The Brickyard 400 | NASCAR Cup Series Full Race Replay from Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Advance Auto Parts I took a field trip

there in third grade and we sat in the

tower Terrace bleachers ate our sack

lunch and I got to see some racing

grades like Mario Andretti Johnny

Rutherford Rick Mears and I was hooked

when they offered me the job to start

working here I thought now I can finally

be a part of the family and be a part of

something bigger than I can ever imagine

it's a place where imagination can run

rampant that you could be a driver that

you could witness you could put yourself

in their shoes it is our heart it is our

soul it is what we do we are very proud

of our racing heritage and we're very

proud of our racing history you would

come here one time you would be

overwhelmed with what goes on big energy

be prepared for a tank owners

because this place covers the moon the

story lies the history and this is a

unique place where you can see something

happen that you might not see happen

anywhere else the action on track is

like none other

and to be able to see cars cross those

yarder bricks is something you won't

forget people know that drivers want to

win at this track and it means something

to me

drivers want that badge of honor to say

that I want to Indianapolis and I want

you all work together for the one come

and go of putting on the greatest

declaration it is just something special

about the fourth of July and I think

that there's no better place to

celebrate those feelings and then here

at this track so much of what does

NASCAR spirit is to be able to say I can

drive faster I could push the car harder

I can do more

in this race and I think it's a perfect

fit for the fourth of July I love this

place and I love what it means to other

people and I'd love to see the legend

live on and to me this place will always


it's the big machine hand sanitizer 400

at the Brickyard this telecast presented

by advanced auto farms let's take a look

at today's starting grid brought to you

by Advance Auto Parts

Joey Logano Middletown Connecticut

Kurt Busch Las Vegas Nevada Alex Bowman

Tucson Arizona 48 of Jimmie Johnson was

still supposed to start in this fourth

position outside of row two but now it

is Justin Allgaier substituting for

Jimmie Johnson who just tested positive

for Kovac 19 aric almirola Tampa Florida

Denny Hamlin Chesterfield Virginia Kyle


two-time Brickyard 400 winner Martin

Truex Jr mayadeen New Jersey


brad keselowski 2018 Brickyard 400


and we want to dial up Joey Logano on

the radio before the green flag flies

Junior get him up there to be in and

tell us why you're one of the most

aggressive guys on the racetrack when it

comes to defending your position do you

think you have to do a lot all right

Joey thanks for your time today bud and

good luck so chase Elliott actually

starts 10th and will show you the rest

of the lineup here Barbican Blaney back

there and row 6

Rennick a rookie here in row 7th battle

Fergie the year and how about Matt

Kenseth back in row 11 I'm not sure at

the beginning of this year he definitely

didn't think it'd be in a race car and

for sure didn't think if you get the

Brickyard 400 and Steve the way they got

these starting positions was random draw

correct random drawn by groups basically

the top 12 and owners points gets to

start somewhere 1 through 12 off draw

than a middle group of 12 and then the

back and so on so no one has seen the

track yet for laughs

this first lap under green will be the

first lap at speed all weekend all right

let's take a look at the race breakdown

Steve and this is another one where

strategy's gonna come into play strategy

will be huge but it's the Indianapolis

Motor Speedway and iconic rectangle two

and a half miles nine degrees a

relatively flat racetrack nine degrees

in the corners but don't let the

flatness take away from the speed these

cars are gonna reach a hundred and

ninety four miles an hour on each of the

long front and back straightaway short

shoots at each end of the racetrack and

this race it's always gets broken down

to 160 laps I'm gonna have stage one for

50 laps two for 50 laps and then a final

stage of 60 laps we expect fuel to be 38

to 40 laps and you see the sun shining

down on this racetrack our aerial

coverage brought to you by Geico we

thank them for these great shots that

we'll be able to see they're bringing

the cars on to pit road that's so they

can check pit road speed to make sure

that they know what pit road speed and

what the tachometer says teen yeah this

is kind of the new system this is

something that normally would be done

during practice NASCAR giving the teams

an opportunity to check all their

settings get a good idea where your pit

is you see all the pit signs the pit

crew members out there waving them look

how narrow this pit road is going to be

a big point of conversation today guys

very narrow pit road


got some home boards today for you guys

Bubba Wallace number 43 third last year

in this race and he'd love to come out

of here with a second or even maybe a

first world technology bringing that

roof cam to you he's got a side panels

will Kevin Harvick

push light camera defending champion of

this race

kaboosh the 18 car trying to get his

first win in 2020 the Toyota roof cam

he's also got a side panel on this car

and then the man with the best view of

all Joey Logano and this coca-cola camel

on top of the car

great great shots today all right we

heard from Barney Kelly just moments ago

let's hear from them again before these

guys get the green flag

Eric Justin Allgaier is making his first

Cup start since August 2016 when he

sucked for an ailing Michael Annett the

plan has been in place for him to be the

reserve driver since returning from the

pandemic break so they've had everything

they needed on hand to get him

comfortable in this car and that

includes changing the seat insert the

headrest the steering column the shifter

the mirrors the steering wheel just for

the short list crew chief cliff Daniels

told me aside from that that execution

of this race they don't plan to do it

any differently than if Jimmie had been

behind the wheel although they might be

more inclined to go for staged points

versus the overall win to help maintain

their 12th place standing and the owners

points Marty Kelley since a return at

Darlington Kevin Harvick has delivered

three wins I asked him why it's worked

so well he said we trust our notes we're

a veteran team and we trust our playbook

they can lean back on last year's

playbook Rick because they are the

defending winners of this race and would

love to go back-to-back as you look back

on the eyes if Kevin Harvick lights are

off on the pace truck that means he's

going to be making a very hard left-hand

turn here at the entrance to pit road

leaving the field in the hands of Joey

Logano in the 22

Bush to the one on the inside as they

get ready for the start of the Brickyard

400 from Indianapolis Motor Speedway

first time at speed going into turn

number one here at Indy

they stay side by side for the lead

Logano inching ahead of Kurt Busch's to

go down the backstretch that outside

line work for joy Mangano


look at Brad Keselowski big aggressive

move down the back straightaway

short shoot into turn four they're still

side by side fighting for position

Keselowski in the 2 on the inside at the

10 American Rolla see them side by side

that's gonna be a big advantage that car

behind them

yeah butcher got a run there Brad did a

great job of blocking taking that run

away from butcher

takes the spot away from Alba rola ensue

Keselowski moves up into the night spot

see how the fields already single-file

down restarts really the first three

quarters of that first lap after a

restart we're going to be the best

opportunity to get passes made

back from Bubba Wallace is number 43

maybe a little balance between how

breasts if you want to be Rick a

perfectly clean Indianapolis no laps run

on the oval all week long that can be

very high for tire wear there'll be a

competition yellow at lap 12 to allow

crew chief to come down pit road and

change those tires the drivers lap to go

decide how tough they want push that

right front early to the 42 Kenseth

looking to the inside of Chris Buescher

in the 17 party

I was going to ask Steve that question

Rick about that right front tire all the

crew chiefs I talked to this morning see

12 laps in that's enough to make you a

little bit worried about that right

front traditionally Indianapolis when

it's a green racetrack very hard on

those Goodyear tires so Steve if your

crew chief in this race will at 12 be

early enough for you for that cop

caution well it would have to be early

enough we see the 20 of Erik Jones pull

out of line to make a move in the end

it's up to the driver I believe you know

that right front is going to be

unconcerned if you start with a little

bit more air pressure trying to help it

with Marty member green racetrack is a

track with no rubber it's hard to tell

but this service actually has locating

proves in it and to tell that rubber

gets put into the grooves it wears the

tires you see the 47 high off the corner

gets passed by his teammate in the 37

and he's struggling Stenhouse did that

47 car struggle and trying to get creep

up here up front we've got a battle

fifth place chase Elliott passing card

tricks junior and early on we're going

to see this right I mean these guys

they're going off of what engineers

think is the best setup for these cars

they haven't had any track time

well and even if there right now Rick

this track as Marty was just talking

about nowhere ever being that it's going

to change dramatically so your balance

is good here you better start making

adjustments as you see Kevin Harvick out

of the groove William briar in that red

and blue 24 tries to keep the four out

of the primary late eighteen car Kyle

Busch get in the door of the 12 blatant

Brad's trying to figure out who the hill

that nine cars ran down his teammate

Bowman this Blaney goes by Truex

for six plays tricks fading they look

last week by and Blaney Kyle Busch you

saw Blaney drive right into the rear

quarter-panel of Kyle Busch maybe that

was a little

oh by the way guess where I am right now

on the track because that was on the

straightaway that we just saw the 18 go

over just nudge to the 12

they're never going to remind each other

I'm sure was very unhappy in his

interview we see the 19 of our tracks

jr. being attacked there by the 18 of

Kyle Busch let's listen in to the 19th

with the power there yeah talk about the

ng doesn't sound right that was his crew

chief james paul who radioed back to

just keep us up-to-date but he says he's

wide open Marty and they're gonna fire


reading behind the wheel

you earn and say it's just laying over

like a dog they're gonna check and see

if it's a plug wire that might have come

off but again these are one of the

things that would have been found in

practice for the 19-teens Martin Truex

Jr going backwards clearly an engine

issue they'll see if it's something they

can fix having the comp caution good

news is you know you have a caution six

more laps the bad news trying to

diagnose this would be very difficult on

pit road during the race Rick six laps a

long time already out front

Joey Logano ahead of Kurt Busch
















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Barty what are we hearing down there boy

Rick the show to watch as Martin Truex

Jr going backwards started six right now

in 28th and maybe going to lose that

spot another spot to Ricky Stenhouse jr.

