Going to a game at SunTrust Park (Atlanta Braves Stadium) with The Legend

hey good afternoon everybody pledging

and Molly coming at you from Atlanta

Georgia and we're going to go to a game

at SunTrust Park so we're gonna show you

all around the stadium all the foods

that drinks anything we find fun we're

gonna show you at the stadium let's go

to choke things out so let's take a look

around the area outside the ballpark and

it's really really nice as I aku truck

kind of thing

tacos came out super quick thanks to

this Mexican restaurant now my favorite

thing I found so far is this beer stand

right here next to the Goldbergs

as they have two four and six dollar

beers like what a great deal is that

right outside a ballpark we get a $2

beers that's amazing and this whole area

out here this promenade area is an open

container so you take your beer and

wander around you got whatever boat

moves breakfast lunch dinner is more to

that up that Mexican restaurant this

area is really nice if you tell

everything is very very new obviously I

imagine most of this must have open with

the ballpark last year crossing the

street here to show you off the rest of

the establishments

and then there's a yard house love yard

house probably not today I'm gonna go to

here because we have one right near our

house in Orlando next to the big ferris

wheel the guard house

you got a Peroni deerskin

I know they're fierce fans everywhere

now mall you set this over here it's a

famous like Atlanta pizza chain right


famous chain I have not personally heard

of it but I want to get some seats

before the game we're to keep moving on

it looks like there's some sort of

entertainment over here

and it looks like the paintbrush is

dancing to a trotline whiskey are


the bars over that way this is cool area

out in front of the stadium you've got a

fountain for kids to get wet in the

Atlanta heat and then I got a rolling

Jumbotron engraved logo so uh there is

super one of the pace mascots and he's

this weird alien Titan feature with no

mouth very interesting

so another awesome thing out here in the

plaza this is where they record like

they're free and postgame show so maybe

if your fin is great



so these are the views from our seats

were up here at 4:31 row one the stadium

it's really pretty feels very very

modern we bought these on StubHub little

big stuff up people we've got these own

stuff up right before the game for like

less than $20 for two of them after all

the stuff up fees stadium is really nice

I like the the view you get like those

rooms at the Omni Hotel over there those

would be amazing I do like the giant

chick-fil-a cow in right field

overall it's a it's a very nice place to

watch a ballgame okay so I look at this

in a yellow girl they having a miss

Barling Atlanta Braves video with LEDs

on the age and on the post that holds

tonight my changes to different patterns

from the really really cool Reeves

History Museum

area it's very nice very windy pitch you

for the history of the team retired no

murders all that kind of stuff let me

show you something this is a really cool

exhibit here it shows off all the

different players have won MVP awards

siyoung awards Silver Slugger Gold

Gloves Rookie of the Year while playing

the branch they have a beautiful display

rather do their the retired numbers its

back here's Brett ball next

and then of course in the center of it

all is arguably the most even without

argument the most famous brave of all

time you got Hank Aaron here in statue

next to a waterfall

and then behind him is a poor is gonna

take a Karen

is 755 they had that made out of

baseball bats like this is a really

really neat area so family trans fences

I'm over here in the Braves museum area

behind home plate floor walnut another

awesome exhibit here in the museum area

about the Braves in Cooperstown with


I mean bats and globes that represent

more than 50 players that have been

inducted in the Hall of Fame that will

graves at one time two guys saw young

Babe Ruth and it just goes and goes and

goes a really cool area over here so you

see different like game use props but I

love this it's a an autograph bottle of

champagne from the celebration after

they won the World Series in 95

so in centerfield is hoping wills sanli

area which is kind of an interactive

games area you've got a batting cage

you've got a climbing tower and these

are all upcharge attractions after they

cost a couple of bucks I didn't exactly

look at how much they cost that that was

on me

but then they got other stuff like

they've got a zip line I mean that that

looks like a ton of fun who would not

want is it bond let's wait and see

somebody zipline down they're hooking up

now you're getting ready to zip Omo

wait for it wait for it


all right I think they're getting ready

to go maybe I hope so

you love the I've done the thinking it a

very pretty thing to define have to

here in dead center field I'm pretty

sure I probably talked to this company

and I happen it makes the leaves

and there they go

also it's a right zone

where you throw a pitch to a computer

player oh my gosh and it keeps going


they've got Midway Games okay

meet my games I love midway games you

play midway games like this one where

you shoot balls it's lights and race

other people you play whack-a-mole I had

no idea all these midway games around

here and I I've grown a new appreciation

