How To Find The Hidden iPhone Scientific Calculator

hey y'all Steve here today I've got

another iPhone tip for you and it may

actually be the shortest tip that I've

ever put on video for an iPhone it is

how to find your scientific calculator

on your iPhone it's real simple a lot of

you may not realize that you have a

scientific calculator however well I'm

going to show you where it's at and just

how easy it is fine

so first thing you're going to do is

find your calculator app now I have mine

in a folder I'm gonna hit my calculator

app and there it is there's the app the

calculator app that we're also familiar

with now I'm gonna show you how to find

your scientific calculator it's very

simple take your phone and turn it

horizontally that's it

there's your scientific calculator and

yeah by the way if you're wondering all

those symbols on there yeah I know why

each and every one of them mean heck

yeah I do

that's how smart I am super super

freakin smart so smart I scare myself

anyways push it back up into the

vertical position you've got your

regular calculator back and that's it

folks I'm done I am out of here I'm

Steve and I'll see you in the next video