[DUEL LINKS] Beginner's Guide - The Card Trader (No Gems, No Problem)

hi guys d searcher here and today I'll

be doing a beginner's guide for

dueling's that's right this time you'll

be about well let's say if you don't

have any gems and you don't want to

spend any gems because you're concerning

on making a deck later on when you buy

actual packs but for this time from this

video I will be explaining what you can

do to get ready before you actually

spend your gems this will take a bit of

time to actually to incorporate because

this free to play method is actually

gonna take you a long time just keep you

let's just give you the hint of how long

it will take for you to get stuff before

you can even build stuff if that makes

sense basically this is a pre-shop wall

in this case yeah this way it's like a

pretty shop type of thing but if you

only spend like gems for a certain

amount before you actually start making

decks this is actually the guide for you

if that makes any sense sorry if I keep

saying that word those words particular

but this is like before you actually

start making pet combative decks so the

guy this guide will be explaining about

a particular shop that you can actually

get before sorry not before when you

reach level 7 or stage 7 so when you

reached a 7 stage 7 this actually will

appear in your shop a shop icon menu and

that is the car trader just little guy

here what does icon this car trader is a

shop where players can actually get

cards by trading specific items such as

gold which are coins are the rarity

jewels and stones all at once so you

trade gold rare jewels and also

elemental science at once this will

allow you to get some cards at one point

in every eight hours because card trader

restocks it's a well it pre stocks every

once every eight hours and depending on

what featured cards there are that are


in the shop at the moment those those

will appear so let's go to the card

traders shall we now these are some of

the featured cards that are in the car

trader as you see here in the top those

it's called new stock so new stock is

free rotation there will be these

specific stock will this stock in

particular these for this eight hours so

you can get all these type of cards one

one of these cards every AOL's

and then inc and after the eight hours

finishes you'll rotate into a new stock

then if you then if they need these

cards actually appeared again you can

actually get another one of these so

these are the current featured cards are

in the car trader moment so the ultra

rares are gonna be more pricier than the

rest of the other cards whilst the super

hairs aren't as expensive whilst the

rares are not as expensive as the super

is but they will cost you some jewels

and stuff and also the commons which

which will rotate every eight hours

which you can find like these specific

cards which one cost a lot which I will

show you

so for altering we've got like you need

about 111 110 thousand gold and for

ultra rare orbs and 70 trap orbs for

this one trap gems sorry let me just

repeat again you need for ultra rare

rarity jewels and trap elemental stones

it's really tricky to explain because

usually just called trap bulbs ultra

orbs and stones to keep to keep it more

simpler but they its I'll just say that

florescent video because it's more easy

to explain so if all of super airs if

not as much as this the for example this

is like ninety thousand gold it's like

forty five thousand it's like half the

amount also the jewels in particular for

the suppress and also the Dark One's for

the the elemental ones are actually a

little bit well the kind of same as the

other ones but the super is and the cold

in general are actually much much lower

actually no ultra jewels actually they

require less amount but they're hard to

get whilst the super airs are pretty

easy to get but they require a little


more depending but the rare jewels are

actually gonna cost you the most because

they're actually very very very easy to

get but in the same time they're not but

the element orbs are pretty easy to get

depending but gold is probably the most

easiest get easiest to get which won't

cost you too much of your time but it

will take you a while to actually farm

them so this is just an example of what

what you need to look out for and also

the ones that are normal and rares up

here actually gonna cost the least and

you don't need rarely orbs what's worth

because their normals they're just

Commons and lastly you can get keys and

stuff which you would use at their gate

which is very important because you

might need it later on when you're

actually farming so there are other

cards you can actually get to help you

farm but you need to get them in the

card shop first so if you're playing on

like farming later a after you've set up

what you want to do I your made two sets

that you'll be farming for to get for

farming is autumn writing and age of

discovery this will cost you gems but at

the beginning you will have a lot of

gems so depending on how much you spend

also how lucky yet you won't you

probably be able to get these easily

since then normals but it all depends

because they're the most stock of

everything else so the cards you want to

get in the the pack shop a booster shop

I should say if you want to start off

you want to get at least one secret pass

you need one so secret pass is gonna be

your most important card out of this

entire box because this is how you thumb

thumb decks so farm techs are very

important as they help you get more gems

orbs coins ecstatic Sara so that's all

you need for this set and for the Age of


the card you want most out of this if

you're playing on budget farming if you