for this ballpark oh man not only that

you've got what are gonna tree schemes

it's so much fun anyway if you got kids

center fields probably place you want to





so one important thing to remember when

you coming to see the Braves play here

at SunTrust Park the parking situation

is difficult there is no big lot right

by the stadium there's a whole bunch of

really small lot so definitely Google

Maps and try to find your way around

we've seen everything from ten dollar

parking to forty dollar parking tons of

like permit only parking we parked in

Lot 29 which is kind of like the

tailgate lot and this was I believe 20

bucks 20 bucks so definitely do some

google searching as a 10-minute walk to

get over there and there's a whole bunch

of different Lots so definitely Google

that before you come over here so right

by our seats up in the third deck is

been 1871 grill and uh I figured that

would be on the third floor they're

gonna have any meter you need snacks

here I was wrong

because we just ordered brisket tacos

smoked brisket tater tots chocolate

cheese they've also deuce sour cream

pepper - like sorry peppers we got it

down look at that that is a that's a

healthy meal right there I'll tell you I

taste a little bit so I love these pot

roast guys the fortune it's huge like as

it's really heavy to pick up the

crispity the haters are always amazing

the cheese is flexible

thumbs up even at $11 some more real

acoustics and 417 behind behind home

plate on the third level national hot

chicken fresh cup loaded

the spectator a jumbo potato stuffed

with jalapeno cheddar sausage wrapped in


tuff that I'm not even sure what that

conceived so I like this right behind

home plate on the first level is a

pet store

get a custom grade sturdy I just loved

it they have the big laundromat kind of

thing going around its kind of

mesmerizing in the first floor dead

center feel as the center fuel market

which is essentially like a mini March

just at the ballpark so you go in and

you kind of just buy whatever you want

whether that be a light beer get a whole

bunch of different beers over there


snacks it's essentially just like you

went to lay out at 7-eleven also the

lines and European ah they probably have

a better beer collection than most later

Crispin hard cider a giant soul beer

said that little beard

Redbridge a group getting free you

got a good memory dear friend finally

field foul pole you could find the globe

experience where I believe for almost no

cost you just gonna put deposit down you

could print it to love to try and catch

homeruns in foul balls during the game

so it's right next to a frozen drink

stand first floor beyond centerfield is

an alley area which has really pretty

popcorn wedding also taco factory so

gonna move some tacos go over here in

right field is the Chop Shop

and now we weren't gonna stop get a

drink then I saw a frozen treat machines

it was really hot so I said what's in

the present dude Missy's strawberry

margarita might give you a little turns

Adams $13 but look at this souvenir

companies it's so cool

now the Rays are my team's I have no

need for the superhero blue stuff

but I mean that's an awesome there Cup

game strong so right behind home plate

is the world-famous Waffle House

hashbrowns stand now I I love Waffle

House Conference they've got different

things like a cheesesteak hashbrown

whole grilled chicken head from milk my

two hundred traditional hash browns

we're gonna get a cheese and ham on

there they don't give you the

traditional wonderful like to want it

smothered and covered or whatever kind

of nonsense it normally is at Waffle

House it's also probably wake feeder

that you're gonna walk out but our well

that meal is coming and that's not all

but the Waffle House it also has Atlanta

Braves Waffle House cats I feel like I'm

in junior high again or if you're

trashed at 4:00 in the morning so guys

this is what it looks like six bucks for

all this is not bad at all kind of an

awkward ballpark food but probably


it's kuleana it's a bit it doesn't

matter Molly wait give me a ball and

roll and oh it's still delicious no good

at Salina I guess this is gonna make a


I guess we don't have graves hits

but I mean for a ballpark value six

bucks for that good deal on the third

deck in left field is the coca-cola

corner which is kind of a photo spot and

uh grassy area a couple different ings

you get to be very expensive draft beer

Becker is twelve bucks out here and then

I got Ashford then you have a great view

of the ballpark which I'm taking

directly to the Sun


enjoy and share so if you're coming here

for for picture purposes that would be a

good take a picture next to some waves

six pack of sodas

a couple other things came up

shenanigans going on here

a giant Braves baseball mascot

comfy living right in the Sun but give

it a go if you thought chick-fil-a at

Cedar Point was overpriced come here to

this tinium and get a sandwich for seven

dollars in the sky and bar like if you

want a good drink this is probably where

you want to go for excuse me for

drinking and then they also down near

the right field foul pole Line is the

Braves clubhouse store which is the

place to go if you want grave stuff so

the clubhouse store is gigantic also

it's the only place in the ballpark

we've found that has air conditioning so

that's a nice way to beat the Atlanta

heat is coming here shop for a little


