Knee Bursitis,prepatellar bursitis - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

this video is for bursitis of the knee

this is the birth said that appears on

top of the kneecap knee Bursa is a small

fluid-filled sac located in front of the

kneecap the bursa allows the kneecap to

slide smoothly

bursitis is inflammation of this cursor

this bositis causes pain swelling

tenderness and a lump in the area on top

of the kneecap it may be difficult to

kneel down and put the knee on the floor

due to the pain the tenderness and the


types of knee bursitis

so brought up a tiller three Pattillo

this is the most common one and we call

it the Popeye knee infrapatellar and

this anserine bursitis

trauma it can appear from direct injury

or fall into the knee that can damage

the bursa with the development of a

sudden large swelling and effusion or it

can be an Occupational due to kneeling

bursitis in this situation is chronic

develops slowly and seen usually in car

back layers tiles in wrestlers etc

infection always in respect to the bursa

for any breaks in the skin leading to

infection a red-hot painful swollen

bursa is a sign of possible infection

finally inflammation can cause bositis

treatment of patellar bursitis includes

anti-inflammatory medication antibiotics

if the infection is suspected or

confirmed ice therapy aspiration please

send the fluid for culture and crystals

surgery with debridement and excision of

the bursa protective covering should be

placed around the knee while avoiding

activities that aggravate this condition

this is an example of a patient with a

pre patellar bursitis and aspiration

this is an example of a patient with

infraorbital or bursitis and aspiration

all my videos and this video is for

educational purposes only please consult

your doctor before you make any decision

about your medical care