don't have your AV cables dazzle which

you can get from I believe is Shizue

early on but you have to a marker first

so if you're doing stuff without using

crepe use vessel you need to get

piranhas are me Brian army is your is

your budget option for farming if you

don't have a what's the code called the

Union tech and other stuff so you need

to puff up a lot of your monsters before

you can actually go for high damage so

prior army is the card you need for this

if you're planning on farming early on

and since it's a mini box is more easy

to get right and the main box which main

box is a bit more wider compared to your

mate mini box any boxes around I think

80 packs whilst the main box is around

200 bucks so you have more chance to

king this but this is only option this

is optional rather than your pubs and

rising main box which you kind of need

one of these no matter what you do for

farming you always need this card if

you're planning on getting more dual

assessment points so it's gonna cost you

quite a bit depending on how we lucky

get if you are getting this player in

the early early stages for farming you

need this is this is your most important

card out of this box so yeah as for the

other stuff if you want to build like

your first competitive deck this will

actually not cost you any gems

whatsoever but you go up on you on

getting like staple cards and stuff like

soup rush headlong and powerful rebirth

and all that or anti measures depending

on how you get it for PvE and stuff

this deck in particular is your best

friend early on you'll probably your

best the best day early on in your

stages but you won't cost you too much

as I like to call it because this is

probably the best begin attack going

forward if you're playing competitively

so that I'm referring to is well you

need this card in particular which I

will explain you will need to make this

deck our majors are mages is probably

your best deck going into the early

stages of doings playing competitively

because our mages will get you up to

probably gold in my opinion for PvP

Gold's actually won the top

top stages before you reach platinum and

legend and King games both our mages our

majors can actually do quite well in

platinum and also fairly okay in legend

depending on your matchups so you might

be able to get to King games with our

majors but it all depends on how lucky

you get so there's a chance of you

actually topping with our majors but

this tech is probably the one I

recommend if you're actually starting

out in doings

preferably don't get stuff that you

might want to spend a lot of your gems

on get to stick first because this deck

will help you it'll help you in the long

run until you actually make a better

deck so this is probably the budget deck

going forward until you actually reach

reach decks that you require or the gems

with to spend for free to play or play

so yeah this deck entirely is made up of

car trader cards and also all the super

elf likes in which all and all that so

the main staple type of cards they're

all relatively easy to get considering

you can unlock it early on in the when

you've styled the game because you get

in control I think from the bingo

mission and you get the super rare

tickets and all those from early on also

having anti magic errors from your ultra

ticket when you first start out if you

ever if you do actually get it depending

on when you start the game because right

now you can actually add any magic

errors pretty easily with the ultra

ticket but if it's not available at this

time when you're watching then well

sorry you might have to get it a

different way but yeah intimate mages

are the best that for a budget player if

you're actually starting out because

this deck will help you with standard

doors and also with with PvP as well if

you're playing competitively so with our

mage Pokemon you only need about 18,000

gold 35 rare gems and also 30 fire orbs

or gems orbs however you want to call it

I wrap a radical gems know even though

gems are actually the paying mount for

when you're buying from chocolate I like

to call them also

Jem's whoever whatever rare all the

regions whatever it's fairly budget and

you only need like one or two bergamont

and for rosemary you probably need about

three of these which is very relatively

easy cuz really you only need a bell

let's say let's say about five hundred

to a thousand red orbs for each five

hundred I'd say about maybe round maybe

around five hundred depending depends on

how lucky you get with a restock and how

how quickly they respond and also you

can get the RMH garden which is a normal

because well not because but this car is

relatively very easy to get and it's

also won't cost you much you only cost

you like gold and spell orbs which are

very very budget so if you're playing on

making the stack I recommend it and also

you need our marriage-- Jasmine you will

need light orbs and also rare no super

rare jewels and you also need a decent

amount of cold as well because Jasmine

it's not going to be cheap considering

it's the most expensive one of the hours

of the era mage deck itself so yeah

but you can also get other interesting

cards in here which is very very cheap

if you don't find it in the main stock

you can actually get all your stuff from

here as well so yeah you can get

relatively easy stuff in the stock or

yet this talk in particular so for

budget reasons let's say what's bigger

what's a good car to go in for normals

are up many good normal cards in my

opinion it's just not paying for those

don't don't get them they're not useful

ja greed is actually quite good if

you're playing on picking this up this