but they might be able to diagnose

what's going on listen to the radio

high-speed ECU Eric up your games small

the crew chief for Martin Truex Jr does

that at least give you somewhere to go

to start diagnosing him before he comes

down pit road and to lap was the crew

chief it's going to tell me what to tell

the two ng guy from TRD because I'm not

sure I know what that error is but ECU

is the electronic control unit for the

engine there's a digital readout on the

- marked Rex jr. just relaying that

information unlike another series they

can't see that on the pit box the only

way they got to know in the pit box is

what Marc tricks Junior is telling them

but James small of sure is in

communications with TRD with the engine

producer for this vehicle and say hey

this is what we're seeing this is what

we're hearing and create a list of two

dudes when they come down pit road under

yellow Steve that's exactly why gas cars

put these competition cautions in place

with no practices so if you have some

kind of a problem if you've missed

something really big to set up the whole

day is not ruined exactly why these

things are there he has fallen already


29th position though for Martin Truex Jr

as we see chase Elliott in that nap and

number nine they're gonna peaked at the

88 of Alex Bowman he just tried to look

to the lifts and I might be about yeah I

think I'm asking you but the 9 car is

kind of stuck behind this 88 sloughed

Blaney in the 12 to close in on this

battle if I'm Alex Bowman the 88 I got

you're faster buddy but we got a caution

coming so I'm gonna give you the spot I

like to keep this spot before we come to

pit road we would expect that caution

becoming a Thea very shortly because it

was supposed to be on lap 12

currently on lap 13 and Harvick is on

pit road now yeah so this might be a

strategy call to pit before the yellow

but I don't believe they can take fuel

they must think they can either all go

all 50 laps or maybe he has a tissue

well I bought you in downtown Steve yeah

was that a good call to come to pit road

right now I don't understand it because

I they can't take fuels so they're gonna

put tires on this car there's no doubt

this call Steve yeah they're gonna go

with four Goodyear tires here I did not

hear an issue at all with Kevin Harvick

we'll follow the Rodney Childers pin

again to your point they cannot take

fuel here everyone else can

they won this race last year Junior

called it in the ratio by having short

run speed and keeping track position

that's how critical it is you'll take

some crazy chances Rodney Childers

coming before the cop caution so Rick

you know I'm always a guy for gambling

you hear Kevin Harvick instantly shut

the engine off maybe they feel they

could go 50 laps on fuel if he says

enough that's way outside of the window

I would have thought I can think they

can only go 40 Steve the rule is though

that they can't take fuel before the

caution is thrown for that competition

cause for this specific reason the 90 of

a competition yellow as Jeff said is for

teams to assess where they're at to make

adjustments to perhaps you know overcome

a mechanical issue this is Kevin Harvick

I was thinking trying to get track

position we got to see how this plays

out yeah it may be a reaction from crew

chief Rodney Childers who's really

frustrated with the draw that they've

been getting for their starting position

knowing that they got a race winning car

but getting such a poor draw this gets

them that track position if this works


but he come in here and just douchey old

state he still goes out still lose spots

right yeah I mean uh yes yes he could

come down to take fuel but he was

running night and I don't see he could

come on pit road last take fuel only and

then rebut in nine so I don't think

there's gonna be a net loss pit road is

closed when the caution comes out

initially so pit road still closed we

take a look at the pit road at

Indianapolis and very narrow right guys

yeah the reason we want to pull this up

is because all these cars are gonna come

on pit road at the same time this is the

most narrow pit road that there is on

the rate on the on the circuit we see a

lot of issues on pit road a lot of

damage a lot of cars run into each other

it's especially early in the race

if all these cars are lead lap it gets

very very dangerous see the field coming

out of turn four and Allegan led by Joey

Logano in the 22 that roads still closed

so that's why they're not ducking onto

pit road now

so Dwayne Johnson brings Super Bowl

champion Victor Cruz and Ninja Warrior

jessie graff to take on all comers to

become the next titan champion

that's the titan games monday on NBC

guessing justin allgaier I'd like to be

a Titan


a little bit of a tighten today subbing

for Jimmy Johnson

let's listen into the radio of 40:18 I

took too long to pass a couple of those

guys it'll be a timid no in the car yet

and once I got clear them I felt like I

was okay I know we still need to speed

but did they get a little more

comfortable there

yeah sweat it all Ben whatsoever you did

fine that's pretty smart of justin

allgaier Steve what is that what is the

feeling as a crew chief in a situation

you know there's you're not racing for

points what do you expect out of the

driver in this situation I think the

most important thing is you want to put

a good show on for your fans for your

sponsor and Ally and for Justin Allgaier

you know he is his resume while I don't

think he's auditioning for a cup ride

you want to give him the best platform

to go out there and do a good job or for

anything for pride and for Jimmie

Johnson remember Jimmy's at home

watching this probably feeling awful

he's not there for his team we all

understand why it's not his fault but

you want to go run well to take the

pressure off your driver you want him to

think you know one

I hate you're not here buddy but we're

doing the best we can without you let's

get an update on the 40 party hey Rick

checked in with Rodney Childers and

Kevin Harvick riding on board he's under

power right now but trying to save as

much fuel as he can Rodney told me

planned from the very beginning of the

day to come on that lap take four fresh

Goodyear tires and see they will not pit

here on the caution to take fuel so

tell you what that just shows you how

important track position is Rodney

Childers willing to roll the gamble

early in the race here to get all the

track position he can good roads open so

they're getting ready to come at you

telling n Marty

and you'll see the leader there Joey

Logano in that yellow 22 car he's going

to come to pit road he said he's fired

off he was just a little bit tight

especially in 1 & 2 but late into that

run he said the car fell off big time he

said he was in a four-wheel drift there

we talked about how narrow it was and

look at this they're piled up at the end

of pit road piled up there's like six

cars UK to get by huge game into the

48-37 we've seen they're unbelievable

the others that were up front not

affected the one has an issue on his pit

stop it is chaos on pit road and look at

this the chaos back here Corey Lajoie in

the 32 he's in at the 19 Martin trucks

junior because of the issues he had on

the track he's involved in this as well

they pile up at the entrance to pit road




as we were going to break you saw one of

the crew members from the 12 team get

pinched in between the 12 and another

car you see the AMR safety team is right

there on pit road attending to him Steve

this is one of the reasons why all the

crew members had to have helmets when

they went over the wall a safety a big


yeah years ago pit crew didn't have to

wear fireproof suits that changed then

it was helmets after an accident in

Miami over a decade ago once again you

see just how dangerous pit road can be

this is every crew chiefs fear these pit

crew members become like family you ask

them to go out and do their job and so

often we talk about the competition side

how fast you can do their job but Jeff

did a nice job of highlighting how

narrow the pit road here is here in

Indianapolis and it doesn't matter the

speed of these cars they're 3,500 pounds

a 3,500 pound vehicle when they start

sliding around these crew members all

very brave men and women who jump over

pit wall weekend a week out so they're

gonna they're attending to one of the

crew members from the 12 team that's

really scary obviously

coming on pit road and they just all got

stacked up right there one of them one

car won't drive I just slowed up because

of a guy turning into his pits and then

they just all stacked up this is the

narrowest pit road on the series yeah 24

feet and you know cars on the on their

in their pit boxes taking up the

majority of that some of that and when a

car does get slowed down on you know

it's a chain reaction a domino effect

that starts way up here and then look at

the cars there's nowhere for these guys

to go because of how narrow that pit

road is and affected so many cars we

also saw a tire got hit there those

things are 70 pounds that just got

thrown in the air they're great to see a

smile on his face

so a thumbs up and a smile again that

crew member for the 12 team those guys a

warrior's go over the pit wall

what kind of man think about the nerve

that guy smiling after that we're gonna

show you another look

but again Steve mentioned 3,500 pound

car pinched between two of them and the

amazing thing is the crawled out of

there and was getting out of the way the

helmet had come off but yeah these guys

really extremely brave that was another

reason also for pit road speed they

brought a pit road speed so that these

cars weren't coming in at race speed

trying to get as fast to their pits as

they could but again things like this

could happen because of this narrow pit

road it looked like there was a driver

who is looking for his stall or trying

to get slowed down to turn into his

stall and as he slows down the chain

reaction is you two have pointed out

Jeff and Dale you know once they kind of

start banging in there

not only is it narrow but it's not

narrow to grass at a different track

like perhaps Charlotte or other places

where you could spin out into the grass

because of you know the proximity of the

front stretch the wall is required so

there's nowhere even for the spinning

cars to go they stay collected on pit

road it's the second year in a row

Martin Truex Jr has had problems on pit

road early in the race there is a red

flag out right now so you're gonna

you're gonna see teams looking at cars

they can't work on a car in a red flag

condition so that's why the cars are

parked on the backstretch but they're

also stopped on pit road and teams

cannot work on a car on pit road under a

red flag so this was last year see

Martin Truex junior back at the back of

the screen and same thing all stacked up

and he just you know it's nothing he

could do

you know the driver you're taught to be

as close to the guy in front of you as

you possibly can while you're coming

down pit road if you're four feet behind

that's the same as making a slower stop

right you have to be stacked up to the

guy in front of you to maximize your

amount of time that you're on pit road

Marty and Jeff this place you just never

been kind to Martin Truex Jr as he was

coming into a stall he told his crew

chief Martin Truex Jr to James salt

small he said I'm sorry this is just a

disaster of a day remember they started

the race they had the engine issue then

they got caught in the wreck on pit road

as you mentioned Jeff's second year in a

row for the 19 team and all they're

doing right now is evaluating what they

can do to Rick's point they can't work

on it right now under the red flag

Blake Harris there and the Bass Pro

Shops helmet leaning in he's the car

chief they can do this they cannot touch

the car though and do any repairs to the

car so they're kind of evaluating now

and see if you've done this before

make a plan as best you can so as soon

as that yellow flag comes back out let's

get everything done why they have to

have two plans now they have damage and

they still have an engine issue without

that engine issue you question if they

would have ever been far enough back to

get into this accident Rick it was

chaotic on the entrance to pit road for

the 19 of Martin Truex Junior


under a red flag early at Indianapolis

Motor Speedway you're watching the big

machine hand sanitiser 400 at the

Brickyard telecast presented by Advance

Auto Parts the reason for the red flag

an accident at the entrance to pit road

and we have confirmation from the 12

team that it was Zach Price the rear

tire changer that was pinched between

two cars and he's being checked out now

by the a.m. our safety crew so as we

take this look right here that's Michael

McDowell he's slowed down because he's

pitting directly in front of the 12 so

as he slows down you can see these stack

up behind him just like on the

interstate right Jeff when someone slows

down no one's expecting it everybody

checks up and obviously the chain

reaction there started to be contacting

just no room to avoid it

yeah the visibility keep there to keep

in mind see right here this is oh it's

so scary keep in mind when you're

driving that race when you drive a race

car you can't see through the car that's

in front of you so you know you don't

know what's going on three cars in front

of it they get stacked up it's very

difficult for you to see it and get get

slowed down in time especially

single-file on pit road

Kelly and when I talked to Kyle Busch's

crew chief Adam Stevens and asked him

what his biggest concern was going into

this race he actually pointed to pit

road he said that place is so narrow

it's 55 miles per hour it's a pretty

fast pit road and one other change this

year they have two spotters here because

the speedway is so big but they have

changed locations they no longer have a

speed spotter up on the pagoda instead

they have their primary spotter down in

turn one in the grandstands another one

in turn three and Adam Stevens says it

was going to be difficult for those

spotters in turn one to help assist

getting those drivers into their pit

stalls on pit road now Adam Stevens

himself does not participate in the 18

teams pit stops so that was going to be

his job helping but not every team has

that luxury a lot of these crew chiefs

have actually taken on a role during

these pit stops so they're all kind of

pulling double-duty making it difficult

but that was basically the exact

scenario that had Adam Stevens concerned

going into this one yeah Kelly you have

basically four less crew members so the


sar taking part of the pitstop some of

them are handy tires enter handing fuel

in the other twist Rick is she mentioned

Adam Stevens pit selection well that

used to be off qualifying you fast cars

would pick first well now they use last

week's results is the order in which

they pick pit stalls will remember the

18 of Kyle Busch was in an accident last

week so he was way down the list picking

stalls you saw right there the pre and

post pandemic four less crew members I

actually talked to Rodney Childers this

morning say hey are you involved in the

pit stop and how about this one the four

car needs to complete full tanks of gas

Rodney Childress has to get down off the

pit box and hand a tank of gas over to

his gas man so no one is on the pit box

during the pit stop Wow and they're

firing the engines back up that means

that we have gone to a yellow flag

condition so the caution now is an ALICE

that means that those teams can go to

work on the cars now that we're on pit

road and analyzing what they needed to

do so under the wheel well of the 48

these guys frantically going to work on

the 19 trying to figure out what the

engine issue was just you know a

reminder in years past you would see

body parts come out taped on and all

these patches that's gone away

NASCAR's got away with all that with the

new crash rules that have been in effect

now for a couple of years you can't add

any pieces you could put all the tape on

it you want and then you have to go out

and find minimum speed if you can't do

that you're going to be removed from the

race there's only a certain amount of

time it's called a crash clock and if

you work on your car too long you'll be


that's why they're frantically working

on these cars now they will be on the

clock if they were involved in the


so pit road is open again

as the cars rolling around we'll see if

others will take to pit road a few of

these cars chose not to come the first

time wise decision these guys all would

bent behind that stack up so they'll

come to position come to pit road now

get serviced these were cars towards the

back of the field when the yellow came

out and you can see who's in front that

22 car as they stayed on the racetrack

Kevin Hart I'm telling you I keep

working on my calculator here trying to

figure out Kevin Harvick and Rodney

Childress play and I understand they

cycle to the front but without being

able to put fuel in this car I don't see

how they can make it to the lap 50

caution although if you listen it's an I

hear an engine running Rick saving as

much fuel as you can there is fire to

back up again he'll catch up to the pace

car we'll be back for the restart










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so Rick 17 laps in you see the damage

