2 cops quit after DEMON encounter | The Capitol Theater haunting

for a ghost story to be scary it needs

to be believable

for it to be believable you need to have

credible witnesses

that independently can corroborate each

other's stories

and in today's ghost story we have three

police officers that do

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alright let's get into today's story

in 2006 dave murphy had just become a

police officer in salt lake city utah

his first role was as a protective

service officer which meant he'd be in

charge of

physical security at a number of the

county facilities

dave's first facility was the capital

city theater

which is a landmark inside of salt lake

city it's been around since the early


it's this beautiful grand theater so in

early august

dave reports to the capitol city theater

for his first day on the job and he

meets his partner

an officer by the name of morgan

matthews he gets there on this first day


right away dave would say that morgan

was just strictly business

the first place that morgan takes dave

is the control room which sits on the

first floor of the theater the theater

had three floors

and then it also had a basement as well

so the control room was on that first


inside of the control room were all of

these security monitors because there

was all these cameras set up inside of

the theater

the cameras weren't great though you

pretty much could only tell what was

in frame if there was a light on and

most of the time at night especially

lights were off once they were done

looking at the control room morgan says

to dave now we're gonna go do

our rounds this is something we do every

time you get to the theater you do a

security round and make sure

everything's locked all the lights are


before you come back to the control room

you'll do that at the beginning of your

shift and at the end of your shift

morgan brings dave downstairs and it's

the first time dave is

seeing the basement and he's shocked by

how big it is it is this

massive hallway that stretches way down

in the middle of the hall it's a piano

that's just sitting out in the middle

and the lighting's not good down there

this is a very old theater you know

everything in the building was pretty


and dave remembers thinking that he was

immediately creeped out by this scene


long hallway with all these doors in

this piano right in the middle of the


and he's thinking to himself i don't

want to spend much time down here this

is so creepy

but they go down the hall they check all

the doors they make the way up to the

main floor the second floor the third

floor everything gets checked

and so after they do this security round

dave and morgan go back to the control

room and

dave is anticipating getting to know

morgan a little bit this is their first


they're going to be working together a

lot and dave would say that morgan just

seemed really cold and just did not want

to talk to dave very much

and as soon as their shift was almost

over morgan was very eager

to just knock at the security rounds and

just get out of that building at the end

of that night dave remembers thinking

that there's just something off about

morgan's behavior it seemed like morgan

really didn't like

being in the theater it would turn out

that he was onto something because

morgan didn't like being in that

building but it would take him a while

to share with dave why over the next

couple of days

morgan and dave would do their security

rounds together because dave's in


morgan's teaching him but on august 9th

which is two days after dave's first day

on the job morgan was confident that


knew how to secure the whole building

and so at the end of the night he tells

dave why don't you do the security

rounds yourself dave feels very

confident that he knows how to do it he

goes down into the basement make sure

all the doors are shut and locked

the lights are off finishes the basement

goes up to the first floor where the

control room is

and checks all the rooms on that floor

he goes into the main auditorium space

he's checking all the different nooks

and crannies to make sure there's nobody

hiding in there

he goes up to the second floor he checks

to all the different rooms up there and

the balcony

makes his way up to the third floor

where there's all the offices of staff

that work at the theater

at the end of the search the last room

he would check was the rehearsal room

and it was the only room where there was

no door to it so you'd poke your head in

kind of look around

make sure no one was in there and then

you would leave and that's the end of

your check so dave gets to the rehearsal

room he flips the light on and he looks


doesn't see anybody is satisfied that no

one's in there turns the light off and

as he's about to turn

back into the hallway he hears a door

slam with tremendous force right across

the hallway from where he was and it was

the bathroom door

his first reaction is someone just ran

out of the bathroom someone who had

snuck into the building

must have run out of the bathroom and

they're making a break for it to get out

of the theater before i catch them

and so he instinctively picks up his

radio and he calls to morgan and says

someone's on the third floor but when

morgan looks at the camera

he doesn't see anybody at this point

