna go

ahead and you know let's say we landed

on top of it I'm gonna go and open up

the door cuz being up here is probably

probably not the safest place to be so

let's let's go ahead and let's go ahead

and open up this door here hop on down

here start robbing it there we go

inspect the crate and then once we get

some crates we can obviously skydive

right on out of here so let's go ahead

let's do this inspect this thing there

we go and now I'm just gonna flip the

switch and Bowl ariados snap there we go

guys we're gonna do it we're gonna take

that back to the criminal base