from all the cars again stacked up well

this is the one of Kurt Busch Oh they

dropped the jack he goes to leave he

runs over the air hose he has to back up

this was our third-place runner before

the yellow comes in third you see the

disappointment the confusion are we

changing left-side tires now he's all

the way back at the 28th position so if

you're keeping notes Rick you're gonna

run out of ink because there's a lot of

cars involved the issues in this first

set of pit stops yeah not the way he

wanted his 700th start to go it's been

very disjointed to start obviously the

Lightning backing things up as far as

the green flag and then the issue on the

competition caution with the bottleneck

happened at the entrance to pit road you

have to wonder if you know not have any

practice not having any repetitions or

any anything happening you show up jump

the car go to race you gotta imagine I

haven't seen a lot of negatives to that

in the sport since since we've been

doing it that way this year that might

have played a big role in creating that

issue on pit road the one also had a

penalty for an uncontrolled tire

19 I think that too many men over pit

wall which is an okay penalty while

you're trying to do repair hey guys take

a look at this 128 degrees right now

inside that car that's Bubba and it's

warm obviously this has been a racetrack

where we've seen drivers get out of the

car and just almost sit down and fall

down up exhaustion and that's unique

because yesterday we had a teenage

inside of one Xfinity cars and it was

roughly ten maybe fifteen degrees cooler

than that and tells you these cars they

have them down to the ground sealed off

on this surfaces they go around the oval

whereas the Xfinity cars are a little

higher a little air underneath the car

it doesn't trap all that heat but these

these cup cars they got them sealed to

the ground it traps a ton of heat in

those cars they cook inside of there

it's gonna be a tough day for those

drivers it is a warm one Marty hey guys

checked in with Rodney Childers and yes

he does know Steve he cannot make it to

the end of this stage but this was

planned all along so Steve have you done

your backwards math hitting off sequence

all day long looks like Rodney Childers

is willing to do it and you know the

other thing that allows them to do that

those three wind stickers behind Kevin

Harvick's name they have three wins in

the bank they know they're in the

playoffs so hey why not roll the dice go

for that fourth win hey Rick I always

encourage gambling especially after

winning races so good for Rodney

Childers and Kevin Harvick what they

need now those have a good restart they

want to stay to the front they've got

that track position now they need to

keep it so there shows you the

confidence they have in their speed

right he's not worried about it getting

out front leading the pack or getting

far enough backward if he has to put on

the green he's will go a lap down he's

counting on the fact that he will have

enough speed and you can pin here on the

green and not go lap down season not

going well for Martin Truex Jr as we see

him out of the car he's done for the day

that's so frustrating

that's just so frustrating

and now the field approaches the Geico

restart zone

Kevin Harvick Joey Logano making up roll


Jimmy chose the initial start this first

restart for car on the outside with a

teammate behind him contact three wide

Brad Keselowski to the inside puts

Bowman three wide to sandwich result

moments slide out make a little contact

there and Logano trying to steal away

the lead for Kevin Harvick barbecues

that outside lane carry that momentum

down the back straightaway the Gardo

trying to sidetrack that quarter battle

pulling back here comes health member

olih big push try to help his teammate

they stay side by side through three

Harvick down the short chute has the

advantage he's going to close the door

in the four

another corporation early in a race

shows you how important track position

is those guys going at it right along

joy the God or this coca-cola cam


all soprano means trying to keep that

left front fender on the inside of Kevin

Harvick to get air to it make downpours

make the car drive as good as you can

the only thing I'm curious about with

the four new tires on Harvard's car but

not adding fuel how would that affect

the nose weight the car and the balance

of the car of this short run here yeah

you would think it would be tighter

without the weight in the back swinging

on corner entry the car might be a

little tighter but you know what fixes a

tight race car is fresh air on the nose

all that front downforce as you see the

48 who was in that accident on pit road

looks like a flat left front tire or a

right friend it's got all kinds of

damage Justin Allgaier that's behind the

wheel again filling in for Jimmie

Johnson who now is at home in quarantine

because of the Cova 19 positive test and

so not what he wanted to see either and

I had to look really hard see if there's

any debris on the racetrack

I'm effort guys trying to get a big

supper she's trying to get a big for

that thing go show you the drugs off the

to the Trump end of the day for Justin

Allgaier at the forty eight back to the

lead you receive the battle between the

2 of Brad Keselowski in the 9 of chase


it's gonna be a cigarette you know

there's a mix we that was so complicated

during that hip sequence we the accident

and the strategy of the four we have a

handful of cars toward the front

Logano Almirola Keselowski on two tires

were chase Elliott on four fresh tires

we'll see if those newer left-side tires

help the speed in the nine car Steve you

mentioned earlier about the strategy and

the particulars of this racetrack 38 to

40 laps they can go on fuel so the only

one that we don't believe can make it

all the way is gonna be Kevin Harvick

who didn't add fuel under that

competition caution because he actually

came a lap before the caution came out

yeah the rest of these drivers I believe

can make it to the end on fuel now it's

just about continuing to communicate

with your team early on the race as the

track change is what you need your car

to do differently to be better as the

race wears on just want to let you know

Corey Lajoie was involved in that

incident at the entrance to pit road he


been checked and released from the

infield care center she just replayed

back from that restart how aggressive he

got three wide get into turn one that's

not going to work they knew it out

stolen wisely he rolled out of the

throttle got himself out of that

situation but lost several spots at the

ninth place man on the outside of that

aric almirola sitting there in third

place hoping to get his fifth top five

in a row

one of the hottest drivers in NASCAR

right now Denny Hamlin and Hamlin

currently running in the seventh

position all over the back bumper of

Matt DiBenedetto in that 21 so Denny was

able to leave turn two lower than Maddie

Dini caught that one let him pull up

Masotti but just couldn't do it this

racetrack a little bit of a bobble there


the 21 and then he's showing he look man

I want this spot he knows that's gonna

hurt his corner but he's hoping that if

he keeps showing Maddie D that he wants

that spot it would give it to him I

think he's also trying to affect the

balance of the 21 car put his car

putting it 11 car as close as you can to

the left rear quarter-panel try to get

that 21 up off the bottom of the


and out of the gas right behind the 11

of Denny Hamlin 24 of William Byron crew

chief check and I was on top of the box

former crew chief for Jimmie Johnson I

talked to Chad this morning hard to

believe he has yet to go to the shop

since they loaded the cars for Atlanta

in March from the pandemic meets months

ago now Chad Knaus has not been to the

shop and he said he's learning you know

he's a he's a hands-on crew chief he's

learning how to set this 24 car up from

afar and how to prepare he believes that

the no practice is hurting both him and

his driver so far so good here today

running inside the top 10 this is a

great view to talk about this racetrack

you know all four of these corners look

the same but they are not the same they

drive completely different drive it into

turn one this this corner is very very

tight on corner exit out of the throttle

go back to the throttle really quickly

then the car wants to go straight out to

the wall right here

it's very tight on corner exit then this

corner turned to it's much tighter than

turn four they look exactly the same but

off a turn - if your car is loose you

get way looser than you do off the floor

and you get way to tighter if you're

tight Marty hey Jeff Steve Benson the

moment ago chase Elliott sitting in

Hamlin sitting there in seventh they are

on four fresh Goodyear tires and right

in front of Denny Matt DiBenedetto on

two so see how much are you watching

this as a crew chief as Hamlin with

those four fresh tires goes for that

spot and gets it around Matt Edie yeah

I'm trying to learn from everyone else's

decisions and if you're a car that's

farther back in traffic some of your

results can be altered just by where you

are in the field Rick so I walks guys

towards the front to see a four tires

really shows right now two tires are

holding on everyone in the top three or

four but we still have a long ways 24

laps to go to the end of the stage Steve

you mentioned earlier when you saw those

cars on pit road and they were working

on than they were on the clock you had

mentioned they had to meet a minimum

speed while two cars that were involved

in the incident the 15 of Brennan Poole

in the 47 of Ricky Stenhouse jr. they

were not able to meet that minimum speed

when they went back out on the racetrack

and some NASCAR has told them the day is

over head back to the garage

let's listen in on aric almirola Stadium



and cerebral aric almirola trying to

dissect how was my car that tight cuz of

the track tight because of potential

damage is it two tires we talked to Eric

this week and first year work with Mike

mother average spent a crew chief swap

at stewart-haas racing and Jeff I

thought was fascinating you know Johnny

Claus Meyer was the crew chief for air

come early said you know we were both

just very laid-back very calm we would

have a bad day and we both would care

but he didn't sound that way on the

radio what mother brought was a little

bit of fire and intensity this tank

artists work in Dale that just mentioned

four top fives in a row yeah he's

completely different personalities

between the driver and the crew chief

and he thinks that really helps them but

is there Stan also how you know that's a

new team together they don't have any

races together and they can't spend time

together the only time they can spend

time together is actually during the

races and I think that's a disadvantage

of new teams it's taking them a while to

get going but they are running their

best as of late just get that chemistry

built just behind them the battle is

heating up for fourth right now

Keselowski has it but chase elegant has

been closing the gap and here comes

Denny Hamlin once again Brad's on the

two tires nine car chase Elliott Denny

Hamlin both on four fresh tires

showing that speed

look at that lemon car though get the

run on chase Elliott down the back

straightaway and dive in there look

trying to get that car up off the bottom

he does taking the air off the back of

the 9 car that's how you get aggressive

to try to put yourself in a position to

make that pass and they've done a great

job there Pamela takes fifth away from

chase Elliott no one's been able to take

the lead away from Kevin Harvick he's up

front by two seconds over the Ghanim














just 18 laps to go in the big machine

hand sanitizer 400 at the Brickyard for

stage 1 this telecast presented by

Advance Auto Parts we see the 10 coming

off of pit road Marty what was going on

he had a vibration and it got so bad he

- radio mic bugger rabbits his crew

chief who's down here evaluating the

tires right now he said I can't stand

I'm going to come in they are looking to

see what it could have been there was

contact on the left rear but they're

pointing to the left front as if

something might have been wrong with

that tire but aric almirola who is

running third and you guys which should

be coming up four straight top-five

finishes has to pit early here and right

now he is gone as far as he and Rick

falling to the field in 30th right now


another driver involved in the incident

at the back or at the entrance to pit

road but back to field there was the 19

of Martin Truex Jr he has been and

treated and released from the infield

care center as well and Eric's gonna

have to hustle he wants to get up there

and if there's a caution of any kind get


trying to pass city cars that can did

not catch Harvick could pass him he'd

set back on the lead lap he's got their

fun of Logano remember Harmons gonna

have to pit so if all that were to work

out Harvick didn't say you'd say green

the whole way then Eric should end up

back in the lead lap well hey and

Harvick has 33 lap tires okay you know

air combos are fresh I know track

positions important but both of them in

clean air right here you see the 4 of

Kevin Harvick up there in the distance a

couple cars in front of it


this is where it's important on top of

the pit box to paint the accurate

picture all right you're the free pass

position but you need to stay close to

that for tell your driver how hard he

needs to push give them that information

you know I was surprised for the 10 Jeff

you and I were having a conversation

this is a track where you can pit and

not lose a lap but he was two or three

seconds behind the leader but more

portly yet at 16 in second pit stop you

switch that to a 13 second pit stop and

guess what he's in front of the four we

talked about the small details that

changed your entire day they're gonna

look back and say oh it was the loose

wheel well Rick if they get caught a lap

down it wasn't as much loose feel as it

was a slow pit stop with a loose wheel

that got them a lap down to the four

five hoping for a caution potentially to

get that free pass and just moments ago

Kelly caught up with Martin Truex Jr

well first it was engine issues for

Martin Truex Jr and then he got caught

up on that incident on pit road I mean

Martin how do you sum up a short-lived

day like this terrible disappointing you

know really all around one lap up to

speed and then had the engine deal so

just disappointed you know our

auto-owners camera felt amazing I

thought I thought we were gonna have a

great day and you know we ran a lap and

a half I guess and it was feeling really

good and then the engine laid down so

the deal with pit road you know I mean

that kind of happened to us last year we

I almost aborted I almost said I'm just

gonna wait and come around the next lap

but the guys really wanted to get under

the hood and assess the engine and you

know come to find out it was just a

sparkplug problem so we could have

easily fixed it and had a really good

day I think but thanks to all two owners

and Toyota and everybody that supports

us we'll come back strong and hopefully

get them next week that guy right there

really does need to get back to running

the way he's used to running only two

top five this year home pace to only get

about five this year where last year you

had 15 top five so they're eager to turn

things around way behind right now and

what they had done back in 2019

also hearing xlviii if justin allgaier

was evaluated and released from the

infield care center just want to pass

that along to you those drivers that are

now out of the race right here this is

basically a battle for the lead because

heart is gonna have to come to pit road

Logano front of Hamlin here Hamlin and

his car looks so good no surprise it's

been a dominant season for him but how

he's able to drive into the corner

behind people we talked about how Aero

dependent those cars are and help how

much the guy behind is suffering from

this big spoiler but let's seem to be

bothered at 11 cars bus today yeah watch

Denny Hamlin watching Turner early it's

gonna turn early here trying to get

underneath that 22 car Joey Logano is

not one of those drivers as go mrs.

Martin he's gonna be on it the fact that

they need can stay this close through

the corner is so impressive to me

because he's really at a disadvantage

aerodynamically on the nose of that car

this is it this is the end of the

racetrack where he's put in and make

those passes into turn three not close

enough to Joey Logano he's got to get a

big run off the tube close that gap in

the three in the turn before him take

that air off the spoiler keep Joey from

getting to the bottom of the racetrack

back to the gas a little sooner gains a

little bit there kind of holds there

there's a little bit

off turn four down the front

straightaway doesn't look like Joey

Logano gets out of the gas very much

yeah that turn four is probably the

freest corner and they're all the

racetrack so that's probably where

they're going to be used up to draw the

most listened-to turn one way off the


you're not handling that's gonna be the

corner where it's going to show up the

most watch the throttle in this end of

the corner see that right there


remember that turn to in turn four they

look exactly the same when you look at

this racetrack there's no difference so

right watch the throttle when we get all

around the racetrack to turn four how

different it is example rollin going

around this he doesn't need the free

pass he has a teammate and what I like

about this I'm not a hundred percent

sure if Kevin Harvick's not helping a

team man out I don't think so

I just think it's the new tires aric

Almirola is running some of the fastest

laps in the entire field with the

freshest tires that tells me that you

know it's not just track position you

got to have a good handling race car

Harvick that last lap ran right under 52

seconds the second third at the 50 64 so

that's a whole second slower for Harvick

allowing that pass to happen

back to the battle here for second place


the throttle again as they go down the


we saw the speed closing in on 190 miles

an hour as he gets here to turn three

all right so he set it up a little bit

ago and left to show the past that

marolla watch turn four watch the

throttle my rep might see was out of the

throttle into they would carry much more

throttle and for extended a racetrack


and look the same but I promise you

they're not all got a car defense the

six of Nick's smoking car for Ryan

Newman as a lot of damage to the right

side of that car and the caution has

come out once again he's run an eighteen

he had a vibration and Indiana kid Ryan

Newman obviously disappointed what has

happened here the right front tire down

don't know if that happened prior to

your rink we had a conversation about

Ryan Newton this morning Jeff you and I

his numbers on the legal Daytona 500

champ Brickyard 400 champs silver crown

champion he just has been in the sport

for so long six hundred and sixty eight

starts I think sometimes we forget he

had that spectacular crash at Daytona to

start the year recovered from that it's

great to see him back in a race car but

not quite like this he wanted this one

to run to the finish a lot of damage to

the right side of the six its update for

Roush pusher already had some troubles

today on pit road

out of the race 35th seems like this


in the day for new but just wait and see

how much damage this it took for

that hit to the outside now this is one

of these tracks that as a crew chief I'm

gonna have to really be sure this car is

okay to go back out you're going so fast

but take a look at it right here Oh

looks like a flat right front to me well

we talked about it guys

you know this racetrack is the one of

the most abrasive racetracks we go to a

lot of times we unload race cars here

and can't make six or seven laps that

putting tires on it now you start in

this race you just makes you wonder if

it didn't wear through the tire they

work on the six another driver who was

out of this race early subbing for

Jimmie Johnson Justin Allgaier with


yeah and surely a disappointing returned

to the Cup Series for Justin Allgaier

who's just been released from the care

center and we'll give you a replay but

what was your vantage point Justin as

you were coming down pit road kind of

always has been in the past here and you

know starting at the back trying to you

know go forward you know obviously yeah

right here

you know the the 15 actually got the

back of me I didn't know if I got the

the gentlemen on the 12 or not it was

you know once the once the wreck started

happening in front of us and we all got

bottled up there it just you know one

car after another we're getting run into

and just a shame I hate it for these

guys on this ally 48 they've done such a

great job they prepared so well for the

circumstances obviously our hearts and

our thoughts are with Jimmie right now

and his family that's the most important

piece of all this is getting him back to

the racetrack soon and I wanted to do

well for them today and it's just

disappointing to to be staying here

talking you unfortunately but we'll go

on you know I don't know what I don't

know what next week looks like yet but

we'll go run the Xfinity Series race and

go have a good good shot at it and yeah

disappointed disappointed a way to end

the Brickyard 400 what did it mean no to

be the one to get the call to step in

for a seven-time champion I told mr. H

and I told Jimmy as well you know I just

how honored I was to be this part that

they they would ask me to be in this


it means a lot it means a lot as a

driver it means a lot just everybody

involved in my family and hopefully I

get the opportunity again Thank You

Marty Kelly on a day where track

position means so much pit road open

near nine to go in stage one Joey Logano

has been up front with Denny Hamlin and

also Kevin Harvick will see what Paul

Wolfe can call here but for fresh

Goodyear tires you saw how fast aric

almirola was once he put those on for

Kevin Harvick he could see Rodney

Childers kind of slumped down when the

caution happened this certainly throws a

curve ball into their strategy but the

pit crew can come through here and hold

that track position car was a little bit

tight he had to flip the fuel switch for

the octillery fuel to kick in coming

down pit road and then Denny Hamlin for

fresh Goodyear tires for him he said no

handling changes for him and a lot of

guys taken to their rig in in some track

position yeah two tire stop for ty

Dillon won the race off of pit road he

made up ten spots Harvick you see

dropped one spot on that four-tire

change we'll be back for the restart and

the sprints the end of stage one








NASCAR and coca-cola have partnered with

the USO to find military and first

responders who have gone above and

beyond to keep our community safe and

healthy during kovat and this time of

unrest earlier this week coca-cola

racing family driver Austin Dillon

caught up with Lieutenant Colonel

temperature chief medical officer at

Hope Army Air Field who has stepped into


hello Lieutenant Colonel temperature

what is this pandemic meant to our

military it's forced us to definitely

come up with creative ways to achieve

the mission I'm certainly honored to

represent an entire team that's taking

care of our members regardless of the

risk we really appreciate your service

to our country and our communities on

behalf of the NASCAR salutes refreshed

by coca-cola program I'm excited to tell

you that we're going to continue your

support of military families in our

community and yours with the donation to

USO family programs in North Carolina

and Indianapolis thank you for your


it's truly appreciated as Austin said

NASCAR and coca-cola are going to

partner with the USO to donate to USO

family programs in both North Carolina

where Lieutenant Colonel Templar is

stationed as well as in Indianapolis to

help get through these challenging times


they brought the 95 of Christopher Bell

on to pit road NASCAR did because of a

transponder issue that's how they're

scored there's a transponder that's at

the rear of every car and there was an

issue with the 95 of Christopher Bell so

they brought him to pit road so they can

change that out Rutledge you know Rinku

talked a lot this week about Roger

Penske having the dream showing up here

as a kid and what it meant to him but he

wasn't the only young man that showed up

at this track with a dream and one of

them happened to be tied to a tow truck

and that was because it was his job Tony

Stewart before he was a team owner a

three-time Cup champion or even an IRL

champion he was here because he was a

young man interested in racing growing

up in Indiana running go-karts being

into the Geist Bloor that was this track

for so many Indiana natives something

that we saw yesterday would chase Frisco

why that win was so important to him but

Tony used to sneak in he would use a tow

truck get a good stand on the back of

the rollback that's how he watched the

Indy 500 in any way you cut it what this

track means just so many different men

and women is obviously very real in the

racing community but I know Tony Stewart

enjoys the views he gets today but I

don't think he's that far from

remembering what it looked like from the

back of a tow truck guys

yeah inspiring young drivers as we saw

with chase Briscoe yesterday 95s going

around he'll get his position back I

believe for NASCAR again had to change

the transponder in that 95 so Jeff who

we talked about points you know the

playoffs are coming this is a halfway

through a little past halfway through

the regular season so you see all the

guys in yellow and have a win we'll go

down to that red line Johnson who we

know isn't in the race today but Dillon

and Jones just above it the 24th William

Byron is currently listed in ninth as a

leader these are all the guys that

stayed on the racetrack I say that

because we're only about five or six

laps away from the end of stage one and

points are paved

ten cars right so we have William fired

Erik Jones and Austin Dillon all stayed

on the racetrack and their thought has

to be points right try to fill that

points bucket to try to have a better

opportunity to make the playoffs look at

the last pit you have you know three

guys out front that have been on pit row

half man on pit road slap fifteen ty


gambled with right-side tires and again

the schedule a little bit disjointed as

well because of what's going on next

Sunday it's Kentucky Speedway that'll be

Fox Sports 1 and that one is at 2:30

p.m. Eastern and then Wednesday so just

three days later the all-star race will

be at Bristol once again on Fox Sports 1

and that is at 8:30 p.m. Eastern so

under the lights there at Bristol and

Sunday July 19th will be back on NBCSN

at Texas Motor Speedway at 3:00 p.m.