is good I recommend getting a free off

either does restock in the car trader

but it'll cost you like twelve thousand

five hundred coins and free orbs freer

Arabs which is very very cheap and five

trap orbs which is very very cheap as


so you only need to spend like fifteen

Anabelle Fritos smell like maybe about

270 thousand depending which is very

very cheap cyber science also good one

but only if you actually get the fusion

based dragon or stuff later on which

you'll need later on so don't kids

understand until you actually get a

proper cards from the pack store booster

store whatever you call it you like it's

good my rankings pre alright for making

dragon decks this is Carter can be get

from you can actually eat this from Cod

Raider which is fairly a little bit more

expensive because that rare but it's

relatively worth it later on down the

line or early on depending on what you

want to build first up magic mallet also

a good one which is also rare card but

it's also relatively useful early on the

stages also use you can use a full

farming as well depending on which type

of farm and get use hazy flame sinks

there's also another that you can get

from this from the car trader which is

very really chilly relatively useful if

you're playing on making heavy flames

this is the place where you get it and

also you can get all the other hazy

stuff from the main boxes and many boxes

as well I think today are in the samurai

one and also another one as well I can't

remember what the names are Anna dragons

also good for even though to Supra now

that we're going into supras are more

more expensive but they can help you

later on down line and from dragons good

for the consistency factor if you

actually need it this is the place where

you get problem is Asian this car is a

very very important and in the heart

rate up because this allows you to

infuse your family drag and also use

other stuff later on down line if you

are planning on making a farm deck or a

fun deck for fusion losses so yeah keep

that in mind if you want to pick up some

polymerization also miss goofy miss


Cerberus is another card which can get

from this it is a super air as well you

don't need one of it I can get probably

maybe two to three depending but I

suggest only get picking up one for the

moment if

you have the draw since level low level

skill this cut is going to be very

important if you're actually making a

farm tech based on mythical P Cerberus

and there are actually found actually in

dueling's that based around this because

the AI doesn't some AI is don't actually

okay I Dex don't actually use a high

beat stick monsters or anything that

uses spell traps to get around your

monsters some actually just power the

room wants the stuff and monsters and

stuff but yeah miss could be Cerberus is

a card you should probably pick up if

you have the orbs and money for it or

gems so no gems the coins for it this is

how much sharks good if you want to make

a fish or water deck these cards very

neat is absolutely need if you're making

a water deck depending on which variant

of water you're making and this is a

place where you can get legendary ocean

as well there's an algebra card as for

ultra rares the cheapest is red-eyes

black dragon so if you're trying to make

a budget red-eyes Dec first you can

probably pick this up relatively cheap

with the ultra rares

so the only cost you one altar at all 20

darks and 50,000 gold which is very

cheap but if you're actually making a

blue-eyes deck then you probably pick up

the caveman which is gonna be a little

bit more expensive cost you a hundred

thousand gold but yeah it's very very

very relatively important you're making

a blue-eyes deck with this you need it

definitely and this card's kind of

optional making a dragon deck as well ah

riryoku is good if you're making a farm

deck this is your budget option for

evenly evenly Union attack if you're if

you don't have your new attacking user

riryoku just to boost up your monsters

to get more attack going but yeah Rio 2

is definitely a budget option if you

don't budge it off in a budget option if

you don't have unions attack if you're

playing with the prawn army build so

yeah anyway that's all for the country

that I'm gonna talk about now how do you

get all these specific really jewels

elemental stones and coins from if

you're starting off from doings

well you can actually keep them off from

the standard doors which once you win

like a door you or lose it all depending

you get less rewards when you lose but

you still get the rewards nonetheless

depending on how well you do they

actually keep they actually drop coins

rarity tools and also elemental stones

which is really really relatively easy

to get really relatively easy to get if

you're actually making uh making your

trips to the car trader once in a while

so you can restock what but you have a

limit depending on how many times you

can actually duel them whoops

but once they respawn you can actually

land can get more keys orbs whatever

just to help you farm your Oh get more

stuff in the cadre or later on so yeah

also another way to get coins jewels and

also stones is by doing legendary doors

at the gates which you will lock fairly

early in the game this thing over here

if you seen it and also you can actually

get them get more see stuff in actual

PvP which you can duel in thievery but

keep in mind that you might not be able

to win in PvP of considering you're

playing a low tier deck but if you're

playing like rookie or bronze early on

in duel like when you start off then you

have no trouble getting rewards easily

happy yeah that's all I have to say for

this lets I'll just do a test run a test