dave's drawn his weapon you know he's

looking down the hall he doesn't see


and as he's waiting for morgan to come

upstairs to back him up so they can go

look for this person that's just ran

down the hall

he realizes two things one just because

he heard the door slam doesn't mean they

left and slammed it

they could be in the bathroom and so

he's thinking to himself someone could

be in the bathroom right now maybe

that's why we didn't see him on the


and then the second thing he thought of

is that door the bathroom door

can't slam it's got this huge hydraulic


to it it can't slam so his gun is drawn

and he's aiming it at the bathroom door

right as morgan comes up on his right

morgan draws his pistol he's got it on

the door as well and they make

entry into the bathroom they clear all

the different spaces in the bathroom

and no one's in there and there's no way

to get out of there morgan and dave are


okay well they must not have come in

here they must have run out of the


they're somewhere in the theater and so

they decide they're going to

search the entire building and find this

person that clearly was just in the

bathroom and that's how they slam the


we're not going to worry about how they

slam the door with the hydraulic hinge

we just know it was slammed somehow so

they leave the bathroom gun's still


and they start making their way down the

hall they're checking all the doors

everything is locked when they start

making their way downstairs to the

second floor

dave recognizes through the door because

there's a door leading onto the second


he can see that the lights are on and he

had turned them off and so as they're

walking down the stairs he says to

morgan hey did you turn the lights on on

the second floor and morgan's like no

and so they think that whoever was here

whoever was in the bathroom is on the

second floor they must have turned the

lights on they go

into the second floor and not only are

the lights on but all the doors on the

second floor had been opened

they search the entire second floor they

search every single room

no one's in the second floor they turn

off the lights they shut all the doors

everything's locked when they went down

to the first floor everything was the

way it should have been

locked lights off nothing down there and

they go down to the basement and even

though it was creepy being down there

because they've now searched the whole


and they're anticipating coming in

contact with whoever is here assuming

they haven't left the building yet

and there's no one down there they

decided to review the footage from the


floor to see if they could pick up

someone running in the hall around the

time that that door slammed

but the camera was not trained on the

bathroom door

so you just have this view down the hall

you can't see

the bathroom specifically not to mention

the hallway is dark and the cameras are

terrible without light and so all

they're able to see is the light go on

in the rehearsal room while dave is

doing his last check in there

the lights turn off because dave's about

to turn around and then after that you

just hear this massive

slam of this door but you can't see what

happened so they don't know what to make

of it they're both

very much on edge that someone might

still be in the building and so they do

another sweep of the building and no

one's there

and so they decide to just chalk it up

and say we were hearing things and

seeing things i'm sure it's fine

let's just get out of here and they

leave a couple of days later on august


morgan is working alone dave wasn't

coming in that day so morgan's alone in

the theater doing a shift

and at some point in the night as he's

sitting in the control room

he thinks he hears whispering in the

hall right behind him and so

after the experience he had with dave a

couple nights ago

he's on edge so he draws his pistol

right away and so he goes out into the


and immediately when he steps into the

hall the whispering seems to go farther

and farther away from him

down the hall so he gets out there he's

looking around he can't see anything he

makes his way down the hallway towards

the stairs

that go down into the basement or if you

wanted to go up the second floor

when he gets to the top of the stairwell

he's you know gun drawn looking down

looking up

he hears what sounds like coughing

coming from the basement at this point

morgan said that he was actually pretty

scared i mean imagine being alone in

this theater

just a couple of days earlier you've had

this weird experience with slamming

doors and

doors being opened and lights going on

that somebody else another police

officer witnessed with you

you're alone in this theater and you're

hearing coughing coming from the

basement after hearing voices behind you

that's pretty terrifying so he very

slowly starts going down the stairwell

he's getting ready to clear the corner

and just as he does the copping stops

he turns the lights on and he looks down

the hall and there's nothing there

he starts making his way down the hall

he's checking every door making sure

it's locked

you know making sure that everything is

secure and he gets all the way down the

hall and as he's almost done checking

the basement he smells smoke and it's

coming from a door right next to him