Eastern and I just want to say what a

great job we have seen out of Mike joy

Jeff Gordon Larry McReynolds the whole

crew on Fox such a difficult season

that's been

we we had a great Kentucky race they get

it this year but that race last year how

about the battle between the brothers

won a battle between the Busch brothers

the older Busch Kurt ends up getting the

win to the line rumor was car left with

airport rumor is you have a flight home

after that one as a rare opportunity for

Kurt to get one up both Kyle and Kurt

show to get a lot of great emotion

that's the first time that Kurt had beat

his brother in a one two battles when

they've had that finish a lot of time it

was the first win for a lot of those

guys on that team took a lot of pride in


so it's hard I'm thinking that that

caution could not have come at a better

time for Kevin Harvick

they roll the dice early decided you

know what we need some track position

how we're gonna do it

caution comes out there the first car

that came out pit road first I don't

know one that pitted so I don't know

that could have made it happen any

better for those guys field now going

through the Geico restart zone as we get

ready to go four laps to go in stage one

nobody gets the advantage on the jump

William Barrett Jones side-by-side at


moving up the 4 of Kevin Harvick trying

to get by the 9 of chase Elliot Gillum

brothers right in front of him


case is going to have an 18 come up

there and help him get a run by Kevin

Harvick and no help for Harvick now is

Chase is going to go by the 3 of Austin


ty Dillon brother younger brother of

Austin just in front of him in the 13 so

close now right now if they can stay

side by side to be in advantage but

Elliott lost grip he wanted a little boy

he thought if you have a little more

grip him outside and turn for one there

he's gonna side draft is for car down

the front straightaway what a great

illustration behind him

look at the run Matt DiBenedetto has him

to 21 Marvin's clear Dalyan

so he silly tried the crossover almost

there in the nine

and they're still side by side side by

side behind them

as Kyle Busch tries to make the pass and

will complete it on Matt DiBenedetto we

embark Jones we talked about a Steve

those points this this win right here to

be huge to be the stage lead 18 out of

the groove there opens up the spot for

de pinna dead oh he takes it

here comes the 11 as well oh look a hand

coming up like Santa laps to go and look

at how important points are taking the

fight here pushes that freak are feeling

down the front straightaway off into

turn one trying to clear the four of

Harvick and the big deal for chase that

could look at the erase button boob

right there I know it's early but track

position - it is now the 11 pushing the

21 of DiBenedetto they go by tie doing

yeah Maddog I was out of shape there

I'll race it here coming into the stage

coming up on the last lap of stage one

out front it's still William Byron fun

of Erik Jones then Austin Dillon has a

mirror full of everybody

and look at a fan-out as they go down

the front stretch

Rick we're going to talk about track

position and how all these crew chiefs

are battling for the drivers over here

in the booth with us we're talking about

you know how one position could matter

William Byron is currently leading and

perhaps gonna win this state he stayed

out he has thirty lap older tires in the

field and he's dead after the sixth

position so you know this just proves if

you can get a car out front in that

clean air it improves the hailing to the

point where that's the whole strategy

for the crew chief to be the guy out

front it's got to come down to who can

manage the fuel the best but a great

strategy call for William Byron Erik

Jones gobbling up these points William

Payne win good call wimp stage number

one now those two came into this race

15th and 16th and points that is why

they stayed out trying to get those hit

stage points second win the second stage

win of the year for William Byron he's

still looking for his first Cup Series

win an Xfinity Series champion and right

now he's up front win state one










a song is how they remember you by

Rascal Flatts and this is big machine

and sanitizer 400 at the Brickyard

and this view this aerial coverage be

brought to you by Geico

Kelly so William Byron picks up the

stage win which was clearly the

objective their true chief Chad can now

said man I hate we had to do that it's

going to be a battle to get back up

front the rest of the day there Williams

said he's pretty good just gets a little

bit loose as those tire pressures come

up Austin Dillon in that number three

car middle of the screen said he just

doesn't have any straightaway speed but

pretty good and clean there you see

there they're gonna make it tracked the

bar adjustment of your tires for the 330

Chris Gayle the crew chief for Erik

Jones bottling your screen debated for a

moment about staying out here running

ten laps and making it to the end of the

stage too but they into the day decided

four fresh Goodyear tires

to go here and fuel he said the pace out

front might be different than it was

back in the pack Trek because so many

came before the end of the stage

not very many come here at the end of

the stage






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Indianapolis and let's go to the pagoda

and check back in with Mike Tirico all

right Rick back outside this crossover

weekend with IndyCar and NASCAR socially

distant still Jared still with us James

Hinchcliffe from IndyCar Series as well

to James in the second stage racing

gives you immediate feedback and data

what are you thinking what you saw at

the end of stage one well you've seen

those verified teams on the pandemic

what is fact and what is fiction well it

was just verified for these crew chiefs

that clean air is way more important

than new tires so get your driver in the

right position towards the end of this

race that's going to give you a better

chance that you think you can do a pit

road the headline from stage one was

that bottleneck at the top of him

you'll live this for indy500 we talk

about it every year this narrow pit road

and got the NASCAR guys as well again

it's a very tight pants especially

coming up a track like Pocono a lot of

times you think you're dry as a driver

your heart rates going to be highest on

the race track sometimes it's actually

higher in pit lane because of all the

all the dangers there there's exposed

personnel I've seen a lot of Indy 500s

lost in pit lane and unfortunately for

some of these guys are Brickyard 400

always went out of pit lane - is it cool

for you to be here to watch the NASCAR

Cup guys on the on the fame - at my


absolutely love it and at the end of

that stage one is anything like the end

of the race it's gotta be it's gonna be

a good finish that's good I was giving

him some grief because we're wearing

suits he's wearing a t-shirt he said

yeah I was a heck of a lot hotter in the

car yesterday he fished in lemon through

the Grand Prix brick back to you and the

guys in Charlotte I was wondering if he

didn't get the dress code the t-shirt

there by the mayor of Hinch town take a

look at the car comparison Steve well

let's made this weekend so great is the

e car and NASCAR together here's kind of

a comparison a little bit more about 10

million more to run the NASCAR schedule

but don't let that fool you when it

comes to speed the Indy car 240 miles

per hour to track like Indianapolis

NASCAR about 200 obviously the Indy car

much sleeker only 40 inches off the

ground but I think the biggest

difference is right here the total

weight over 3,000 pounds for 1,700

pounds for an IndyCar Indy car now has

that cool new Aero screen that hinge was

talking about a kept him warm during the

Grand Prix I think they're actually

gonna be leaning on the stock car guys

to figure out some of that helmet

cooling that NASCAR has been used as we

see some sort of issue with the 96 of

Suarez like she's smoked well they also

had a pitting issue they had somebody

come over the walls

early for Daniel Suarez so it looks like

they may still have more issues with

that car as he shakes it his own pit

road a little while ago with Berta


we'll see if he makes his way back on to

pit road before the restart chase

Elliott's leading this race right now

guys his first time he's ever led chase

elegant and Kevin Harvick now making up

row number one as we get ready to start

stage two


giving the chase Elliott letting clear


little bobble there out of the floor of

Harvick he catches it

they stay side by side for a second

Benedetto look at this my sister on

Denny Hamlin gets where's he gonna go

top lane he follows his buddy Matt

DiBenedetto and he'll push him into

second those guys gonna get by Harvick

gets single-file going into turn three

minute Dan oh man all the way up to

second place

a great show the Wood Brothers here

today we mentioned earlier the Wood

Brothers were invited to the Indy 500

highway back in 1965 to aid in the

victory of the Indy 500 Oh amazing would

it be to come back and win the Brickyard

400 with their own team benedetto was in

a situation where lost his ride last

year at least knowing what was going to

happen in 2020 and right away

Paul Menard who was driving for the Wood

Brothers team in the 21 said I think

Matt DiBenedetto should take over when I

retire he's the guy that should go back

behind the wheel of this Fame 21 Marty

hey Rick when we are talking to Matt

Edie earlier this week he said you know

I've had to change my expectations here

in the 21 car I was getting so

frustrated early in the season because I

was putting pressure on myself that I

had to win I had to change my

expectations to say you know what just

go to the racetrack take what the car

will give you last week at Pocono we

showed we can win I'll tell you what

Jeff he's showing right now running

second at the Brickyard trying to get in

his fourth win for the Wood Brothers

yeah thought came this week and he said

to me he feels like he's always racing

for his life you know he's always racing

to see what's going to happen next year

what's his next opportunity these types

of runs only help obviously big of this

marquee events put the car up front

that's big and who can forget that

battle at Bristol last year he and Denny

Hamlin going at it then he ended up

getting that win but

a lot of people will quietly pulling

from a TV that night and one of the

things I like about him is his car

obviously does it I have the pace that

Denny Hamlin has but he doesn't care

he's going to race hard and try to get

every position he can and try to go up

there with this race he wins this race

today that's the 100th Cup victory for

the Wood Brothers he'd love to be the

guy to do that should we be surprised

that the two that are called the rear


the 11 to Denny Hamlin the 4 of Kevin

Harvick and third fourth most

respectfully so good last week at Pocono

each one a rates each finished second to

the other


such a great view this kind of shows the

patience it takes the commitment to get

down to that white line if you missed

that white line you just lose so much

time you guys talk about the vision

remember we're all over the roof of the

car and that allows us to see come out

of the head down a little bit lower

he definitely get blocked your vision of

the cars and pregnant

Jennie once again Peaks down below

letting the driver in front of him no

let him a TV know that he's there wants

to get by open Maddy deal making the

state kind of get in his head a little



good run out of the 11 here

cool shy

I won't lie guys I've been going to the

Brickyard for a long time as a crew

chief walking out on that front stretch

is amazing threw gasoline alley but as I

ride on board man I want to take a lap

just once Rick I just want it's such a

famous racetrack just what I don't have

to go this fast it's 100 miles an hour

just let me go around at what time to

experience what it's like to have

grandstands on both sides that tunnel

look so amazing

right side 14 the Clint Boyer just in

front of the 95 Christopher Bell

what an incredible rookie class this

year as well the big three we call them

from the Xfinity series back in 2019

have all graduated up to the Cup Series

and all battling very well against each

other and then you throw in John Hunter

Nemechek another one of the rookies

that's in the battle as well Christopher

Bell has been coming coming in with some

great runs here lately

and this is impressive to me to see the

damage on the nose of that car you would

think that would be a negative

aerodynamically and attract critical

he's got damage to the right rear

quarter panel as well hanging in there

we want to take a look at the Toyota

driver update as we were talking about

Christopher Bell and that 95 currently

running in the 8th position was as far

back as 38 which we started in 35th

position so a little bit a strategy has

got him up here toward the front of the

pack Kelly

yeah and Dale jr. was referencing that

good run that Christopher Bell has been

on as of late with the exception of the

last ways at Pocono Sunday that break

from the pandemic actually gave the team

a chance

kind of evaluate the first handful of

races of the season they gotta go over

what went right what went wrong he said

when we returned to Darlington it seemed

like the team had done such a great job

during that break that they had really

turned the corner he feels like they are

much better so actually a benefit to

this rookie and this team to kind of

figure out how they needed to move

forward and they have the time to do

that an opportunity during that break

right now Christopher Guffey he's just a

bit tight and turns three and four

Kelly the other thing was had a chance

to take a break and kind of orient

himself to the length of these races he

said that to me that was one of the most

difficult things and Norman's lead in

the Xfinity series and going to the Cup

Series is adjusting to the length of the

races it is a major change and then also

the added pit stops you would think

that's a great thing more opportunities

to make your car better but it's also

more opportunities to make a car worse

understanding what these cars need and

when they need them that's the

orientation rookie is cooler more top 10

finishes already this year for

Christopher Belle's we go NASCAR




kids running six I think that's a story













it's a big machine hand sanitizer 400 at

the Brickyard each telecast presented by

Advance Auto Parts you catch the action

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Trackbacks still upfront it is chase

