Location of the 3 car dealers GTA 4

hey what's up YouTube cm overview today

I'm giving you guys some the location of

the three dealers in the game the three

car dealers there um there's one that is

mainly focused on the the Ferraris on

the in the game this is multi player and

then the other ones are one is a bike in

one is just a random dealer so this is

my ride right here this is a secret car

in the game so you can look at my other

videos to check it out

so the first dealer we're going to is

the random dealer the right the car

dealer that has a bunch of random cars

in it I'm in the secret car like I said

again you can watch my other videos I

have about four or five gameplay videos

up on GTA and a lot of them have secret

cars glitches secret places to hide

houses that you can go in that most

people don't know about so go check that

out guys okay so we're as we're now

we're pulling up to the first dealer I'm

going to get out and I'm so let's just

see what it looks like so we're pulling

off right here we're just gonna my rides

just gonna sit there so as you can see

it has a bunch of random cars here um

you can't what you can just some there's

a carwash over here but you can or

something like a display case over there

that you can't go in but there's um you

can walk in through these doors there's

a front desk you can get whatever car

you want and drive it out sometimes I'll

have some pretty cool cars if you're in

story mode

this is in story mode also this is the

Ballad of Gay Tony so I think it's in

all of them so we're going to the bike

dealer all these okay let me show you

the location of the salon real quick it

is right down here um excuse me I'm on

the last island so we're gonna go to the

bike dealer now so let's head off there

um so you guys can see that

so the bike dealer has the the street

bikes the not the new ones that are in

here but the old ones that were in the

original GTA online also the nhr 900 or

but we're about to go check those out

right now so that I'm to the dealers are

on the last island one is right how I

remember the first one is as on the main

road right when it starts to Kurt turn

I always remember that's right here and

the bike dealer is we're pulling it to

it right now it's kind of hard to

remember but um I just kind of members

around Guzzi and eight armor so I'm

gonna I'm gonna get out of the car right


um be careful because when you're coming

up and if you shoot the glass the bikes

can disappear sometimes that's the only

bad thing about this dealer um

but you can't shoot the glass out and

drive them all out um these are some

pretty cool bikes actually they're in in

RG 900 actually um but yeah these are

pretty these are the ones that everybody

does the stunts on stuff so arm we're

going to go the Ferrari dealer right now

so it's in the middle island so hold on

before we leave I'm going to show you

guys the location of this one again it

is right up here remember it's why the

the Uzi and the armor and it is on the

last island and again this first one is

up here that'sthat's the random car

dealer and again on the bike dealers

right here so I'm going to we're going

to go to a different segment of the

video to check out the Ferrari a--let's

on the middle island so here we go okay

so the location the next dealer is on

right now we're on the middle island I'm

starting on the main highway when you

were you first cross the island okay so

um so our my ride should be coming in a

minute he it's the UM the secret car

that I have another video on it's coming

down right now so we're going to go

check out this last dealer it is a

Ferrari dealer so here's my ride right

here so we're gonna start going right


also in this video I will showing you a

location of an underground garage but

first we're gonna go to the

or so up here there is also a police

station up here but the dealer once you

get up here

you will make a right up here to get to

the dealer so we made a right and it

should be on the wrong this little this

Poirot sorry it's going to be along this

one so you'll pass this little cafe that

you can also go in over there so how I

remember is this little underpass over

here there's a health pack over there

and then arm the left hit it is the

Ferrari dealer so we're going to go out

and get in Rocinha Park on the side over

here so we're going to walk over here

and get in the doors are open all the

time on a multiplayer so I'm gonna look

at the upstairs real quick and my ride

we've waiting down here um you can shoot

at the glass in here if you want to so

I'm gonna go upstairs there's also ones

upstairs they got some pretty cool other

colors upstairs but I'm going to drive

one off the the front the main balcony

for you guys first

okay so I'm just gonna park this one

over here and then my rides gonna pick

me up over here alright here's my ride

over here it's a we got a kind of a

grayish yellow I can't see in this light

but it's a Turismo that's what they're

called so we're gonna go the secret

location but first we're gonna stop on

this cafe right here on the Left right

here I'm gonna show you guys this you

just pull in the side alley right here

in the trough for radio so I'm gonna get

out real quick on this um this kind of

cool sometimes the APCs are chasing you

something you have a nice place to hide

in here

APCs can shoot in here so you can hop

over the counter and stuff like that and

hide behind the counter and then shoot

out of people rip start and there isn't

upstairs but you cannot shoot out the

upstairs it's just a like a just kind of

an open area up there so okay let's go

check out the underground garage it's

called the superstore cafe I'm going to

show you the location of the real quick

and then the Ferrari dealer is right

here down here on the map right here so

we're going to the underground garage up

here again the cafe is right here and

then the dealer is down here so you're

gonna make it left over here and it's

kind of confusing on us but it says

parking garage on the outside so we're

gonna imma show you the location outside

first um you'll see this there's two

ways to enter one on this side the

police station is right over here that's

where the APC is so you're just gonna

take it out down here and you can see

where it is right here so if we come

around here then there's another

entrance over there but then you can go

straight down and this is where you can

just their speed bumps over here and you

can do like donuts and stuff in here

it's pretty fun just to go around so

again thanks for watching guys see my

reviews I have a lot of gameplay videos

coming up a lot of modern warfare GTA

everything you can think of so this is

the location of the three car dealers in

the game multiplayer thanks for watching

guys check out my other gameplay videos

and thanks for watching