and so he unlocks that door and he goes

in and there's no fire

but all he can smell is smokes he turns

the light on he's looking around there's

no fire

he's convinced that somewhere down in

the basement there's a fire

he goes to every single room and he

keeps checking and there's nothing and

then at some point the smoke smell

dissipates he checks

every space in the theater to look for a

fire and there's no fire he's wondering

if he should call the fire department

but he's thinking what would i tell them

there's no fire

and so he ultimately after checking

three four times

and being very confident there wasn't a

fire he just says okay

no fire i guess i was just smelling

things a few weeks later on september


dave has just arrived at the theater

he's there a little bit early their

shift started at 5 00 p.m he was there

at about 4 30

and when he walked into the building he

sees that there are three staff members

sitting at the front desk talking to

each other

and as he walks past one of them is

talking about ghosts

inside of the theater and it immediately

piques his interest and so he walked

over to the guy talking about ghosts and

he introduced himself

and it turned out that this guy was a

man named blair fuller who was a senior


at the theater and so dave asked blair

what are you talking about with ghosts

in the theater

because i provide physical security here

and i've seen some strange things here i

just love to hear what you have to say

about it so they head up to the third

floor where blair's office was and they

sit down and blair says okay i got a

doozy for you

this happened to me a couple years ago i

was actually in this office it was about


ten o'clock at night i was doing some

work and i heard the elevator kick on

now the elevator was right outside of

his office and anytime it was

on the engine was really loud it was

really obvious if the elevator was

moving around

and so he's doing his accounting work

and he hears that that engine kick on

he doesn't think much of it but then it

clicks that he's the only one in the


and so he kind of looks out the glass

window of his office he had a closed

door office with two windows looking out

into the foyer where there's this

elevator and he looks out

and you can see that the little lights

above the elevator showing what floor

it's on

have lit up and it's going up so the

elevator was in the basement and now

it's in the first floor

the second floor third floor the doors

open and there's no one there

at this point blair says that he wasn't

concerned he figured okay maybe there's

some maintenance maybe it's scheduled to

do that who knows

but after a little while the alarm goes

off in the elevator

to signify that something is obstructing

the door from shutting and he's looking

out the window and he hears this alarm

this like ringing sound going off

but the door isn't shutting and he's

like there's nothing obstructing the

door why isn't it shutting

and so he leaves his office and he kind

of walks over to the elevator

and he walks into the elevator and he

said immediately he felt this

massive drop in temperature inside of

the elevator

and as he's standing there he turns

around now he's looking back towards his


inside of the elevator the doors start

to shut

and for whatever reason he said i didn't

get off i just decided i'm gonna ride

this elevator

the basement button lights up as if

someone had pressed basement

and they start going down and he's

sitting there thinking what in the world

is going on it was just on an alarm

because the door wasn't shutting and

then miraculously when i go inside of it

it suddenly works again and it's going

to the basement

so he goes to the basement the door

opens there's no one there

he steps out and blair says that it took

all of his courage

to yell out hey is anyone down here and

as soon as he did and he didn't hear a

response he said he didn't want to make

any more sound the elevator sat in the

middle of the hall

in the basement it's that huge hall with

that piano sitting right in the middle

the lights are off and he pokes his head

down one way there's nothing down there

he sees the piano barely from the light

of the elevator

and he looks down the other way there's

no one there and at this point he's just

so spooked

he just gets back in the elevator and he

hits four three four three four three

and he's hitting like door closed door

closed door closed the door closes and

he goes

back up to his his office he goes into

his office and he shuts the door

and he sits down and he's thinking like

what was that

why did that just happen i got to find

out they're running maintenance or


and as he's sitting in his chair

thinking about this strange experience

he hears what sounds like banging sounds

coming from outside of his office in

that foyer

near the elevator he just goes to his

door and he opens it up and he pokes his

head into the foyer

and he looks to the side there's this

big filing cabinet

and all of the cabinets are out they've

all been pulled out he certainly didn't

do this

and it was as if someone was one by one

pushing each of them shut these big

heavy cabinets

and he's watching us one by one these

things are slamming shut

one by one until the whole thing is shut

and so he goes over and he's like trying

to disprove what he just saw