Elliott let's get an update from Kelly

again we just want to give you a quick

update on that injured crew member from

Ryan blinis team Zack price the rear

tire changer we just learned that he is

awake and alert but he has been

transported to the hospital for further

evaluation I also spoke to Corey Lajoie

now you see the moment of impact there

who has

Saeki said he stopped in to check on him

and Zack was able to give him the big

thumbs up so that's good news but as I

said the team's just told us that he has

been transported to a local hospital for

further evaluation it's now Curtis

Thompson is the new rear tire changer

for the 12th team in place of Bryce he

comes from

that's actually a team penske

core as well so they had a backup

they're ready to go so protocols

further updates thinking about that

young man

these athletes you know we saw him get

hit there Zack price we also saw the

jack man did you see him jump up on top

of the car he had it in his peripheral

vision that car coming nice recovery by

Bellini all the way back up it in 11th


looking at the damage it's actually

probably if you're gonna get hit the

door that's kind of how you want the

damage to look looks like his talkback

number quite yet quite a bit we've seen

that be an advantage to guys over the

past years back up here in second place

depended eddo was still holding up this

string of cars party though we got mad

kids here had a great run today yeah

having his best one in the 42 car

earlier this week when we talked to him

I said hey what do you think about how

it's been to be back and he said you

know what kind of bittersweet I love

doing my job I'm having a lot of fun but

I don't like where the finishes are but

he said Indianapolis at times in my

career with my best racetrack so I have

a lot of hope coming there

Kyle Larson setups have not worked out

all for Matt Kenseth so they had to kind

of reinvent the wheel here cally format

and he's having a terrific run today

just ahead of him Kyle Busch now into

the top five and just a moment ago Kyle

came up with the radio and said that he

had a vibration now tell him he didn't

have a huge sense of urgency in his

voice and the team hasn't really spent

a number of times complained about a

vibration but again never came to pit

road to adjust any issue is there is

there anything about this place this

tractive it could be causing these

vibrations one thing I've found in my

career is Indianapolis the facility the

track is actually so smooth that a tire

out of balance a tire where maybe a

loose wheel that doesn't get worse can

vibrate and stay consistent these

drivers are experts at this

unfortunately as long as the vibration

doesn't increase or get worse normally

they can ride them out but it's very

difficult we've seen a lot of tire

issues and a track like this so never

want a vibration yeah remember this is

the reigning Cup Series champion and

Kyle Busch right now and he's witless

this season we talked to his crew chief

Adam Stevens said you know what the

performance isn't there but he said this

team normally gets better throughout the


well when the weekend starts when the

green flag drops through the race it's a

little difficult to get fed or IED away

so they're missing out on the practice

and attorney good and I don't doubt

victory lane the big concern is to play

off 425 a year ago at this point zero

right now so this lack of performance

early while I think they can recover and

make the playoffs it will hurt as he

moves through the playoffs and you see

them go by a slower car the 21 of Maddie

D has got these four cars kind of

stacked up right here and I think that's

the opportunity for Denny Hamlin and

these guys behind Matt is this lap

traffic look at the 18 had a little

trouble there and losing the air

Matt Kenseth takes a spot there Marty

and I tell you that stack up has what

has Denny Hamlin very frustrated there's

90 to go but he is frustrated that chase

Elliott is growing smaller in his

windshield and that's what's making a

mad as he tries to get the pass around

Matt easy there he goes finally Rick but

he was getting mad

just saying Kelly's getting away from us

yes so we know math was getting tight

and he's been clean air as soon as he

gets the traffic he's going to get it

really really tight and that's gonna

allow Danny to make that pass which it

just happened cuz they get around these

lap traffic we see this time and time

again at this racetrack lap traffic can

really cost some guys momentum

and we're seeing that 11 really hall

around the racetrack here want to take a

look at today's Xfinity fastest laps

it's no surprise then that Denny Hamlin

has the fastest lap of the race over a

hundred and eighty 1.53 2 miles per hour

that was on last 2007 remember that's

the average said he's going around this

two-and-a-half mile racetrack

look at the gap he's put on Matt since

he passed him look at that that's in one

lap and he's already pulled away from


and so now Denny Hamlin doesn't have

DiBenedetto in front of him and so let's

see if he can reel in and chase Elliott

who has a four and a half second lead we

go NASCAR non-stop








you saw it on non-stop Eric Jones

hard into the wall we heard him on the

radio just moments ago responding to his

crew he said I'm alright but you could

tell he was trying to catch his breath

flames rolling out from the right front

of that car secondly the replay

without nasty nasty angle into turn

three one of the fastest parts of the


for these guys and you know it's just

there's no practice it's a green

racetrack it's incredibly abrasive we've

seen this track just destroy tires

throughout a tire test these tires even

this far into the race are still not

able to go through an entire run Steve

you talked about it how this track has

grooves in it and it's like cheese

grater to these tires and takes quite a

while for this place to work in there's

been no laps on it drivers how scary is

that when you see the flames rolling out

from under the hood and you're strapped

in my biggest concern isn't the fire

it's it's that impact that impact is

such a heart a difficult angle going so

fast see Eric's out of the car he's

taking a look at the right side we're so

thankful for all the safety innovation

over the last couple of decades when you

see a crash like that that's as bad as

it's gonna get for these guys

he's not walking around pretty awesome

we're gonna listen in this is the radio

the communication from the team the 20

car right after that accident happened



catch your breath you know that's glad

to see you walk out of there but there's

playoff invitations to this as well you

know he's right there on that bubble and

now he's not bitter anymore points the

rest of the day it just seems like this

team every year it seems like they're

always right on that bubble 15 16 17

trying to get into playoffs fortunately

for the 20 he ran second in that first

stage scored some points there but to

your point Jeff it's gonna be really all

the points he gets as you won't be able

to continue today all the other crew

chiefs and drivers are seeing this swell

though we've heard a lot of radios about

vibrations right front wearing we've

heard some radio from the 18 about the

right front let's hear what he had to




so he's saying we're not gonna make it

he's worried about the right front tire

he's already feeling a vibration he

feels like he's wore out the inside edge

of the right front tire by turning the

steering wheel too much because he's

tight this is a teammate to the 20 car

just before the 20 cars accident yeah so

listen as a crew chief what can I do

air pressure maybe help a little bit you

can't change the camber now I'm not sure

that would help anyway the best thing

you can do is keep your car turning it

seems to me that not everyone is having

this issue I don't know what the

twenties balance was before the accident

but Kyle Busch a veteran a champion

seemed to be very confident Dale Wright

that he was hurting the right fight he

can feel it through the steering wheel

he was gonna hurt that right front tire

so if I was thinking I was gonna go one

step I might know go two steps to the

free side and let you know I gotta help

you some I think cow was in fear of

exactly what eventually happened to his

teammate you could hear it in his voice

I'm not we're not gonna make it this

right front tires not gonna we're not

gonna go any further

and that is a crew chief as a four-track

rig that we say track position you got

to stay out you got to be the leader you

got well guess what normally that's all

about fuel right well how much fuel how

long can I run welcome my strategy be

well that only works if the right front

tire can match your fuel load so pit

road is open now as they work on that

access road and the fluid that was put

down by the 20 of Erik Jones after that

hard contact with the outside wall and

we're seeing quiet a few takers now that

pit road is open looking for some fresh

Goodyear tires Marty Rick chase Elliott

led all 25 laps so that stage to a

terrific run for that race team chasing

the car got a little bit tight at the

end of that run but he was very happy

with it obviously that clean air means

everything same thing from Matt

DiBenedetto he said that car was tight

and obviously junior mentioned that

Denny Hamlin was able to make that pass

they're going to take a small air

pressure adjustment in the right front

to free him up

Denny Hamlin said in traffic my car is

way too free said but when I'm sorry way

too tight but when I'm out front the

balance was perfect Gabe Martin says I'm

going to free you up just a little bit

to make it better

in traffic in case we're back there for

fresh Goodyear tires for all these guys

and some to tire takers here make that

will win the race off pit road the big

stops for William Byron and Austin

Dillon both making up 9 and 10 for her

10th positions respectively with a

two-tire stop and under caution because

of that Erik Jones hard into the wall

here at Indy








close again on the halfway point of this

race the big machine hand sanitizer 400

at the Brickyard telecast presented by

Advance Auto Parts a year ago Darrell

Wallace jr. Bubba and one of his best

runs finished third here at the

racetrack and recently of course this

young man has taken quite a leadership

role within the sports and he's been at

the forefront of the social justice

movement of a national scale as a matter

of fact making change in NASCAR very

recently when he suggested to the NASCAR

officials and the powers would be to get

rid of the confederate flag didn't think

that it was inviting to everyone and so

that happened and so he's making a

change already and a lot of pressure and

guys you know drivers the mayor and of

course Dale jr. a 15-time fan favorite

you guys have had the pressure of the

sport on your shoulders and it seems

like Bubba has taken that role now yeah

Bubba's done a great job over the last

couple of months I followed Bubba's

career since he was in the KN series and

he has a lot of passion

he's great personality and we've seen

what he can do in really good equipment

on the racetrack in the Truck Series

with Kyle Busch in the Xfinity series

with Roush and we just haven't been able

to see him in that type of equipment in

the Cup Series he's so badly wants us

exceeded this level but he teamed up

with Richard Petty a team that was

struggling and they worked together to

really improve things the Chevrolets

better this year we're seeing great runs

out of all the Chevrolet teams Bubba

included and he's driving with a lot of

passion this year 26 years old trying to

make his way in the world in this series

and this is very very difficult and on

top of that all the pressures you know

he raised his hand and said I want to be

a leader in social justice he also put

that pressure on him so it's a lot on

this young man as a driver as a crew

chief making your way in this series is

one of the most difficult things you

ever do it is cutthroat it is pressure

field from the time you get it the grace

card to the time you leave the racetrack

never leaves just 24/7 and it's just a

lot of pressure on all these young

drivers and we've seen that from bubble

but he's stepped up he's a he's run his


over the last month month and a half

it's been fun to watch him take that

pressure and then do something with it

he has stepped up Jeff his performance

has improved with the pressure we

mentioned how he's been vocal for change

in NASCAR and I want to applaud NASCAR

specifically Steve Phelps the president

of NASCAR for listening for

understanding and trying to take the

sport in the right direction I think the

change on the flag is welcoming to

everyone and that's the goal is to have

everyone welcomed to come to the races

and I applaud Bubba's voice in that

movement and it's great to see him he

talked about not just for what he's

doing off the track but bringing that

performance on the track it's great to

see here a third in this race a year ago

Rick it's still early we've seen a lot

of strategy calls there's no talent

currently in the 16th position but you

know we've seen these running order swap

around very quickly the 43 could get

cycled to the front yeah Bubba's friend

I've seen him since he came into the

Truck Series when he first started in

racing and he was one of those guys who

said you know what I want to be known as

a racecar driver that just happens to be

black but he's also making a change now

in the world and in NASCAR







it's good to see Erik Jones emerged from

the infield care center after a really

hard hit one that looked like it took

your breath away

Erik what did you feel out of the car

leading up to that moment I mean the

Stanley Camry was pretty quick and kind

of just trying to move to the front and

get some track position and you know I

guess we had a right front go down I

felt it pop and then you know I was kind

of along for the ride it was a pretty

hard hit but it's a shame you know the

Stanley Camry was fast I mean you know I

think we just needed to get up towards

the front a little more and we could

have contended and you know it's a shame

is kind of story of our season we just

had a rough year and things just not

going our way so hopefully we can just

turn it around keep bringing fast cars

and you don't have things turn around

for us thank you

yep 18 to go now in stage two

William Byron in the 24 Austin Dillon

trying a new tire stop and then has got

them out in front of the field


Oh was able to take that spot away about

Williams would get on the right reporter

battle but he wasn't able to it's gonna

hurt William Gillette front tire tissue

blew up the left front tire blows up on

the 24 remember just too far out here

rights to tires only on the last pit

stop that Left Front had time on it I

don't know if you ran out slat might

have slid that left front into the pit

stall or something great point great

point I didn't see the pit stop but that

would be what you would expect right

damage it right away it explodes you see

the disappointment at a Chad can mouse

see right here this is only my handle

the star on the front straightaway

she's good right here

I thought he had a great run let's go

beyond a series of three car no contact

at any point and I saw with the three in

the left front of the 20

left arm right on top of the left front

tire already on the ground little bit

there boom right there blows the hood

the fender off of it so the caution

comes back again caution caution for

that 24 Kelly and Rick I can tell you

that a William Byron said something

broke right there and then he said the

left was dragging so that was something

broke leading up to all of that william

byron as you know had been on old tires

as they only took two on that last stop

I'm just speculating that he might have

drugged that left front end of the stall

it's already worn out so if he's pitting

under with with four old tires and

slides it even just a foot that could be

enough to get it to the fabric Stephen

yeah exactly you see the disappointment

check and as I spoke with him this


and you know he said I haven't been to

the shop since March since we loaded to

go to Atlanta way back in March this

pandemic for a hands on crew chief Rick

trying to figure out you know how to

prepare for these races and you some

family said I'm not good without any

practice William doesn't have a lot of

experience without any practice and from

a guy that I was able to work with for

over two decades a guy I saw win

championship after championship after

championship didn't sound like he had

that Chad can now swagger like he had a

little questions like what do I do to

make this work better and run better he

was having a good day great pit calls

got points for the 24 but Kelly a flat

left front tire is going to hurt that

Dave the 24 car yeah obviously they had

been strategizing to capitalize on as

many points as they can because they've

been kind of mired back in those owners

points which affects their starting

position by

you talk about chat canals and the lack

of practice young team he said I've met

young engineers young mechanics my plan

was to teach them and that was out being

in the shop and having limited time at

the track he really hasn't been able to

develop this team the way that he had

planned so they go to work on the 24 of

William Byron is Chatman house looks on

from on top of the pit box but not what

Byron was hoping for on that restart








batter and yellow cake batter

instead of whipping batter off the spoon

now you can sip it delicious fudge

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only for a limited time at Sun the

IndyCar Series rolls on next weekend

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coverage Saturday on NBCSN and Sunday on