tool and also he's a as Commission icons

is no way you can actually get be a gems

orbs and no you hunk in or because you

can't get stones but you can get keys

and also coins which is another way of

king stuff so let's have a test run

shall we I'm just going to use a normal

beat stick to the deck and I'll show you

a normal deck and to show you the

rewards that you get from a standard

ores and this applies to the legendary

doors at the gate as well and also at in

PvP depending on if you win or not it

all depends on how

what'd you get so I'm just gonna let

this order duel out in the beginning no

right now to get all the dough you can

actually unlock I think like around

stage turn around when you unlock it I

think you're locking around stationer so

I'll have to look it up get auto tool

around lets you unlock it around

I believe it's stage six inside

if I'm ring correctly let me just double

check real quick

I'm just gonna double-check real quick

before I continue also till now with

this I think you get around stage six to

ten that's what I think so yeah I won

this duel and yeah let's see what I get

so I get my character XP which is good

because the more doors you get you the

more tools you win the more XP you get

and the more rewards you get early

downline this is how you get your gems

orbs not officer gem skills cards and

all those other things later on you can

also get skills from this and gems as

well which is very important also cards

you can get from from leveling up as

well but most importantly this is why

you level up your character to level 31

you get a hundred thousand gold so once

you reach level 31 you'll be able to get

a hundred thousand gold which is very

good because allows you to get more

rewards it does boosts up your gold but

at the same time it's someone alright

somewhat not alright because coins don't

do much but they are good for the cart

rare so don't waste all your coins at

once because you'll it'll take you a

while to get more coins later Town

online always on the other hand is a bit

of a task but once you get more orbs the

more cards you get from the car trader

so yeah for each rule if you win the

duel you get around 2000 and yeah I

played a person mattock card well as my

econ and stuff so more award more more

more rewards you get from this is due to

the tool assessment so I only it's got

about 2300 so for each 1000 assessment

you get one reward so I got 2,300 so I

only got about 2 items worth so I got

keys and a card from the duelist

also events is very very important as

well so when if you're doing PvP in the

early stages owv sorry if you're doing

if you're playing doings in the

beginning events are actually really

really helpful

because they allow you to get more

rewards early on and also you get more

gems more keys more orbs more everything

that will help you with your car traders

your car trader stock to get so you can

get more country stock later on and also

there's a current event going on with

double K keys and gold so you can get

gate keys and gold from the legendary

doors standard doors and a vagabond they

didn't apply to these other ones as well

but these are this is how you get like

more coins and stuff later on early on

but yeah that's pretty much everything I

think so you get rewards and stuff from

doing standard doors Legend your doors

and all those other doors as well but

yeah I hope you guys enjoy us no gems no

problem type of beginner's guide so oh

yeah I hope you guys enjoyed us enjoyed

us a do links guide and I'll see you

guys in my next video well whenever I do

a next beginner's guide next wow that

was a big I'll see you guys in the next

beginner's guide if you actually

watching this video for being this kind

beginner's guide and I'll probably put

it in the playlist depending on who's

who wants beginner's guide depending on

who is after certain stuff so yeah I

hope this helped if you're starting off

with doing so yeah does these sure hope

you guys enjoyed us this discussion and

also a guide for how to get a good deck

in the car trainer and also how to get

more coins jewels and also stones

elemental stones later early on in

dueling's so yeah oh and lastly before I

forget there's no way to actually you

can actually get orbs rarity orbs coins

coins and also your mental stones

is by going to this place the car studio

and you can actually go to the card

catalog this is how you can convert

cards that you don't want and you get

more orbs coins and also stones in case

you don't want specific cards so let's

say if I were to convert a cell breeding

device I click on it and then I go

convert and then choose how many you

want to convert let's say I want covert

or free or convert wine for example this

will tell you to confirm where your

conversion so I'm just I want to convert

like one a cell Breen device this is

what I'll get from my conversion so you

get 200 gold one rare jewel and also one

stone of spell but if I convert I can

choose to select multiple ones to

convert so I click invert and I can get

3 times the amount so I can get 600 gold

free read for free rare jewels and also

free stone spells there's no way of

actually getting stuff getting your

items that you don't have but only do

this if you are if you don't want to if

you don't want the items in particular

if you don't want to use them you can

convert them that's what I'm trying to

say but I'm not gonna put knocking give

not going to convert them because I

actually want to keep all my items

because I might need it later on down

the line

so yeah this that's all I gotta say for

the for this video so yeah this is d

sure sure hope you guys enjoy see you

finally see you guys next time bye