pretend like you're shopping to get out

of the heat if you really like bloopers

the ridiculous mascot you could get his

Jersey if you lost a bit to your friends

where you good buy a lottery tickets at

a vending machine it's the second

baseball stadium we've been to this year

that has a lottery ticket vending

machine they've got a whole really cool

retro trick shindig he like I'm Hank

Aaron merchandise over here and it's

also one of the places you can get your

styrofoam come hop you're a little kid

so far my favorite thing you've seen in

the team store blooper in it

so Joe it's more terrifying than the

graves you hear mascot the Braves new

weird mascot a hand puppet form that you

could buy in the shop well how much is

this hand pocket $15 $15 give your kids

or Collins nightmares for a long time

guys check out down here in the rich

people section all their seats have like

TVs these are people that did not pay

like $9 on stuff up becomes game like we

did in Section 101 dear centerfield is

determined tappero a big bar gives it

the security get in now

full-service parking stupid Terrapin


you got a big bar also if you don't want

to wait in line leave the ballpark they

do have some taps outside so you can't

your hands on a pop secure and things

like that



although IPA

so we order that pod juice like Yang and

then we saw this the chopped Secutor

which is made only for the ballpark here

and it might be a a John baseball bat

chips so we had to try that and look at

a tool tap

I'm gonna give it a taste


so in the third deck beyond home plate

you have to have a really cool view it

it's not like a city view but it's kind

of a suburbs and the lowly mountains of

Georgia view if you go all the way down

on the first base side in left field an

in right field you get to on the third

floor you get to a real waffle house

then actually serves waffles so if you

want to chocolate chip waffle for some

reason six bucks also up here they've

got like a private area I'm guessing you

probably rent this out with the big

screens those guys and then over here's

a really neat family area so we have

little kids that have might get bored

during a an on a baseball game you take

them out here in right field third floor

play some foosball or some ping-pong or

some cornhole watch the game on screen

like it's a really nice area out here is

waiting for like pregame bread behind

hopefully in the food stores

range Authentics from the game to go on

a game you stuff you have tons of money

and there's also this interesting sign

here if you want to buy a game use

bottle from today's game you get one

inside well I'm probably not one to pay

$10 for a mixed drink in a ball game if

you have an awesome slinky bar over

in for one so I don't know what this

thing is but behind behind home plate on

the third floor

this giant bench which feels like an air

conditioner and it feels amazing to come

and stand underneath yes wonderful

so my favorite part of the old phrase

video material on here is the in the

middle of the fourth inning the whole

people to raise and head camera being

her favorite character


and pretty adorable screwdriver it has a


now the recent still it starts over

there and they're all finding a third

grade stakeout

oh and Hank hammer just smooth lines

screwdriver Kimi's

hey is playin head

there's a long way to run

don't worry about you


and for her for a team in years her

favorite character just won the tool for

it guys hope you enjoyed that tour in

our time here at Sun trust park I had a

good time some of my favorite things

like this is the newest ballpark in

Major League Baseball and it felt very

very modern everything felt new

everything felt cleaning everything

about it's shiny I'm assuming all seats

in the Bell part are probably pretty

good seats and on my other highlight I

loved the the bar and dining area

outside the ballpark that's a really

really fun free game environment and I

definitely want to come around down here

a couple hours before the game to have

some drinks now you grew up with a

Braves fan coming to Atlanta all the

time what are you thinking the new

ballpark I really feels really good on

the outside of me our outside part is

amazing with the drinks and the food and

you can hang out there a couple hours

before the ballpark without even going

into the ballparks and I do think it's a

little small though and you don't get

the views that you used to get with

Turner Field but I love the modernist

and I love the outdoor part yeah for me

a couple things I would like to see I

would like to see more draught beer in

the part most of the beer stands have

canned beer I am on the draught beer guy

and I would have also like to see more

like signature food items it was a lot

of like hot dogs and fries and stuff

like that but Turner Field never was

popular with that know and I love that

it felt very like from a guy that does

not live in the Atlanta Georgia area it

felt very Atlanta Georgia with Waffle

House and chick-fil-a and Terrapin and

stuff like that so that was cool thank

you guys for watching and see you all

next time it's time to fight the traffic

and drive home

so Molly want to go to this famous diner

that she gets giant cake from which

drove us past the big chicken KFC which


is a giant it's just a KFC with this

giant chicken whose mouth moves the big

chicken it's the big chicken's wonderful