what can you tell the people who never

been there man about the neighborhood

what would you tell them

first of all what what neighborhood is

this this the what's that this is Martin


Larry you've heard if you ever feel


and people don't know how to drive you

know Sam but yes this is the block area

so now this is that is this separate

from banking

oh it's always longest thing

nope Oh some people yeah like you can

really like cut down one of these Street

and get a different train station to be


wait everything is closed then

not okay now this is a bad neighborhood


they abstain


craziest thing

think I'll have to think about this

luxury are you my father lies

under house or like having congregations

over there people fighting over open up

lenses in cigarettes you stuff like that

so now you store at this I'd say there's

a lot of hustle they go you got a lot of

folks in they come up here anyone


you know okay none just part of the

north south east or west I'm tough if

longer like this my side away what sad

this neighborhood is not a city it's a

neighborhood no like a block


let me ask you this who who who's the

mayor of Atlanta

the show

man that's so sad gotta let me first

you know

I mean if I'm gonna be on camera look

yeah see me see him and he caught me at

a real bird a moment I was not expecting

do you think the mayor doing a good job

what about that now

I will say I've seen things around the

city like that like in this area in that

ROC Oh Massa


my god like I saw a post is for reading

like a portable library is pretty much

like on the side of the road you can go

and get a book if they like one thing

about this I like it's really a lot of

love you know they're like you can you

can put

one of ceremony things you know and said

like you somebody pass away and you put

all the stuff they like right there you

don't have to worry about nobody

touching it nobody's gonna I really see

people people don't get into stuff

people like okay first time I ask you

what do you what did you think about

former President Barack Obama

what do you will do thoughts on him

does your honest opinion


it's not like I say I don't know okay

we never know what happened behind

closed doors

now what are your thoughts about our

current president Donald Trump

honestly I really don't even know about

that guy I really I want anything bad to

say no you've got anything you want to

talk about anything you want to mention

uh if you want to like you got a social

media you want to talk about I mention

anything like that

well Instagram true star I'm coming out

with a label a logo you know clothing

design suit yourself you'll see don't

mess around

histogram is true started the s is the

number five so as T are you the number

five ta are okay you say you come out

with a clothing talk about the clover

yeah and I wish I had some logos and

stuff that's what I was trying to draw

over here

a magical troupe right here laughing who

was that just one message to everybody

watching you hit a note anything you

want you can have an only place the

dough from down is up so stay up that's