How To Change Samsung Bixby Key To Any App

what has gone on guys Greg Iles TV

Samsung has just released a new update

for big speed that allows you to change

the functionality of the big speed

button on your phone now if you want to

make sure that you have that update

downloaded what you're gonna want to do

is swipe up and go in to the Galaxy

store load that up once the Galaxy store

is open hit the three dots in the top

right and then click my page and then

click on update and it's gonna show you

any apps that help updates I had three

Bixby apps that had updates and I just

updated them just click update basically

next time once you're done with that

just hit your home button and then you

want to open up and activate Bixby now

it could be one press for you or it

could be two presses so just try both I

already have mine set to two presses so

I'm gonna do two presses right here it's

gonna open up my Bigsby then what I'm

gonna do is click the three dots in the

top right then I'm gonna click on

settings and then here in settings this

is where you're gonna see the new

functionality for the BIC speed button

so you'll see BICS we keep tap on that

and now you can do Bixby a couple of

ways there are a couple of things you

can do with Bixby now so you can see

single press to open Bixby if I press

that I can choose a functionality for

double press so I can do select an app

or a quick command I'm not a big fan too

big speed so I set it as double press

and it's gonna be the same kind of thing

except opposite and what I mean by that

is you can change it so double press

Bixby now will be the the function in

order to open up Bixby but single press

can do something right now I have it set

to open up my Instagram so I'll show you

press it once it opens up Instagram

automatically let's go back in here you

can also change it just click on it and

you can open up an app so you can tap on

this little gear to the right and when

you open that up it's gonna open up all

your apps that you can choose from so

maybe you want to open up your banking

app or your camera or whatever app that

you want it to open it will open it up

for you it's that simple it can also do

a command so if I click on run command

you can see a quick command replaces one

or more commands with a single word or

phrase at a quick command and set it to

your bixby key for easier so go to quick

commands and now under quick commands

you can see a couple of things here we

can do productivity daily routine

lifestyle you can kind of set it to you

know certain things that you want it to

do so if you wanted to be your daily

routine you can have it do going when

you press it it'll do you're going home

meaning a standard turn on Bluetooth

Wi-Fi text John that you're on your way

home text direction so it does a bunch

of stuff for you just by pressing one

button so that's pretty cool I thought

but anyways I just use it as an app

thing and I just did it Instagram I'll

try it out see if I use Instagram a lot

quicker that way just by pressing it cuz

it is one of the apps that I use the

most just to waste time with but yeah

that is the new update for Bixby you can

also go in here and change some other

stuff as well if you don't want to do

voice wake up I turn that off so it

doesn't if I say hi Bixby it doesn't

kind of come on automatic listening

voice responds there's all kind of

settings in here that you can mess

around with I turn off marketing

notifications because I don't want to

get notifications on stuff that I don't

really care about but that is the update

right there for you guys hopefully that

helped you out with customizing and

managing your phone a little bit better

and easier thanks for watching we'll see

you down the road peace