that he can open up a drawer and that it

will shut on its own

but none of them shut on their own you

have to shut it something

has to shut it for it to shut and so he

packed up for the day and

left and did not work another night

shift at the theater later that night

dave would share blair's story with

morgan he wasn't really sure how morgan

was going to react but morgan actually

would open up

and he would say you know before you

started working here i always felt like

i was being watched when i was here

and then we had that experience

obviously where the lights are coming on

and you heard that banging from that

bathroom door and then just a few days


i heard voices coming from the hall and

i heard someone coughing in the basement


i smelled smoke and and there was no one

there and so they start going back and


exchanging stories of just how

uncomfortable this place made them feel

and so they're wondering what they

should do about this and dave has this


he's like my best friend i'll invite him

to come over here one night and we'll

tell him that we're giving him a tour of

the building and we'll just see what he


we'll see if he reacts to anything here

who knows you know maybe something

strange will happen and then we'll have

another person validate it

morgan thinks that's a good idea and so

dave reaches out to his best friend

greg greg would say that he was a little

bit surprised to be getting this

offer to come take a tour of the theater

but he was interested and since dave was

asking he figured he would oblige him

and so greg agrees to come to the

theater and take a tour so the next day

dave and morgan are at the theater and

greg shows up and so they start this

tour they go in the main auditorium

they're looking around

and they make their way into the

basement morgan turns on the light and

morgan and dave instantly see a little

ways down the hall

on the left one of the doors has been

opened and so dave and morgan push greg

out of the way they draw their pistols

and they're aimed at the open door

and so greg just stays behind them as

morgan and dave make their way down to

this open door

and when they get right outside the door

and they're about to push it open to go


the door slams shut right in front of


and dave and morgan and they all are

looking at each other like

what's going on but before they can do


the door handle starts rattling really

aggressively after the rally stops dave

and morgan look at each other and they

nod their head like we got to go in

there greg

is scared about being out in the hall

alone and so he just follows them in

and so the three of them go into this

room dave and morgan are you know

pistols drawn it's a small room

there's no one in there light switch on

no one in there greg

suddenly gasps and he points to the

corner and he says someone's sitting in

the corner and dave and morgan

immediately train their guns

on what's in the corner but no one's

there and greg's like

i i just saw someone sitting in the

corner it looked like he had a hood on

he had a sweatshirt on i don't know but

he was right there

and so dave and morgan they're freaked

out because they brought greg here on

some level

to disprove the strangeness and now the

three of them have seen a door slam

that shouldn't have been open in the

first place greg's claiming to have seen

a figure sitting in the corner

this scared the crap out of all three of

them they quickly left

locked shut off the lights went upstairs

greg's like i'm out of here greg leaves

and dave and morgan are like now what so

at this point all the strangeness that

was happening in the theater

was getting reported but it was being

reported in a way

that dave and morgan didn't seem like

they were referencing something haunted

but rather

someone was breaking in ultimately the

county installed new cameras

inside of the theater these updated

cameras had infrared technology which

allowed them to see better when the

lights were off they were hoping that

this would allow them to catch whoever

was breaking in

practically every time david morgan are

on ship so on the day that it was

installed september 15th

morgan is working there alone and he's

sitting in the control room looking at

the different cameras

and he's kind of playing around with the

different screens and seeing what each

of the cameras can do

and at some point something catches his

eye in one of the screen

in the main auditorium it appeared like

someone might be sitting in one of the


but the camera was zoomed back enough

that he couldn't get a clear picture

and he didn't know what was normal in

any of these cameras because he's

the first time he's looking at any of

these screens and so he's looking at the

camera really closely and he thinks he


someone he can't really tell that has a

hood on or a shroud on that's just

sitting in the middle of the theater

and starts turning its head like this

and you can see clear as day a set of


and before morgan has a chance to do it

it just starts raising into the ceiling

and disappears

morgan didn't even check to see what it

was he was done he literally quit

that day it was his last day at the

theater a couple of weeks after morgan

has quit

and dave is working alone at the theater

he's in the control room

and all of a sudden he hears a piano