NBC the whole of the Indy 500 stop Nixon

State perfect

but Rick you know one thing we

definitely missed was that roar the

crowd when Eric climbed out and so many

times that's a real signature fans love

to show their appreciation when they

know their drivers okay but one fan that

was cheering his outside Scott Collier

we saw him outside this morning he's

been at every Brickyard since they

started in 94 he's also a huge Indy 500

fan but he always buys 10 tickets and he

was sitting out there this morning he

brought us TV he said I'm not gonna miss

it I'm gonna be here to show my support

however I can but we've also seen fans

lining the streets all weekend long to

really show that they want to be here

that they appreciate the sport we can't

wait to get him back inside here guys

but these fans they make everything

possible so we're gonna keep working

hard at NBC to keep bringing the fans to

the race all these different ways that

we can't but everybody watching home we

love you too appreciate you Scott

Collier that Brownsville Indiana native

actually had one of those tickets signed

by Jeff Gordon for his Rick yard win in

1994 let's listen in to the 3 Radio

Boston doing what I'm thinking I haven't

seen anybody get biggest thing is the

rubber is making me tight but leading

this race on the hood there are 1,200

names and those are names of US military

veterans they're all Dow employees and

RCR employees and their family members

so on this fourth of July weekend a

patriotic show their of support from

Austin Dillon in the 3 team Marty hey

Rick 1 world a real quick point on the

William Byron tires that let go chase

Elliott his teammate was behind him

before that restart and Steve he said

the entire time the entire lap coming to


he saw the 24 dragging the left side of

the entire car so what would that lead

you to believe that was going on with

the 24 well the left side is already

very slow but or very low to the ground

but not dragging that tells me must have

had either a slow leak from running

something over we look

the pitstop Dale I liked your idea flat

spawning it wasn't appeared that it had

been flat spotted but a slow leak

finally gets low enough Rick on air that

the tire just fails either way result

the same unfortunate for the 24 it's

been a great opportunity though for the

95 farmers rebel who's been having some

temperature issues a little warm on that

car got a caution opportunity to that

car Ian talk about which lane he was

gonna pick kind of wanted the bottom it

sounded like to me but kind of got

talked into the top while it has to do

with what the pusher is behind you let's

see if Kurt Busch to pushing

30 laps to go here in stage 2 Austin


Denny Hamlin making up roll 1

then again big enough shove into turn

number one

here comes Hamlin on the inside keep my

hair frost and his system almost break

even with you through this part of the

corner and then he should be off the

corner should have more momentum down

the back straightaway and here comes the

push from Harmon good Barbara's gonna go

three wide almost all the way to the

bottom of the racetrack and Harvick

takes the lead at Indy and I thought he

was gonna push him I flinched you have

to take those runs you have to take

every run to get especially gets Denny

Hamlin who looks like he has the best

car in the world

goodness lane was running 12th we saw he

got damaged on pit road earlier and

fought back up to 12

right side tires are up for blading

we need to fix it we can do anything

here hey Betty leader has just got the

page part one a lot of damage to the

driver's side of that 12 he's got left

rear damage but also the left front

he's hit the wall consumers damage the

towed suspension to the car

yeah great heavy heavy damage flap flap

up there and black piece of fabric part

of the operations car spins around tries

to keep it on to the ground it's

probably let's see what happened here

it's hard to tell

see it Brad well you know that Brad

Keselowski his teammate must have been

some contact or something that got laid

he turned around

as planing was on the inside I've got

Lucinda bread or what or if he had

someone let's take a look at Madonna the

12 gets loose artists on i-55 he was in

his left rear quarter panel another one

you know this will be helpful there you

see Blaney

in a corner just got loose right and

carries a spear there got loose brad

keselowski great he must have saw him at

his peripheral vision chased it up the

track so the 12 wouldn't take him with


so they're working on the left side

damage for Ryan Blaney he has brought

the caution out there's been six

cautions already today watch this again

males pushing him right there see right

there he shook a little bit I wonder if

I wonder if I was just going a little

bit quicker into three that he thought

he was you know then he thought what he

was he got a big shove loose is just so

early we got loose up the racetrack it

just stayed off the 2 of Brad Keselowski

his teammate at Penske joy Logano on pit

road now Kelly and then you see Joey

Logano in that 22 come to pit road they

have made some pretty significant

adjustments for Joey they've been on pit

road a number of times and some lengthy

stops and you see right there the wrench

go in so they're making yet another

Tassie adjustment they're gonna give him

four tires Marty 71 to go here in the

race Kelly so easily you could split

this in half a lot of debate between

Brad Keselowski and Jeremy Mullins about

whether to come to pit road he said I

think you'll become getting four fresh

Goodyear skier and fuel that helps us

down the road so maybe a strategy play

now Steve to make that second or that

last stop a little bit quicker that's

really the goal party at this point if


five six eight ten cars you've kind of

done a nice job managing the race you're

worried now about just getting to the

end of this stage but if you're towards

the back Rick you got to keep calling

the race find a way to gain an advantage

there's still 71 laps to go here in




under 10 laps to go on the second stage

the big machine hand sanitiser 400 at

the Brickyard he'll announce presented

by advanced autoparts well a different

day a different track but very similar

drivers at the front of the field yeah

last week at Pocono Harvick wins the

first race but didn't Hamlin gets ahead

of him late in the race and wins a

second one to Harvick gets the run and

he knows he has to take it an

opportunity to get in front of this 11th

car he can't pass that up that could

have been a pass that wins the race

watch Chris gave heart did he hand his

crew chief he knows how important that

one spot is that tells it right there I

think if you let Denny hand on that


he's gone bang up a game heart fan I'd

like to send that fire wreck that fire

the emotion coming up on nine to go when

they take the green flag here in the

second stage

great logs by kevin harvick

it will clear the 11 before they even

got into turn number one all thinking

we're handling the push coming from

behind again and relied then I'm gonna

pull the same thing harder hit last

restart and let's get madder and madder

so is the screw Chief Chris gave heart

Austin Dillon fighting go on the outside

there in the three remember just right

side tires the last time Austin Dillon

came to pit road I haven't seen that

outside work at all in turn for giving

Danny a shot to get around in three car

look at all the momentum loss and loss

there comes back to metadata and the 21

as well I challenged that 3 of Austin

Dillon though guys with the issues with

Jones and fire and Dillon on that battle

bubbling he needs to start being a

little more conservative I think that's

what you're seeing right wind challenged

he kind of gives the spot up

he knows finishing vital today at the

Brickyard he's owned two tires also work

well for Hill got track position but now

he's lost that track position with two

tires to see how that works out

yeah the two tires are going to be

tighter cars not gonna want to turn now

he's behind cars and traffic that's

gonna make that problem be worse then

old Matt Kenseth sitting right there

sixth place Matt Kenseth told me this

week that he underestimated how

difficult this would be and the lack of

practice think about it he was out of

the car for a long time didn't though

anybody on this team didn't know these

cars no practice got a jump in this car

knowing nothing about it been a big

challenge but today things are going

well it's good to see it from that he

said his goal jumping into this car was

to stay within five to eight positions

which Kyle Larson was finishing right

around fifth to eighth so the first

couple races he did that he was in the

top ten top 12 but he said the

performances just haven't been there

these last few races have fun though he

said he loves his team loves working

with him

forty-eight years old oldest driver in

the field he hasn't lost his drive to

win I can promise you he wouldn't be

here if he didn't want to run at the 18

car Kyle Busch's we're at the moment

singing up the race track in turn three

losing a little bit of turn

coming up on 6 to go now and out front

it's Harvick he's already put 1.7

seconds between himself and chase

Elliott now trying to hold off the 11 of

Denny Hamlin

guys this isn't a fourth battle right

here because this is going to be the

front row these drivers are I don't

believe we're gonna pit at the end of

this stage so Denny Hamlin's gonna

really push on this nine to try to get

in front of him I imagine Jeff you're

gonna want to be on that front row for

the next restart we've also seen the

slingshot move if you work on the front

row yet you're if you're side by side

exiting turn two then the guy behind you

the single file we've seen what kind of

run he's gonna get and puts you three

wide so if you're Hamlin do you just

stay at third you concede and say I want

to line up third on the next restart I

don't know if you want to be on the

inside it seems to not be working too

well for eleventh car so far not much he

can do I think if he finishes where he

is on the inside he finished the second

he's on the insect


it's not short for him so to your point

see maybe lay back try some different

the next restart

as we watch this battle in the front

this battle all over the racetrack name

we haven't talked a lot about today eh -

Tyler edit we're here he is right in

front of the 38 John Hunter Nemechek two

rookies look at the big wiggle out of

John Hunter up the track Bubba Wallace

in the 43 escapes but loses momentum he

gets under attack by those two Penske

Ford's of Brad Keselowski Joey Logano

Tyler etic I mean as a rookie he I know

he had a little bit of a tough go at

Pocono kind of a mid pack today but

manny has just showed up at all these

different racetracks when you call him

mr. exciting to Dale jr. with you

he is the action driver for sure yeah we

had conversation with his father the

cloaca season started they all felt even

in his camp before any race was run that

they could make the playoffs


looking like it's a good possibility

and front row I'll be McDowell and

seventy nemecheck eighteen that his team

is just really impressed me this year

how well they've read every single week

they've approved at least ten positions

this year

now that time Dylan yeah kind of have a

good day Bernie twelve cold custard

another rookie he's at thirteen that had

a lot to hang his hat on this year but I

think it's important for everyone at

stewart-haas racing it's just telling

you know what have some confidence stick

with the plan

we believe in you we know you're not

going to pick it up right away you see

it right there just tucked in behind ty

Dillon that thirteen cold custard with a

quiet day ty Dillon in front of us in

the 12th position it's a major step yes

it's a major step and rarely do people

just jump in but it's rare you gotta you

hire rookie you have to be committed to

about spot on pit road

it's been a struggle day for the AEA

left side tires great guys making the

call here Steve three to go in the stage

this is in the flame of the gun before

the stage ends but I'm not sure that

Alex is going to gain a ton out of this

but again running back in the 20s for

much of the day today well there's the

key he can only take left-side tires

because here is the leader Kevin Harvick

you have time for grab Ives to take for

now it's up to Alex Bowman to have a

nice pit exit yes to use access lane

though here in turn two I'm not sure if

he's not at the Uggla stay in front of

the four the four is going to be covered

with a ton of speed always going to have

to block can he stay in front of him for

the last couple laps

great call he does disaster he doesn't

hit and run in 14


you're going to be able to stay in front

of Harvick and have a left side tire

stride yeah you know a lot of times you

put right so you're pretty sure you know

what it's going to do you put left zone

sometimes that's a big gamble great

corner by the 88 if it gets passed he

still get the free pass but that's all

his track position this Paul is purely

to stay on the lead lap he was eight

seconds behind when he pitted Greg Ives

do with the homework dog pants will it

work though

Harvick to the inside trying to put him

a lap down big guys on the dice right

there snake eyes on the gamble telling

you guys left-side tires under green

I've had them drive so bad but rarely do

left sides on the green if they work for

me in the past now chase Elliott's like

don't hold me up any handle behind me

two more quarters come on old buddy

let me go last couple corners here of

stage two and it's going to be Kevin

Harvick that will get the stage win also

getting some stage points will be chase

Elliott did he handle a checker Matt


Austin Dillon rounding out the top five

vibration I don't know if that was

before or after the pit stop we're gonna

have to find out so the momentum

continues for Kevin Harvick and Denny


after coming off a weekend

where they split

the Pocono double-header now was the big

move by Kevin Harvick to get by the 11

and he gets the win stage two



he's saying is after okay





back in Indianapolis not only is it a

doubleheader weekend for all the race

teams here how about a shout out to our

technical crew as well both in Charlotte

and here in Indianapolis and we're

especially thinking about Brian where

one of our own today he was nicknamed

snacks that's why we have the snacks

strong sticker there you see because he

loves snacks at the racetrack and we

love Brian he's been battling an illness

he's battling cancer right now back at

home in High Point North Carolina and

snacks we're thinking about you today

buddy so many people doing so many great

things for all of us making our jobs

easier we want to thank everybody Ron

and Russell and we got pitstops going on

right now as well Kelly yeah there's the

3 of Austin Dillon who said his car is

so good the best it's been all day he

thinks he's as good as the leaders he

just needs the track position again up

there for tires because remember the

last time they came down pit road they

only took two so they were due for a

full set of fresh Goodyear

racing on from pit road away from the

pagoda where Mike Tirico and DJ are

hanging out been hanging out here all

weekend this IndyCar NASCAR doubleheader

great fourth of July celebration one

last visit with the Hall of Famer here

so the story of Poconos story of the

restart has been Harvick and Hamlin and

here they are again right into the front

of the conversation yeah not surprised

by that they show a lot of speed uff

speed here two experienced drivers at

this racetrack knew they were going to

be a part of the conversation when it

comes down to the end of this but

they've still got to perform at a high

level and their pit crews are going to

be under the pressure to get it done

under what will probably be a green flag

pit stop Harvick won twice here handily

looking for his first the other story of

Pocono was trying to beat the sunset

sunsets about 915 over our shoulders

years we had a little time but not a

heck of a lot of time what's been an odd

day 44 20 percent of the field eight of

the 40 cars out so significant attrition

there's another driver up there and

chase Elliott we talked about him in the

pre-race and you're keeping an eye on

him as he looks strong at the end of

that second stage yeah sure is he's got

a lot of speed in his car too uh but

finding the right position getting

himself in the right spot especially on

restarts here is going to be of utmost

importance to stay in the mix these

three drivers have been the talk so far

so who's going to come out of here with

a win I tell you what one thing that

gets me is this weekend hasn't

disappointed with any of the races it's

been everything it was built to be here

this has been nothing but boring this

Cup race has been exciting

we've got the whole pagoda to ourselves

so Rick we're gonna get settled in and

watch you guys work your tails off here

for this last day

well if you've got any extra light make

sure you shine it down on the racetrack

so we see the Sun going behind the

grandstands their points earned today

that's very important as you're looking

forward to the playoffs kevin harvick Rd

16 chase Elliott 16 today again you earn

points if you finish in the top ten in

each of the first two stages and so

that's where those points have been

earned already today all right Steve so

it comes down once again is it going to

be Denny Hamlin or is it going to be

Kevin Harvick or will somebody come in

and steal this one well I was wrong both

races at Pocono I picked the wrong

winner I had the right two guys but

neither guy could win and I'm not sure

here I'm not counting out chase Elliott

yet I think that the 11 and the four are

so consumed with each other it might be

the type of opportunity for the nine to

jump in we have seen a lot of action on

pit road and remember we're going to see

at least one more pit stop that might be

what it comes down to not just the pit

crews but on and off pit road if it's

under green flag who can make the gamble

on these restarts the action has been

action-packed but I won't lie I'm a

little jealous of Mike and DJ on top of

the put go to great seats at

Indianapolis well Tirico had mentioned

he's got a Hall of Famer with him we've

got a Hall of Famer with us let's talk

to the drivers Jeff Burton and Hall of


Dale Earnhardt jr. all right guys what

are you expecting for the final stage

well I think we're gonna see a

tremendous amount of battle for that

lead it's it's track position is so

important we saw Kevin Harvick make that

big aggressive move but if this thing

goes to where you've hit on the green

remember they didn't have practice no

one's practice a pit stop under green

who's gonna nail that who's gonna mess

it up who's gonna get caught speeding on

pit road that could determine who's

gonna win this race I've been so

impressed by the crew chiefs this year

without any practice those guys are the

real heroes putting these cars out on

the racetrack so that they're

competitive and their drivers trust to

believe in them nobody has done a better

job of that here lately than Rodney

Childers and what he did today to come

down pit road and take that gamble early

before the comp him the track position

to put themselves in position to win

that he didn't he didn't expect it but

it actually put him in position to win

the first stage and his driver goes out

there and when

Stage two and they might win this race a

huge point stake going into the playoffs

he's also leading the regular season

points or playoff points for that 14 but

they can continue to compete the way

they are continue to be strong is Kevin


let's go to Rutledge wood you know Rick

they couldn't call it the Brickyard

without the bricks that used to line

this entire track and now of course we

just have the yarder bricks last year I

was lucky enough to take Dale jr. over

to the creek and go dig around for

ourselves try to find one of the bricks

that is shored up on the sides of the

creek that runs through the Indy

Brickyard crossing over there now Dale

I'll be honest was a little bit of a

hater for the first 40 minutes or so

then we got serious he found some great

ones I tried by luck on Friday and I'm

gonna be honest without my wingman guys

it was his real disappointment I found a

couple good halves he's I plan to give

this one to Hinch that I found in there

and then Hinch informed me that now I

have a real brick and it's a big one so

I definitely noticed you can't leave

your wingman bring water shoes if you're

going to do it but on the plus side I

did Drive my Tundra

I got a couple so maybe I'm gonna find a

couple fans to send them to this week I

mean we've been using that NBC racing

weekend hashtag Dale do you need a half

a brick I thought you had to find those

bricks now the finest how I find the

good ones like they would double over in

that Creek in piles and so if you find a

pile of busted once you got a dig down

about a foot put in half it's really

soft and you'll find the full bricks man

and they actually still have like rubber

on them from from Fiat and you find the

ones that were actually the service the

racetrack and have actually a tire

rubber worked into them it's really cool

so were you just doing well I was

wondering were you just holding on to

Rutledge his legs as he went underwater

to get these it's really okay I'm not a

strong swimmer Rick that was a great

question getting ready for the restart

today's aerial coverage

brought to you by Geico

up in that front row it's kevin harvick

and chase Elliott green flag back in the


they're at the front and 95 Christopher

Bell the outside lane

Harvick all lows clear but Denny Hamlin

actually allowed the 9 car help the 9

car chase Elliott get back up there to

the inside now Danny handle is in

position if they can clear all contact

mid contact there with the navigate by

95 gonna line up pushes 11 they're side

by side up front the Elevens gonna have

the run he's going to try it here comes

Pamela to the inside and Hamlin will

make the pass quarter banner look at

that booth by Harvick that's aggressive

didn't get to the bottom right there

though it's gonna be okay that was an

impressive power move by Kevin Harvick

to keep that lead 1 & 2 once again Kevin

Harvick Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin did everything right set up

