The gallbladder and bile ducts | Cancer Research UK

the gallbladder is a small organ tucked

under the liver it is a small hollow

pouch about 8 centimeters long and 2.5

centimeters wide and is connected to the

liver and bowel by a series of tubes

known as the bile ducts the liver makes

bile which helps to break down fats from

food the gallbladder stores the bile

until there are fats in the bowel that

need digesting bile can also pass

directly to the bowel from the liver a

sphincter controls the release of bile

into the bowel cancer of the gallbladder

and bile ducts are rare in the UK they

are called biliary cancers bile duct

cancers are divided into three types

depending on where they develop

intrahepatic bile duct cancer forms

inside the liver peri Hiller bile duct

cancer forms just outside the liver

where the right and left hepatic ducts

meet and distal bile duct cancer forms

in the bile ducts that go through the

pancreas to the small bowel lymph nodes

surround these organs and make up part

of our immune system helping us fight

infections they are often the first

place cancer cells reach when they break

away from a tumor for information about

gall bladder and bile duct cancer go to

see our UK dot org forward slash cancer

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