and there's only one piano in the entire

theater and it's sitting in the basement

it's his job to protect this place so he

knows he has to go down and check

because it could be some hooligan in the

building somewhere

so he leaves the control room and as he

starts walking over to the stairs with

his gun drawn the music is getting

louder and louder the piano is getting

louder and louder and louder

he makes his way down the steps and as

he's about to turn the corner

he hears that the guard that protects

the keys on the piano

slams shut and the piano stops then he

turns around the corner and he looks and

there's no one down there he flips on

the light

no one's in the hall he knows he's not

going to find anyone down here it's this

entity that's causing all this mayhem

inside of the theater

dave's seen enough he's done he's done

with this theater and he goes right

back upstairs he goes in the control

room locks it stays there till the end

of the shift and then he is out

and the next day he goes to a sergeant

and he says you can't ever put me back

inside that theater or i will quit

and so sure enough he was transferred

over the next two months they didn't

have anyone who could do full-time

security at the theater so different

random officers would be there for a

couple hours a couple of days a week

until november 26th they found another

officer a veteran police officer named

josh thomas

who was going to be working at the

theater full-time on november 26th the

first night that josh thomas was going

to be there

he didn't have anyone to turn over with

so he was just alone at the theater

and it just so happens that dave is in a

patrol car

near the theater when at some point in

the night josh comes over the radio and

says hey i need backup right now

someone has broken into the theater dave

knows that it's probably not someone

breaking in

he knows what's going on inside that

theater he was the closest to it

and even though he did not want to go he

felt like it was his responsibility to

go to that theater and be

josh's backup and if it was what dave

thought it would be

this entity in the theater that he would

be able to explain to him what he had

seen before he ultimately decided never

to go back

and when dave gets to the theater

there's this back door that they would

go into

and he sees josh as standing just

outside the theater and dave would say

that josh's eyes were you know like

saucers he looked terrified and so dave

has an inkling of what's going on and he

goes over to josh he's like what's going

on is someone still in there

he said that he'd been doing security

rounds and he had heard what sounded


voices when he was in the basement and

he didn't think much of it he checked

all the rooms everything was shut

and when he made his way up to the third

floor he saw that the elevator had


on it was in the basement and suddenly

the light was on and it was whirring up

to the third floor

and when the elevator opened up there

was no one there and he's standing there

looking at it and he looks inside

there's no one there and then the alarm

goes off

that's when he called in for backup dave

says look let's just go search the

building we'll do it together they clear

the whole theater

no one's there and before dave leaves

they go into the main auditorium where

the stage is and they're just standing

on the stage chatting with each other

and dave his back is to where the

audience would be

and josh is facing dave facing towards

the seats

josh just suddenly stopped mid-sentence

he's just frozen and looking just beyond

dave's shoulder

and dave goes what and josh goes there's

something behind you

dave slowly turns around and as soon as

he does he can tell immediately what

josh is looking at

standing in the very back of the theater

away from them is a man

standing in the corner with its hands by

its sides its back is to them and it's

looking down with a hood over its head

dave turns his whole body around to look

at this thing

right as this thing turns around real

quick and looks directly at them it has


deep dark sunken eyes and its face looks


it had been very badly burned like it

was black and charred

and it's looking at them before it just

turns and runs out the back of the


josh believed that that was an intruder

dave was fairly certain that that was


another example of this entity that

haunts the theater but they would search

the building and they could never find

that cloaked figure again

and that was when dave sat josh down in

the control room and he filled him in

on why morgan had quit and why he

ultimately had quit and he also told him

the story from blair so josh is like

great i'm glad i work here now this was

the last time that dave would go to the


but dave would do some additional

digging on the history of the theater

it would turn out that in the 40s there

was this horrible fire and a man had

been trapped in the basement when the

fire had erupted

and he had died inside of the theater

and so dave would share this information

with morgan and with josh and the three

of them all believe

that what they were witnessing was the

ghost of that man who died in that fire

so i'd love to get your reaction to this

was this a ghost or was this something


i will get back to all of the early

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