to be the leader in Kevin Harvick just

wasn't gonna happen at some great racing

back great racecar drivers

put it all the line was still a long way

to go

54 laps remaining in this one as Harvick

out in front and how he threw it into

turn three look at this fleet trust and

your cars gonna stick and also the Denny

Hamlin knows he's there

see man they're working at steer will I

think he just knows that you can't let

that let a car get the lead second

Pocono race when they pit cycled in the

eleven cycle to the front and ended up

winning the race

Harvick thought he had an even better

car in that second Pocono race

frustrated he lost that doesn't want to

allow that lever car get that track

position position once again guys the

rookie battle has moved throughout the

pack we covered them when they were back

here in 15 16 to 17 here you go

Christopher Bell in 295 Tyler Ragan

eight fourth and fifth by good strategy

but not luck they're not they're

backwards on tires are upset on fuel

they are on the same strategy as the

leaders running both of the top five

Rick these two rookies Braddock really

spent all year long but Christopher Bell

I mean nothing win right early

mechanical issues trying to iron out

some details with a 95 car he seems like

he's settling down get some confidence

super excited for this rookie class and

the years to come Kelley


coming to the green here is the

communication between Tyler Redick and

his crew chief Randall Burnett saving it

for isn't Street flying about to be

another brand new anything they've seen

a lot of special out of Tyler Redick

when I asked Randall Burnett about him

and making the move to the Cup Series he

said look Tanglers just got it

some breakers

he's got it but he also works mainly


here in the Cup Series yeah that's great

information I spoke to ruin Randall this

week picket transition band he said you

know I believe in time

I believe in what he can do we've been

focusing on the full race we talked

about how exciting and action-packed he

is Rick and it he's gotten away with it

I need his back-to-back invading

champions we don't know this style but

this is a tough series the field is

deeper in the races her law firm and

Randall said I don't tell him how to

drive I just remind him the goal and the

goal today is going to be 400 miles here

he is in the later stages of a race up

front showing maturity for a very young

racecar driver only 24 years old you

know the thing about those two is they

had fun Jeff baby they have a great time

laughs to carry all their just here

having a good time no pressure just race

all your buddies battle Radek said

aggressive nature doesn't help him at

time so he tries to calm it down a

little bit real non-stop









Harvick at Hamlin still won in two and

junior what a great show lost speedway's

coming up on peacock streaming services

yeah I've been a passionate about

abandon the racetracks all my life we go

and lean into some of these racetracks

and understand their history what made

them great what they meant to the

communities we actually go put our boots

on the ground and discover what these

tracks look like today it's a lot of fun

I'll be sneaky and joined us for a show

me and Matthew builder we had a blast

filming this can't wait for folks to see

it you have 15 whole peacock to be great

a lot of excitement around the history

of the sport is two guys that will

surely be knocking on the Hall of Fame's

door when they decide to step away but

it's not going to be for a while

actually Kevin Harvick made the comment

earlier he said I think the way racing

is now it's so much more mental even

though all of us are staying as fit as

we possibly can stay he said it's so

much more mental I think you could race

into your fifties and right now he's

early forties party wicked outstanding

battle on the race track between the two

guys who have proven since the COBIT

break they have been the best in the Cup

Series getting in on the Kevin Harvick

that's playing out on the race track

it's also playing out on pit road Rodney

Childers in pit stall number two Chris

gay bar in pit stall him

he makes a move Chris gave hug you can

see it you can see how close they are

they're looking each other straight in

the eyes trying to decide who's going to

win this Brickyard 400 and it could come

down to that last stop that final window

opens in about five lap Bravo to our

cameramen that's what it's like a saddle

men pit box I've battled the pit box

next to me you look over and every once

while you'll catch their eyes and you

know you've respect one another you know

where you're at but this is chess our

drivers are moving the pieces and you

and I get to decide who goes next Denny

Hamlin doing a spectacular job of

keeping Kevin Harvick in touch he would

love to get by him Rick but he's not

gonna abused his car just keep him out

front a half a second out a half a

second out don't let him run away that

way you perhaps to beat him on a green

flag cycle remember the race for the win

doesn't have to be a pass on the

racetrack a pass on pit road they give

you that trophy too

that's true but you just solved goodbye

lap car Timmy Hill flat

traffic that could play a role in this

race if they do run down some lap

traffic if we continue under green and

they start getting into laughing race

cars on a regular basis that could cause

the momentum of that fourth quarter

break and get Timmy the opportunities

looking for Denny's faster right now

Denny the last four or five wax has been

faster see right here the distance

please close that gap see that right

there that traffic that's what Jr's

talking about that what happened in the

middle of the corner and what a really

hurt Harvick big time they're coming up

on some lap traffic here as they enter

the turn where Kevin's got a time it

just right so hard to do this one's

gonna be pretty easy get out of the way

and the reason we talk about this battle

because even after they've paid for

yellow comes out they're not coming back

this pit stop under green will be their

last pit stop of the day unless they

have some sort of issue or accident how

can these two be so much the class of

the field they have already separated

themselves by two and a half seconds

from third place chase Elliott right now

well Rick I don't think we should be

surprised one of them is 141 times and

Denny Hamlin and the other drivers 150

two-time 93 wins between the two of them

so it's not a shock that these two are

battling for the wins every year which

seems to have two or three guys really

set themselves apart address the field

throughout the regular season

the more confusing part is if you're a

teammate to one of these cars do go home

you say well man I know what they have

for a setup and I can't keep up with a

bless to think now without practice

going out during the weekend their

teammates can't really lean on each

other like they used to and be able to

get closer and improve their cars from

Friday to Sunday now they just show up a

race and hope for the best

it's good thing is that other drivers

can review the date on the drive is the

driving data from last year right and

really see how these guys driving race

cars they can adapt to it knowing data

and understand how somebody drives a car

is great but that doesn't mean it feels

right to you to see a driver were

correct 180 mile

straightaway watch just above the

headrest look through that clear shield

of Kevin Harvick

he's gonna look up look forward and look

up he's got to keep right there checking

where Danny Hanlon is making sure he

doesn't have it run in the beach

straightaway just the glands in the beer

making sure he knows who his adversary

is how far back with this lap traffic

right here and he's going to be afraid

the Elevens gonna get a run I'm sure

he's going to look in the mirror even

more off this boy

and he's been really getting closer and

closer last couple of corners turn three

and four he seemed to be quite a bit


we know the mood in he wants to make

earlier in the race that's in this end

of the racetrack get right to that rear

bumper of the four car turn but before

he does get your left sides below his

left sides take the air off the inside

of that car and will not let Kevin

Harvick get to the bottom that's in

strategy all right guys this time around

it'd be 40 laps to go I believe the pit

window has opened from here it'll be a

little of a stretch but I think both

these guys can make it now the question

is Whitney you come

if you're the 11 do you try to beat the

floor to pit road if you're the four you

try to come first or if you're the 11

you come with them can you say I'm going

to chase you on the pit road Jeff is a

driver you feel you can make that time

come to pit road chasing someone

I won't clean air if I'd rather pitch

please I'd rather hit the end the leader

then hitting with the forefoot hidden

from me again second spot is that you

can see better I can judge myself better

the big difference is or the big deal is

what is tire wear life right if the

tires are falling off like we saw last

week at Pocono the first guy on pit road

will have an advantage because he's

owned new tires sooner so who's gonna

blink first

the question is last week before came

first and the Eleven used the clean air

to run some of the fastest laps of the

race low on fuel and kind of a Formula

One style right he gapped of the four

using that clean air but they were

nowhere near this club yet you can't do

that here because of the tire fall-off

no it's 54 kids

he's not gonna before they're left won't

give the run faster laughs and then

beating off pit road yeah Bob gave heart

this week first yeah I want to be the

first to pit road the only thing about

that those Elevens faster than before

the 11 had clean air right he would be

able to go faster than he's going right

now we just saw since they last pitted

how many laps they've gone 44 now Steve

is that a fear at all because of fuel we

knew that the fuel in it was only about

30 to 40 ton of yellows in there we

heard on the radio pit pit pit here

here's the level right here Chris gave

heart has hold the shoe first got a pit

row the 11 of Denny Hamlin you see him

at the top of your screen bland now and

they need to be perfect count him into

the pit stall long pit boxes Denny

Hamlin has to hit his pit sign give his

pit crew the best chance Marty and Chris

Gabe Hart had called Denny Hamlin to pit

road guess what Rodney Childers also

called Kevin Harvick to pit road

that message they have water

so Chris gay Barnes Denny Hamlin gonna

give a little bit of an advantage here

kevin harvick will because of

miscommunication and Rodney Childers

contending we have to pit to Tim Fedewa

his father

with the car a little bit tight

the Goodyear tires are on while Hussey

Harvick down pit road next time that was

a clean stop out of the 11 the four to

pit road looked lead to me no tires

locked up all right

11 check clean pit stop Rodney Childers

Kevin Harvick your turn can you match

the speed of the 11 on pit road Barty

let's see where Kevin Harvick cycles

back out again they wanted to pit lift

in hand when they did not do that

Harvick saying the car

especially in the center of the corner

that was his biggest concern it's toxic

Riverside the Brickyard


fresh Goodyear tires you're also going

to see a wedge roots go in and make an

adjustment trying to free up that car

for the four car of Kevin Harvick and

the Goodyear Tire

we'll be a little bit slow on the left

front there it is Kevin Harvick leading

Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin is going to

beat him no problem here on the blend

lane the four down bottom Denny Hamlin

in the picture

checkmate leader Denny Hamlin in Indy by

a ton it was not clean on the left side

stop for Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick the

left side were slow both the front and

the rear now what could Kevin Harvick do

can he catch up to Denny Hamlin or

Willie check out if we go NASCAR












you're watching the big machine hand

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Brickyard crossings my friends at the

Brickyard crossing said golf course is

open tomorrow after the retton's talk

about a fun trip erasing some golf this

is actually the race leader 42 of Matt

Kenseth we were covering the pit stop at

the 11th floor because Fitness all

cycles around that is going to be for

the race win Kevin Harvick excuse me

Matt Kenseth on the 42 Kyle Busch runs

second in the 18 Joey Logano in the 22

they're out front they all need fuel to

get to the finish how can they benefit

could they go save 5 to 10 laps and then

a caution comes out potentially and

would would we see Kevin and Denny have

to pit as well well now they would not

have to pit the big advantage for Matt

Kenseth right here is he was last month

laughs 102 so he could come and maybe

plastic just right sides and much less

fuel than any Hamlin I don't think it'll

be enough to offset the speed of the 11

in the four car but it will move him up

the rankings Jeff and I'm against their

best strategy of just yeah put

themselves in position do something

different about a steal a win they've

run top ten all day long

right now Hamlin and Harvick are about

30 seconds behind

and as that's going old back there

Harvick has been faster consistently

faster than Denny Hamlin

five laps in a row four laps in a row so

he ran a quicker time he cut that gap

still a long way to go he cut that

deficit so up front is Matt Kenseth

again he took over after the kovat 19

outbreak and now Larson was removed from

the 42 she's leading to Kevin Harvick is

closed yet on Hamlin Hamlin was much

further ahead when that pit stop ended

you know we haven't seen Harvick in a

situation where he's been pushed to try

to pass a car as quick as Denny's we've

seen Denny racing around the topic

passing fast race cars the interest see

we see it before Barbara is running down

and then put something together to get

by Harvick that time for the fastest car

on the racetrack Hamlin was the fourth

fastest Harvick about attendant half

quicker as Denny pushing as hard as it

goes we're saving just a little bit 32

goes to Canton to the left side you

speak of Kyle Busch Logano Keselowski

cluster currently in Smith DiBenedetto

McDowell as I mentioned all these guys


we're just on pit road around lap 100

run a little longer have a little

shorter pit stop or to your point catch

a caution while that may be not help

them or these two it's unfortunate but

in some point in every race you know

maybe you're not calling the race to win

you calling the race to get the best

fish you can Kelly 22 of Joey Logano

making his way down pit road they just

have not gotten a handling right on the

22 and they can't get it soon

wicked tight in traffic said look we

just hit dirty air and then it's on this

stop and it's been a difficult day for

doing the gondola


yeah they hit one early but since the

break it has not gone well yeah two out

of the first four races Joey Logano in

this 22 team one to start the season and

then the big long break because of the

coronavirus no top 15 in the last four

races probably another one outside the

top 15 today

there makes a big difference between a

ride on mower joey logano go back to the

racetrack those leaders of Kenseth Kyle

Busch are running some great laps but

they have to come to pit road and it

just shows if you can get out front oh

boy this is going to be a caution right

here big hit again this time it's Alex

Bowman in the 88 it looks a lot like

Erik Jones is wreck

he was running hate


that's on pit road on lap 103 see the

window net down that's the driver

signaling to the safety crew when they

come up that he's okay but he'll wait in

the car until the a.m. our safety team

gets to him

so Alex Bowman into the wall heart and

bringing out this the eighth caution and

right side just flat

we've seen some hard hits here with last

year with this package for the first


remember a lot of hard wrecks in that


Landon Cassill really tough here here

last year let's take a look at this it's

like get down into turn one Wow again a

really hard hit there looked like the

right front went down I I don't even

know how to describe what that feels

like it's it your entire body goes

through this incredible trauma yeah I

tell you the hit is is tough but the

moment before it when the tire goes and

you're out of control you know you're

going straight into that fence you have

a moment to really understand just

exactly how bad this is gonna be it's

the most terrifying moment as a driver

there's no question in your mind you're

gonna you're gonna hit really hard the

safer barriers that are put around all

of these racetracks Andy was the first

track to have them you know that's

styrofoam those are styrofoam pretty

much pyramids or triangles that are

behind the the steel wall and that's

supposed to absorb some of that initial

contact Kelly and so now the guys who

have yet to make their stop on pit road

will make their way down now including

the 18 of Kyle Busch and as pit stop

cycle through he pits from the second

position he says pretty happy with the

balance he just been getting stuck in

traffic but it turns well on restarts so

didn't ask for any big changes for the

since he's been back in the cup car Chad

Johnson's gonna make the call for fresh

Goodyear tires for him Jeremy Bolin's

and Brad Keselowski had made the

decision to run long caution now help

them out a little bit here for fresh

grippy tires for them most of those cars

tight in traffic which a lot of guys are

complaining about Denny Hamlin Kevin

Harvick obviously staying out guys

Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick and

Christopher Bell the rookie also stays

out and looks like he will be third saw

the race off pit road but caution coming

out for that big hit







get a little bit later start because of

a lightning strike before we got the

green flag here at Indianapolis Motor

Speedway you see sunset tonight 916 of

p.m. Eastern those clouds may be sitting

in front of the Sun as it sets here on

Speedway Indiana will under this the

eighth caution of the day at

Indianapolis while we're under a break

let's check in with Rutledge wood Rick

we've talked so much about all the

different improvements that have been

made since Rick Roger Penske excuse me

bought the track one of them was this

lift right here for victory circle to be

able to take the car and hold it up for

all the fantasy almost a hat tip to

North Wilkesboro on what that used to be

like but it's amazing we've seen Scott

Dixon and Jase Briscoe on this historic

weekend but when you look at the joy it

brought to the fans at North Wilkesboro

hard not to love a place like this but

the fans are they get back here are

going to see the winner right up here

like Olympus rising above the serengeti

Rick we're seeing a lot of that North

Wilkesboro footage they're pretty cool

and by the way Rutledge my checkbook

definitely could not have afforded the

Indianapolis Motor Speedway I know as

you tried to give that to me thank you

getting ready for the restart

once again it's Hamlin and Harvick and

Christopher Bell stayed out another

driver who stayed out and could make

this interesting is Matt Kenseth he's

going to line up fourth and has about

ten lap pressure tires

let's check in on four teams radio after

that pit stop never heard and then we

didn't have very good stop so we were

wondering because Marnie reported to us

that there was a lack of communication

we were wondering how did kevin harvick

not here

you know the call to come to pit road

well if two people key the radio up at

once the driver hears nothing and that

sounds like that may have been that

simple little thing right there that you

never think about that could be the

difference between winning this race and

not you see on the left hand side Hamlin

Harvick Bell all with four fresh tires

but they pit at lap 123 when Kenseth

just came off pit road with four fresh

tires dealing with a little Gable two

tires Custer put himself in a great

position Keselowski so as we talked

about those guys running longer

basically allowed them you know the

chance to put fresh tires so you see the

four standing on pit wall this is during

the green flag pit stop

so it just kind of backs up I think the

team must have heard and they were close

to the crew chief radio might have bled

through on Jeff but sometimes when they

get crossed over you can't hear to the

car small things right yeah simple is

communication we go back to last week

races between the same two drivers Denny

Hamlin pounding carving in that first

Pocono Ray Barbic wins it but in the

second one Denny Hamlin uses some great

pit strategy back his crew chief able to

cycle in front of Harvick and he's done

it again today


and then earlier here kevin harvick with

a very aggressive move on a restart to

take the lead


Kevin it haven't taught Denny Hamlin

what he needed to do and he did the same


Kevin Harvick came to a battle back on

the outside and keep the lead then both

of these guys were running first second

didn't Halen gets caught on pit road


Kevin Harvick gets caught on pit road

and that a little bit of a slow stop

then on top of that a little bit fresher

tire on the 11 sooner

Denny Hamlin gets out front for the

numbers already for these two this


and those of misunderstanding on the

radio with 14 get him the pit road when

they needed him to get there but two

weeks in a row the skate parks did a

great job

party and even when he told him they

were gonna pit the crew kind of waited

just a second junior kind of standing on

the ground because as we mentioned Kevin

Harvick's pit stall not very far away at

all Rodney Childers just told Kevin

Harvick hey I want you to pounce early

in this run because the 11 has had some

tire issues they really haven't had tire

issues but he's telling Kevin Harvick

that but Chris gay part did say the

longest green flag run today so far 27

laps we have to go five laps further

than that for the guys who pitted at lap

122 check out row two a rookie and in

the oldest drivers race track back kids

in both warn nose win when this race is

badly at front road Christopher Bell

he's the rookie in the 95 green flags


and look at a fan-out as they get ready

to go into one Denny Hamlin has cleared

Kevin already but here comes Matt

Kenseth Oh Harvick a little bit loose

under her Thunder back into the side of

that 42 car now he's lost a few spots

here Christopher Bale battling for

second place

see if Harvey's going to the same thing

make it three wide down the back

straightaway he pushes he pushes now he

slides out tries to get to the inside of

the 42 of Kenseth look at that mess

behind him

Barbic makes the move he's back up to

second but can he run down Denny Hamlin

he wasn't able to do it before the


Christabel falling back now in that 95

see the 18 of Kyle Busch down to the

bottom back there he had to pet a second

time under the yellow because of a flat

tire not sure what happened there trying

to recover as the 21 of man he makes a

big move three wide takes a position

Matt DiBenedetto in the 21 that would

brothers 21 famed the car here with 101

laps to go at Indy

Hamlin Harvick Kenseth Cole Custer

back up front it's tight right it looks

like the wrath the wrath is coming off

the right front Oh Ruth Hamblin it sure

did he was coming fast on that 11 car

running down quickly the contact with

kids ik I think his on the restart

causing the wrap on the for more maybe

to cut loose do you feel that as a

driver is there a vibration there

I don't think it's hurting this car

right now as always there's no real body

damage from the contact he's faster than

him he's ran Hamlin down let's see if he

can running down again he jumped on the

outside it's really strange how he's

caught him so fast so we're on the

backstretch live again but one lap ago

look at this huh Denny Hamlin moves down

anticipating the run you could see him

looking in the mirror he's looking up in

his helmet he sees the rut coming he

says oh I know you're gonna come next to

me but you're gonna be on the outside I

am NOT giving you the bottles almost

empty car ass that's how they race in

the Indy 500 Rick just blocked the

bottom of the racetrack at all cost I

couldn't believe you even got that big

of a run on Denny to get to his outside

and that the nerve try the outside

that's what I was surprised it's three

car lengths now let's see if Kevin

Harvick can close the gap up again

looking fourth Cole Custer rookie check

that out

very running order you see Hamlin

Harvick four wins three wins and behind

him the next four drivers no wins Eric's

done a great job working his way back

into this race after some issues early

had to come down pit road so look at

this contact is restarted

maybe not look too much contact but

amazing isn't as much as Harvick got

hung up on that restart how quickly he

got back in second I thought he was done

I wonder if Diddy is just running just

hard enough trying to keep the turn in

the car not hurting the right front up

running so hard he knows what it's like

to be stuck behind that 4 car he ran

some 80 laps behind him maybe he

understands really how difficult it is

for for the four of Harvick to get that

run to make the pass Marty

kevin harvick that's how they won this

race last year got the track position

held everybody off will Denny Hamlin has

flipped the script on that now he's out

front trying to hold off Kevin Harvick

Hamlin that's at the edge on a longer

run 18 to go nothing to is we I believe

that Harvick and his team really trim

his car out and that's why baby he was

able to in the early part of this

restart with the newer tires people get

such a huge run on dating down the

straightaway is because it's more

trimmed out able to get lifting drive up

the back of this left bar now that's not

going to last very long because he's not

going to have that grip of the corners

that he needs being trimmed down but

would see that works out jr. explained

trimmed up the truth the car is trimmed

out as far as the downforce is peeled

away you can see the 11 are driving away

from him through turn one through turn

two but down the straightaways he really

can choose runs because his peeled of

downforce away and chipped the car out

to run maximum speed on the

straightaways so on new tires is his

best shot to get that lead back as we go

longer into this run the grip goes away

from that four car

the garage area talks about looking at

pitchers looking at videos or at

four-car how they're able to run that

car trim down where most drivers can't

do it they can't drive the car I can't

make enough grip the I'm Jerry talks

about that how Kevin how good Kevin

Harvick and Rodney Childress are at

trimming that thing out and making it so

even with that Kevin Harvick you drive

so scandal the radio so the car is too

tight guys to explain that Steve

basically too tight the front tires

aren't working like he wants he can't

carry the speed because the front tires

will leave the white line let's listen

in to what the leader has to say that

lemon of Denny Hamlin

all right that's exactly what Jeff was

talking about so trim down or Dale jr.

less downforce means more straightaway

speed harder to drive through the corner

it's not as simple as that that's Chris

Gabe are telling Denny Hamlin everything

you see in your mirror is the speed down

the straightaway as the tires aged that

should hopefully go away as he struggles

through the corner with 50 laps to go

though Kevin Harvick is doing a really

nice job staying close guys Matt Kenseth

yeah he stayed close as well neurologist

past custard

that stewart-haas racing three cars in

the top five counts and holding on I

mean Matt Kenseth is going to come out

of retirement Rick John 42 car win the

Brickyard 400 is he he possibly could

he's looking good right now matt kenseth

best finish at this racetrack is second

he's done it three times

Denny Hamlin has won some of the biggest

races matter fact he's trying right now

to duplicate what only three others have

ever done in the history of running at

Daytona as well as running at the

Brickyard and that's win them in the

same season Denny Hamlin probably one of

the best drivers you throw him into the

same category as Mark Martin as far as

best drivers who haven't won a

championship he's never won this race so

in the latter part of his career he's

checking all the boxes can he check this

box today

think about the experience in this shot

right here Vinnie and Kevin Harvick

Matt Kenseth think of the number of race

wins these experiences they've had I'll

try to do the math how'd I do Rick I had

numbers together that's it so right

there lap traffic that is what Harvick

is hoping they see more of that is the

only thing I believe that can help him

get around this 11 carved in Hamlin is

Virginia catch lap traffic in a bad

place in the middle of corner

that's also the same thing that Matt

Kenseth is hoping not a lot of lap

traffic but before the 42 can keep it

close as we get late into this race then

mix in the last half deal we'll have

will elapse

there will be lap traffic to play out

party and jr. I agree with Burton

consistently for the last five laps Matt

Kenseth has been the fastest car

on the racetrack never took the four

fresh tires that are going to be about

12 laps fresher than what Denny Hamlin

have and 11 laps pressure then what

Kevin Harvick has it's been a

frustrating return for Matt Kenseth

finish top 10 his first race at

Darlington but since then they just have

not been able to put together finishes

for that what he says is one of his best

race tracks that kids with having his

best run back in the cups here remember

what Kurt Busch said earlier he said

well Chip Ganassi won the Indy car race

yesterday I'd like to help him get to

sweep well maybe it's going to be Matt

Kenseth that helps him get to sweep

another thing about the Brickyard you

keep in mind nine times the winner of

the Brickyard 400 is going to win the

championship I'd argue these are our two

championship favorites at the moment

right what kind of momentum can this

race carry we don't know with 12 laps to

go but guys as we look deeper through

the field we have Custer running fifth a

great run for the rookie Christopher

Bell not allowing him to get anywhere

away from him he's running six two or if

he's in the top six at the Brickyard

spectacular great runs how about Michael

McDowell in 11 I mean this team is

outperforming time and time and time

again in Bubba Wallace in 12 it's a

really mixed up field I think that's

that lack of practice I still believe it

this lack of practice on the weekends I

feel gives the smaller teams each

Dale jr. if you get these 15 and our

practice they're gonna get better I

think the smaller teams have a better

chance without practice absolutely back

in 19th Ross Chastain the last car on

the lead lap at the number 77 having a

great day for that organization as well

in the top 20

you know Bubba Wallace you mentioned his

name he's running 12th right now he got

the free pass back on lap 135 and now

he's running up inside the top 15 what a

wonderful job in that car ride along

with him world wide technology giving us

this camera angle

yes enough time to lift the visor up as

he goes down the front stretch

our kebab our switch to Celsius and out

switched to man which just won't read me

more it's gotten dark enough where he's

got that visor up because we look at it

it's a shield the shield is dark

he puts that visor down and may not be

able to see through it I think bad it is

I learned this at Homestead typically in

a race starts in afternoon but ends dis

late you might new at Errol's but the

drivers are responsible for their

helmets their visors all those things oh

yeah I can't do the tear off set it up

and all that good stuff

never was dirt dirt dirt racers so make

fun of me all you all party hey junior

moment ago Jeff was talking about Denny

Hamlin checking off boxes you guys

mentioned trying to win the Daytona 500

and the Brickyard 400 in the same year

well this is one of the two crown jewels

that Denny Hamlin is not won if he can

check in today that would only lead the

coca-cola 600 for him to win when I

talked to him earlier this week he said

I am absolutely sick but going to

Indianapolis running in the top

putting that race police nine laps away

from checking another crown jewel box

and leaving only one more to check if

you see a couple of those shots I'm

looking for that traffic that's all

Danny is worried about people love to

just run this race with another the

clean air so look way out in front of


not much lap traffic there's a handful

of cars right there if Harvick can keep

it closed that's his only opportunity to

win this race him to get into lap

traffic and somehow did it gets you know

stumbled up there Danny must have a big

smile and he saw that straightaway that

you and I see our camera right nobody

out there at least is straightaway over

front there's still eight laps to go go

there's your lap traffic right there I

expect Timmy Hill to lay over not be

much of a challenge in in getting these

guys away and they feed their way but

you just never know how you're gonna

catch up the corners

and again let's not count out that 42 of

Matt Kenseth at 48 years old if Matt

Kenseth would win this race he would be

the oldest to win ever at Indy Allen sir

won at 47 years 360 days that's the

oldest winner ever

Kenseth would be older



we look back off of Kevin Harvick's bush

light onboard camera and Rick let's

remember you know we saw a restart in

the craziness but the control of this

race changed on that green the lead

again we see a right side right front

failure and handle it hard into the

water catch your breath


that's or just catch your breath but

they're there with you now


we mentioned it with Erik Jones slammed

into the wall one of the hardest hits

and then we see it duplicated by Denny

Hamlin there great to see him climb out

of the car

not only the

the physical pain of hitting the wall

like that but the emotional pain knowing

so close to winning Brickyard 400 he

said 2017 it was biggest heartbreak of

his career to lose that race he came so

close to winning it that day it's got me

feeling that same heartbreak just a part

the crew chief let's take another look

off into turn 1 and the right front goes


it's a big attack in attacks today

such a big hit it's so surprising to me

too because we've just been talking

about it for the last several laps about

the clean air that he's enjoyed and one

thing you wonder jr. is you know with

the cooler temperatures right it's

gotten the more speed yeah this cotton

it's probably faster than it was clean

air just carrying so much speed you just

wonder if that you know that it's extra

extra pressure on the tires and you have

to acknowledge that his teammate Jones

had an issue yep the 18 Kyle Busch

talked about having a vibration just

before Jones had his accident

I really wish we could show you what

this racetrack surface looks like and

how those grooves are cut into it they

kind of run parallel with the racecar

very sharp

yeah 26 laps on that right front tire

you have to ask yourself as you look

through the rest of the field what does

everybody else do now with only five

laps to go you would definitely want to

stay out we're hearing a lot of buzz

about some other possible vibrations in

the top five or ten and as a driver you

come by and you see this or is a crew

chief you see this and now you have to

perhaps change your opinion or your mind

on how you gonna manage this race Chris

gave Hartford ooh grad just up the road

I knew it meant the world to him to try

to come here and try to win this race

let's hear what Kevin Harvick running in

the second position had to say but the


okay hope he's alright now Sammy he's

down he looks fine you know he's good

the respect yeah he wanted to beat him

but you didn't want to see that and

listen the view when somebody blows a

right front tire in front of you it

looks it is so massively destructive and

violent what it looks like it it scares

you for that driver you know what it

feels like you've been through it you

can see it from that angle and it's it

is violent you could easily be you see

that respect yeah total respect there

between those two teams they were

battling it out for the win and you saw

the crew there the fist bumps and kind

of the pat on the back there for Chris

gave heart and that's what you want you

want the two best guys battling it out

for the win and that's what these teams

we're seeing right there so now think

about this situation so it's Kevin

Harvick this is what's unique about race

car drivers he is saw that violent

impact he knows other people blown tires

he knows what could happen but he's got

to go back to work right he's gonna put

that behind him and start thinking about

okay how do I make this restart work

Matt Kenseth he's doing the same thing

aric amirola is doing the same thing

they're all they saw it but they put it

behind him they're like that's not what

happened to me I'm gonna win this race

and they immediately switched gears and

it's it's what's baked it and that's

what makes race car drivers different

than the average person is they can

watch that they can experience it and

then put it out go somewhere else it

with your brain it just focus on winning

this race well Jeff we're gonna restart

probably with two or three laps to go so

you know the question now Kevin Harvick

has a lot of experience on the front row

if he chooses to I assume he's gonna

choose the snail kids are open let's see

who comes before we start talking about

how they're gonna restart let's confirm

we know how they're gonna restart I

assume the leader will stay on the

racetrack is this is he faking this is

Matt Kenseth coming is the field gonna

come yeah Matt Kenseth moved back out

Chris rebelle I'm hearing has a

vibration we just saw another Toyota go

into the wall Chris Rubel says nope not


to petrol chase Elliott remember we have

green white checkers you don't know how

long this race is going to be Kelly yeah

just as you said Christopher Bell

reiterating to his crew chief Jason

Ratcliffe a couple of times that he had

a bad vibration so obviously what they

just saw happened to their toyota

teammate they have decided to bring him

in with just a couple laps ago to get

four tires Marty yeah Alan Gustafson

coming in here for some fresh tires as

well trying to differentiate himself

this was a car that was in the top three

for much of the day for chase Elliott

not going to be the finish that they

want though so I was saying before they

wrote open Jeff you know Kevin Harvick

has had a lot of experience today

restarting on the front row

Matt Kenseth the tan of al Barolo the 41

of customer not so much but we have seen

that three wide down the back stretch a

couple times

what does Harvick need to do well

Harvick he's just got to get a great

launch we've seen if he starts from the

outside and can clear Matt Kenseth

that's gonna be his biggest advantage of

being in clearing and and just use that

outside line he's got a teammate aric

Almirola it's gonna restart third that

might well is actually got a teammate

and fourth as well but listen I'm about

I want to go to Matt Kenseth right so

Matt Kenseth

he's been sit on the sidelines he has

not been in the heat of the battle for

as many times recently as Kevin Harvick

as with Jeff he retired

let's go that's right he retired a year

ago out of the car and so he's only run

12 races since then and this is really

the first time that he has to go win a

race so he's kind of revert back to all

that experience he's had in the

go back and pull that out he doesn't

have recent experience Cellino he's got

to go lean on that stuff that want him

races and won championships in the past

yeah I think it's gonna come down to

that throw to the best pusher

we're on old tires getting a good launch

do you trust the experienced the veteran

aric almirola

where do you go in the outside line

which has been the traditional line and

the leader has chosen with the rookie of

Cole Custer and hope that he can do the

job and get you out in front and to turn

one and it's such an amazing story for

Kenseth to actually be back in the car

the reason he's there Kyle Larson

started the first four races in this car

when the pandemic hit the drivers moved

over and did I racing and it just so

happened that a racial slur was set by

Kyle Larson during one of those events

he was removed from the car and Matt

Kenseth was put into this 42 and that's

why Matt Kenseth came out of retirement

it wasn't because he said I'm gonna go

racing again it was because he was

called to do this job and now he is

fulfilling this job and potentially

could complete the crown jewels this is

the only one Matt Kenseth doesn't have

and really interested it was a cop a

long conversation over several days that

Matt and his wife Katie had he Matt

didn't makes his decision by himself he

leaned on Kate he's with wood what do

you think you know they talked about it

they discussed it and they made the

decision it was the right thing to do

and that was exciting about it Katie was

excited about it and now here he is Indy